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									National Park Service
U.S. Department of the Interior

Lewis and Clark
National Historic Trail
Newsletter - Fall 2009

Who We Are
                                            From the Superintendent
Tracing the courses of the Missouri
and Columbia Rivers, the Lewis and
Clark National Historic Trail stretches
through 11 states. The Trail winds
                                            WELCOME TO THE NEWSLETTER OF THE LEWIS
over mountains, along rivers, through
plains and high deserts, and extends
                                            and Clark National Historic Trail. We begin
to the wave-lapped Pacific coast. In         with the leadership of the Trail in transition.
this diversity of landscapes, visitors to   Former Superintendent Steve Adams accepted
the Trail create their own journeys of      a promotion as the Associate Regional
discovery.                                  Director of Cultural Resources in the Midwest
Lewis and Clark
                                            Region of the National Park Service.
National Historic Trail
601 Riverfront Drive                        By the mailing of this newsletter, my four
Omaha, NE 68102                             month detail as Superintendent will have
                                            passed, but the administration of the Trail        Don Stevens, PhD, Former Acting Superintendent
Phone                                       remains in strong hands. In the coming
402 661-1804 - visitor center                                                                 The articles in the newsletter only hint at the
                                            months and years, I hope you have the
402 661-1814 - administration                                                                 breadth of projects.
                                            pleasure of meeting and working with our
                                            dedicated, talented National Park Service
E-mail                                                                                        Our Interpretation and Education team is
                                            professionals introduced to you in this
                                                                                              traveling westward across the length of the
                                            newsletter. I know that I will miss working
                                                                                              Trail meeting old and new partners. The
Internet                                    day-in-day-out alongside of them.
                                                                                              Resource Stewardship team sponsored a                                                                              workshop on identifying and measuring
                                            In the near future, you will be hearing about
Visitor Center at Trail Headquarters                                                          impacts on visual resources, is directing a
                                            the development of a new comprehensive
                                                                                              sign inventory and assessment of the Lewis
                                            management plan for the Lewis and
Summer Hours                                                                                  and Clark auto tour route, and is building
                                            Clark National Historic Trail. Given the
Memorial Day through Labor Day                                                                a multifaceted GIS database for mapping
•  Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
                                            complexity and breadth of the Trail, it will
                                                                                              the Trail. Our American Indian Liaison is
•  Saturday - Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm          take three to five years to prepare, and you
                                                                                              coordinating the development of an ambitious
                                            will have opportunities to engage with us
                                                                                              Lewis and Clark Trail Tribal Legacy website
Winter Hours                                and to comment on its evolution. Since the
Labor Day through Memorial Day              end of the Bicentennial, the National Park
•   Monday - Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm        Service reorganized the Trail office into three
•   Saturday - Sunday, Closed                                                                 The whole Trail operation is anchored by our
                                            divisions—Interpretation and Education,
                                                                                              Administration team, and their able assistance
                                            Resources Stewardship, and Administration—
                                                                                              in supporting the divisions and keeping the
                                            plus an American Indian Liaison. The new
Promote Your Events                                                                           many projects going. As I transition from
                                            plan will provide a conceptual framework for
We want to help promote activities                                                            the Trail back to my work in the History and
along the Trail such as celebrations,
                                            administering the Trail in collaboration with
                                                                                              National Register Program of the Midwest
festivals and encampments.                  our many partners.
                                                                                              Region, I am mindful that the Trail is well
                                                                                              poised with the organizational strength and
If you would like to be included in our     I look back at my time with the Trail and am
                                                                                              mission of the National Park Service to keep
website Schedule of Events, send a          in awe of the many initiatives underway to
detailed summary one month in advance
                                                                                              working with our friends in preserving the
                                            protect the resources and to share the many
to:,                                                           Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail for the
                                            stories of Lewis and Clark National Historic
with the subject line: Schedule of Events                                                     enjoyment of present and future generations.

