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St. Joseph's Foundation of San Joaquin Winter 2005

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									St. Joseph’s Foundation of San Joaquin Winter 2005

As a flame brings warmth and light, St. Joseph’s Foundation seeks to illuminate the darkness where healing and health may be restored. We work to energize community support for all of the healing ministries provided locally through St. Joseph’s Medical Center and its affiliates. FOCUS is a publication of the St. Joseph’s Foundation 1800 N. California Street Stockton, CA 95204 209-467-6347 Comments or suggestions for Focus may be e-mailed directly to Jerri Randrup (Jerri.Randrup@chw.edu), or sent to St. Joseph’s Marketing Communications Department P.O. Box 213008 Stockton, CA 95213-9008 More than one Foundation Focus? If you are receiving more than one copy of this magazine, please do us a favor of clipping the mailing panels and sending them to the St. Joseph’s Foundation, and please share your extra copy with a friend.






Laura Farago brings light to the world and inspires us all. (See story, Page 4)


Although there is no family history of breast cancer, I was committed to getting my mammograms each year. Everything changed in the summer of 1993. Having experienced no symptoms and expecting the results to be negative as in years past, the call reporting something suspicious and recommending a biopsy was just a formality, I was certain that the results would be negative. A few days after the biopsy, I received another call. Cancer had been found and I needed to decide between a mastectomy and a lumpectomy. Just like that, my world turned upside down! I felt overwhelmed, devastated, and I cried. My youngest son, Michael, was only eight years old and thoughts of not seeing him graduate from high school flooded my mind. I turned to my physicians and the resources at St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center to gain information

and learn about my options. I sought a second opinion, hoping that I simply had a bad dream and my diagnosis was an error. Instead, the second opinion confirmed invasive ductile carcinoma. Within a few months, I had a lumpectomy and followed it with radiation treatments. I was thankful to have an opportunity to schedule my daily treatments here in Stockton as I could continue a fairly normal routine. Twelve years have passed since experiencing that devastating diagnosis. I am a breast cancer survivor! My son is now in college and I plan to see him graduate. I am grateful to the wonderfully talented professionals who supported and guided me throughout my ordeal, Dr. Steven Goldberg, my surgeon, Dr. Lynette Hart, my radiation oncologist, Dr. Lewis Cobb, my primary care physician, and Dr. Louise Del Payne, my radiologist. I am also

appreciative that we have in Stockton, a comprehensive medical center that provides access to the latest in medical technologies. St. Joseph’s Medical Center with its personnel and resources were there for me when I needed them. It is my privilege to serve on St. Joseph’s Foundation Board and chair their Annual Support Committee. I am committed to donating my time and treasure to insure that St. Joseph’s can be there for others in our community as they were for me. I am incredibly fortunate to have had access to the very best care.

Sherry Leonard, Board Member



CONNECTING with others

Left: Laura Farago and mother Connie enjoy a moment together. Below: Laura received a copy of her “miracles happen” billboard during the “Surviving Beautifully” Fashion Show last Spring.

“I believe our purpose in life is to connect with others, and bring light to the world.”
Spend just a few moments with Laura Farago and you’ll see the light that shines brightly in her eyes, you’ll hear the joy in her voice, and you’ll feel the excitement as she shares her story of victory and celebration.

It was Fall 2000 and Laura was a college student, busy with life and building her future when she began experiencing pain in her left leg. She dismissed the episodes as reminders that she should be exercising more; after all, a 20-year-old vibrant college coed could not be facing a life-threatening disease… could she? “The sample of bone and tissue removed from your leg is malignant. Laura, the bone biopsy came back positive.” It was November 27, a time when loved ones gather together to give thanks for the many blessings in life, and Laura and her family were in a doctor’s office, experiencing shock, disbelief, and fear. According to Laura, the events that followed were a fog of treatment options and decisions, chemotherapy and radiation, hospital stays, white blood

cell counts, weight fluctuations and a low of 85 pounds. “No doubt, I went through more pain than most people would in a lifetime. I was so sick that I couldn’t get in the bathtub myself. It was the most humbling experience for me to have my father and mother take turns helping me since I was so weak. I was so broken . . . so out of control of my own situation,” says Laura. She sums up the twelve months of treatment as a roller-coaster ride with numerous ups and downs. She credits Dr. Prasad Dighe and Dr. Aminder Mehdi with saving her life and comforting her during the most difficult periods of her care. She became a frequent visitor of the cancer center and took advantage of the many resources available to patients and their loved ones.


“From day one, the staff at St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center embraced us and helped keep us whole, both from a physical and mental standpoint. They nurtured us, reassured us, accepted and welcomed us with open arms into an entirely new and different family.” Maintaining a sense of home was important to Laura and her family as well according to her mother Connie. “The oncology nurses on the fourth floor of St. Joseph’s were so wonderful. During the times that Laura spent weeks in bed, I stayed with her. When it was available, the nurses would wheel in a Comfort Cart that had been donated to the Medical Center. The television, video player, and microwave provide a little respite from the hospital routine.” Laura recalls her lowest point during the last round of chemotherapy when she contemplated giving up. “The nurses and doctors tried to make me smile in my worst of moments,” says Laura. “Nurse Mark held my hand throughout the most painful bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap of my life. Valerie, his wife, gave me great massages when I was too weak to even move. I can’t imagine having their jobs, but I thank God they enjoy what they do.” She then turns to her story of recovery, completing the last month of treatment and recalling the moment she realized she could endure anything. She was back to routine blood tests and checkups, and the results brought a clean bill of health with each progress report.

“I am now in remission, and they say that five years cancer-free is a big deal! I am counting the days and plan to have a huge celebration of life party on November 26, 2006,” says Laura. “I’m engaged now and looking forward to marriage and kids in the future.” Spend just a few moments with Laura and you’ll see that her passion for life is contagious. True to her personal life purpose, she brings light to the world, and helps create a much brighter place.

The St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center team.

St. Joseph’s provides exceptional results with our commitment to comprehensive care. We deliver more than 19,000 treatments to cancer patients each year and we are the only center in San Joaquin County approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Our services include: • Designated Inpatient Oncology • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) • High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy • 3-D Conformal Radiation Therapy • Clinical Trials • Intravenous Chemotherapy • Cancer Navigator Program • Cancer Resource Library • Cancer Support Services

Laura and fiance Craig Massei are planning a wedding and future together.



Unrestricted REVENUE Gifts, Grants and Bequests Investment and Other Income TOTAL REVENUE EXPENSE General and Administrative Capital TOTAL EXPENSE Excess of Revenue Over Expense FUND DISTRIBUTIONS Grants to Medical Center Temporarily Restricted $ 2,040,381 $ 13,238 $ 1,386,039 $$$$ 2,053,619 $ (616,746) Permanently Restricted $ 20,220 $$ $$$$ $20,220 20,220 TOTAL

$ $

401,381 984,658

$ 2,461,982 $ 997,896 $ 3,459,878 $ 688,905 $$ 688,905 $ 2,770,973 $ (957,686)

$ 1,386,039 $ 688,905 $$ $ $ 688,905 697,134 (340,940)


• Raised $2.4 million • Lowered cost per gift $ raised to $.29 • Added five distinguished members to the Foundation Board • Received an unrestricted bequest of $311,000 from the late Edwin B. Fuld • Received a gift of $120,000 to begin Special Needs Caregiver Program (see page 7) • Awarded four nursing scholarships to Delta College nursing students • Dedicated the Sylvia S. Wong Linear Accelerator Room (see page 21) • Secured a $1.5 million grant from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for Mobile Mammography (see back cover) • Formed two new development councils: South County and Behavioral Health Center

L-R, Linda Philipp, Vice President, and Chris Engh, Chair, St. Joseph’s Foundation, join Rae Charos, RN, Vice President, Nursing, and Donald J. Wiley, President, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, to present, L-R, Suzanne Temme, Michelle Jimenez, Gurdeep Gill, and Josephine Aspurias with nursing scholarships named for Lillian Brughelli, RN, and Sister Mary Gabriel, OP.



