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					                    JOHNSON JUNCTION
Volume 4, Issue 2                                                                                                          Summer 2002

  Judith Claire Poteet Johnson (1941-2002)
                                                                        Johnson Family Reunion -
                                                                              2002 - Report
                                                                                   Coordinators: Bob & Ann Johnson
                                                                       The Johnson Family Reunion for the year 2002 was
                                                                       held at Sugar Pine Point State Park, Lake Tahoe,
                                                                       California on Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27).
 Judy Johnson, wife of John Johnson passed away at
 Sheldon, Missouri on May 9, 2002. She was laid to rest on             The Agenda for this Reunion: May 25th - Arrival,
 May 14, 2002 in Rest Haven Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona                 get-reacquainted day - May 26th - Official Reunion
                                                                       Day - May 27th - Get Away Day
 beside her beloved parents, Mr. and Mrs. Poteet.                      ---------------------------------------------------------------------
 Judy Johnson was born September 15, 1941 and spent her                May 26th - A family meeting was held at around
 married life standing beside her husband, John Johnson,               12:00 noon. Bob Johnson had everyone introduce
                                                                       themselves. Bob opened the meeting with an
 eldest son of Wilford and Emma Johnson for nearly 43
                                                                       announcement of the death of our sister-in-law, Judy
 years. She dedicated her life to making a home for her                Johnson, on the 9th of May, with the services on the
 husband and children.                                                 14th. He stated this, of course, caused the attendance
 She is survived by her loving husband, John Johnson, and              to be low at the Reunion, due to the family's
                                                                       bereavement and finances at this time. He also asked
 beloved children: sons, Ricky and Randy, daughters, Rene              if anyone wanted a copy of the Family Tree, Family
 and Robin and many grandchildren and great                            Newsletters, and that they could get extra copies if
 grandchildren.                                                        they wished. Bob went over the schedule for the day's
                                                                       activities. A picnic luncheon was held with plenty of
 Judy was always giving of herself to family and friends and
                                                                       food for all: chicken, salads, Portuguese sweet bread
 over the years took in foster children. She was also always           and linguaesa sausage, watermelon, homemade
                                                 Continued on page 2   individual pies, family favorite, a huge mayonnaise
                                                                       cake, and lots of other treats.... Lots of good food and
 Judy J Meet the Family - Keith Smith/Words - Part II Con't.           conversation for all was enjoyed. The women of the
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                     group started the games with a balloon shaving event
                                                                       to see who could shave the shaving cream off an
 1     Judy Johnson/Family Reunion 2002 - Report
                                                                       inflated balloon without breaking it the fastest. Marie
                                                                       Johnson won! The next event was the Hula-Hoop
                                                                       group jump-through with the teams divided into two
 2     Judy Johnson/It's Your Money - Part I Stocks                    groups, the guys and the girls...the girls won after
                                                                       protest! The passing of the jelly bean from spoon to
 3     The Stock Market - Shall we Play? Concluded.
                                                                       spoon, brought lots of fun and laughter...the guys won
                                                                       this one!!. The kids had a face painting session with
                                                                       Cindy doing the artistic work and Bob and Mike
 4     Johnson Reunion 2002 - Concluded                                getting in on the fun! An afternoon hike down to the
                                                                       beautiful beach and back was the highlight of the
 5     Emma Says! - Meet the Family-Shannon & Holly Johnson            afternoon. (On Saturday, the 25th, the same hike
                                                                       brought lots of laughter, after the group had to travel
                                                                       across the sandbars, to reach the pier.... ice cold water
 6     Meet the Family - Keith Smith/ More Words - Part II Con't.      up to our knees...but what troopers. Maggie Johnson
                                                                       was the brave soul who ventured out first and made
 7     Reunion Pictures - (Wish you had been there!!!)                 the way for the rest of us to come after. No one
                                                                       faltered and we all went across! Mike and Bob, who

