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            Straight-Through-Processing of Annuity Sale Demonstrated
           at IRI Conference Merrill Lynch, EbixExchange, Nationwide,
               DTCC and SIGNiX Report on the Successful Launch

        Over 70 million baby boomers in the United States facing retirement in the next decade will
          demand financial protection, and variable annuities are a critical part of the solution.

SAN DIEGO, CA – (Aug 12, 2010) SIGNiX, the leader in enabling business transactions to be
executed online with trusted digital signatures in real time, announced today at the Laser App
Broker-Dealer Conference that EbixExchange, Merrill Lynch and others partnered with SIGNiX
to report on the successful launch of straight-through-processing (STP) for the annuity industry.
The joint presentation was delivered at the Insured Retirement Industry’s Technology
Conference in Boston in July. IRI led the industry-wide effort to develop standards to ensure
only the highest level of trust and integrity in these electronically signed documents that have
long term legal and financial implications. IRI has implemented a certification process to ensure
any vendor is fully compliant with these demanding standards, and SIGNiX was the first
technology provider to undergo the intense scrutiny and due diligence.

Historically, the sales process for annuities has been slow, manually and paper intensive and
prone to errors that lead to applications that are not in good order (NIGO) and prove to be costly
to correct. A secure, trusted and accurate system for electronically creating, executing,
processing and delivering annuity applications and policies is critical to enabling the annuity
industry to efficiently meet the rapidly growing demand for financial retirement plans which is
dramatically changing the landscape of the insurance industry. By switching to the efficient,
automated processing method designed by the industry and incorporated in the STP standards
that have now been successfully launched, the distributors and producers of these products can
capitalize on opportunities at hand to grow their business while improving profitability.

The first STP transaction based on IRI’s official STP standards adopted by the industry
included the following participants:

       SIGNiX - the digital signature solution that enables the documents to be securely signed
        online with no need to ever print them, increasing speed and efficiency and reducing cost

       EbixExchange - the leading annuity order entry platform that enables Straight through
        Processing by creating the electronic annuity application that is then signed online by the
        customers and the financial advisor

       Merrill Lynch - for the driver of this project utilizing the technologies of SIGNiX,
        EbixExchange and DTCC to launch STP for the annuity industry

       Nationwide - the carrier with the first annuity product sold via e-signature on the

       DTCC – the industry service provider facilitating the seamless transport of the e-signed
        documents to the carriers

According to Jay Jumper, CEO of SIGNiX, “The key participants in the annuity industry have
shown extraordinary leadership, commitment, resolve and cooperation in overcoming many
challenges to create and adopt the STP Standards and to successfully launch this effort that will
transform the industry in the years ahead. Historically, e-signature tools have most frequently
been utilized to execute documents that involve limited legal and financial risk and are part of
relatively low volume processes. The annuity industry has significantly raised the bar as a highly
trusted digital signature is applied by multiple signers as a seamless part of a fully automated and
high volume process for executing complex annuity documents that must be verifiable and
legally reliable by multiple financial services firms, regulators and individuals for many years to
come. We have been delighted to be a part of this industry-wide effort and to have deployed our
technology, together with EbixExchange and DTCC, in what is probably the most demanding e-
signature project successfully launched to date in the financial services industry.”

About SIGNiX
SIGNiX, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, offers a patented electronic signature solution that
enables individuals to “sign” documents via the Internet, over the phone or face to face, helping
to increase speed, accuracy and security over traditional, paper and ink-based signature
processes. Users become “known customers” through a web or call center session so that
documents requiring a signature can be legally executed online without the costs or delays of
paper processing. SIGNiX’s highly secure digital signature service, which requires no hardware
installations or software downloads, enables companies to quickly obtain the necessary
signatures to execute new contracts or authorize transactions – ultimately helping toturn more
verbal commitments into legally-executed, revenue generating relationships.
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