Last year, our employee giving club donated more than $73,645 to support programs like St. Joseph’s CareVan mobile health clinic, St. Mary’s Interfaith Dining Room, the Transitional Learning Center (TLC) school for homeless children, and Hospice House for those terminally ill. The SPIRIT Club (Special People Involved Reaching Into Tomorrow) is a group of employees who are committed to help those in SPIRIT Club donates $12,000 annually to need through a coordinated effort of support CareVan specialty clinics for the poor. fun, fundraising, charitable giving and volunteerism. Nearly 1,400 employees donate through payroll deductions and outright gifts. Since its formation in 1985, the group has donated over $1,000,000 to help improve the health of the needy and vulnerable within our service area. Bekins associates Kerry and Noel along with Greg Tudor, In addition to President and CEO of Bekins Pacific Storage Company, volunteering, SPIRIT Christine Souisa, Case Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters Members hold annual of San Joaquin, and Nikki Ochoa and Donna King, SPIRIT Club Adopt-A-Child coordinators, loaded the gifts destined collection drives and to make Christmas a little brighter for 125 needy children in provide underwear, shoes, our community. coats, and blankets for the homeless, school uniforms for knit comfort blankets for terminally students, and career clothing for ill patients; helping cancer patients adults. They collect Christmas gifts and their families attend survivors and Easter Baskets for hundreds of retreats; purchasing vitamins and children at Big Brothers Big Sisters. head lice kits for homeless children; SPIRIT Club sponsorships and contributing to build a medical support a wide variety of needs both clinic for the homeless. big and small – from buying yarn to

Susan Thomas, R.N., Manager, Care Management, Rae Charos, R.N., Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, and Doreen Bestolarides, R.N., Case Manager worked together to develop the new Special Needs Program at St. Joseph’s.

An anonymous $120,000 gift to St. Joseph’s Foundation will enable the Medical Center to begin a program dedicated to patients with special needs. Doreen Bestolarides, R.N., has been named program coordinator. One of the first projects will be to host a symposium and subsequent workshops at St. Joseph’s next Spring. The goal will be to teach new skills and enhance patient care through heightened awareness. Speakers in the fields of medicine, law, education, and family resources will provide more than a thousand clinical staff, outside professionals, and family members with information on how to access and meet the needs of patients with special needs.



Opened June 15, 1990, O’Connor Woods celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a threeday event this summer. Activities included a staff and resident golf cart parade around the 34-acre campus, a candlelight dinner for the founders, and open house for the public. Founded by St. Joseph’s Medical Center and the Dominican A golf cart parade was held in honor of O’Connor Woods’ 15th Sisters of San Rafael, the Anniversary. senior retirement community is located on the former property of Harry and Parker Holt who made their homes there for many years.

Bettie and Ed Burda know there’s always time “fore” golf!

Members of St. Joseph’s Foundation South County Council and St. Joseph’s Medical Center joined the staff of St. Joseph’s Occupational Health Manteca (formerly St. Dominic’s Occupational Health) to celebrate their recent move. The new Center located in Manteca’s Spreckels Park Shopping Center at 1341 Historical Plaza Way is available to serve employer / employee health needs such as work injury care, employee physicals, D.O.T. exams and testing, drug screens, x-rays, TB screening, and other health care services. For information, call 209-824-1893. St. Joseph’s HealthCare Clinical Laboratory also recently moved to a new location in the Speckels Park center at 293 Commerce Avenue, Manteca. The new location will feature a Patient Service Center and STAT Lab to serve South County residents and physicians. 8


The following donors have made gifts to support
St. Joseph’s health, education, and community programs from January 1, 2005 to June 30, 2005. We thank them for their contributions, which makes it possible for us to continue our mission of service.

O’Connor Society

O’CONNOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Mrs. Norma Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephen Adams Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Dr. and Mrs. Richard Balch Jerry and Janet Barton Greg and Noreen Basso Glynda S. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Bernadicou Dr. and Mrs. J. David Bernard Mr. Bill Bertilacchi and Ms. Patricia Bertilacchi Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Blincoe, Jr. Jim and Janet Blincoe Dr. Richard J. Boubelik Carol and Robert Bradanini Mr. Richard Brewer Thomas and Cheri Briggs Veronica Briggs Dr. William Brock Ms. Norma E. Brown Ms. Teresa E. Bryant Dr. and Mrs. Fram Buhari Dr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Burns, Jr. Nancy Buscaglia John and Loretta Butorac Ms. Bridget Byrne Richard and Charlotte Canning Mr. Bryce Carey Pat and Harriet Catania Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Caul Dr. and Mrs. George Charos Mr. and Mrs. John Chase Dr. Shyh-Fang and Jennifer Cheng Larry and Lynette Cleland Dr. Stephen G. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cook Barbara and Paul Covey Mr. James R. Cox Joe and Helen Crane Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crete Rudy and Stephene Croce Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B. Davidson Lee and Sue Dempsey

Dr. and Mrs. Prasad R. Dighe Jim and Nanci Dobbins George and Suzette Dohrmann Joseph and Barbara Dondero Richard and Joanne Dondero Dr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Dugger Mr. Jack Eagal, Jr. Mrs. Mimi Eberhardt Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eilers Robert and Barbara Ellis Christopher and Peggy Engh Patricia and Dennis Erardi Drs. Marcelo and Norma Espiritu Dixie Evans Mrs. Wesley Evans Gary and Mary E. Even Dr. and Mrs. Isam Felahy John and Tammy Findley Foster and Jimi Lou Fluetsch Connie Fodor R. Scott and Cindy Foster Bob and Barbara Foy Drs. Jack and Janwyn Funamura Frank and Irene Garavano Greg and Paulette Gaut Mr. and Mrs. George K. Gibson Dr. Jasbir and Dr. Parampal Gill Richard and Kathleen Goldman Robert E. Graham Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Greenleaf Steve and Marie Guasco William and Lorraine Halvorson Marilyn and William Hambley Mr. J. P. Harris Dr. Lynette C. Hart Keith and Thomasina Harvey Michael and Joan Heffernan Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hermann Wes and Vi Howard Dorothy and Vince Indelicato Roger and Judith Janes Dr. and Mrs. David F. Jensen Dr. and Mrs. Leonid G. Kamenetsky

Dr. Mas and Mrs. Florence Kamigaki John and Gail Kautz Bob and Janet Kavanaugh Mr. Steven D. Klein Brian and Fran Langston Dick and Sharon Leland David and Sherry Leonard Mildred L. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Chen Fee Liem Trevor and Gwen Logette Dr. Hooman and Mrs. Sety Madyoon Randall and Ann Mallett Dr. and Mrs. Peter M.S. Margand Mr. Michael Matteucci Anthony and Karla Mattioli Patrick and Wendy McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne McClendon Tom and Carol McKeegan Mitch and Terri Miladinovich Wally and Liz Mitchell Dr. Robert G. Monie Bob and Jan Morrison Dr. and Mrs. James Morrissey Ben and Deborah Murillo Lory and Vicki Mussi Nelou Dr. Mark H. Nishiki Mr. and Mrs. John Nomellini James and Linda Nylen Drs. Meherji and Abha Oshtory Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Passadore Ted Peralta Larry and Linda Philipp Carl and Shirley Powers Dr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Primack Mark and Paulette Ranuio Larry and Cathy Ratkoviak Ben and Lori Rishwain Robert and Karen Rishwain Mr. and Mrs. Donald Roek Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Roek