                                                                                                                           Continued on page 4

                                                                                                                     JOHNSON JUNCTION 1
                                                   Continued from page 1
ready and willing to care for her grandchildren when                                           It's Your Money
needed. Judy was as strong of will as she was in spirit.                                             Part 1
She fought a long valiant fight against diabetes, with its                 By Bob
complications, which ended her life.
Her family stood beside her during her long struggle
                                                                           The Stock Market - Shall we play?
                                                                           Riding the Stock Market on its roller coaster ride over the
against tremendous pain and suffering. She rebounded                       past decade has brought the reality into focus; "It is a
many times, with an incredible will to live, when even                     gamble." No different than any other form of gambling,
the doctors thought all was lost.                                          however, with greater odds in your favor of winning!! In
                                                                           the dizzying stock market heights of the 1990's when
She is an inspiration to others, who may someday face                      everyone, but everyone was 'playing', and most everyone
difficult hardships such as she did. She fought with                       was winning; trouble was in the waning days of the Bull
determination and strength and finally her fight is over                   market, there were those 'day traders', speculators, and
and she is at rest and at peace.                                           unscrupulous Wall Street investment bankers, who
                                                                           knowingly pushed stocks they knew were 'going down,
Below is an inspirational story that is hoped will soften                  down...down! Lots of people 'got filthy rich' and got off the
the blow that her leaving has left on her family.                          boat as she was beginning to take on water!! That being
See - Copy of the Eulogy by Irene Johnson included as an insert.
                                                                           said, the question on lots of folks' minds, especially those of
                                                                           us who are looking at our nest eggs dwindle and our
                                                                           retirement years starring at us in the face, should we stay in
                                                                           for the long haul, or pull up whatever stakes we have left
                                                                           and put that money under safer mattresses? Remember,
                     There is no death                                     eventhough you have an investment manager handling your
    I am standing on the seashore. A ship at my side                       money.... IT'S YOUR MONEY!!...and ultimately your
                                                                           responsibility to see to its safe handling....So, where do we
    spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and
                                                                           go from here?
    starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty                  The Market right now is very turbulent. Some analysts
    and strength, and I stand and watch her until at                       predict the over-all market will continue to generate annual
    length she is a speck of white cloud just where the                    gains of about 7% in the coming years. Here are some
    sea and sky come to mingle with each other.                            strategies.
                                                                           • Stay in the Game: One strategy is to do a more tactical
    Then someone at my side says, "There! She is                                asset allocations between stocks and bonds. This may
    gone!" Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is                              mean taking the profits from the stocks and moving into
                                                                                a weak bond market then going back into stocks when
    all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as
                                                                                the bonds rally a bit.
    she was when she left my side, and she is just as                      • Buy on the Dip: Because we are no longer in a raging
    able to bear her load of living weight to her                               Bull market, some investors have often overreacted,
    destined harbor.                                                            dumping shares of quality companies. When waves of
                                                                                selling hit, some analysts say, stand pat, or even do a bit
    Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just                          of buying in the down swings. Behind that strategy: a
    at the moment when someone at my side says,                                 view that as long as inflation and interest rates stay low
    "There! She's gone!" there are other voices                                 and the economy continues to grow, it's unlikely that a
                                                                                Bear market will return. When the market dips, buy
    ready to take up the glad shout, "There she
                                                                                perhaps small-cap and cyclical stocks. Others say to
    comes!"                                                                     focus on stocks that are leaders in their business but
    -- And that is dying.               By Wally Amos                           have encountered severe turbulence such as Boeing and
                                                                                Bristol-Myers Squib. As long as company's problems
                                                                                are not life threatening, they could create opportunities
                                                                                for investors willing to wait them out.
                                                                           • Be Price Conscious: Before buying a stock, it's best to
                                                                                check the company's P/E ratio in relation to those of
                                                                                other stocks in the same industry, and the stocks' history
                                                                                & the P/E ratio of the overall market. (P/E is price-to-
                                                                                earnings ratio compares a company's stock price with
                                                                                its per share profits for a 12-month period.)
                                                                           • Diversity: Spread your investments among stocks,
                                                                                bonds, international companies, real estate and maybe
                                                                                even gold or hedge funds. That way when problems
                                                                                arise in one of these sectors--inevitable in today's rough
                                                                                environment--they won't single handedly empty your
                                                                                                                        Cont. Page 3