THIS NEWSLETTER IS THE FIRST AFTER                 fostered before, during, and since             Trail is through frequent and thorough
several years of dormancy. Since                   the Bicentennial. This newsletter is           communication with our partners.
the end of the Bicentennial, the Trail             the first of many ways that we will be          We want to get to know you and your
has been in a state of transformation.             disseminating information. But that            projects – that is why our phone
Through a series of in-depth internal              is not enough. We would also like to           numbers and email addresses are
operations evaluations, it was                     hear from you. What new projects are           listed – please touch base with us. We
determined that the new direction                  underway? What challenges are you              hope that this will be the first of many
of Trail administration was to hire                facing? What are your needs? Are               communications to come.
a full staff of technical assistance                there any threats that may be impacting
professionals, introduced to you in this           the Trail where you live? Are your
newsletter. I encourage all of you to              volunteers and employees doing great
take advantage of the great resources              things?
that the Trail office now has to offer.
Our technical assistance teams are now             In my short time at Lewis and Clark
in place to serve trail wide needs.                National Historic Trail, I’ve come to
                                                   understand the complexity in both
One challenge that we face is in                   the geography and the history of the
communicating with you, the many                   Trail. I have also observed that the best
partners and friends that were                     way to accomplish the mission of the            Nancy Stimson, Current Acting Superintendent
Little Known Facts
about the Lewis and Clark Expedition
 THE “LEWIS AND HOOKE EXPEDItion”               misfortune led to his death or                   with whom he had served and held in
.... doesn’t sound quite right does             incapacitation. Jefferson agreed.                 high regard. Hooke was stationed at
 it? However, that pairing could                Lewis already had someone in                     a nearby army post in Pittsburgh and
 have constituted the history-                  mind. In an oft-quoted letter, he                could be ready to join the expedition
 making partnership that carried out            invited his former commanding                    on short notice should Clark choose
 President Thomas Jefferson’s vision             officer, William Clark of Kentucky,                to decline Lewis’s invitation to fame
 of an American-led transcontinental            to become his co-commander; one                  and glory.
 expedition in the first decade of the           who would share equally in the duties
19th century.                                   and responsibilities of leading the              Thus, if Clark had found the
                                                expedition and in the satisfactions              opportunity unappealing and declined
Shortly after Meriwether Lewis was              and rewards upon its successful                  it, future generations of historians
given command of the president’s                completion.                                      would have been researching and
bold venture and preparations were                                                               writing about the “Lewis and Hooke
moving forward with all deliberate             As a precaution, however, while                   Expedition!”
speed, he recommended that a                   awaiting Clark’s reply, Lewis issued
second military officer accompany                a contingent invitation to Lieutenant
the band of explorers in case some             Moses Hooke, a 26-year old soldier                by Dr. H. C arl Ca mp
Dr. Carl Camp is a retired professor from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. He is a member of the Mouth of the Platte chapter of the Lewis
and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. Dr. Camp is also a member of the editorial review board for “We Proceeded On”, the quarterly journal
published by the Foundation. He has been volunteering at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail headquarters for 8 years . Look for more
“Little Known Facts” in future issues of this newsletter and on our website,

Very Important People
                 Volunteering is an American
                 tradition that has made an
                 immeasurable contribution to
                 communities, organizations,
                 and individuals throughout the
                 country. Today's volunteers
                 are active, dynamic, creative
individuals who possess the skills, desire, patience,
and time to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.
                                                                           Don Shippy                             Carl H. Camp
Volunteers-In-Parks are Very Important People
(VIPs)! In Fiscal Year 2005, 137,000 volunteers
donated 5.2 million hours to your national parks at
a value of $91.2 million.