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Roek Dr. and Mrs. Abishai T. Rumano Sandon and Jeanette Saffier Mrs. Anita Sanguinetti Frank H. Saunders Sharon K. Schenone Mr. and Mrs. Don Schrader Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Schroeder Ernie and Pam Segale Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Shea Tom and Irene Shephard Mrs. Shirley Shinn Jerry and Patty Shipman Wayne and Lisa Silveria Mr. Scot Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Claude H. Smart Alex and Faye Spanos Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Spaugh Edward and Michele Sprague Terence and Teri Spring Ruth and Steve Stephens Donald and Thelma Stewart Mr. and Mrs. William Storm Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sue Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Talley Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Terry, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thomas Pete and Jeanne Troger Dr. and Mrs. Peter Tuxen Paul and Jan Umdenstock Mr. Doug Van Sant George and Stella Visgilio, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wade Walt and Nora Wager Donald and Linda Wiley Dr. Henry and Mrs. Sylvia Wong Rob and Jody Wooton Robert and Norma Yamaguchi Jim and Liz Yost Dr. King Yu Lee Yu Dr. Thomas L. Yu

O’Connor Society members are community leaders who make significant contributions to ensure quality health care. Their generous support enables St. Joseph’s to continuously improve health awareness, education, and health care services to our community.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.


Romualdo T. Alandy-dy Rosalia A. Alarin Teresa Albarasi Alchemy Market Luis R. Alcontin Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Alderson Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Aldrich Peggy J. Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Alegre Manuel Alfonso Sharon L. Alfonso Asida Ali Farida N. Ali Dr. and Mrs. Usman Ali All City Glass, Inc. Hope Allen Sherry L. Allen Alpine Nursery and Tank House Gifts Elizabeth E. Alruosan Antonio Alvarez Guadalupe Alvarez Kimberly A. Alvarez Lorena Alvarez Marivel A. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Alvarez Diana Alves Andrea D. Alvillar Rhonda J. Amezcua Deborah A. Amick Brandie L. Amo Darius B. Anacay Ana Anderson Sylvia J. Andrews Angelina Spaghetti House Cynthia S. Annand Antone E. and Marie F. Raymus Foundation Jeffrey M. Anub Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Susan R. Apostol Aquarium of the Bay Mary C. Aquilera Marites Aquino Armi E. Aragon Yolanda Aragon Christina C. Aranda Rhoda C. Araneta Annabelle A. Aranjuez Lupe N. Archibeque Diane J. Archuleta Enrique Arellano Rovie A. Arenzana Angela Argarin Manar M. Arikat Laurie S. Arizaga Susan Arnett Madeline Arong Carmen M. Arrequive Julie Artesi Karen L. Arthur Artistic Granite and Marble Roxanne A. Asencion Debbie Aspling Marichu Aspuria Carmelita Astronomo Tanya E. Asuncion Cordula M. Atkinson Gail C. Aureus Paula Avila Diana J. Aviles-Pamplona Alicia Avitia Diana Avitia Avon Foundation Breast Care Fund Jameshed A. Awan Jennifer R. Ayala Maria A. Aznar Marie Esil C. Babiano Juletta L. Baca Corinne E. Bachle Karen A. Baclagan Dawn M. Bacon Encarnacion M. Bactat Corinne A. Bahrenfuss John Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Bain Katherine V. Baker Margaret E. Baker Arcangel M. Balanay Elvira A. Balancio Helmy B. Balbin Julie A. Ballard Shirley A. Ballard Gloria Ballesteros Erna G. Balmania Roberta L. Balogh Lynne C. Baltes Mabeth Banguis Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Bank of Lodi Bank of the West Jorge L. Barbosa Cindy R. Barcena Teresa A. Bareng Cheryl A. Barnes Kristina M. Barnes Verna Barney Zeny J. Baron Marjorie Barosso Mary R. Barraza Mary L. Barrett Rosemary Barrientos Della M. Barron Leonora Barron Beverly Barry Margie S. Barut Peter and Esther Basilio Amarjit S. Bassi Steve Battilana Baltazar G. Batugo Ann W. Bauermeister Alicia A. Baumbach Gloria Bautista Revelina Bautista Teresa Bavender Jacqueline K. Baxter Glenda P. Baylon Kathy D. Beach Annette Becerra April S. Becker Karen D. Bee Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Beebe Kimberly R. Beecher Geri G. Beeler Lisa M. Beeman Amelia Bell Glynda S. Bell Sandra G. Bellamy Norman M. Benito Dennis G. Bennett Sandy L. Bennett Rita R. Benny Rosemary Bensman William F. Bensman Clinton J. Benson Benson Ferry Vineyards Mr. and Mrs. Rugene T. Bentz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Berberian Darlene Berendt Baby K. Bereteh Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Berg Linda Berg-Haglund Berlex Laboratories Dolores Bernasconi Mosetta Bernstine Loretta Berry Daryl S. Berryman John and Diane Bertilacchi Steve and Doreen F. Bestolarides Eileen J. Betita Beckie M. Bettencourt Stephanie C. Bettencourt Linda M. Biancalana Paula Biancalana Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bickley Eva Bisagno Yvonne H. Bitar BJJ Trucking Company, Inc. Kathy E. Bjornson BK International LLC Kendel S. Black Carol A. Blanchard Cheryl M. Blanco Nazel L. Blanco Teena Blanco Geri Blas Mr. and Mrs. John Blaufus Mr. and Mrs. Frances E. Blincoe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Blincoe Charlie and Carolyn Bloom Deborah Blumberg Denise M. Bobian Robert and Elaine Boccoli Shirley A. Bohnet Hetty V. Boland Katherine A. Bonham Mr. and Mrs. Heriberto J. Bonilla Naomi B. Bonocan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bonotto Cecilia C. Bontscho Shirley Bonuccelli Boomers Holly J. Bortner Natasha J. Borton Karry A. Bossana Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bosworth Jordan M. Boyd Whitney E. Boyd Kari M. Braathen-Bucklew Karen B. Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brandstad Rebeca B. Braswell Charles Brewah Mr. and Mrs. Ed B. Brink III Vicki Broadway Paula L. Broderick Caralee K. Bromme Elana D. Brooks Janet Brooks Jinee M. Brooks Brenda R. Brooks-Perry Brookside Country Club Adrian Brown Cynthia D. Brown Evangeline R. Brown

Cancer patients, family, and friends released over 250 Monarch butterflies as they gathered for an inspirational celebration of hope at St. Joseph’s Cancer Center’s annual Gathering of Friends picnic in September.
HERITAGE CIRCLE Anonymous Barry and Linda Levine ST. JOSEPH’S MEDICAL CENTER DONORS Anonymous Jessica Aaron Patsy Aaron Maureen Abaray Honorable George Abdallah and Honorable Elizabeth Humphreys Nazia Abdullah Aida Abella Theresa A. Eberle Emma G. Abiera Dorothy V. Abreu Annabel R. Acain Luisa E. Acain Mabelle U. Acebron Cathleen Acker Dolorosa Acosta Mr. and Mrs. James J. Acosta Richard J. Adames Charlotte A. Adams Storm Adams Arthur J. Adanza Addus HealthCare Michael Afaga Marylou B. Agsao Linda Aguilar Amelia A. Aguilera Litiesa Aguirre Aguirre & Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. Marian Ahumada Genevieve S. Aires Robert B. Airey Mr. and Mrs. Louie Airola, Jr. Member Akuva Preciosa D. Alacar

Holiday Gathering December 4 OCW Crab Feed January 21 Heart Fair February 2006 KMBS Series February 7, 14, 21, 28 St. Joseph’s Feast Day March 19 Surviving Beautifully Fashion Show April 2006