                                                                                                                   JOHNSON JUNCTION 2
    piggy bank. It 's risky to buy stock in only one company or          •   Investment sites for teens:
    one industry--even if it's your own. To be well diversified,
    you only need to divide your stocks among three types of
                                                                         The Web site is modeled mostly after the
    mutual funds. Readjust yearly to maintain the mix, regardless
                                                                         book "TeenVestor," a guide to smart financial strategies
    of what the market is doing. Portfolio recommendation is
                                                                         for teenagers and their parents.
    15% foreign Stocks, 20% Small Company Funds and 65% in
    Growth and Income Funds.
                                                                         Perhaps the lemonade stand on the corner is better associated
•   Go Abroad: With the U.S. Stock Market unlikely to match              with the past than the present, but youth entrepreneurship
    the gains of much of the 1990's some analysts recommend              definitely has not died down. The market place has taken
    investors shift some of their portfolio into international           notice of some teenager's financial achievements gained
    stocks and even emerging markets.                                    through investments or by launching their own businesses,
                                                                         and is a relevant tool for those
Some common misconceptions:                                              who want to capitalize on the opportunities available today.
• Always buy low and sell high                                           "Teenvesters" a term created by Modu, are "young people
Sure. If we could. But too many people end up killing their              between the ages of 13 and 19 who are interested in investing
portfolios by trying to figure out how. Even the best experts            and "starting their own businesses." focuses
misread the market's high and lows. After the two years of bad           on both issues--investing and entrepreneurship--with simple
stock market returns, starting in March 2000, people are kicking         and straightforward material.
themselves silly, saying, "Gosh, I should have sold at the top."         Throughout the site, most of the terminology is broken down
But the reality is that you only recognize the top in retrospect.        into plain English. The "investor" section concentrates on
Since we are human beings, we end up concluding after two years          mutual funds and stocks. Teens can also get access to masses
that stocks aren't the place to be. We put all the money into            of helpful links to other sites, and there is information on
conservative savings vehicles--all at exactly the wrong time. The        online investing, taxes and key financial concepts.
surest course is to take a percentage of your salary and put it into     In the "entrepreneur" area, teens can learn how to formulate
that company investment plan, like a 401(K), so you're setting           their own business plans. It also confronts the issues of taxes,
aside on a routine basis, and your savings grow at the market            keeping records and certain shortcomings that commonly
growth rate. This is "dollar-cost averaging." If you can set aside       plague teen businesses.
beyond your maximum contribution to the company plan with a              In the "Book Chapters" section of the site, summaries,
self-directed IRA, do it the same way--with a preset figure every        answers links and additional information correspond to the
month.                                                                   lessons in the "Teen Vestor" book.
• A financial Advisor is a person who works only for me.        is also for parents who would like to support
Find out for sure how they are paid, and, of course, they are            their young investors or entrepreneurs. Parents can familiarize
pocketing the fee you pay them, but that may not be all. If they         themselves with some of the laws and ethics of responsible
are 'fee based' or not 'fee-only', then they can take fees elsewhere.    investing, such as banning "investment in penny stocks and
Those fees would be commission for selling a tax-deferred                discouraging: the use of chat rooms for investment
annuity, a growth fund or life insurance. And, they get a huge           information."
chunk of money to sell those to you. Brokers work the same way           Visitors to can register to receive an
in many cases, but at least they're more up front about it.              investment newsletter through e-mail, or read some financial
• No analyst can be trusted to give unbiased assessment of a             news through the site itself.
      stock.                                                             However, for those who prefer to use the Internet to play
 It sure seems to be that way after Enron, doesn't it???                 games, this site may be extremely dull; is
Investment banks typically make fees off companies while their           designed for teenagers who seriously want to get down to
analysts are giving "strong buy" ratings to those client companies.      business.
That said, there are indeed analysts and research outfits that offer     Source: Sidetracks, The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento CA
completely objective views on companies and mutual funds.                January 2002. The book, "Teenvestor: The Practical
Companies that say they aren't pocketing investment-banking fees         Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents" by Emmanuel
from the companies they cover: Morningstar                               Modu and Andrea Walker, and "The Lemonade Stand: A
( and Value Line (               Guide to Encouraging the Entrepreneur in Your Child" by
• The most savvy advice is probably:                                     Modu.
If you have 20-30 years to retirement, invest...let the roller coaster   --------
ride, invest in your companies 401(K). But don't put all your            This series to be continued in the Fall Issue with Part II,
investments in your own company's stock!! Be sure and look at            Savings Plans.
your quarterly report, take an active interest in your investment
portfolio...keep in touch with your investment manager.
If you have 5 or less years until retirement, perhaps you should             With money in your pocket, you are wise and you
consider moving some of your investments into safer waters, such             are handsome, and you sing well too.
as CD's, US Treasury and TIPS Bonds, real estate and the like.
Sources: Money mag., Special Report Fall 2001;"How to Manage Your
401(K) Now", Lynn Brenner, Parade 12-1-2001; "Staying Up in a
                                                                             -- Yiddish Proverb
Downturn", Dennis McCaffferty, USA Weekend, 6-7-9-2002. "Ways to
Zig when the Market Zags", The Wall Street Journal, Gregory
Zuckerman, 4-21-2002; Fortune Mag. 6-10-2002

