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                                                                            Bill Laub, Advisory Council, enjoys the River Mountains Loop Trail.
      projEcTS and parTnErS 2010                                                             Photo: NPS, Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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       State Capital
                                                               Recent Successes
                                                               River Mountains Loop Trail Nears
                                                               During the late 1990s, RTCA collaboratively led community
                                                               members and public and private agencies in developing a
                                                               shared vision for the 35 mile River Mountains Loop Trail that
                                                               surrounds the River Mountains connecting Lake Mead Na-
                                                               tional Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Henderson, Boulder City
  currEnT projEcTS                                             and the Las Vegas Valley. RTCA also facilitated the establish-
  1. carson Valley Trail                                       ment of the River Mountains Loop Trail Advisory Council,
     carson Valley Trails                                      a community partnership that has continued to serve as the
     association                                               primary project coordinator and advocate for completing the
  2. Henderson Trails Enhancement                              River Mountains Loop Trail for nearly 15 years. This success-
     city of Henderson                                         ful partnership developed a Trail Planning, Development and
  3. Lake Tahoe Water Trail                                    Management Guide, which has served as a blueprint for trail
     california Tahoe conservancy                              completion.
  4. Last chance park                                          Approximately 32.5 miles of trail have been built and the re-
     Town of pahrump                                           maining 2.5 miles are expected to be completed by late summer
  5. Silver Saddle ranch conservation                          2010. Four trailheads have been completed and amenities such
     Friends of Silver Saddle ranch                            as interpretive signs, kiosks and benches have been installed at
  6. Southern nevada children’s outdoor Bill of rights         some locations. The project has received over $10 million in
     public Lands institute, unLV                              grants from multiple sources including monies from the South-
  7. Spring Valley Trails                                      ern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA), the
     Southwest action network (SWan)                           Recreational Trails Program (Rec Trails) and the Transportation
  8. Valley of Fire State park recreation                      aBouT uS
     State of nevada                                           The Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program is the
                                                               community assistance arm of the National Park Service. RTCA staff
  9. Southern nevada agency partnership (Snap)
                                                               provides technical assistance to community groups and local, state,
     Snap interagency recreation and oHV Team                  and federal government agencies working to protect natural areas
        Find out more about each project starting on page 2.   and water resources and enhance close-to-home outdoor recreation
                                                               opportunities. We help communities plan, organize partnerships, and
                                                               achieve on-the-ground success on projects they initiate.
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Current Projects
1. Carson Valley Trail
   Project Partner: Carson Valley Trails As-
   sociation (CVTA)
   RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon
   Location: Douglas County

   Project Goal
   The Carson Valley Trail is envisioned
   to be a loop trail that will traverse the
   foothills around the Carson Valley. This
   regional trail crosses Bureau of Land
   Management (BLM), US Forest Service
   and potentially private lands and in-
   cludes connections to the Pony Express
   National Historic Trail and the Tahoe
   Rim Trails. The CVTA, in partnership
   with Douglas County and other part-
   ners, are working to implement the
   loop trail. In order to connect existing    Youth volunteers build portions of the Jobs Peak Trail, which is part of the planned 100 mile Carson
   and planned segments for a continu-                                 Valley Trail. Photo: Carson Valley Trail Association
   ous trail, investigating opportunities
                                                 Loop Trail Partnership and the Outside                Project Goal
   for trails on private lands is a critical
                                                 Las Vegas Foundation.                                 The Last Chance mountain range is a
   next step.
                                                                                                       rugged landscape that provides open
   RTCA Role                                   3. Lake Tahoe Water Trail                               space, wildlife habitat, and recreation.
                                                 Project Partner: California Tahoe Con-                Residents have identified a need to
   RTCA will facilitate meetings with
                                                 servancy                                              encourage one access point to the Last
   landowners in order to identify trail
                                                 RTCA Contact: Barbara Rice                            Chance Range and provide recreation
   opportunities, issues and solutions for
                                                 Location: Lake Tahoe Basin in the Si-                 through a 10-acre park. The Town
   connecting segments of the Carson Val-
                                                 erra Nevada Mountains of CA & NV                      of Pahrump is working to protect
   ley Trail.
