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					                                                                                                   FALL 2006

Message from the CEO
                             It’s been another busy         •   the enhanced Breast Assessment Centre at
                             year for all of us at the          the Pasqua Hospital (page 4); and
                             Hospitals of Regina            •   establishing two new surgical suites dedicated
                             Foundation, with                   to Minimal Access Surgery at the Regina
                             many exciting new                  General Hospital (page 5).
                             developments underway
                                                          I hope you take a moment to read all about what’s
                             — a few I specifically
                                                          new in these areas, and learn how you are helping
                             want to highlight for you.
                                                          bring these initiatives from planning to reality.
                              As you know, the Rawlco
                                                          There’s another development that occurred recently
                              Centre for Mother Baby
                                                          that affects the Foundation and our donors equally.
                              Care was our fundraising
                                                          On May 2, the Federal Government exempted
                              focus for the Foundation
                                                          charitable donations of publicly listed securities from
from 2004 to 2006.We officially wrapped our
                                                          capital gains tax. It provides a real incentive to choose
campaign at the end of December, and celebrated
                                                          to make your donation in the form of a transfer of
reaching our $6 million goal earlier this year.We’ve
                                                          stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the Foundation.
been in close contact with the Regina Qu’Appelle
                                                          We’ve outlined the impact for you on page 8.
Health Region on the status of the project and have
a new timeline update for you on page 6.
                                                          I hope you enjoy reading all about what’s new at the
                                                          Hospitals of Regina Foundation in the pages to follow.
This year, we’ve directed our fundraising efforts
                                                          Thank you for your commitment to excellent health
to two very important areas of care that have the
                                                          care in southern Saskatchewan — together, we are
potential to make a tremendous impact on thousands
                                                          making a difference!
of patients from across southern Saskatchewan:

                                                          Judy Davis, CFRE
                                                          Chief Executive Officer
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Message from the CEO
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      Join the HRF
                                         Online Community!
   Online Community!
              page 2                     In the Spring, we concluded an exciting     Our site features an exciting new
                                         new project to enhance the Hospitals        Fundraising feature.This interactive tool
H R F L i f e s t y l e s Lo t t e r y   of Regina Foundation website, making        supports events like golf tournaments,
              page 3
                                         it more personal and user-friendly for      allowing participants to set up their
Celebrating the Breast                   our donors than ever before.                own personal fundraising page where
  Assessment Centre                                                                  they can send out emails to ask for
              page 4                     It allows you to join our Online            support and manage their fundraising
                                         Community and become a member               activity online.The first two events to
     M i n i m a l Ac c e s s
     Surgery Update
                                         of our site — creating a personal           use this new fundraising technology
              page 5                     user name and password for you to           were the Great-West Life Charity Golf
                                         log-in and view special members-            Classic (page 10) and the Plywood
  M o t h e r B a by U p d a t e         only information.                           Cup (page 11).Though still in the pilot
              page 6
                                                                                     stage, we were pleased by the results
 S a s ka t c h e wa n W h e a t         There are many benefits to becoming a       and look forward to expanding this
       Po o l D o n a t i o n            member of our community, including:         option in the future.
              page 7
                                          •   a personal profile you can update
  Dilawri Grand Gala                          at any time (for example, if you
              page 7
                                              move, you can change your
    B u i l d i n g H e a l t hy              address online);
   Futures with Gifts                     •   access to all of your private
       of S e c u r i t i e s
              page 8
                                              information (such as your
                                              giving history);
   Celebrating a Life:                    •   quick and easy
       Re t a C l o s e
              page 8
                                              online donations;
                                          •   manageable email
      Caring for Life                         subscriptions; and
              page 9
                                          •   personalized content
      S p e c i a l E ve n t s                and communication
          pages 10 & 11
                                              from us.
   D o c t o r ’s N i g h t O u t
              page 12

Q u i e t Ro o m D e d i c a t i o n
              page 12

      Monthly Giving
              page 13

 S a l u t e t o E xc e l l e n c e                                       Take a moment to check out the new look to our
          pages 14 & 15                                                   website at and sign up to become
                                                                                a member of our online community today!
     2006 HRF Board
              page 16


Over the past 20 years, your support of Hospitals of Regina Foundation Lotteries has helped raise over $8 million for
medical technology, education and research at Regina’s hospitals.Thanks to your tremendous support, we’re excited
to introduce a brand-new lottery — the Lifestyles Lottery!