Donations received from January 1, 2005 through June 30, 2005

Janice M. Brown Pamela D. Brown Victoria L. Brown Bruno Pepper Company Teresa E. Bryant Janelle S. Buckner Fraeya C. Buhr Sofia R. Bulahan Bao Bun Lisa D. Bungcayao Sheryl Burch Vicki Burgess Barbara Burke Helen A. Burnett Pamela J. Burnside Lawana A. Bush Annette M. Bussey Lynette D. Butler Pat Butler Marsha D. Butts Bridget Byrne Elacristina Cabanag Anna M. Cabrera Kelly D. Cabrera Raquel M. Cabrera Victor E. Cabrera Carolina E. Cabuag Aries J. Cabuang Anthony M. Cadiz Annette Cain Narlene K. Cain California Professional Pest Control Rommel M. Calimlim Cecilia M. Caling Rosita C. Calpito Antoinette J. Camarena Rogelio Camarillo, Jr. Sharlene Campbell Campbell’s in the Village Charles and Joline Canada Fred Cannon, Jr. Mary Ann Cano Erna B. Canosa Leonida U. Canosa Shielah P. Canosa Florence Canote Janyce Canote Jonathan P. Canote Chita R. Canton Luz Canton Stephanie P. Cappalla Christie L. Caras Delfina M. Caras Catherine Cardenas Dorothy G. Cardwell Rosemary Carlin Rodney R. Carolino Donna and Ty Carpenter Sharyn F. Carr Desiree D. Carter Jean H. Carter Sherri L. Carter-Black Melanie W. Casillas Judith Cast Joan and Primo Castagno Rose M. Castellanos Genevieve H. Castellon Julio C. Castillo, Sr. Sara L. Castle Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Catania Gerard M. Catapang

Ma P. Cataylo Sylvia Cavanaugh Ruth M. Cavender Evangeline A. Cayabyab Cell Therapeutics, Inc. Angelica Centeno Lisa Cervantes Gabrielle Chambers Nikesh K. Chand Lisa Chang William K. Chapman, Jr. Erica P. Charlo George and Rae Charos Chase Chevrolet Kuldeep Chattha Julie A. Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Cherry, Sr. Marcia Childress Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chinchiolo Becky D. Chipman Mable M. Choice Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Chraska Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Christell Church of the Presentation Elizabeth Cisneros Raquel S. Cisneros Sonia M. Cisneros Casandra L. Clark Debra Clavejo Barbara L. Clayborne Jackie Claycomb Larry and Lynette Cleland Rosemarie L. Cline Dindo A. Clutario Patricia J. Co Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Co Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cobarrubias Angela J. Cobb Marlene Coilton Louis Colatriano Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Cole Christine Coleman Pauline Coleman Patricia A. Collier Rhonda K. Collins Collins Electrical Company Inc. Deborah G. Colombini Community Bank of San Joaquin Jo Ann Conant Kimberly Conaway Kimberli J. Condit Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Conrad Cesar A. Contreras David J. Cooper Michael R. Cooper Cordis, a Johnson and Johnson Company Candi C. Corey Robert J. Corkern Audelia E. Corona Fernanda L. Coronel Alice Coronilla Marites G. Corpus Stephanie E. Correa Cory M. Cortez Heide S. Cortopassi County of San Joaquin Rene Coveney Mr. and Mrs. Tony Coyne Joe and Helen Crane Jovy Crisostomo Melissa D. Crone

Frank D. Crua Mary A. Crutchfield Mary Jane Q. Cruz Rosaline M. Cruz Pearl M. Cubangbang Milagros Cuculich Melissa Cuevas William and Sherry Cullers Anjanette L. Culver Gerald Cundiff Cynthia M. Currall Vickey L. Curtis Jeanette S. Cuthbert Dade Behring Blanche R. Daguman Shantrell S. Dailey Elena Damian Armando Dapon Cynthia A. Darby Sandra S. Darosa Verna Davidson Cammy C. Davis Debbie D. Davis Donna D. Davis Eddie H. Davis Ruth A. Davis Sara A. Davis Deborah L. Dawson Karen M. Dawson James and Rebecca Dawson Joanne De Marco Cynthia L. De Oliveira Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence De Polo Barbara A. De’Ak John Deakyne Paula S. Dean Tamie L. Debenedetti Christy Debudey Yolanda DeCoite Robin L. Deiro Charissa C. Del Rosario Lucille V. Del Toro Eurydice M. Delano Christine Delatorre Evelyn D. Delcambre Camille J. Deleon Maria DeLeon Lily Delgado Delicato Vineyards Delta Office Systems & Furnishings, Inc. Delta Radiology Medical Group, Inc. Madelyn Delucchi Veronica D. Delucchi Mr. and Mrs. John J. Demartini Jacqueline Demellow Laura M. Denton Sukhvinder K. Deol Erlinda E. Devibar Diamond Walnut Mary H. Diaz Esther Difuntorum Lisa D. Dillard Laurie L. Dimare Darlene M. Ditrih Dana L. Dobrow-Curtis Maria A. Dominguez Presleana Dominguez Susan Dominique Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Dompe Dompe Supply Company

Miriam G. Dondunay Lotis D. A. Dongon Shana Doolin Teri L. Dornbush Kelly Doscher Julie M. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dougherty Elsie Down Melva Doyle Draper’s and Damon’s Laurie Drew Jennifer J. Droge Peter Duarte Sharon M. Dubea Marjorie A. Duerr Emilie A. Dungao Brenda R. Dunlap Jeffrey S. Dunn

Ernie Urquhart, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Catholic Healthcare West, makes gifts to St. Joseph’s Foundation through the CHW Corporate Giving campaign. Ernie and his wife, Michelle, continue to support the “Shades of Survivorship” Breast Cancer Fund, which provides education and outreach to “women of color.” The program covers every aspect of women’s breast health from early detection, finances, access to medical care, and treatment. More than 50 new books were purchased for the Regional Cancer Center’s lending library and are available to anyone who has interest.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.


Carol W. Dunne Randy Eam Biikea B. Easter Constance H. Eastwood Martha Eccles Gerhard R. Eckardt Mila F. Eclarinal Phillip S. Edmerson Anne M. Edwards Mandy L. Eisenbeis El Dorado Grammar School Class of 1938 Rose Ellis Dennis Elmer Barry Elzig Dr. Venkata Emani Emergency Medical Sciences Training Institute Elizabeth R. Engelund Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Engh Robert England Jeweldine Ervin Amber K. Escalante Sylvia S. Escalante Lupe Escarpita Vilma Escobar Vicki A. Escotto Dani M. Esmond Debora L. Esparza David Espinosa Drs. Marcelo Espiritu Louise S. Estioco Cyndi L. Estrada Dan Estrada Justin Estrada Myra M. Eufracio Patricia G. Eutsler Ana L. Evans Dixie Evans Suzanne E. Evans Elaine M. Ewick F & M Bank Denise D. Facaros-Armolea Vilma C. Falco Perseveranda R. Famatid Marilyn Farias Fay L. Farris Laurie A. Faselli Jesus N. Fausto Rebecca T. Favila Grace Fedor Phil Felde Avery B. Ferguson Steve Fernandes Leonora Fernandez Ludy Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fernandez Judy M. Ferrari Bonnie Ferreira Katherine A. Ferreyra Ian S. Ferrin Dr. and Mrs. Jose Fidel Mark S. Fields Danielle J. Fife Rosa Figueroa Mr. and Mrs. Kent E. Fike Judith and Carl Fink Ty J. Finley Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fiori First Commercial Real Estate and Advisory Services Lynette Fisher Amy P. Fitzer John and Marcia Fitzgerald Flair Boutique, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Flanigan Ernesto M. Flauta Cammie R. Flood Hollis Flores Lorraine R. Flores Marion M. Flores Vivian C. Fogle Rene F. Fong Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fonti Forest Lake Golf Course Formal Connection Ralph L. Forment Mr. and Mrs. Byng J. Forsberg Anne Fowler Edward J. Fox Nancy J. Fragapane Manresa D. Frando Elena Franzia Judy J. Fregien Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. French Charlene J. Freund John and Chris Frey Richard E. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fugazi Regina Funk Anna C. Gaal Patria S. Gabriana Louie E. Gagliani Malinda P. Gahub Patricia A. Gaitan Ruben P. Galindo Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gallegos Danelle Gallo Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. 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St. Joseph’s is proud to have four nurses honored by the Alpha Phi Chapter of the Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc., in their Tribute to Nurses of Distinction. The honorees included (left to right above) Occeletta Briggs, RN, MS, Parish Nurse and Member of CHW San Joaquin Community Board; Griselda Olivas, RN, Breast Health Educator; Candy Simbalenko, RN, BS, Breast Cancer Detection Programs Manager; and Dixie Evans, RN, BS, Director of Community Health.


