Due Dates For Science Fair by nor1029


									The following list is the due dates for the written portion of the Science Fair. Each assignment will be given a completion grade.
Students should keep a log book documenting all work done on the project beginning from the date their topic is approved through the
date of completion of the project

   1. October 8 (Friday): Science Fair Topic due (2-3 sentence description of topic)

   2. October 13 (Wednesday) :Rough draft Check of Bibliography (APA Form) and rough draft check of Chapter 1

   3. October 20 (Wednesday): Final draft of Bibliography and final draft of Chapter 1

   4. October 26 (Tuesday): Rough draft of Chapter 2

   5. November 5 (Friday): Final draft of Chapter 2

   6. November 10 (Wednesday): Rough draft of Chapter 3

   7. November 16 (Tuesday): Final draft of Chapter 3 and rough draft of abstract

   8. December 1 (Wednesday): Total project due: Presentation Board (including Abstract), folder containing Chapters 1-3 and
      Bibliography and completed Log Book.

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