Pre-course assignment; by qaz12973



Your pre-work assignment is two fold. First, go to any number of the following websites

   v/Archive/2005/May/17-40125.html
                  o Increasing diversity in the US population
   opperspec.html
                  o projections of US population
   www/projections/popproj. html
                  o population projections
          ca.rand. org/stats/popdemo/popprojUS.html
                  o population projections
   Release.asp?id=61007
                  o Gay and lesbian population
   05133/504149.stm
                  o rich-poor gap and upward mobility in US
          www.childtrends
                  o trends among young people

and wonder around a bit. If you don't look at any others, make sure to check out the last one, site. After you have looked over several websites write down one or two
things that you found interesting or surprising, be ready to share in class.

Second task – read through the questions below and think about your site and how each question
relates. Start to think about adjustments you might make to accommodate possible changing
demographics. Be ready to discuss during the session.

      1.    What are some of the ways in whic h the demographic characteristics of your visitor base
            are changing?
      2.    What are some ways that such demographic change and increased diversity will affect
            the operation of your NPS site during the next decade?
      3.    Which demographic changes do you think will be most important? E.g. aging, gender,
            race/ethnicity, immigration, sexual preference, household composition, income—
            education distribution, urbanization, etc.
      4.    What are some ways that your NPS site will be affected by an increasing portion of the
            US population being non-white?
      5.    What are some of the ways that your NPS site will be affected by increased immigration
            from Hispanic and Asian countries?
      6.    What are the implications of our increasingly ―de-familied‖ society for the operation of
            your NPS site?

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