                                                                                                                JOHNSON JUNCTION 3
                                                                                                     Continued from page 1

                                                       came later, "tender feet" (ha!) made it across as well!!!) The
                                                       evening of the 26th ended with an old-fashioned campfire
                                                       cookout: wieners, polish sausages, marshmallows for
                                                       S'Mores...plenty of apple pie and drinks to wash it down with.
                                                       Some of the group traveled into the casinos for some gambling
                                                       and game playing later in the evening, which ended the official
    REUNION ATTENDEES:                                 Reunion Day! Suggestions were made for the next Reunion
                                                       2004: San Diego, Calif., Tucson, Arizona, and Branson,
Bob & Ann Johnson, (Reunion Coordinators)              Missouri, are places that have been suggested. If some that
Scott & Marie and Aaron and Melissa Johnson            did not get to attend would like to suggest a place, feel free to
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ventura (Marie Johnson's parents)
                                                       send us your suggestions. Mike & Judy Johnson were asked
Jamie & Cindy (Johnson) Craner (Campground
Coordinators)                                          to sponsor the next Reunion and that has not been affirmed as
Justin Lawson and friend, Andrea                       yet. After thoughts: The Reunion was poorly attended by
Brandon Lawson and friend, Natalie                     the Johnson family members, due to various causes, the main
Steven &Jewel and son, Carson Craner (Jamie Craner's   one was the untimely and sad passing of our sister-in-law,
brother and family)                                    Judy Johnson and understandably their family's absence at
Matt and Becky Hertzog (Craner family friends)         this time. We hope that the next reunion scheduled for the
Mike & Judy Johnson
                                                       Memorial Day Weekend, 2004 will have better attendance.
Tina and Maggie Johnson (daughters of Mike & Judy
Johnson)                                               For those of the family who received a reunion packet, it is
Perry & Sandy McGill (Cousins)                         hoped that the next Reunion will be followed up with a
Barb McGill Jessmer (Cousin)                           returned RSVP to those Reunion Coordinators who go the
Trae Baker (Foster son of Barb McGill Jessmer)         extra mile with expense and time, and trouble to do the event
 Attended on May 26th Saturday:                        for the family. Please let the Coordinators know with a firm
Cameron and Marilyn Dodge. Children: Sarah,            "Yes or No" on whether you will be able to attend. The
Nathan and Heather (son-in-law and daughter and        interactive games as part of the event were highly successful
grandchildren of Barb McGill Jessmer (Cousins)         with the intent of having fun and interacting with family
(Not pictured).                                        members and we feel these games and events should be
                                                       continued at every reunion, with small prizes being given to
Total: 32 Attendees
                                                       the winners. The group campsites were clean, with a fire pits,
                                                       showers with plenty of hot water and well-stocked toilets were
                                                       in close proximity...a short hike on a paved pathway through
   Dan Johnson & family started for the Reunion        the pine forest brought you to one of the most beautiful lakes
   and their van broke down near Susanville, CA.       in California with its clear pristine water and white sandy
   on Saturday. The family awaited their arrival       beaches (a number of people were sun bathing on the beach).
   at the Reunion site and was disappointed when       The snow-capped mountains made a spectacular background!
   they couldn't make it. Dan did say they             Lake Tahoe is the playground for Northern Californians and
   camped out as their camping equipment was           Nevada folk with winter sports, skiing, snow boarding and the
   with them. Sorry we missed seeing all of you,       like. Summer brings plenty of camping, hiking and bicycling
   but maybe next reunion 2004...                      events. And, of course, there is the South Shore with the
                                                       casinos, shows, etc. A wonderful place just to vacation!! Our
                                                       thanks on behalf of the Johnson family to: Jamie and Cindy
                                                       Johnson Craner, who were the camp coordinators (they did a
                                                       super job in being the first ones there and setting up the
                                                       campsites)!!! Job well done!!! Thanks! Mike and Judy
                                                       Johnson--we could not have done without their ready
                                                       support...Mike prepared the campfire for the
                                                       wiener/marshmallow roast and oversaw the cookout and
                                                       Judy, with her ever present sense of fun and adventure was an
                                                       ready helper and supporter of the event!! Thanks so much!!
                                                       Perry, Sandy and Barb cousins), who lent their advice,
                                                       support to our Reunion...the McGill family has been having
                                                       successful reunions for many years...Thanks to you all and the
                                                       McGill family has an open invitation to attend all the Johnson
                                                       reunions whenever they are held!!! Thanks for coming!!! As
                                                       Coordinators of the event, we enjoyed the opportunity to do
                                                       something for the family and would consider doing it again
                                                       someday! We pledge our support and attendance to the
                                                       coordinators of the next family reunion.
                                                       Thanks to all family members, friends and cousins who
                                                       Bob & Annie