This new lottery provides us another opportunity during the year (along with our annual Spring Home Lottery) to
make a significant impact and improve the level of care for countless patients in a designated unit or area of care.
Funds from the Lifestyles Lottery will support enhanced pediatric care for the smallest and youngest patients from
across southern Saskatchewan.

Among the 1,054 fantastic prizes are three grand prizes!

 •    The first grand prize is The Luxury Lifestyle worth
      over $500,000 — featuring a stunning Fiorante Showhome
      at 12075 Wascana Heights, a 2006 Audi A3 2.0T and
      $7,500 cash!
 •    The Weekender Lifestyle is the second grand prize
      and includes a 2006 Hummer H3, 2006 Honda ATV,
      camping package and $7,500 cash.
 •    The third grand prize lets you choose from:
      - The Cruisin’ Lifestyle — 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV,
        plus a 2007 Bayliner Sport Boat and $7,500 cash; OR
      - The Expedition Lifestyle — 2007 Dodge Ram
        Mega Cab, plus two 2007 Arctic Cat Z570 LX Sleds.

               Tickets are on sale now.
            $100 each or a 3-pack for $250

      As always, ordering your tickets early gets you yet
     another chance to win with the BMW and Bahamas
        Early Bird Prize Package, worth over $65,000!

                   To Order:
 In Regina: 347-3400 • Toll-free: 1-800-667-7760

                                     Early Bird Deadline is October 19
                        Visit for complete details
                     Celebrating South Saskatchewan’s
       Breast Assessment Centre!
                                                                  To breast cancer survivors like Carolynne McNeillie, who
                                                                  underwent a bilateral mastectomy in May 2005, peace
                                                                  of mind and quick action often make all the difference.
                                                                  “The sooner you know, the better it is for the disease
                                                                  and the more treatable it is,” says McNeillie.“In some
                                                                  ways, not knowing is worse — it brings out your worst
                                                                  fears.Treatment will be quicker now, without long
                                                                  wait periods.”

                                                                  The Hospitals of Regina Foundation began raising funds
                                                                  for the Centre in December 2005, with wonderful
                                                                  community response — helping fund the following
                                                                  life-saving equipment, now in use at the Centre:

                                                                    •   a dedicated ultrasound that produces clear images
Newly renovated Breast Assessment Centre waiting room
                                                                        allowing both early detection of cancers and
                                                                        guidance for biopsy;
On Aug. 30, the Hospitals of Regina Foundation and the
                                                                    •   a vacuum-assisted biopsy system that makes the
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) hosted the
                                                                        removal of potential cancer cells more efficient
official opening of the enhanced Breast Assessment
                                                                        and enhances biopsy analysis; and
Centre at the Pasqua Hospital.
                                                                    •   a DBI table to assist in biopsies and ensure
Following an extensive renovation, and the purchase of                  patient comfort.
sophisticated diagnostic equipment over the past few
months, the enhanced Centre is ensuring women from                This sophisticated diagnostic equipment is already
across southern Saskatchewan have access to the very              making a difference to patients from across southern
best care close to home.                                          Saskatchewan.Thank you to all our generous donors
                                                                  for your support of this important project!
“We now have a dedicated area where we provide more
comprehensive diagnosis in a relaxed, comfortable setting,”
said Dr. Joanne Hillis, Section Head, Mammography, Regina
Qu’Appelle Health Region.“Digital mammography,
accessible ultrasound and biopsy capability all contribute
to prompt, accurate breast diagnosis.”