                                                                                                       the park land, managed by the BLM,
                                                 Project Goal
                                                                                                       through a Recreation and Public Pur-
2. Henderson Trails                              Kayaking on Lake Tahoe, jewel of the                  pose lease.
   Enhancement                                   Sierra known for its outstanding natu-
   Project Partner: City of Henderson            ral and recreational resources, is grow-              RTCA Role
   RTCA Contact: Linda Stonier                   ing. Public agencies in the Lake Tahoe
                                                                                                       RTCA, in partnership with the Ameri-
   Location: City of Henderson                   Basin have come together to address
                                                                                                       can Society of Landscape Architects
                                                 management challenges in support of
   Project Goal                                                                                        (Nevada Chapter), develop a concep-
                                                 sustainable recreation in this fragile
                                                                                                       tual plan for Last Chance Park through
   This effort seeks to create an interpre-      alpine ecosystem.
                                                                                                       community engagement and a design
   tive plan for five major developing
   trail corridors in the City of Henderson      RTCA Role
   which has one of the safest and best          RTCA is assisting a collaborative team
   connected trails systems in the Las Ve-       of agencies, groups, and community                5. Silver Saddle Ranch
   gas Valley for recreation and transpor-       stakeholders and supporting broader                  Conservation
   tation in both the protected desert and       community engagement to further                       Project Partner: Friends of Silver Saddle
   built environments.                           shared management stewardship, and                    Ranch
                                                                                                       RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon
   RTCA Role                                                                                           Location: Eastern area of Carson City
   RTCA’s role is to facilitate the comple-                                                            Project Goal
   tion of a sign plan for wayfinding and
                                               4. Last Chance Park
                                                 Project Partner: Town of Pahrump                      During 2008, the community devel-
   interpretive themes in collaboration
                                                 RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon                             oped a vision for SSR and adjoining
   with partners including the Parks and
                                                 Location: BLM lands northwest of                      open spaces through a collaborative
   Recreation Board, River Mountains
                                                 Pahrump                                               design charrette. Additionally, the Car-
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Current Projects
  son City Vital Community Act protected        trails system in the Spring Valley area              communities, such as the Logandale
  3,500 acres of SSR and the Carson River       that will enhance existing and planned               trails, that were not considered in the
  through a conservation easement. In           recreational facilities. The project area            current Plan. A Plan update is needed
  order to support management of the            includes a 500-acre neighborhood that                in order to identify outdoor recreation
  land and develop future recreation            contains approximately 155 acres of                  needs, designate and close trails, and
  and educational facilities, building the      County-owned open land, which may                    protect sensitive resource areas.
  Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch organi-        present an opportunity for trail devel-
  zation is needed.                             opment and open space protection. In                 RTCA Role
                                                order to pursue designation of these                 RTCA will assist with public workshops
  RTCA Role                                     lands for trail and/or open space uses,              and other strategic engagement
  Support Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch        a feasibility study and conceptual plan              related to the Valley of Fire State Park
  strategic planning workshops, com-            is needed.                                           Management Plan update and imple-
  pleted in collaboration with the Sierra                                                            mentation.
  Business Council, Carson City and com-        RTCA Role
  munity partners.                              RTCA will facilitate a collaborative
                                                                                                 9. Southern Nevada Agency
                                                planning process in order to develop a
                                                                                                    Partnership (SNAP)
                                                conceptual trail plan and support plan
6. Southern Nevada:                                                                                  Project Partner: SNAP Interagency Rec-
                                                adoption and execution of the action
   Children’s Outdoor Bill of                                                                        reation and OHV Team
                                                plan, including identifying grants and
   Rights                                       other resources for project completion.