                                                                                                 JOHNSON JUNCTION 4
                                                                         Meet the Family
                                                                   (Two very special young ladies)
Emma Says--                                             The letters were received in April, prior to the death of
                                                                     Judy, the girls' grandmother.

•   Received two letters in April, from two special
    Johnson girls, Miss Holly Johnson, and Miss
    Shannon Johnson. We have decided to
    reprint them for all of us to read. Hope to hear
    from more of the youngsters in the family!!!        Hi, my name is Shannon LeAnn Johnson. My
•   Got a nice Email from Cousin Barb...she has a       grandparents are John and Judy Johnson. My
    new career and a 'work of the heart'...taking       parents are Ricky and Stacy Johnson and I have one
    care of developmentally disabled children.          brother, R. J. Johnson. I am 12 years old and in the
    Bless her and others like her...Cousin Barb is      seventh grade. My hobbies consist of basketball,
    now back in Milton-Freewater, Oregon and has        baseball and racing. My school's Basketball team
    her old address back: 1011 Lamb St., 97862.         won the 2002 district championship. I would like to
•   It was nice to meet Barb McGill Jessmer's           thank everyone who taught me some new crafts at the
    daughter, Marilyn and husband Cameron               2000 Family Reunion. I also want to say 'Hi' to
    Dodge and her family at the reunion. They are       everyone especially my cousin, Keith and my Aunt
    from San Mateo and Cameron is a teacher at          Cathy, and Aunt Deedee and Uncle Dan because I
    Sequoia High School in Redwood City.                haven't heard from you guys in a while. I am proud
•   Annie and Cindy are doing Yoga, Aqua fit, and       to say I am getting taller and getting older. If anyone
    Step classes regularly at their fitness center.     wants to contact or write to me at:
    Bob has resumed racquetball after several           325 W. Caldwell, Phoenix, AZ 85041.
    years' absence from the sport, due to his back      Love Always,
    surgery. If ever there is a Fountain of Youth, it   Shannon Johnson
    is exercise and sensible weight control!! You
    can take a pill for everything from impotence
    to high cholesterol, (Viagra to Lipitor) but the
    real answer is quit eating so much and exercise
    more on a regular basis!! Hard work and
    discipline, but it always pays huge dividends!!
    There is no Easy Fix for over weight and being
    out of shape...sorry to say! Start with a walk      Hi, My name is Holly Marie Johnson. I am 9 years
    everyday and you'll soon be on to other things!     old and in the third grade. I like helping my Mom
•    Jamie Craner, Cindy Johnson Craner's               with my little brother. My grandparents are John
     husband, received the "Fireman of the Year"        and Judy Johnson. My little brother is Raymond
     award at "Awards Banquet" at Courtland, CA         John Bennet Johnson. He just turned 1 year old,
     on June 1, 2002. He received a bronze statue       March 23 and he just got his glasses. He looks
     of a fireman! His brothers, John and Steven        adorable in them, well, even without them. I love my
     Craner, also firemen in the Courtland River        sister, Jami and my other brother, Jimmy. My
     District Fire Department presented the award.      brother, Jimmy just had a baby boy, named Tyler
     Jamie is a dedicated, 'always ready', brave        William Charles Johnson. I love to play with my
     fireman.                                           cousin, Shannon and Heith. I also like to play and
•    McGill Family Reunion is August 3rd. If            talk to my adorable nephew, Junior. My little brother
     anyone wants to attend, contact Barb!!             Raymond got a tube in his belly on March 6, just like
                                                        his grandmother, Judy! He has gained 3 pounds
•    Tina Johnson tells us her unit may be
                                                        since he got his tube. We hope to see more weight
     deployed to Kuwait or Korea and that she was
                                                        gaining soon. I like having my mom's boyfriend
     glad to come to the Reunion if that happens.
                                                        around the house because I love him!! And he is like
                                                        a father to me. If you would like to call me at home or
That's all kids...hope the Reunion 2004 will have
                                                        write to me, here is my information. 623-875-5851.
attendance by all eight families. See you in the
                                                        11778 W. Corrine Dr., El Mirage, AZ 85335. Love
Fall, Mom
                                                        always, Holly Johnson
                                                        (Just like we said...Two special, lovely Johnson girls--
                                                        let us hear from more of you!!!!)