Patients are now able to undergo several procedures
in one day at the Centre (Mammogram, Ultrasound and
Biopsy), eliminating precious weeks between procedures
and waiting for test results, as well as the anxiety that
often accompanies that time of uncertainty. In some cases
an immediate diagnosis can be made to give peace of
mind to a patient, and in most cases a definite diagnosis
is available within a few days. In the all important early
detection stage, this is a life saver!
                                                                  Dr. Joanne Hillis is interviewed by media during the official opening event

                      Annual Campaign Update:

                   Access Surgery
As we near the end of 2006, we are also nearing the               Enhanced Technology
completion of our 2006 Annual Campaign — and our goal
to establish two new surgical suites designed specifically        The two new surgical suites will be state-of-the-art —
for Minimal Access Surgery, at a cost of $400,000 each.           using digital cameras, high resolution monitors, light
                                                                  sources that drop from the ceiling and voice activated
Minimal Access Surgery is currently performed for                 equipment.They also provide instant connections for
General, Urological and Gynecological surgeries at the            surgeons to consult between the two suites, with
Regina General Hospital — and it has the potential to             surgeons’ offices and even other hospitals around
make a tremendous difference to people from across                the world.
southern Saskatchewan.
                                                                  Shorter Wait Times
Patient Benefits
                                                                  Because these pieces of equipment improve visualization
“Minimal Access Surgery is a benefit to patients because          for surgeons and allow them to perform more procedures
they experience less pain and scarring with fewer                 at a quicker pace, expansion of Minimal Access Surgery
complications, and can resume their normal activities             also offers the possibility of shorter wait times for
much more quickly,” says Dr. John Thiel, Operative                patients from across southern Saskatchewan.
Endoscopy, Gynecology and Obstetrics.“Surgeries that at
one time required large incisions can now be done with            If you’d like to help us establish two state-of-the-
just two to three very small incisions using laparoscopic         art Minimal Access Surgery suites, you can do
technology. Instead of taking three to five days to recover       so in a number of ways:
in hospital, many patients are able to go home the very
same day.”                                                           •   A one-time or monthly online donation at
                                                                     •   A monthly donation by mailing the coupon
                                                                         provided on page 13.
                                                                     •   A one-time donation sent by mail to:
                                                                         Hospitals of Regina Foundation
                                                                         Box 1697
                                                                         #225 – 1874 Scarth Street
                                                                         Regina, Sk S4P 3Z6

                                                                  New Minimal Access Surgery suite.

Project Update:

The Hospitals of Regina Foundation’s major focus over           During planning and consultations with RQHR employees
the past two years has been raising $6 million in our           over the past few months, it was decided more space
“Small is BIG” campaign to furnish and equip the new            was required to ensure the Centre meets all accepted
Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care at the Regina                medical standards for family-centered care in the Labour
General Hospital.Thanks to outstanding support from             and Birth area. Saskatchewan Health has approved the
the community, corporations and you, our donors, we             added funding required, and final design planning is
achieved that goal in December 2006!                            now underway.

Of course, the Foundation’s role is only one part of the        “By taking the opportunity to revisit our plans now,
picture. Saskatchewan Health and the Regina Qu’Appelle          we are ensuring we have a world-class Centre when
Health Region (RQHR) committed $9 million to cover              construction is complete,” says Diane Larrivee,Vice
capital construction costs.                                     President, Specialty Care, RQHR.“The expanded
                                                                Labour and Birth unit provides the space required
The project is now in the hands of the RQHR to                  to meet the needs of mothers, babies, and our team
completely redesign, renovate and expand today’s outdated       of health professionals providing the care.”
and cramped facilities. Space is currently limited with
women sharing small rooms and bathrooms, medical staff          Following further consultations with employees, the
bumping into each other as they perform their duties and        project is expected to go to Tender in Spring 2007,
families cramped into close quarters as they try to bond        with construction and building expansion beginning in
with new babies.                                                early Fall. Renovations to the Labour and Birth Unit and
                                                                the NICU will take place in 2008. Final touches to the
                                                                remaining areas are scheduled to be completed by 2009.

                It’s a new vision for mother and baby care in our province, and we are
                  excited by the developments as the new Centre begins to take shape!

              We’ll keep you up to date on all the phases of the project in coming months.

      Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
         Supports the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care
                                                                   On June 19, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool CEO and President
                                                                   Mayo Schmidt (left) presented a $75,000 cheque to
                                                                   Howard Crofts (right), Hospitals of Regina Foundation
                                                                   volunteer Board Chair.The donation will support the
                                                                   new Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care, with three
                                                                   of the Centre’s rooms to be dedicated to the Wheat Pool
                                                                   for its contribution.

                                                                   “A healthy beginning is crucial for a child and for that
                                                                   child’s future in our community,” Schmidt said. “We’re a
                                                                   company with a strong tradition of giving back to the
                                                                   communities where we work and live. Our support of the
                                                                   Hospitals of Regina Foundation in its work to enhance
                                                                   health facilities that serve Saskatchewan residents reflects
                                                                   the importance we place on health and wellness for
                                                                   individuals and families — right from the beginning.”

                             Dilawri Grand Gala
                                   Saturday, October 21
THE social event of the year is set for Saturday, October 21       The evening’s events include:
at the Casino Regina Show Lounge when the Dilawri                   •   6 pm – Champagne Reception
Foundation will host The Grand Gala to benefit the
                                                                    •   7 pm – Dinner
Hospitals of Regina Foundation. It is truly a one of a kind
event that will linger in the memory as the city’s most             •   8:30 pm – Entertainment featuring Matt Dusk
stylish soiree.                                                     •   10 pm – LIVE Auction and Announcements

Set amidst platinum décor and crisp white linens, the              For more information on featured entertainment,
3rd Annual Grand Gala will make a lasting impression               ticket purchase and auction items, please contact us
as it features a perfect blend of simple elegance,                 at (306) 766-7500, or visit our website for updates
sophisticated surroundings, unparalleled service and               at
exquisite food and wines.

Building Healthy Futures
                                      with Gifts of Securities
When considering a gift to the Hospitals of Regina                You will also receive a charitable receipt for the full
Foundation, securities can be overlooked as an option —           fair-market value of your securities, which you can use
yet they have tremendous benefits to you and to the               to offset other income tax payable.
Foundation.Thanks to a recent tax change made by the
Federal Government, it’s become a more cost effective             For example, if you transfer securities to the Foundation
gift than ever before.                                            that have a value today of $25,000 (that you purchased
                                                                  for $15,000) and if you were in the top income bracket
On May 2, 2006, the Federal Budget exempted charitable            in Saskatchewan, the gift would generate a tax credit of
donations of publicly listed securities from capital gains        $11,000.Your savings would also be increased by the
tax.That means if you transfer stocks, bonds, futures             amount of the capital gains tax that is no longer payable.
and options or mutual funds directly to the Hospitals             Just remember, if you choose to sell your securities first
of Regina Foundation, you will pay zero tax on your               and then donate the proceeds to HRF, you will have to
capital gains.This applies whether you transfer your              pay capital gains tax.
securities today or include the transfer in your Will.
As the normal tax rate is 50 per cent on Capital Gains,           For more information and to download a Gift of Publicly
your potential tax savings could be quite significant.            Traded Securities Transfer Form, visit our website at
                                                         or contact our Gift Planning Team at
                                                                  (306)766-7500 or email

                                            Celebrating a Life:
                                                                                    Reta Close
                                        A legacy gift to          “I had been looking for a spot for a gift in the hospitals
                                        the Hospitals of          in memory of Reta, and I hadn’t thought of the Mother
                                        Regina Foundation         Baby Centre as a possible recipient,” Ron says.“But when
                                        is a gift for the         I took a tour of the current facilities, I was amazed that
                                        future. It impacts        in this modern day and age we would still have a facility
                                        health care               that is so outdated and crowded. Reta was always
                                        in southern               interested in young people, and I knew right away that
Saskatchewan in an area of care that is meaningful to you         if she had the choice to support anything, this would
— ensuring friends, family and loved ones have access to          be the place.”
the very best care and technology available for generations
to come.                                                          Ron made a gift in memory of Reta in the form of a
                                                                  transfer of securities to the Foundation.The gift is so
The story of Ron and Reta Close is a perfect example.             substantial, a new labour and delivery room will be
Originally from North Battleford, the couple moved to             named in Reta’s honour. Ron and his family are touched
Regina following concerns with Reta’s health. Sadly,              by the thought of all the new lives that will begin in
she passed away in 2004.                                          Reta’s room in the future.

