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					                          ANOKA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE
                             JAIL PROCEDURE MANUAL
                          TITLE:                                              DIVISION PROCEDURE
                                         PEPPERBALL WEAPON                                                    J706

                                                MN DOC 2911.3000,
                          REFERENCE:                                          EFFECTIVE DATE:            February 1, 2008

                          REVIEW DATE:             February 2009              DISTRIBUTION:          C

It is the policy of the Anoka County Jail to use reasonable force only to accomplish a legal duty or defend staff or others from
actual or threatened bodily harm. PepperBall weapons and projectiles give deputies a less than lethal force option to consider
when the use of force is reasonable and necessary.

                                                                       Kinetic Energy Impacts
   J706.1       DEFINITIONS
                                                                       Striking the body of an individual or individuals with
                                                                       projectiles and utilizing the physical shock of having been
   PepperBall Launcher:                                                hit by the projectile to gain compliance.
   A Pepper ball Launcher is a less-than-lethal weapon that
   consists of a high-pressure air launcher used to deliver
                                                                       J706.2       GENERAL INFORMATION
   chemical irritant filled projectiles from a distance. These
   projectiles burst on impact releasing Oleoresin Capsicum
   (OC) powder. The PepperBall systems use kinetic energy,             J706.21
   OC, and the psychological shock of being hit by a                   The PepperBall SA 200 rifle has been issued to the Anoka
   projectile to gain compliance. The launcher may be used             County Jail. This weapon is designed to incapacitate
   on a single individual, multiple individuals or for the             individuals through the application of OC and/or through
   saturation of an area.                                              kinetic energy strikes.

   SA 200 Rifle:                                                       J706.22
   The SA200 Rifle is the shoulder fired high pressure air             Exposure to OC may result in coughing, shortness of
   launcher used by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.                 breath and watery eyes. In most cases, the symptoms last
                                                                       from five (5) to ten (10) minutes.
   Oleoresin Capsicum (OC): OC is a naturally occurring
   substance. It is found In the oily resin of cayenne and             J706.23
   other varieties of peppers.                                         The PepperBall launcher can deliver the projectiles with
                                                                       enough kinetic energy to produce abrasions, bruises or
   PepperBall Projectile: are frangible plastic spheres                welts.
   designed to fracture into multiple pieces upon impact with
   a suspect or other surface. needs. The “live” Projectiles           J706.24
   are filled with potent PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder to                PepperBall munitions are accurate on individuals up to a
   affect a suspect’s eyes, nose and lungs, invoking                   distance of thirty (30) feet when used as an impact
   submission and compliance.                                          weapon. However, when using a PepperBall launcher for
                                                                       area saturation, they may be used to a distance of one
   Area Saturation                                                     hundred (100) feet.
   Area saturation is the act of firing multiple projectiles
   onto a hard surface resulting in the release of the OC
   chemical. The OC fills the area incapacitating the
   individual(s) and gaining compliance.
POLICY J704 PEPPERBALL WEAPON                                                                                      PAGE 2

706.3        UTILIZATION
                                                             The PepperBall launcher should only be used directly on
                                                             an individual in those situations where an impact weapon
J706.31                                                      is justified.
The PepperBall launcher may be utilized in those
situations where an individual or individuals exhibit        J706.45
violent or potentially violent behavior that threatens the   When utilized as an impact weapon, the PepperBall
security of the jail and/or the safety of others.            launcher should be aimed at the center mass of the
Note: Deputies must make every effort to control the
individual(s) through physical presence, the use of de-      J706.46
escalation techniques, control holds, chemical agent         Subjects struck with PepperBall rounds often lower their
and/or Taser prior to deployment.                            head and turn away from the source of impact. It is
                                                             important to anticipate this reaction when employing
J706.32                                                      PepperBall rounds.
Deployment of a PepperBall launcher may be appropriate
when:                                                        J706.47
                                                             Although PepperBall launchers are classified as less-than-
        It is unsafe for a deputy to approach within        lethal, they still may inflict serious injury if they strike an
         contact range of a suspect or group of suspects,    individual’s face, eyes, neck or groin. Therefore, deputies
        It is necessary to regain control of a rioting      deploying the launcher should try to avoid intentionally
         individual or individuals who are threatening the   striking these areas.
         safety and security of the jail facility, or
        At the direction of the duty sergeant.
                                                             J706.5       POST DEPLOYMENT
The PepperBall launcher may also be utilized in those        J706.51
situations where either deadly or non-deadly force is        When an individual has been exposed to PepperBall OC
justified. However, a PepperBall launcher is not intended    or struck by a PepperBall round, s/he shall be offered
to replace deadly force in those situations where deadly     prompt medical treatment when possible. If the individual
force is warranted.                                          remains combative or uncooperative, a medical
                                                             assessment shall be completed as soon as it is safe to do
706.4        DEPLOYMENT
J706.41                                                      The duty sergeant shall determine whether the inmate(s)
Any deployment of a PepperBall launcher must be              need to be seen in person by a medical professional or
authorized by a sergeant or more senior member of the        whether a telephone consultation with medical personnel
Anoka County Sheriffs Office.                                will be sufficient.

J706.42                                                      J706.53
Only those staff members trained in the operation of the     In general, decontamination for individuals exposed to
PepperBall system, may deploy the PepperBall launcher.       PepperBall OC powder is fresh air and clear, cool water.

J706.43                                                      J706.6       DOCUMENTATION
When considering the deployment of a PepperBall
launcher, the authorizing official must give full
consideration to the Sheriff’s Office safety priorities as   J706.61
well as the use of force policy. Safety considerations       All deployments of a PepperBall launcher shall be
include:                                                     documented. At a minimum, an Anoka County Jail
                                                             Incident Report and ACSO use of force form must be
        Hostage(s)                                          completed.
        Involved inmates
        Non-involved inmates in the area                    J706.62
        The presence of:                                    If the affected individual is offered and refuses medical
         o volunteers and non-detention staff members        treatment, this refusal should be documented by detention
         o Members of the public                             staff in their reports and on video. (When possible)
         o Law enforcement and Sheriff’s Office
              personnel                                      J706.63
        The physical and mental condition of the            All reports and paperwork must be submitted no later than
         individual(s) acting out                            the end of the employee’s shift.
POLICY J704 PEPPERBALL WEAPON                                  PAGE 3

Whenever possible, the events leading up to and the
deployment of the PepperBall launcher should be

If an individual is struck by one or more projectiles, staff
should photograph the point(s) of impact whenever

If the affected individual refuses or resists photographing
the impact sites, this refusal should be documented as part
of an incident report. Whenever possible, the refusal
should be videotaped.


When not in use, the PepperBall launcher, support
equipment and projectiles shall be securely stored in the
Jail’s Central Control Room.

The designated sergeant is responsible for monthly
cleaning, maintenance and testing of the PepperBall


   Bruce Andersohn, Sheriff

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