                                                                                                  JOHNSON JUNCTION 5
                           Meet the Family                                          More Words you should Know --
                         Who's Keith???
                By his mom, Irene and wife, Michelle                           Continuing Series --
Keith is Irene and Kearney Smith's only son. He is a son who has evolved       Some words that sound the same, but are
from the time we first met him from a skinny little kid into a handsome,       spelled slightly different and have different
responsible family man. He has turned his life around, got his education,      meanings...
and is now on a career track. He is a member of our young Johnson
family and one who took what he had and made it into something he can          .
be proud of as well as the rest of his family as a son, husband and a father
and a member of our family. - Bob & Annie                                      AFFECT --(uh-FECT): To influence; to stir
                                                                               the emotions of; to produce an effect (in
On October 23, 1961 I had a little boy, who I named Keith Alan
Smith and he was born at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA.               something). Example: The memory of my
He was such a skinny little child and definitely a “mama’s” boy as             parents' divorce AFFECTED my life
his father was in the Navy at the time and he was with me a lot of the         profoundly, and made me vow to work
time as his father had Navy things to do. Keith had a few medical              harder at making my own marriage
problems as he grew up but thank God he has out grown them. He
grew up during the period of time known as the ‘70’s, so of course he
had the long hair, listened to hard rock ‘n roll and did his partying
thing. All in all he was a pretty good boy. His father and I separated         EFFECT --(ih-FECT): a thing taking place
in 1965 so basically a single parent (not counting Granny and                  as the result of a cause. Also, as a verb
Grandpa, what would I have done without them to help) raised                   (often pronounced ee-FECT): to cause or
him. Of course as a teenager he felt that I was wrong in wanting him
                                                                               influence (a change); to bring about a
to get up and go to school but as he found out later in life I only
wanted him to have the education that he would need in order to try            hoped-for outcome. Example: The constant
to provide a good life for himself and for his family if he ever got           moving had the EFFECT of splitting the
married. Of course at that time he was never going to get married, he          family up.
was going to party forever. RIGHT!!!!! Keith has grown up since                 Or: "The affect of the effect"
that time to a fine young family man that I’m ever so proud of. He
spent 4 years in the Army tank division. As he called it (as did the
Army also) the big RED 1. On one occasion I spoke to his
commanding officer when Keith was stationed in Kansas and his                  STATIONARY: (STAY-shun-air-ee):
C.O. told me that Keith was as good a tank person as he had ever had           Unmoving; fixed in place.
under his command, which was a very nice complement for                        Example: Although the cart was designed
Keith. Keith was discharged in October 23, 1982 and he then came
                                                                               to be wheeled freely, a set of clamps could
home to work at a few different jobs. It was during this time that he
met his wife, Michele Baglieri, who he fell madly in love with and             be engaged that would allow it to serve as a
she is ever so good for him. Keith and Michele married in October              STATIONARY post for nurses' supplies
1986 in Las Vegas, NV. It was a very nice wedding, with all of
Keith’s family present, as was Michele’s. It was about 3 years after           STATIONERY: (STAY-shun-air-ee):
this that Keith decided that he needed his High School diploma as he
                                                                               writing paper. Example: Following her
needed a better paying job to help support his wife and by this time
their daughter, Jasmine, so he worked 8-10 hours a day and went to             wedding, Amy had STATIONERY
Adult Night School to complete his education and get “that darn High           embossed with her married name.
School” diploma that mom had told years before that he would need
later in life, but better late than never. I’m very, very proud of his         Source: More Words You Should Know
accomplishments. After a long career in construction and shortly after         Michelle Bevilacqua; Adams Media Corp.1994
the birth of their son, Justin, he still felt he could do more. He now         Series to be continued in the fall edition
works for Los Angeles City as one of their employees and he keeps
striving to do better and get promotions to where he is making a
decent wage in order to provide for his family and to feel better about          Continuing in the Fall Edition of Johnson
himself. Well on the road to recovery from his back surgery, he stills           Junction:
strives to do more for his family, trusting in God and relying on his            Climbing the Family Tree, Part II with The
Christian faith. For Keith the possibilities are endless. He will                Barclay/Barkley Family and
always want more. Son, I am so very, very proud of you and what                  Cook's Corner. Also would like more articles
you and your family have accomplished in such a short period of                  on "Meet the Family". Hope some of you will
time. You have a very beautiful wife who stands by your side, two                send a short bio and we will put it in,
children who worship their dad and a mom who is very proud of ALL                eventually we would like to have everyone's
OF YOU!!!! Irene (Mom)                                                           story in our newsletters. . Don't be shy!!
P.S. --Uncle Bob and Aunt Annie have always been proud of you,
Keith, you have done Well!!!!