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For the third year, the Medical Center Lobby will be transformed by Cancer Center volunteer, Melissa Ramirez, with a photo montage honoring loved ones. The display may be viewed during the entire month of December. Call the St. Joseph’s Foundation at 209-467-6347 for information to participate.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.


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Children Will Listen

Begun with seed money from Junior Aid of Stockton and proceeds from April’s “Surviving Beautifully” Fashion Show, St. Joseph’s Cancer Center presented its first series of “Children Will Listen.” This program is designed to help children, who have a parent diagnosed with cancer, explore their thoughts and emotions. A dozen children attended the first series of activity-related sessions that included touring the radiation rooms, journaling, writing songs, and more. For more information or to register, call 461-6874 or e-mail SJCancerInfo@chw.edu.


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Melva Doyle, breast cancer survivor and member of Shades of Survivorship support group, and Candy Simbalenko, RN, Breast Cancer Detection Programs Manager, share a moment at the 5th Annual Breast Health Summit in October. This cross-cultural and multi-lingual event co-sponsored by the St. Joseph’s Foundation Dobbins Breast Health Fund, is dedicated to eliminating the emotional, financial and cultural barriers that hinder breast cancer awareness.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.


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St. Joseph’s Medical Center has been recognized among the nation’s top hospitals as a 2005 Consumer Choice Award winner for the tenth consecutive year. The award places St. Joseph’s in a group of the most prestigious names in health care including Stanford Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai and Johns Hopkins Hospital.
The National Research Corporation (NRC) is an independent consumer-polling firm and recognized leader in health care performance measurement.


Donations received from January 1, 2005 through June 30, 2005

Janis Villalobos Mary Ann Villaponda Rex L. Villarin Visible Changes Salon Sherri L. Vitali Saychai Vobouxasinh Paul Vosti Cathy R. Waddy William Wade, Jr. Lois M. Wagenman Eric G. Waldon Bonita J. Walker Kolby Walker Pearl Walker Samantha S. Walker Selina Walker Janice Wallace Virginia and William Wallace Chris A. Wallen Rowena Q. Wallen Marci Waller Cheryl Walter Linda L. Walter Kathy S. Walton Constance E. Warloe Sonya M. Warthan Candace Watanabe Waterloo CA, Inc. Kathy A. Waters Don D. Watkins Renee H. Watson Nanette C. Watts Maria Weathers Carla M. Weaver Rob and Theresa J. Weaver Gary Webb Patricia Weber Anne M. Wells Colleen D. Wells Patricia M. Wells Peggy A. Wells Wells Fargo Housing Foundation JoAnne Weston George D. White Sharon L. White Susan White Julie M. Whiteley Luana M. Whitford Donald and Linda Wiley Joyce and Denis Willens Anitra L. Williams Cindy Williams Debbie A. Williams Mary Williams Nyishia N. Williams Roxana R. Williams Vickie D. Williams Calvin Willis Roseanne A. Willson Bettye H. Wilson Carol Wilson Winchester Mystery House Tracy A. Windsor Wine & Roses Nina M. Winters Jeffrey L. Withers Lori A. Wittmayer Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wolfe Douglas C. Wollam Dr. and Mrs. Henry Y. T. Wong Lillian Wong Sheron N. Woo

Ellen M. Wood Janice E. Woodall Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cynthia R. Woodruff Maisha Woods Mary E. Woods Bounhomma J. Woodward Hermina Worley Robert W. Wright Janice N. Wysocki Robert and Norma J. Yamaguchi Ka Y. Yang Linda J. Yates Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ybarra Rosalia C. Yciano Shaun L. Young Billy Y. Yu Cecile J. Yurong Loeda M. Yuson Bridget V. Zapata Mary L. Zaragoza Tamra J. Zeyen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zolezzi Kathryn M. Zuniga ST. JOSEPH’S MEDICAL CENTER IN HONOR OF Miriam Alvarez Marivel A. Alvarez Marge Blanke John and Marcia Fitzgerald Janet Blincoe James E. Blincoe Beverly A. Brown Michael and Tammy Metrovich Elmer Christell Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Christell Ann P. Costa Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pruett Maria Costa Marivel A. Alvarez Lori Dawson Carla Vallem Yvonne De Vreugd Deborah A. Amick Jesus Esquierdo Milagros Cuculich Stella Graham Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Mariani and Family Delores Gray Larry and Linda Philipp Sylvia Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Quinn Marles A. Harris Michelle Pine Christine Henry Carla Vallem Alice Kilner Danae Sharp Mildred L. Lewis Larry and Lynette Cleland

Dorothy A. Mariani Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Mariani and Family Juana Martinez Marivel A. Alvarez Patricia R. Metrovich Michael and Tammy Metrovich Betty Nordeen Carla Vallem Linda J. Philipp Larry Philipp Lucille Pope Larry and Linda Philipp Lura Prescott Michael and Tammy Metrovich Claudia Pruett Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pruett Heather Rokoszewski Joe and Sue Rokoszewski Nina M. Winters Mary McCleary Peitra L. Wivell Michael and Tammy Metrovich ST. JOSEPH’S MEDICAL CENTER IN MEMORY OF Estelle Acosta Mr. and Mrs. James J. Acosta David Anderson Ana Anderson Leonie Arbios Larry and Lynette Cleland Casey Barcus Larry and Lynette Cleland Shirley Barosso Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bickley Lloyd D. Bell Glynda S. Bell Maurice E. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Conrad Joan Bresnik Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scheppmann Hazel Bryson Glynda S. Bell Angelo Burlando Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mallars Edna C. Cain Barbara A. De’Ak Neisha Chase Candace S. Simbalenko Eloise Cleland Larry and Lynette Cleland Betty E. Curnow Catherine Hackett Virginia D’ Elia Denise Ranuio

George M. Davies San Joaquin County Medical Society Alliance Zona L. Davis-Patterson Joyce Harvis Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sage The Dance Connection Susan Corbin and Margaret Varela


Dean C. De Carli Catherine Hackett Rose DeCicco Dolores Bernasconi Bud DeYoung Catherine Hackett Janet Adams Ditz Diane D. Stauffer Beverly Eproson Marit Mortensen-Bird Virginia A. Eubanks Michael and Tammy Metrovich Wesley H. Evans Larry and Lynette Cleland Michael and Tammy Metrovich Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Mitchell Larry and Linda Philipp Joe and Sue Rokoszewski Frank Faselli Mr. and Mrs. Louie Airola, Jr. Debra E. Fleming Michelle Pine Lillie Floyd Lucile Mason Rosa Fontes Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Mello Phyllis Fung The Honorable Frank Kim and Patricia Kim Danny M. Gallo Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fiori Zelma Gehrls Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Cherry, Sr.

