Chapter 12_ Weather Analysis and Forecasting

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					Chapter 12: Weather Analysis and Forecasting

1) Which of the following weather data is not always plotted in the same location with
respect to the weather station?
A) past weather
B) barometric pressure
C) pressure tendency
D) wind direction
E) cloud type

3) Which of the following data is not plotted on a weather chart?
A) temperature
B) dew-point temperature
C) relative humidity
D) sky cover
E) cloud height

4) The path that cyclonic storms follow (storm track) is usually farther to the south
A) autumn B) nighttime C) summer D) winter

5) Why are some satellites described as being stationary?
A) their altitude never changes
B) they have no orbital motion
C) they can only observe stationary weather systems
D) their orbital motion matches the earth's rotation
E) they orbit over the earth's poles

10) Accuracy of weather forecasts begins to decrease rapidly for periods greater than
A) 1 day B) 2 days C) 5 days D) 1 month E) 1 week

13) The positions of fronts are identified on a surface weather map through their
association with
A) places where clouds and precipitation are found
B) large changes in humidity
C) abrupt changes in temperature
D) large changes in wind direction
E) all of the above
17) Why is most weather data displayed in the form of a map or chart?
A) maps display the data in their proper place, relative to other data, and allow the
identification of patterns
B) maps are easier to remember
C) more data can be recorded on a map
D) maps are easier to construct than tables

20) Successful short term forecasts (a few hours) can often be made using this method of
A) probability forecasting
B) persistence forecasting
C) upper-wave forecasting
D) climatological forecasting
E) analog forecasting

22) Synoptic charts display weather data that
A) was measured at the same place
B) was measured at the same time
C) shows multiple levels of the atmosphere on the same chart
D) was calculated by a mathematical model
E) was measured by a satellite

24) The development of large, fast computers has allowed this method of weather
prediction to become useful.
A) synoptic
B) analog
C) numerical
D) nowcasting
E) persistence

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