Connecting to the AIS Email Server Using POP3

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					Connecting to the AIS Email Server Using POP3

POP3 is easy to set up and is supported by all email clients. It will only download emails, it does
not synchronize as with setup up an Exchange account (see the document on this).

The information you need is:

POP3 server          
SMTP server          
Username                       your email address (some clients require this without the
Password                       your usual computer password

Note: SMTP server is the one used for sending mail. If you connect to the Internet from home, you
need to enter the SMTP server of your service provider (AON, UTA etc.) in order to be able to send

For example with Outlook, you would enter the following settings:
=> Control panel
=> Add account
=> POP3

POP3 usually removes the email messages from the server. If you also check your email by web
access, set your client to leave messages on the server. In Outlook 2003 this is done by clicking on
“More Settings” in the dialog box above and checking the following:
Accessing email via a PDA or mobile phone:

If your PDA has an email client, you can set up the account as shown above. You can also use the
WAP text based client that requires no setup and can be used on almost any device.
Start your Internet browser and enter the URL:

You will be asked for your username and password that may be entered as your email address or
AIS\logon name (as in AIS\Smith.John). You will then see a text version of your inbox, click on the
emails to read them.

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Description: POP3, full name "Post Office Protocol - Version 3", or "Post Office Protocol version 3." Is the TCP / IP protocol suite, a member of the RFC 1939 definition. The protocol used to support remote management using a client e-mail on the server. SSL encryption provides a POP3 protocol is called POP3S. POP protocol support "offline" mail processing. The specific process is: message is sent to the server, e-mail client program called a mail client to connect to the server and download all unread e-mail. The offline access mode is a store and forward service, the message from the mail server to the personal terminal machine, generally PC, or MAC. Once the message is sent to a PC, or MAC, the mail server the mail will be deleted. However, most of the current POP3 mail server can "only download messages, the server does not delete", which is to improve the POP3 protocol.