Charlene Smith, RTT, and Griselda Olivas, RN, provide guidence to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

St. Joseph’s Cancer Navigator program helps women move through the educational, practical, emotional, and logistical issues surrounding the diagnosis of breast cancer. Kathleen Lagorio Janssen spearheaded the formation of the free program to support women when they first hear the words, “You have breast cancer.” The broad spectrum of services range from a cancer professional meeting oneon-one with someone newly diagnosed to explain technical terms and treatment options, to interpreting during medical appointments in Spanish, Hmong, Thai, or Laotian.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.


Deanna Ghiglieri Joanne Murphy Chester Gianelli Madelyn Delucchi Larry and Linda Philipp Don Giudice Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scheppmann Lillian G. Goodwin Pauline A. Simoni Christy Gordon Kelly Doscher Millie Gray Robert J. Gray Ruth Grewatz Candace S. Simbalenko Charles Grimes Mary A. Grimes Betty M. Gruetter Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gruetter Evelyn Gruetter Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gruetter Rebecca Hersom Rosemary Bensman Velma Jacopetti Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Cherry, Sr. Martha Janes Roger and Judith Janes Laurice Joseph Larry and Lynette Cleland Katie Julia Kosich Dorothy G. Osborn Engracia LacBayen Milagros Cuculich Andrew Ley Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Milano Bess Lindsay Ellen Romano Ray A. Look Church of the Presentation Eddie H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hamer Mr. and Mrs. Ray Radley Janet Rogers Evelyn L. Silvers Jeong Low Mr. and Mrs. Albert Low Grant S. Lucero Michael and Tammy Metrovich Tom Lum Miss Cindy Lum Connie and Jose Perez John A. Malloy San Joaquin County Medical Society Alliance Ronnie Marchetti Joanne Murphy Carolyne K. Marsili Dorothy Tisnado Charolette Mastakas Rosemary Bensman Marjorie M. McComb Ben and Deborah Murillo Eleanore Merhige Pat Butler Gordon F. Michels Ellen M. Wood Ruby E. Michels Ellen M. Wood Evelyn Moresco Thelma Stewart Alice Newton Dolores Bernasconi Birdie Nicewonger Mr. and Mrs. George Nicewonger Anna Oliveira Larry and Linda Philipp Gerry Olwell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Olwell Regina T. Pecchenino John R. Pecchenino Ethel Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Chraska Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Rubenstein Margaret A. Sandeen Lisa Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scheppmann Delta Pick Lisa Parrinelk Max Podesto Larry and Lynette Cleland Don Quick Anthony J. Lombardi Avinash Raina Dr. and Mrs. Surrender Raina Edward Ramirez Louis Colatriano Ruth Range Marcia Childress Marie A. Ratto Catherine Hackett Madeline Ravo Patton Mr. and Mrs. Louie Airola, Jr. Theresa A. Eberle Alice Ross Olive Gorham Gloria Ruff Mr. and Mrs. Rugene T. Bentz Robert E. Sanderson PaineWebber, Inc. Gladys Sands Frances A. Langston Hazel B. Sanguinetti Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Berg Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bonotto Dompe Supply Company Edward J. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fugazi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Linan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Linn Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moore Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Prudhel Barbara R. Russell Ann Schuler Bryant Jean A. Shimozaki Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Y. Shimozaki Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stewart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wolfe Dina Sbragia Ralph L. Forment Dolores Slater Janyce Canote Mary Solari Thelma Stewart Georgia L. Storm Eva E. Rice Grace Tagupa Andrea D. Alvillar Carol Titchenal Marla J. Tillotson Jack Ubaldi Mildred L. Lewis Audrey Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Alvarez Kimberly Veerkamp Ann W. Bauermeister Jack Vogel Madelyn Delucchi Helen Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scheppmann George Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Bob Scheppmann Judy Williamson Candace S. Simbalenko Mary P. Windeler Elizabeth A. Kocir James M. Winkler Catherine Hackett ST. JOSEPH’S BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER DONORS Victor Abellera Josephine Agustin Teresita Astronomo Dimetris Beard Peter and Janet Bell Amber Brackett Jeanette Carlson Dean Cobb Barbara Davis Isidra Frausto Virginia Gapasin Sheila Grays Rise Hancock Cynthia Hedges Lisa Helton Antonia Hernandez Kristine Hurd Roger and Judith Janes Theresa Mast Candice Melton Leilani Miner Peter Olmi Kimberly Orcutt Mary Oswalt Larry and Linda Philipp Marciana Rillon Peggy Runyon James B. Sondecker Carole Spring Fe Ugale Janis Villalobos ST. JOSEPH’S BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER IN MEMORY OF George M. Davies Peter and Janet Bell Martha Janes Roger and Judith Janes ST. JOSEPH’S BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER IN HONOR OF Ann Orgon Roger and Judith Janes O’CONNOR WOODS DONORS Anonymous Beverly H. Acheson Aegis Therapies Gwen Aguero Alpine Nursery and Tank House Gifts Ronald and Donna Alt Always on Time Painting, Inc. Roberta Anderson Apex Painting, Inc. Lorraine Armanino Mr. and Mrs. Gary Armstrong Arthur J. Gallagher & Company Corinne R. Auld Jim Baker Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Millagros Bautista Ray and Erma Bava Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Berry Loretta Berry Jean Bertram Shelly Billberry Margaret Boise Rick Borges Irene Britto Maria Brown Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brown Samantha Bunn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Butson C.B. Hendricks Enterprises, Inc. Geoffrey Cabotage Cain Brothers Caire Respiratory Solutions Glenda Callahan Marguita Camarena

Assemblymember Greg Aghazarian visited St. Joseph’s in October, meeting with members of St. Joseph’s Community Board of Directors, St. Joseph’s Foundation Board, medical staff leadership, and senior leadership for a discussion of health care issues. Aghazarian then toured the hospital and is pictured here with medical oncologist Dr. Prasad Dighe, during his tour through the Oncology Unit.


Donations received from January 1, 2005 through June 30, 2005

Emma Lorraine Campbell Lavina A. Campbell Ricardo Cardenas Dorothy G. Cardwell Mr. and Mrs. John Carstensen Florence Catalan Frances Cederblom Jackson Cha Doris Chapman Fran and John Charles Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Charotte, Jr. Irene Chavez Socorro Cisneros Dorothy B. Clark Rosamond Clark Sylvia Cohen William Cook Mary Cordova James R. Cox Christine Craft Crawford Chiropractic, Inc. Marian Cross Dean and Erma De Carli Mr. and Mrs. Hank De Lotty, Jr. Raymond Del Carlo Lee and Sue Dempsey DeYoung Memorial and Shoreline Chapel Inc. Minnie Dias Joyce E. Diehl Rosie Dimas Rosie Dizon Kimberly Due Quette Dawn Duncan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dvorak Walter and Dorothy Ebbett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Solomon R. Edelman Edith Eligio Mr. and Mrs. John Erb Mr. and Mrs. John Errecart Blanca E. Estrada Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Fay, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ferrari Jon Fetters Elaine E. Fineran John and Marcia Fitzgerald Nyla B. Fornaciari Elizabeth A. Freitas Ruth N. Frey Irma Gallardo Danelle Gallo Gail Gamez Elana Garcia Sybil C. Gaylord Mr. and Mrs. Don Gerber Anna C. Gerrity Dona Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gluskin Judy Gonzalez Olive Gorham Catherine Gotelli Vicki Goudeau Maria M. Gutierrez Clair F. Haberman Betty H. Hammerstone Maxine Hanson Frances Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Harvie