                                                                                                               JOHNSON JUNCTION 6
                                     Johnson        Reunion              2002
                                                                           & Cindy
                                                                           ators     Guys going through
                                                                                     the Hoop!!
      Brandon & Natalie

Just want you to know I really enjoyed myself!
I thought the games were fun! You did a great
job organizing the reunion. Thanks again for
inviting us!- Barb McGill Jessmer

                                                                                     Mike, Judy, Sandy, Perry,
                                                                                     Tina, Annie, Maggie
                                     & Tina       Who's the Cook? Mike

                                                 YES.YES.YES. It was a fun
     Let's eat!                                  and good event. I want to thank
                                                 you all for all the work that I
                                                 know it took to do. We enjoyed
                                                 the food the fun and the talking
                                                 around the campfire. Thanks
                                                 again. Perry, Sandra, Barb,
                                                 and Trae.                                     How do you shave a balloon?
                                                                                               Balloon Shaving contest!
                                                                                               Judy, Cindy, Tina

                                                    Bob, Aaron, Melissa &
     We had a wonderful time in                     Trae, (Barb's Foster
     Tahoe; the reunion was a lot of                Son)-all had a face                      Barb
     fun. You both did a great job                  painting session!!--even
     organizing it; the place was just                                                       Trae
     perfect. See you soon
     Love ya
     Marie Johnson

                                                                                                 Judy instructing
                                  Now, don't you wish you had been                               nephew, Aaron on
                                                                                                 how to cook a good
         Justin & Andrea          there?????          So, do we !!!!                             hot dog!!!

                                                                                                JOHNSON JUNCTION 7
                                Enjoy these old 4th of July, Patriotic
                                Cards!! (Circa 1900)
                                Have a wonderful 4th!!

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