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					                    Ballot Measure Endorsements:

At the Central Committee meeting last week, the Endorsement Task Force made its
report and the Central Committee voted on ballot measure endorsements for the
November election. A "YES" or "NO" endorsement required a 2/3 vote of the members
present. Here is a summary of the results:

Statewide Measures

Measure #70 : (Legislative Referral) Amends Constitution: Expands availability of
home ownership loans for Oregon veterans through Oregon War Veterans' Fund.
Endorsed: YES

Measure #71 : (Legislative Referral) Amends Constitution: Requires legislature to
meet annually; limits length of legislative sessions; provides exceptions.
Endorsed: YES

Measure #72 : (Legislative Referral) Amends Constitution: Authorizes exception to
$50,000 state borrowing limit for state's real and personal property projects.
Endorsed: YES

Measure #73 : Requires increased minimum sentences for certain repeated sex crimes,
incarceration for repeated driving under influence.
Endorsed: NO

Measure #74 : Establishes medical marijuana supply system and assistance and
research programs; allows limited selling of marijuana.
Endorsed: YES

Measure #75 : Authorizes Multnomah County casino; casino to contribute monthly
percentage to state for specified purposes
Endorsed: NO

Measure #76 : Amends Constitution: Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches,
wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014; modifies funding process
No Position

City of Portland Measures

26-108 Continues City public campaign financing for Mayoral, Commissioner, Auditor
candidates [“Voter Owned Elections" / "VOE”]
Endorsed: YES

26-117 General obligation bonds for fire vehicles and emergency response infrastructure.
Endorsed: YES

Additional Local Measures will be considered at the September meeting:

26-109 County Term Limits
26-110 Multnomah County Official Running for Office Midterm
26-111 Salary Commission
26-112 Vacancy in Office
26-113 Multnomah County Election to fill Vacancies
26-114 Multnomah County Library District

Ballot Measure endorsements will be included on our “slate card” and distributed to
voters during the voting period. Please contact us at to join the effort,
one of our most effective means of bringing in the Democratic vote in November.