Jennifer Held Thomas Henderson Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hermann Charline E. Hill Jennifer L. Hippo Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hunt Roger and Judith Janes Albert Jimenez John Kelly Custom Homes, Inc. Barbara Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David E. Johnson Eloise Johnson Marie R. Johnston Eleanor A. Jory Rosemary Jungeblut Linda Kay Mariam Khan Mohammad Khan David Kim Evelyn J. Kirk Leticia Klak Glo Klinger Norman C. Knodt Josephine G. Koster Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson Dinishni Kumar Puspa Kumar Wilma Laboca Elena Lagarda Frances E. Lagorio Leilanie C. Lagua Clara Lainhart Linda K. Larson Alice G. Lenz David and Sherry Leonard Lodi Physical Therapy Ellen F. Loffswold James Loftus Alma Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Nad Malcoun Penny Mallette Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mancebo Dionida Mann Florence H. Marlow Dawn J. Martin Massage Therapy by Jo Ann Dolores Mate Shannon R. McPherson Michael and Susan Meade Estrellita A. Mendez Eleanor Merz Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey R. Meyer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Michael Gordon and Ruby Michels Betty Mittenmaier Susan Morales Barbara Mulit Genevieve Musto Premila Nand Robert W. Nelson Neumiller & Beardslee Samina Nisar Donald I. Nover Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. O’Neil Andrew C. Olivares Jeannelle Ospital Cathy Otte Phally Ouk Donna Pacheco

Park Woods Cleaners Danielle C. Passadore Renee Passadore Terri Passadore Paul’s Fix It Shop PC Visions, Inc. Paul and Eve Pecchenino Floyd Perry Harriett M. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Pettipiece Larry and Linda Philipp Piranha Produce Jackson Pita Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Pope Richard Porter Billie Presto Quintel Corporation R & B Koi Health and Pond Abdul Rahiman Alice Rainwater Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rakov Josephine Refesi Michael S. Rehbein Elodia Reyes Rite-Way Cleaners Joe and Sue Rokoszewski Gloria Roper Martha S. Ruvalcaba Mary Ryan Mike Sallah Alfred and Ruth Anderson Lupe Sandoval Sharon K. Schenone Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Schultz Joan S. Schurr Marilyn B. Shepherd Dawn L. Shimel-Davis Elpidio Simon Randy Sims Scot Sinclair Meena Singh Reshma Singh Sizzler Corporation Evelyn Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Lowell R. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Southard St. Joseph’s Medical Center Thelma Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Ken Strom Aurella Swanson Margaret A. Thompson Kevin Tipton Sami Tipton Dorothy Tisnado Jacklyn Tobias Beverly Tobler Mr. and Mrs. Sam Trager Edith B. Turrill Angie Urbani Hector Valencia Helen Van Gorp Betty Vander Waal Kara Vang Nao Vang Lena Vasconcellos Maria Vasquez Angelica Vega Mr. and Mrs. Kennard Vigor

Estelle F. Warshauer Jackie Weber Cindy Welborn Mr. and Mrs. Stanford W. White Robert and Marie Whittington Donna Winslow Patricia Wong Ellen M. Wood Carol Woolridge Johnson Yang Sandra Yarnell Jane S. Zaepffel O’CONNOR WOODS IN HONOR Alice Guerin Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rakov Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Schroeder Barbara Mulit Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eddy Max Peter Sylvia Cohen Donald I. Nover Margaret A. Thompson Jacklyn Tobias Edith B. Turrill Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turrill O’CONNOR WOODS IN MEMORY OF Helen Bailey Dawn J. Martin Barbara Berry Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mancebo Danielle C. Passadore Renee Passadore Terri Passadore Dean C. De Carli Mr. and Mrs. Don Gerber Margaret A. Thompson James E. Hammerstone Evelyn J. Kirk Louis J. Lechich Mary Cordova Ed Marschner Dorothy B. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Don Gerber Edward Santos Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mancebo Danielle C. Passadore Renee Passadore Terri Passadore Helen Van Gorp Harriett M. Peterson Betty Vander Waal Elsie W. Van Vlear Barbara Mulit

Dick McClure, President of Union Planing Mill, designed and donated a beautiful reception desk for the new Foundation office in loving memory of his parents, Ralph and Lucille McClure. The gift was made in recognition of the wonderful care Ralph and Lucille received as patients at St. Joseph’s.

Please let us know of any errors or unintentional oversights by calling 209-467-6347 and we will include corrections in our next issue.

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by James J. Acosta, CPA, Vice Chair, Foundation Board; Member, Planned Gifts Committee

Guide to IRA 2005 Gifts
What is the new 2005 IRA Gift concept?
Congress wanted to help charities assisting in the Hurricane Katrina relief. So they decided to allow unlimited gifts to charity up to a donor’s total income.

On September 23, 2005, President George W. Bush signed into law the Hurricane Katrina relief bill. This bill, which was unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate, was intended to grant tax relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. However, it also included a provision which benefits individual taxpayers not directly affected by Katrina. The Katrina Relief Bill temporarily allows individuals to deduct charitable cash contributions equal to 100% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) made between August 28, 2005 and December 31, 2005; previously, the maximum deduction was 50% of AGI. In addition, these donations are exempt from

the normal 3% reduction in itemized deductions for individuals with AGIs in excess of $145,950. Although the bill is intended to help those affected by this natural disaster, it does not require the contributions to be paid to only those organizations involved in Katrina relief efforts. Therefore, an individual may make a donation to a favorite local charity and be eligible for the benefits described above. Some taxpayers may actually eliminate most, if not all, of their 2005 federal tax liability by simply making gifts before the end of the year. Also, as of this date, California has not conformed to the Katrina relief bill. Therefore, current California charitable deduction limitations will apply. Please note that cash donations to private foundations or donor advised funds do not qualify for this exemption. A brochure describing this truly unique opportunity is available by calling the St. Joseph’s Foundation at (209) 467-6347. I hope you will join my wife, Rebeca, and me in considering making a larger than usual donation this year to St. Joseph’s Foundation and/or any of your other favorite local charities. As an accountant myself, I encourage you to consult with your tax advisor to determine what’s best for you.

How does this affect IRA gifts?
When a person over 59 ½ withdraws funds from his or her IRA, the withdrawal will be included in the IRA owner’s taxable income. Under the new 100% of income charitable gifts option, the withdrawn funds may be given in full to charity. The full gift will then be deductible.

Is there a dollar limit?
Good news – the IRA withdrawal and gift option is unlimited. A person can withdraw and give $1,000 or $10,000,000.

How should a donor make this gift?
The IRA owner should withdraw the desired amount this year and make the gift by December 31, 2005. Warning – some IRA custodians take two to three weeks to process withdrawal requests! Please make the withdrawal request by early December to allow time for processing. You must have the cash available by December 31 to qualify.


medical director of the St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center. The Wongs own rental properties and, in the past, have made gifts of real estate to their alma mater. So, to honor Sylvia on their anniversary, Henry Wong donated his onehalf interest in a Dr. Henry Wong, Radiation Oncologist, surprised his wife Sylvia, a wellrental home they known area realtor, with a gift to St. Joseph’s Foundation in honor of owned here in their 36th wedding anniversary. Stockton to the Foundation. As luck would have it, Dr. Henry Wong wanted to give a buyer was interested in purchasing something special to his wife on the home soon after the gift was their 36th wedding anniversary. He made. knew that she was not crazy for To recognize their gift, the extravagant diamond jewelry or Cancer Center’s linear accelerator expensive luxury cruises. He room was named the Sylvia S. Wong thought of something that would Linear Accelerator Room at a meet her approval, that is dedication ceremony on May 24, meaningful, time lasting, and makes just one week after their anniversary our community better. So, with the date. Mrs. Wong was genuinely assistance of St. Joseph’s Medical touched by her husband’s generosity Center President Don Wiley, and loving gesture. In accepting the Regional Cancer Center Manager gift, she noted, “No gift you could Ginger Manss, and Foundation Vice ever give me would mean as much President Linda Philipp, he decided as your love and support.” to make a gift to St. Joseph’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Foundation. And it turned out to be Regional Cancer Center and a very special gift, indeed. Foundation are truly grateful to Dr. Wong’s wife, Sylvia S. Wong, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wong and wish is a well-known, very successful them many more years of happiness local real estate broker. Dr. Wong is to come. a radiation oncologist and the


