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                BANK BUZZ
                          from Gilmore Bank

           New ideas, old-fashioned service since 1955.

                                                          Up to 4.60% APY on a Gilmore Bank
                                                          Money Market Account!
                                                          And it’s tiered to reward higher balances with a close-to-
                                                          CD rate, for both individuals and businesses. Good place
                                                          to “park” funds in safety, between other investments.
                                                          Limited access. To open an account call us or visit us, or
                                                          apply online at www.gilmorebank.com.

                                                          4.90% APY on a 6-month CD,
                                                          5.20% APY on a 9-month CD now!
                                                          CDs are simple, safe investments to meet your personal
                                                          or business goals. $10,000 minimum. Funds must be new
                                                          to Gilmore Bank and you must have a Gilmore Bank
                                                          Checking Account. To open an account call us or visit us
                                                          or apply online at www.gilmorebank.com.

   Money Market Accounts                                              CDs ($10,000 minimum)
   Balance                          Rate                             Term                               Rate
   $500,000 +                       4.60% APY*                       6 month                            4.90% APY*
   $250,000 - $499,999              4.35% APY*                       9 month                            5.20% APY*
   *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective May 1, 2006. Limited time offer. Rates subject to change without notice.

 No Plan “B” for California’s                                                                 A message from                                               Our new Westlake Village
 budget crisis. So, what next?                                                                 our President.                                              Loan Center to open in May.
       Courtesy of The UCLA Anderson Forecast.
                                                                                                                                                           This is a landmark event for Gilmore
In the late 1990s under Governor Gray                                                                                                                      Bank! As you know we’ve had one central
Davis, remarkable revenues were                                                                                                                            office in mid-town Los Angeles for over
accruing to the state, due in large part                                                                                                                   50 years.
to stock market gains. Even so,
California was running a small budget                                                                                                                      Now, we are scheduled to open the doors
deficit. Still, the fiscal dilemma was never                                                                                                               of our new Westlake Village Loan Center
resolved despite an economic recovery.                                                         Douglas C. Spencer                                          in May, at 4035 East Thousand Oaks
                                                                                               President and CEO                                           Boulevard, Suite 128, corner of Westlake
In his final year, Governor Davis                                                                                                                          Boulevard.
proposed the borrowing solution that                                          How many years has it been since you’ve
was later adopted by his successor,                                           seen interest rates on CDs and money                                         Gilmore Bank has long wanted a
Arnold Schwarzenegger.                                                        market accounts as attractive as the ones                                    presence in this beautiful, upscale
                                                                              featured on our front page?                                                  community. And now, we send it our
The budget deficit issue morphed into                                                                                                                      very best – three top-flight lending
a special election in November 2005.                                          CDs are the simple, bread-and-butter                                         professionals. Vice President and
Four initiatives favored by the governor                                      savings accounts that say “sleep well”,                                      Regional Manager, Jim Friend; Vice
were put on the ballot. All were defeated.                                    knowing your money is safe, and that                                         President for Construction Loans Greg
                                                                              your interest earnings are guaranteed.                                       Thomas; and Ali Nayebdadash, Loan
The UCLA Anderson Forecast is not
                                                                              Then, great rates like these are icing on                                    Officer.
projecting a recession at this time. But
                                                                              the cake.
California has had a recession at least                                                                                                                    Our Loan Center will be serving
once a decade. We do view the housing                                         Money market accounts are versatile,                                         residents and businesses, not only in
market as a bubble situation. And even                                        safe harbors for your funds between                                          Westlake Village but in Thousand Oaks,
if the bubble bursts gently, there will                                       major investments. They offer you                                            Moorpark, Agoura Hills and the entire
likely be some falloff of state sales tax                                     limited access to funds and they may be                                      Conejo and Simi Valley areas. Featured
and income tax collections.                                                   a very timely choice for you today.                                          will be business loans, real estate loans,
The sad fact is that there is no Plan B for                                   Take a look around and compare                                               commercial and construction loans, and
California’s budget. And Plan A – a                                           Gilmore Bank’s CD rates to those of                                          multi-family dwelling loans.
deficit in the General Fund and                                               other institutions, including giant banks
borrowing for infrastructure – is fiscally                                    from who-knows-where. And enjoy the
irresponsible.                                                                good feeling of having solid, insured
                                                                              investments growing nicely in a friendly,
During the budget crisis of the early
                                                                              established community bank like
1990s the state did run out of cash and
                                                                              Gilmore Bank.
started paying its bills with “warrants”                                                                                                                                                    Vice President and
(IOUs). Banks began to warn that they                                                                                                                                                       Regional Manager
                                                                               Why the $1 “Susies” bombed. Some
would not continue accepting such                                              years ago, the Susan B. Anthony dollar                                                                       Jim Friend
IOUs. In effect, the financial markets                                         was introduced. People took an instant
forced a resolution.                                                           dislike to them because of their similarity
Perhaps we will need to await similar                                          to quarters in size and color. At one time
events before the fiscal dilemma of the                                        the Fed had one room that held 334
2000s is resolved.                                                             million orphan Susies. Ooops!

                                                                                                                                                                                            Vice President
  Rates as low as:                                                                                                                                                                          Construction Lending
  Deduct 1/4% from auto loan rates with automatic                                                                                                                                           Greg Thomas
  payment from Gilmore Bank checking account.                                 New ideas, old-fashioned service since 1955.
  Business Loans             Call for information                                          Main Office
  Construction Loans             Call for low rates
  Personal Loans                            10.75%                                  110 South Fairfax Avenue
  Home Equity Lines of Credit***        WSJ Prime                                 Los Angeles, California 90036
  Home Equity Loans              Call for low rates                                       877-549-2100
  New Auto - or used, to 4 years old**       7.75%
  Used Auto - up to 6 years old**            8.75%                                           Mon - Thur 9-5 • Fri 9-6
                                                                                              www.gilmorebank.com                                                                           Loan Officer
  Used Auto - up to 10 years old**           9.25%                           EQUAL HOUSING
                                                                             LENDER                                                                                                         Ali Nayebdadash
*APR - Annual Percentage Rate. For further information, rates and conditions, please consult a Gilmore Bank representative. All loans subject to approval. Rates are accurate as of May 1, 2006 and are subject to change anytime.
** Some restrictions apply. *** For loans of $250,000 and under.

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