Because of Reta’s time spent in hospital, both Ron and            “Reta was a remarkable lady and I know she’d be proud
Reta believed strongly in enhancing health care.When              to have her name associated with this new room,” Ron
Ron heard about the Foundation’s “Small is BIG” campaign          says.“It’s a very worthy cause with a great need. It’s a
to raise $6 million to furnish and equip the new Rawlco           very meaningful legacy for Reta and for us as a family.”
Centre for Mother Baby Care, it struck a chord.

   Caring for
                                                                                   FIVE REASONS
                                                                                           TO G I V E TO T H E
                                                                                          C AR I N G F O R LI F E
                                                                                            E N D OW M E N T

                                                                                   1   S u p p o r t E xc e p t i o n a l
                                                                                       Health Care
                                                                                       Studies show health care is
One of the most positive ways you        Each year, a portion of these earnings        the number one priority for
can use your gift of securities is to    is used to support identified priority        the people of southern
                                                                                       Saskatchewan. Whether we’ve
donate them to support the Hospitals     areas in Regina’s hospitals, while the        experienced time at a hospital
of Regina Foundation’s Caring for Life   rest of the income is reinvested to           ourselves, been touched by the
Endowment.With it, you’ll be helping     grow the Endowment.                           care provided to our loved ones,
                                                                                       or simply desire services that
build a healthy future for yourself,                                                   meet standards delivered in
your family and your community.          In this way, the contribution                 larger cities — exceptional
                                                                                       health care matters to us.
                                         continues to have a strong impact
Just as with our own personal savings    long after the initial gift is made,
and retirement plans, we know the
Foundation must plan today for the
                                         and you can be assured that your
                                         donation will always be put to the        2   A M e a n i n g f u l Le g a cy
                                                                                       By attaching your name, or
needs of tomorrow. Health care is        very best, and most needed, use. It           the name of a loved one, to
                                                                                       the Caring for Life Endowment,
always evolving — new treatments         truly is the gift that keeps on giving.       you are creating an enduring
are developed every day and                                                            legacy that will have an impact
technology is constantly advancing.                                                    for years to come — possibly
                                         Contributing to the Caring                    even personally touching future
While we work hard to provide
                                         for Life Endowment                            generations in your family.
medical professionals with state-of-
the-art equipment they need to           For a minimum donation of $25,000
provide the very best care to patients
today, it’s impossible to anticipate
                                         to the Caring for Life Endowment,
                                         you will receive annual updates
                                                                                   3   I m p a c t i n Ac t i o n
                                                                                       Donors who gift $25,000 or more
                                                                                       to the Caring for Life Endowment
what their needs will be 10, 20 or       on the impact your contribution               receive permanent recognition,
even 50 years from now.                  is making on patients, medical                as well as annual updates on
                                                                                       how the Endowment is making a
                                         professionals and Regina’s hospitals.         difference in Regina’s hospitals.
The Caring for Life Endowment            If you wish, your name will also
allows us to plan for the future. It     be recognized in the Hospitals of
acts as our registered savings plan —
ensuring long-term financial stability
                                         Regina Foundation’s Annual Report,
                                         Focus newsletter and our
                                                                                   4   Annual Financial
                                                                                       Support with One Gift
for the Foundation, while providing                                                    An Endowment creates a steady
                                         permanent Donor Wall at the                   stream of financial support
ongoing support for our hospitals to     Regina General Hospital.                      that is invested separately,
ensure the highest quality of patient                                                  so the principal stays intact.
care, education and research are         Donations may be pledged for
provided for generations to come.        payment over a period longer
                                         than one year and can be financed         5   A Stronger Hospitals
                                                                                       of Re g i n a Fo u n d a t i o n
How does the Caring for                  in many ways, including with a                Endowments help the Foundation
                                         gift of securities.                           plan more confidently for the
Life Endowment work?                                                                   future. It provides long-term
                                                                                       financial stability, ensuring
A donation to the Caring for Life        To learn more about the Caring                medical professionals always
                                                                                       have the tools they need
Endowment is a gift that is not spent.   for Life Endowment Fund,                      to provide the best care.
Instead, it is prudently invested to     contact our Gift Planning Team
generate earnings.                       at (306) 766-7500, or email

   Special Events
         lead to
     Community Support!
Another tremendously successful Spring and Summer            Great-West Life Charity Golf Classic
special event season has come to an end.With a few           raises over $125,000
new events and some annual favourites, the Hospitals
of Regina Foundation was fortunate enough to benefit
from an outpouring of community support.