VIPs come from all over the world to help preserve
and protect America's natural and cultural heritage
for the enjoyment of this and future generations.
Volunteers of all ages give of their time and                             Donn Galli                              Atianna Rager
expertise to help achieve the National Park Service

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank
the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
Headquarter’s VIPs named to the right. Their
contributions are directly attributed to our success
in meeting our mission goals. Thank you for all of
your hard work!                                                        Carolyn K. Fiscus                      Ebony Jordan-Woods
Trail Stewardship
AS LEWIS AND CLARK ENTHUSIASTS,          Our office keeps busy reviewing           get involved and voice their opinions
we all hope to preserve the Trail        and commenting on numerous                in support of Trail resources
unimpaired for our children and          energy proposals that may impact          protection. This is where we need
grandchildren. Preserving artifacts      the Trail. Some of the larger             your help. If you become aware of a
from the Expedition and the natural      energy project proposals that             proposal that may threaten or help
environment they passed through          we have been involved with this           the Trail, please alert me and your
will give future generations the         year are: the proposed Highwood           local Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage
opportunity to experience history        Generating Station near Great Falls,      Foundation chapter. I coordinate
and understand the story of this         two proposed liquefied natural            project reviews and responses for
incredible journey. However,             gas terminals on the Columbia             the Lewis and Clark Trail office and
nothing is constant but change.          River, several wind farms in the          can be reached at denise_nelson@
                                         state of Washington, thousands of or 402-661-1812.
The Expedition helped open up the west   proposed hydrokinetic projects on
for development and there continue to                                              Given the sheer length of the Trail
                                         the Missouri River from Saint Louis       and the varying levels of existing
be tremendous development pressures      to Kansas City, and a proposed oil
all along the Trail.                                                               development along it, it is clear that
                                         refinery near Spirit Mound in South       developments will continue to occur.
                                         Dakota. Currently, these proposals        There will be some give and take
I believe the biggest pressure
                                         remain on our watch list as several       and a balance must be struck. With
the Trail faces right now is from
                                         of them have received varying levels      your support, we can raise awareness
energy development. The push
                                         of approval and none have yet been        of the incredible resources of the
to quickly develop and distribute
                                         constructed.                              Trail and ensure that development is
both renewable and non-renewable
energy in the United States has          We know that there are proposals          compatible with Trail protection. I
resulted in a flood of proposals for     along the Trail that we are unaware       look forward to working with all of
wind turbines, transmission lines,       of, or learn of too late to attempt to    you toward this goal.
hydro power plants, natural gas          impact. We also know that there is a
terminals, pipelines, etc.               better chance of influencing project      Denise Nelson,
                                         decision makers when more people          Environmetal Protection Specialist

The Trailhead
WELCOME TO THE Trailhead Section         trail is a great way to learn and        like to share with people trail-
of the Lewis and Clark Newsletter.       become stewards of the Trail.            wide. The Trail has many hidden
People might not immediately think                                                recreational treasures for everyone
of recreation when discussing the        I invite you to submit information       to discover. What better way to
Lewis and Clark National Historic        about the places and events that are     experience the Trail than by getting
Trail, but recreation on an historic     important to you and that you’d          outdoors?

                                                                                  I am a firm believer that we all
                                                                                  become better stewards of our
                                                                                  natural resources from the hands-
                                                                                  on experiences we have with them.
                                                                                  The Lewis and Clark National
                                                                                  Historic Trail provides a wide
                                                                                  variety of recreational experiences,
                                                                                  from riding your bike on the Katy
                                                                                  Trail along the Missouri River to
                                                                                  taking a float in a kayak down the
                                                                                  Columbia River.

                                                                                  Discover what is around the bend
                                                                                  and find out what others are doing
                                                                                  along the Trail for recreational
                                                                                  opportunities. If you have any
                                                                                  suggestions or questions for the
                                                                                  Trailhead section of the newsletter
                                                                                  please email them to me at neal_

                                                                                  Neal Bedlan, Outdoor Recreation Planner
Partners in Focus
  Volunteers in Action
for the point where the Kansas and
Missouri rivers meet in Kansas City,
Kansas. The area is now part of an
urban landscape surrounded by
industry and development. Many
people who live in the area didn’t
always know the importance of the
site. That has all changed thanks to
the help of the Friends of Kaw Point
Park, Inc., a volunteer-led non-profit
organization created to fund and
construct the Lewis & Clark Historic
Park at Kaw Point and to interpret
the Lewis & Clark Expedition in
Wyandotte County, Kansas.

