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					                          Friends of Catcott School
                            Minutes 25th May 2010

Present:      Mike Ellis, Anne Fontaine, Maria Atwell, Jo Collins, Sam Winter
              Donna Hallows, Roger Wanliss, Val, Matt MacKay,
              Kate Williams

Apologies:    Diana Thorne

Summer Fayre 17th July, 3pm – 5pm

Maria Atwell has sent out 45 `Begging Letters` so we will hopefully get some
raffle prizes.

Sam has sourced a 60ft Bouncy Assault Course, with a smaller 12ft by 12ft
Castle for £200. Sam will check if there is a cancellation fee in case we can
find a cheaper one in the mean time.

Val will bring her Ice-Cream Van and will give us 15% of the takings.

Lizzie has agreed to alter the stocks to a Space theme.

As discussed at the last meeting, each year group will have their own stall to
run. They are:
R      Hook a Space Duck
Yr1 Pick a Planet (Lolly)
Yr2 Name the Alien (Sam will buy the Alien)
Yr3 Cosmos Treasure Hunt
Yr4 Throw the Meteorite
Yr5 Roll the Penny – Board to be covered with planets and stars
Yr6 Whack the Alien

All the above stalls will require prizes.
The teachers will send out letters from the children asking for parents to help
on these stalls – 50% of takings will go the class to be used however they

We need to confirm with Gary Blinco (rocket man) that he can still attend the
fair on 17th July date – Jo to do
Tim (Thunder Rock) has agreed to play live guitar – he will start at 4 o clock.
Sam will check that the Event Licence covers live music. We will also ask Tim
to open the Fayre.

We will need to use the power sockets in the Main Hall to run extension leads.
We will need 4 x 50m (200m) of cable – Matt to do.

We will again try to get some gazebos from Glastonbury Festival.
As Broadway will still be shut at the time of the Fayre we will need to put the
signs on the A39 – 2 weeks before.

Advert to go in the Polden Post – Kate to do.

Gymnastics Display – Sam to talk to Hazel

We are still looking into getting a Simulator at the Fayre – Matt to find out
about the simulators in Ashcott.

During the week following half term we will send out a letter to parents
requesting help at the fair. It was felt that we must have more help this year.

Anne Fontaine to organise letters from each class requesting parental help on
their stalls.

St Johns Ambulance to be booked – Sam to do.

BBQ and Bar
Jo will ask Steve Field if he will run the BBQ. Kate to ask Lisa Irwin if the
Chilton Polden Playing Fields Assoc has a BBQ we could borrow. Sam will
also ask Squirrels.

Jo will get a quote from her nephew for cider, beer and real ale.

Sam will get pricing info from Majestic in Taunton, where we can buy wine
sale or return.

Sausages/Burgers usually come from Griffiths’, but we will get other quotes.

This year there will be an Information Station at the Fayre for everyone to see
what they should be doing when setting up. It will also display the names and
timings of those helping on stalls.

There are some gifts left over from the Christmas Fayre so these can be used
in the Luck Dip – Kate to do. We will increase the number of lucky dip prizes
using packets of sweets to keep it unisex.

We will have Face-Painting – Lizzie has agreed to run the stall and find her
own helpers.

The Picnic Tables on the playground will be used for tea and coffee.

This year will invite Laura, the Community Police Officer – Anne to email her.


Leavers Mugs – numbers need to be checked.
Colin Bell has been booked – he will be in school the week commencing 18th

We have been sent info on a business called Heliwise. They send a
helicopter to school, landing on site in front of the children. Class photos are
taken in front of the helicopter, plus aerial photos of the school. This is funded
by the sale of the photos and activity books. Although the school offers the
books/photos for sale the company carries all financial risk. Mike Ellis will look
into this replacing the individual photos next year.

Maths Week – this is the week commencing 5th July. The children are going
to make hats with maths symbols, etc on them. This will be a competition and
it was decide to ask Soma if she will be the Judge.

                            Next Meeting
 To discuss shopping requirements, helpers and site plan of the fayre.

                    Tuesday 8th June, 8pm, King William

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