The Art of Motherhood

                                                             The 13th annual Great-West Life Charity Golf
                                                             Classic raised an amazing $125,540 to purchase
                                                             critical equipment for the Breast Assessment
                                                             Centre at the Pasqua Hospital.

                                                             “This tournament has become a tradition everyone
                                                             at Great-West Life looks forward to each year —
                                                             it’s our way of giving back to our community,” says
                                                             Grant Laube,Tournament Chair.The tournament
What better gift is there for Mother’s Day than              also served as the pilot event for the Foundation’s
spending a little time with mom? This year,Victoria          new online fundraising tool, which allowed golfers
Square Shopping Centre provided the perfect event            to receive pledges and track their progress online.
for just that — a Mother’s Day Art Show and Auction          This year’s top fundraisers were Dr. Joy Dobson,
featuring local artists’ Mother’s Day-themed work            Anesthesiologist with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health
paired with refreshments.The $6,700 raised went              Region; Hospitals of Regina Foundation Board Chair
to the Pediatric Unit at the Regina General Hospital.        Howard Crofts; and Rod Milic with the Serbian
                                                             Canadian Cultural Club.

Champagne Classic raises over $25,000                             CCU Walk/Run – May 27
It was another successful year for the Champagne Classic
Women’s Charity Golf Tournament, held on Thursday,
June 15 at Tor Hill. Hosted by the Canadian Progress Club
Regina Assiniboine, the tournament surpassed its goal,
raising a fantastic $25,000 to benefit the Pediatric Unit
at the Regina General Hospital.The funds will purchase
pediatric cribs, parent chair beds, a vital signs monitor
and a continuous pulse oxymeter.

Z99 Radiothon — Saving Babies’ Lives
The 19th annual Z99 Radiothon was the most successful
yet raising an exceptional $312,627! Funds are supporting
the purchase of six more Giraffe™ Omnibeds to                     Since 2001 the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) Walk has
accompany the four purchased with last year’s proceeds.           been a great success and this year was no exception!
These ‘care stations’ act as micro environments that are          Participants and supporters gathered in Wascana Park
comprised of an incubator and radiant warmer and allow            on May 27 to raise money to help enhance Cardiac
medical professionals to perform procedures without               Care at the Regina General Hospital.This year the
disturbing the baby.The Radiothon saves countless babies’         Walk raised over $12,000!
lives every year and is an event the whole community
should be proud of!                                               Plywood Cup another huge success!

Inaugural Pipeline of Dreams

                                                                  For the second consecutive year, the Canadian
                                                                  Progress Club - Regina Centre hosted the Plywood
                                                                  Cup at Wascana Lake.Twenty-one teams of four put
                                                                  their carpentry skills to the test by building boats with
                                                                  a limited amount of supplies in a meager 90 minutes.
Hosted by Saskatchewan pipeline companies, the first              They then raced their vessels across the lake and back
annual Pipeline of Dreams tournament took place on                without sinking (in most cases).All participants put a
June 20 at Deer Valley Golf Course. In spite of less-than-        lot of work into designing, building and decorating their
perfect weather, the tournament was a huge success!               creations and their efforts raised a fantastic $19,885
It raised a tremendous $46,476 to help ensure our                 for the Pediatric Unit at the Regina General Hospital —
pediatricians and medical professionals have the tools            more than double what last year’s Cup raised!
they need to provide the very best care to our youngest
and smallest patients right here at home.