The Friends of Kaw Point Park have
transformed an area that was once a
trash dump into a place where people
can go for fun and entertainment.
                                                                         Kaw Point Park volunteers taking a break after a long day of work.
                                                         From left; Jim Stanley, Jeff Koenits, Mike Calwell, Chuck Scott, and Volunteer Don.
Currently, volunteers are busy with
the construction of an outdoor
venue, located in a serene location      to the thousands of volunteer labor               the park. For more information
overlooking the confluence of the         hours, all estimated at over $250,000!            about the park visit
two rivers. This addition to the                                                 
already well-developed Kaw Point         This fall on October 2, 3, and 4,
Park will seat up to 500 people and is   the theater will open for its first                Congratulations to all the volunteers
designed for historical reenactments,    production entitled Grinders Stand,               of Kaw Point Park for your hard work
educational and evironmental             A Tragedy of Blood, by Oakley Hall III.           and dedication. You are a prime
seminars, and as an outdoor              The play delves into the mysterious               example of what can be accomplished
amphitheatre.                            death of explorer Meriwether                      through the power of cooperation and
                                         Lewis, leader of the Lewis and Clark              volunteerism.
It is being completed with full          Expedition. The event will draw
donation support, from the donated       people from the surrounding area to               Nichole McHenry,
stones and equipment, electrical work,   enjoy the new addition to the city and            Volunteer Program Manager

  Is your volunteer organization doing great things on the Lewis and Clark National Historic
  Trail? Let us know about it - you may be featured in an upcoming newsletter or website.
              Send your photos and project details to:
Challenge Cost Share
FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MY                 developed proposals and proceeding                contact will guide you to individualized
gratitude for all the hard work being            with ongoing and future CCS projects.             points of contact for questions. Your
done by our project partners along the                                                             organization must be registered on
Trail. Since my start at the trail office          In addition to our continued efforts               the Central Contractor Registry (www.
last October, I have been so impressed           to maintain the CCS program we           in order for funds to be
with the projects that continue to               at the Trail office are working on                  distributed. A federal form 424 which
be completed. It has been such a joy             improvements to the CCS process.                  officially requests project funding must
getting to know such a dedicated group                                                             be submitted and a statement of work
of talented people.                              We are developing processes that will             will be generated from your project
                                                 allow for longer open application                 proposal. Once awarded, you will be
Please know that the Lewis and Clark             periods, better defined criteria, and              responsible for completing periodic
NHT Challenge Cost Share (CCS)                   improved electronic distribution of               progress reports as well as a final
Program is very much alive though at a           materials. As part of this effort we have          accomplishment report. These reports
significantly reduced rate than in past           begun accepting electronic and fax                are required for billing and also to keep
years. We continue to receive good               submissions of CCS paperwork and                  us informed of your excellent work as
project proposals and project work is            are posting our grant opportunities at            you get underway. Sounds like a lot of
still being carried out along the trail.         Grants.Gov, the federally recognized              work? Unfortunately it is. However,
                                                 assistance advertisement site. We                 we have talented staff here at the Trail
This 2009 fiscal year, we have                    encourage all interested parties                  office who are ready and willing to
awarded $60,000 in project funding               to periodically check for funding                 assist you in this process and help guide
to 12 projects out of the 24 submitted           opportunities through this and our                us to great things. If you have questions
proposals.                                       Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail           about an existing project or would like
                                                 Website (                       to discuss an upcoming project and
                                                                                                   would like guidance in development of
As you can see our funding levels                If you have recently been awarded                 a proposal, please check our website or
currently are allowing only half of our          a CCS grant you may be wondering                  this newsletter for a list of staff contacts.
submitted proposals to be granted so             what steps still need to be taken. A
the process is very competitive. We do           letter detailing the funding amount,              Lee Smith,
look forward to receiving your well              financial contact, and project technical           Administrative Officer