John Harris, Member, St. Joseph’s Foundation Planned Giving Committee

Through effective gift planning, you can balance your personal financial goals with your charitable interests. A gift of real property (real estate) can provide a legacy to benefit future generations. At the same time you can realize significant tax benefits. The financial benefits of giving real property may include a substantial tax deduction, potential savings of expenses on property that generates bills but no income, relief from the burden of management responsibilities and income for life based upon the property’s full value without erosion to capital gains taxes. Some commonly used gifts of real property include: A vineyard, farm, ranch, second home or personal residence. Donors may also, in certain circumstances, continue to use the property for the rest of their lives while receiving a substantial income tax deduction for the value of the remainder interest. A donor can sell property to a charity for less than its fair market value and receive a deduction for the difference between the purchase price and its value. A gift of real property can be an effective way to make a significant contribution to a deserving charity.
This information is provided for informational purposes only. The information is intended to be generic in nature and should not be applied or relied upon in any particular situation without the advice of your tax, legal and/or financial advisor. The views expressed may not be suitable for every situation. John Harris is a partner with Harris, Perisho and Wooden. He may be reached at 209-957-4254.




2 1
The American Heart Association partnered with St. Joseph’s Foundation to celebrate milestones in heart care including the 30th anniversary of the first open heart surgery performed in San Joaquin County at St. Joseph’s. L - R: 1) Event Chair Phillip Felde, Bank of Agriculture & Commerce; Co-Chair Sharon Schenone; Joe Harrington, Lodi Memorial Hospital. 2) Linda Wiley and Teri Spring. 3) Ort and Sylvia Lofthus. 4) Behrose and Dr. Fram Buhari. 5) Francesca and John Vera. 6) Doreen and Stockton City Council Member Steve Bestolarides. 7) Dr. Abha Oshtory and Gurmail Grewal. 8) Dr. Mas and Florence Kamigaki.










L-R: Karen DeRosa, UOP, Kathy and Scott Beattie, Calone Law Group, Linda Philipp, St. Joseph’s Foundation, and Joe Serra, M.D. enjoy a moment during the Evening of Goodwill honoring Douglass Eberhardt, director, president and chief financial officer of the Bank of Stockton. St. Joseph’s was a sponsor of the event and members of the leadership team were honored to join the many well-wishers paying tribute to Mr. Eberhardt, long noted for the charitable work he, his family, and the family-owned Bank of Stockton have contributed to the community.

Several members of St. Joseph’s enjoyed a moment with former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani during the Business Leadership Summit. L-R: front row: Sandon Saffier, M.D., Vice President, Medical Staff, Lita Wallach, Rae Charos, R.N., Vice President, Nursing, and Linda Philipp, Vice President, St. Joseph’s Foundation. Back row L - R: Daniel and Jerri Randrup, Director, Marketing Communications, Rudolph Giuliani, and Andy Prokop, Executive Director, San Joaquin United Way. This is the sixth consecutive year that St. Joseph’s has helped to sponsor the annual Summit.





number of industry standards. These principles guide our leadership decisions from every vantage point and have helped us continuously raise the bar for health care within our community. But technical quality is actually diminished if it is delivered without human compassion in a supportive environment. I want our patients to have a great experience and I believe the people at St. Joseph’s strive to maintain the compassion handed down to us by Fr. O’Connor and the Dominican Sisters. It was my own experience with cancer that provided me with a patient’s view of care at St. Joseph’s, and I found compassion and excellence. This issue of Foundation Focus brings us stories of survivorship, victory, and celebration over cancer. I am blessed to count myself as one

As a young man, I had an early interest in health care, both because of the great opportunities health care presented and my own childhood exposure to the medical system. I enjoyed helping people and the sense of purpose I gained by playing a role in their healing experience. As I pursued my nursing degree, and later my masters degree in Health Services Management, my respect for the medical profession deepened while my admiration for the healing process grew. I observed the technical expertise of highly skilled professionals and came to respect providers who consistently strived to raise the standard of care. It’s no surprise that my background as a clinician keeps me focused on quality and clinical outcomes. I am proud to note that St. Joseph’s continues to excel in our performance as measured by a

of the many testimonies to the clinical excellence and caring people of St. Joseph’s. The healing process is greatly enhanced when we treat the mind, body and spirit as one. This is the mission of St. Joseph’s and we remain mindful of our founding and true to our distinct calling in health care.

Donald J. Wiley President

St. Joseph’s Foundation Board of Directors Officers Christopher Engh, Chair James Acosta, Vice Chair Patty Shipman, Secretary Donald J. Wiley, President Members Oscar Anzaldo C. Joseph Crane Elena Franzia Jasbir Gill, M.D. Stephen Groom Dorothy Indelicato Craig W. James Robert V. Kavanaugh Sherry Leonard Michael Matteucci Karla Mattioli Mitch Miladinovich James Morrissey, M.D. Vicki Mussi Mark Ornellas Sister Lois Silva, O.P., Dominican Sisters of San Rafael

Invited Guests: Jack Brown, Behavioral Health Center Development Council Baita Harvie, O’Connor Woods Council Barbara Hurley, SJMC Auxiliary Sister Abby Newton, O.P., SJMC Mission Services COMMITTEES Annual Support Lynne Giudice Brenda Jones Sherry Leonard, Chair Vicki Muzzi, Co-Chair Jeanette Pombo Marcucci Natalie Pettis, SPIRIT Club Major Gifts Bruce Barnett Pat Crow Craig James, Chair Alyse Johnson Velma Lim Jeanette Michaels Jim Morrissey, M.D.

Michael Rishwain George Sadek Sharon Schenone Loretta Trevena Marci Valverde Planned Gifts Jim Acosta Christopher Engh John Harris John James Teresa Mandella Mitch Miladinovich, Chair Mark Ornellas Douglas Wied Sheri Wilson DEVELOPMENT COUNCILS Behavioral Health Center Jack W. Brown, President Nicholas Gallego Marvin Pardee, Vice President Darla Joy Ryan-Pardee Douglas Sypnieski Lynda V. Williams Don Sims - Staff

South County Janice Arizcuren Bob Bockhahn Nick Endsly Dorothy Indelicato Glenn Kahl Claudia Machado Sally L. Mendes Carol Nunes John Serpa Patrick & Donna Shannon Foundation Staff Linda Philipp, Vice President Lynette Cleland, Development Director Sue Rokoszewski, Development Officer Debbie Kohler, Executive Assistant Tammy Metrovich, Database Coordinator Ken Blas, Secretary

CHW San Joaquin Community Board of Directors The Honorable George J. Abdallah, Jr. Paul Balestracci, Esq. Sister Patricia Boss, O.P. Occeletta Briggs Sister Clare Dalton, R.S.M. Florence Kamigaki Robert V. Kavanaugh Raul Rodriguez, Ph.D., President Sister Lois Silva, O.P. Michael W. Smith, M.D. John Vera Donald J. Wiley, SJMC President Robin Wong, M.D. W. David Yarbrough, M.D. Elizabeth Yost, Esq.



St. Joseph’s Medical Center was awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Sacramento Valley Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fund the acquisition of a mobile, digital mammography system to serve 17 Central Valley and Mountain Counties in the north central region of California. Look for our Spring Foundation Focus issue as we highlight our new “Mammovan.” Officials from the Sacramento Valley Affiliate awarded the check to St. Joseph’s leadership.

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