                               ht O HRF
                            Nig Benefits                             The Regional Medical Association and Regina and
                                                                     District Medical Society hosted a special Doctor’s
                                                                     Night Out event on March 25, with proceeds
                                                                     being generously donated to the Hospitals of
                                                                     Regina Foundation.

                                                                     The black tie dinner honoured seven physicians
                                                                     who retired from the Regina Qu’Appelle Health
                                                                     Region over the past year, with a portion of the
                                                                     ticket proceeds being donated to the Foundation.
                                                                     At the end of the night, over $15,000 was raised
                                                                     to benefit the Foundation’s 2006 Annual
                                                                     Campaign to support Minimal Access Surgery.

                                                                     A special thank you to Dr. Chris Ekong, Section
  Left to right: HRF CEO Judy Davis, Dr. Sridhar,
  HRF Board Chair Howard Crofts and Dr. Ekong                        Head, Neurosurgery, and Dr. Guruswamy Sridhar,
                                                                     Medical Director, Sleep Disorders Program,
                                                                     for organizing such a successful event.

New Quiet Room Dedicated at the Pasqua Hospital
                                                        Waiting for news about a loved one receiving treatment in
                                                        hospital can be a very difficult time for family members.The
                                                        worry and stress of the situation can be compounded by the
                                                        often busy and fast-paced hospital environment.Thanks to a very
                                                        special donation by Helen Worona to the Hospitals of Regina
                                                        Foundation, the Pasqua Hospital has a new Spiritual Care Quiet
                                                        Room for family members to reflect comfortably in private.

                                                        Helen Worona understood the need for the new Spiritual Care
                                                        Quiet Room through her experiences with her father and
                                                        mother, who were both treated at the Regina General Hospital
                                                        and the Pasqua Hospital during their lifetimes.This is the second
                                                        Quiet Room Helen has donated for Regina families – the first
                                                        being in Cardiac Care at the Regina General Hospital in 2003.
                                                        Helen’s caring contributions are made in tribute to her parents
From left to right: Reverend Mary Brubacher, Director
                                                        William and Florence Strilchuk, and her husband Peter Paul.
of Spiritual Care; Sister Audrey Daust; Helen Worona;
Jakki Crowe, HRF Gift Planning Specialist               Both rooms have been dedicated in their memories.

Monthly Giving...
                   An Easy Way to Make a Difference

                                                                         The Hospitals of Regina Foundation relies
                                                                         on thousands of donors just like you to help
                                                                         us put the best technology in the hands of
                                                                         our medical professionals.

                                                                         You can help us prepare for tomorrow’s health
                                                                         needs by becoming a Monthly Giving Donor.Your
                                                                         monthly gift will help purchase critically needed
                                                                         equipment for Regina’s hospitals.

                                                                         You have two options to give, you can mail
                                                                         in this form or visit “How You Can Give” at
                                                                to begin your gift online.

      Yes! I want to help the Hospitals of Regina Foundation prepare for tomorrow’s health care needs.
Once a month I will give:           $10          $15         $30         other __________________________
                                    $21 (Membership to Mary E.Truesdell Leadership Society)
      I authorize Hospitals of Regina Foundation to draw on my bank account through my financial institution
      within the 1st week of each month beginning _____________________________________ (Month & Year)
      I prefer to use my credit card.            Visa         Mastercard

      Credit Card #: ______________________________________________                      Expiry Date: _____________________

      Signature: __________________________________________________
I may change the amount or cancel my monthly contribution at any time by notifying the Foundation.

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________

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At year end, you will be issued an official receipt for the total amount of your donations.

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                                         Salute To

                                                           elle Awards
     H owa r d C r of t s,      FCA

       Managing Partner,

     Meyers Norris Penny LLP

  Ke l l i e G a r r e t t ,   ABC, MA
          ( Le a d e r s h i p )
Senior Vice President of Strategy,
   Knowledge and Reputation,
       Farm Credit Canada

