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					Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program                                      National Park Service
                                                                                         U.S. Department of the Interior
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                                                                                                           Kayaking Lake Superior Water Trail
      Projects and Partners 2010

     1. Milwaukee Urban river corridor Protection
                                                              Recent Successes
        Milwaukee river Work Group                            Wisconsin’s Lake Superior Water Trail
     2. Mississippi river connections                         The official opening of the Wisconsin’s Lake Superior Water
        Mississippi river trail, Inc.                         Trail was announced the summer of 2009 along the shores of
     3. the Great rivers confluence                           Wisconsin’s Bayfield Peninsula. This long sought-after trail
        Friends of Freedom Park                               stretches the entire 400-mile length of Wisconsin’s Lake Supe-
     4. Wisconsin Veterans Memorial trail                     rior shoreline from Superior, Wisconsin, to the Montreal River
        river country resource conservation & develop-        at the Michigan border. The Wisconsin Water Trail also links
        ment                                                  with Minnesota’s Lake Superior Water Trail which follows the
                                                              shoreline to Canada.
                                                              The water trail committee consisted of tribal, Federal, re-
                                                              gional, and state agencies and the Inland Sea Society and was
                                                              coordinated by the RTCA Program. Apostle Islands National
                                                              Lakeshore staff were part of the planning team. All public ac-
                                                              cess sites were identified and ranked for appropriate use and
                                                              inclusion in the trail; gaps
    ABOUT US                                                  in access were also identi-    “Thanks to the Rivers &
                                                              fied. The trail empha-         Trails Program for your
    The Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance           sizes safe and legal access    persistence in completing
    (RTCA) Program is the community assistance arm            and camping sites while        Wisconsin’s Lake Superior
    of the National Park Service. RTCA staff provides         highlighting the need to       Water Trail. It wouldn’t
    technical assistance to community groups and              steward the shore’s abun-
                                                                                             have happened without you.”
    local, state, and federal government agencies             dant natural, cultural, and
                                                                                              -Bill Smith, WI Department of Natural Resources
    working to protect natural areas and water                recreational resources.
    resources and enhance close-to-home outdoor               The detailed trail map and
    recreation opportunities. We help communities             brochure is complemented by a web-based mapping portal at
    plan, organize partnerships, and achieve on-the-          the Northwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The
    ground success on projects they initiate.                 portal includes an interactive map that takes the user to a photo,
                                                              expanded map, and site description for each site. See http://
Current Projects
1. Milwaukee Urban River
   Corridor Protection
   Project Partner: Milwaukee River Work
   RTCA Contact: Angie Tornes
   Location: Milwaukee
   Congressional District(s): 4

   Project Goal:
   Create a master plan for river protec-
   tion in a 3.9-mile segment of the Mil-
   waukee River adjacent to downtown
   Milwaukee. Planning includes devel-
   opment of habitat restoration and a
   multi-use trail management plan. This
   project complements an existing effort                                              Milwaukee River in Fall
   to protect through city ordinance the
                                                      Location: Headwaters of Mississippi               natural resource and recreational cor-
   river’s viewshed and sensitive areas
                                                      River in Minnesota to Gulf of Mexico,             ridor. Facilitation will enhance local,
   along the same stretch of river.
                                                      New Orleans                                       state, regional, and national efforts to:
                                                      Congressional District(s): WI–3                   1) protect and preserve the Mississippi
   RTCA Role:
                                                                                                        River and the Mississippi River Trail as a
   Ensure solid public involvement includ-            Project Goal:
                                                                                                        national landscape; 2) demonstrate the
   ing workshops and open houses; assist              Through connections with 18 National
                                                                                                        impact of partnership development by
   the community in achieving riparian                Parks and Trails, build a collabora-
                                                                                                        and between NPS superintendents and
   corridor and viewshed protection;                  tive partnership that highlights and
                                                                                                        other public and private partners.
   assist in developing a corridor master             enhances 3,000 miles of trail (land and
   plan to include management plans for               water) and 30,000 acres of open space
   recreation and habitat restoration as              along the entire Mississippi River cor-       3. The Great Rivers
   well as a framework for coordination               ridor.                                           Confluence
   management activities in the corridor                                                                Project Partner: Friends of Freedom
                                                      RTCA Role:                                        Park
                                                                                                        RTCA Contact: Randy Thoreson
2. Mississippi River                                  Provide support and technical assis-
                                                                                                        Location: Prescott, Pierce County, WI
   Connections                                        tance to the Mississippi River Parks and
                                                                                                        and Hastings, Dakota County, and
   Project Partner: Mississippi River Trail,          Trails Collaboration. Through facilita-
                                                                                                        Washington County, MN
   Inc.                                               tion, research and coordination with 18           Congressional District(s): MN –6; WI–3
   RTCA Contacts: Diana Allen, Randy                  NPS Parks and Trails, the Mississippi Riv-
   Thoreson                                           er will be viewed as a valuable national          Project Goal:
                                                                                                        Through collaborative efforts, establish
                                                                                                        a multi-state partnerships for the plan-
                                                                                                        ning and implementation of a 17-mile
                                                                                                        trail (land and water) connecting the
                                                                                                        communities of Prescott, WI and Hast-
                                                                                                        ings, MN (including Pierce County, WI
                                                                                                        and Dakota and Washington County,

                                                                                                        RTCA Role:
                                                                                                        Assist partners in public involvement
                                                                                                        and outreach to landowners.

                            Trail users enjoying the Milwaukee River                                                              cont. on page 3
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     We’re Here For You.
                                                 Current Projects cont.
          Could your project benefit             4. Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Trail
         from RTCA Staff Assistance?               Project Partner: River Country Resource Conservation & Development
            Contact us to find out.                RTCA Contact: Angie Tornes
                                                   Location: West Central Wisconsin
                                                   Congressional District(s): 3
             Diane Banta
             312-863-6287                          Project Goal:
             diane_banta@nps.gov                   Develop a nine-mile non-motorized multi-purpose trail (hiking, biking, cross-country
                                                   ski, snowshoe & horseback riding) linking Eau Galle Recreation Area (ACOE) with com-
             Angie Tornes                          munities of Elmwood and Spring Valley and, eventually, to the St. Croix Wilderness
             414-297-3605                          Trail and the Red Cedar River Trail.
                                                   RTCA Role:
             Dave Thomson                          Provide technical assistance in partnership development, private land owner engage-
             402-661-1570                          ment, public involvement, alternative management options, and sources of funding
             dave_thomson@nps.gov                  for implementation.

      2009 Nationwide
     Partnership Success                               “The Rivers & Trails Program was key in mak-
    3,411 Miles of Trail Developed
                                                       ing this water trail a reality. Your program is
    2,664 Miles of River Conserved                     an ideal example of how the federal govern-
  87,385 Acres of Open Space and
                                                       ment should work.”
         Parkland Protected                                                                            - Charlie Ray, Inland Sea Society

     97% Percentage of Community
         Partners Satisfied

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