                                                                                                     RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon
  Project Partner: Public Lands Institute,                                                           Location: Southern Nevada region
  RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon                   8. Valley of Fire State Park                           RTCA staff in Nevada is partially
  Location: Clark County                         Recreation                                          supported through a partnership
                                                Project Partner: State of Nevada                     with the Southern Nevada Agency
  Project Goal                                                                                       Partnership (SNAP). As part of this
                                                RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon
  The Bill of Rights will serve as a shared     Location: Valley of Fire State Park                  collaboration, RTCA staff serves as
  community vision for connecting chil-                                                              Project Manager for the Southern
  dren to nature. A partnership will be         Project Goal                                         Nevada Agency Partnership (SNAP)
  developed for implementation, which           Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s                Interagency Recreation and OHV
  will include identifying opportunities        oldest and largest State Park and                    Team. In this capacity, RTCA supports
  to protect and enhance open space, in-        includes red sandstone formations,                   completion of the Interagency
  crease natural play spaces and develop        historic structures, petroglyphs, en-                Recreation Strategy and Interagency
  trails.                                       dangered species and historic trails.                OHV Strategy projects and facilitates
                                                The Park’s size has been expanded and                team development.
  RTCA Role                                     trails have been developed in adjacent
  RTCA will facilitate the development
  of the Children’s Outdoor Bill of
  Rights through youth and community
  workshops and build a partnership of
  federal and local agencies, health and
  youth partners, educators and commu-
  nity groups for implementation.

7. Spring Valley Trails
  Project Partner: Southwest Action Net-
  work (SWAN)
  RTCA Contact: Deb Reardon
  Location: Clark County, Town of Spring

  Project Goal
  The Southwest Action Network identi-
  fied a need for an open space and                The Last Chance Park design team evaluates possible trailhead sites during a field trip.
                                                                                    Photo: NPS, RTCA
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                                                 Recent Successes cont.
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         Deborah Reardon

      2009 Nationwide                              River Mountains Loop Trail Advisory Council members and elected officials participate in a trail
                                                            ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo: NPS, Lake Mead National Recreation Area
     Partnership Success
     3,411 Miles of Trail Developed              Equity Act (ISTEA and TEA-21). Local partners including the Southern Nevada Water
                                                 Authority, Regional Flood Control District, Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, National
     2,664 Miles of River Conserved              Park Service and Basic Management Inc. have constructed trails or designated existing
                                                 trails to complete critical connections.
   87,385 Acres of Open Space and                In addition to facilitating trail completion, the Advisory Council has also been suc-
             Parkland Protected                  cessful in receiving local and national recognition. The Advisory Council was named
                                                 the “Conservation Group of 2001” by the Nevada Chapter of the National Wildlife
      97% Percentage of Community                                                                 Federation. The White House Millenium
             Partners Satisfied
                                                 “The River Mountains                             Council designated the River Mountains
                                                                                                  Loop Trail as a “Millenium Commu-
                                                 Loop Trail would not have                        nity”.
                                                 been the success it is without                   The trail has greatly expanded opportu-
                                                                                                  nities for close-to-home recreation for
                                                 the guidance and leadership                      area residents and has attracted visitors
                                                 that RTCA brought to the                         that utilize the trail for special events,
                                                                                                  such as the local marathons, the Silver-
                                                 organizational process. The                      man and Ironman. The partnership
                                                 facilitation skills were key                     also has leveraged greater community
                                                                                                  support and commitment for trails in the
    Find more information online                 to developing such a diverse                     Las Vegas Valley. For example, the group
                                                 group of stakeholders into a                     initiated Trail Watch, a volunteer pro-
                                                                                                  gram that has been piloted by the City
                                                 dedicated support group for                      of Henderson and may be expanded
                                                 this long term trail project.”                   across the region. The Advisory Council
                                                                                                  also sponsors trail clean-ups and actively
                                                                                  John Holman,
                                                           River Mountains Loop Trail Partnership participates in regional planning efforts,
                                                                                                  which has resulted in the trail being con-
                                                 nected to several regional and local trails and parks.
     E x p E r i E n c E yo u r a m E r i c a™
                                                 For more information about the River Mountains Loop Trail, access the project web-
                                                 site and blog at
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