Chart Summary of Allegations Regarding Trading in Securities of by lhv93960


									              Summary of S.E.C Allegations Regarding Trading in Securities of Biosite, Inc.

      Emile Jilwan                                                                    Karim Bayyouk
      Pleasanton, CA                  Joseph Azar                                     Livonia, MI
      •Profits: $2.3 Million          Pleasanton, CA                                  •Profits $955,000
      •Telephone call with            •Profits: $108,000                              •Telephone Call with
       Michael Kara 3/22/07,          •Telephone call with                             Bassam Salman 3/22/07,
       first trade minutes later       Maher Kara 3/22/07,                             first trade 3/23/07
                                       first trade 3/23/07
                                                               Bassam Salman
                                                               Orland Park, IL
                                                               •Telephone call with Mi-            Maher Kara
Michael Kara                                                                                       New York, NY
Walnut Creek, CA                                                chael Kara 3/22/07,
                                                                minutes later Salman               •Investment banker in Citi-
•Profits: $1.2 Million                                                                              group’s healthcare group
                                                                Calls Karim Bayyouk
•Telephone call with                                                                               •Colleagues in his group
 Maher Kara 3/22/07,                                                                                worked on Biosite deal
 first trade minutes later

                                   Zahi Haddad
 Nasser Mardini                    Stockton, CA
 Stockton, CA                      •Profits: $82,000
 •Telephone call with              •Telephone call with
  Michael Kara 3/22/07              Michael Kara on 3/23/07,
 •Trades and encourages             first trade 3/23/07
  others to trade 3/23/07

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