          Brian Hardy                    The Foundation’s Annual General Meeting on April 12 was the setting of the
      Retired Bank Executive             inaugural Salute to Excellence Awards.The three awards recognize employees
           Pa t Yo u z wa                who embody the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Vision and Values and who
            Past Chair                   approach the work they do with a will to succeed.
   President & CEO, SaskPower
            No r m B e u g               Foundation employees considered the work of their colleagues over the past
          Vice President,
        The Mosaic Company
                                         year, and put forward nominees for three awards — the Workhorse Award, the
                                         Innovator Award and the All Star Award.The Selection Committee (made up
      Ro n C a m e r o n ,
         Vice President,                 of Foundation Employees and one former Board member) then studied the
 Finance & Corporate Controller,         submissions and chose the winners.
    Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

       D r. D e n i s J o n e s
 Department Head, Critical Care

            Pa m K l e i n               The Workhorse Award
   Director, The Phoenix Group

      J a s o n Le d i n g h a m
President, Regina Motor Products

            Bob Linner
       Retired City Manager,
          City of Regina

         C r a i g Lo t h i a n
         President & CEO,
       Keystone Energy Inc.
         Fran Malecha
      Senior Vice President,
    Saskatchewan Wheat Pool                     Judy Davis (left) presents
   Tw y l a M e r e d i t h ,
                                                Kristina Pearson with the
         Vice President,                                Workhorse Award
    Finance & Administration,
   Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw            The Workhorse Award recognizes teams or individuals whose day-to-day actions
        Ro b P l e t c h ,     LLB       enable themselves and others to succeed.
MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP
                                         This award was presented to Kristina Pearson,Administrative Assistant, for her
        La u r a Re d h e a d
          Retired, Teacher
                                         work in updating the Foundation’s letters and salutations policy and for her
                                         exemplary work every day, setting the example of doing it right the first time.
      Va u g h n S c h of i e l d
President & CEO, Western Limited

         Dan Thornton
     Chief Operating Officer,
   Co-operators Life Insurance

         K r i s t y We r n e r
   Program Director, Z99 Radio

                                                                                                 F O U N DAT I O N
The Innovator Award
                                                                                              J u d y D a v i s, C F R E
                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                         Catherine Geldart, CMA
                                                                                        Director, Finance and Operations

                                                                                           E d i e H o l z a pf e l ,
                                                                                             Director, Annual Giving

                                                                                              Gary Priestman
                                                                                             Director, Gift Planning

                                                                                                Julianne Jack
               Judy Davis presents                                                         Manager, Communications
           Mike Abramson with the                                                                Derek Henry
                  Innovator Award                                                           Gift Planning Specialist

The Innovator Award recognizes teams or individuals who demonstrate a                            J a k k i C r owe
                                                                                            Gift Planning Specialist
remarkable will to succeed through innovation and creativity. Mike Abramson,
                                                                                               No r m a M o r r ow
Gift Planning Co-ordinator, was presented with this award for providing                       Gift Planning Officer
exceptional database computer training to his colleagues resulting in a cost
                                                                                               M i ke A b r a m s o n
savings for the Foundation.                                                                Gift Planning Coordinator

                                                                                               Amanda Maier
                                                                                         Business Systems Coordinator

                                                                                              M e l i s s a Po l l o c k
The All Star Award                                                                           Development Assistant

                                                                                                Myrna Wilkie
                                                                                               Executive Assistant

                 From left to right:
        Former HRF Board Member
           Ted Turner, Jakki Crowe,
         Edie Holzapfel, Judy Davis

The All Star Award honours employees who perform above and beyond daily
responsibilities and expectations, and do so by exemplifying the Foundation’s values.

Two All Star Awards were given out as both nominees were equally exceptional
in their commitment to the Foundation. Edie Holzapfel, CFRE, Director,Annual
Giving, received the award for her yearly successes with Annual Giving programs
and special events, as well as her commitment to meeting the needs of donors
while always conducting herself with honesty and respect for others.

The second Award went to Jakki Crowe, Gift Planning Specialist, for her passion
and exuberance for the work of the Foundation, her professional approach to
planned giving and her ability to attract philanthropic investment in specific
projects such as the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care.

                                    2006 BOARD
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                                    Standing from left to right:
                                    Pam Klein, Fran Malecha, Kristy Werner, Norm Beug, Jason Ledingham, Bob Linner,
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