Tribal Legacy Project
I invite you to come along the trail in two different ways... One is the view from the keel boat
as it goes up the river as it did 200 years ago. But I also ask you to step off that keelboat and
be in the villages of the American Indian Tribes that Lewis and Clark encountered. We are
in danger, I believe, of losing some of those cultures….Let’s get together with the spirits of
Lewis and Clark, and don’t forget Sacagawea, York the slave and the others. I challenge
you to come along with us as we travel this not let this vision die once we reach the
end of the Bicentennial in 2006.       - Gerard Baker, 2003
With these words the Lewis and Clark              The intent of this project is to develop
National Historic Trail’s Corps of                educational resources to help teachers
Discovery II; 200 Years to the Future             integrate Native American culture and
set out to commemorate the 200th                  history across their curriculum. This
anniversary of the historic Lewis and             resource will serve both elementary
Clark Expedition. Through Corps II                and secondary grades as well as                  The unique and extensive video
and its “Tent of Many Voices” more                educational programs in state and                interviews and presentations captured
than 400 individuals, representing                national parks, museums and cultural             will serve as the framework from
approximately 50 Tribes whose                     centers.                                         which this legacy will be sustained.
homelands were once along the path                                                                 Drawing upon these and other
now known as the Lewis and Clark                  While the Lewis and Clark                        important primary resources, a
National Historic Trail, were captured            commemoration opened the door                    web based digital collection will be
on video to be shared with future                 to this project, the themes will not             accessible for individual or classroom
generations.                                      be bound by the subject of Lewis                 use, along with supplements to guide
                                                  and Clark. The project will provide              effective application.
The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial                  a unique opportunity for American
Tribal Legacy Project is part of the              Indians to educate others about                  Look for further updates in future
National Park Service’s effort to                  American Indians, and promote                    issues of this newsletter.
build on the themes and goals of                  respect for Native cultures and
the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial                  languages, the environment, and the              Dick Basch,
commemoration with a focus on                     future.                                          American Indian Liason
Native people along this historic trail.
Integrated Resources Stewardship
Technical Team
          Dan Wiley, Chief - Integrated Resources Stewardship
          Coordination of resource-based programs and projects

          What a thrill to be able to positively impact the amazing array of natural, cultural and recreational
          resources that comprise the Trail. I believe in networks and partnerships based on common missions.
          I have been an environmental advocate since childhood and my adult life has been devoted to the
          understanding, conservation and enjoyment of natural ecosystems.

          Denise Nelson, Environmental Protection Specialist
          Resource protection, NEPA & NHPA compliance; Planning, Environment & Public Site (PEPC)
          My fascination with both the science and beauty of the natural world led me to a career in
          environmental compliance. I joined the Trail just last year and am thrilled to be involved the National
          Park Service’s mission to protect not just the natural world, but also our cultural heritage. The Trail
          offers a unique opportunity to reach out across cultures, ecosystems, and jurisdictional lines to find
          out (and be constantly reminded of) just how interconnected we all are.

          Neal Bedlan, Recreational Resource Specialist
          Recreation opportunities and access, development of water trails, safety

          I am a firm believer that we all become better stewards of our natural resources from the hands-on
          experiences we have with them.


          Suzanne Gucciardo, PhD, Natural Resources Specialist
          Plant and animal communities; rare, threatened and endangered species; natural viewsheds

          I collaborate with other Integrated Resources Stewardship staff on environmental review of activities
          which may potentially affect Trail resources including representing NPS and Trail interests in natural
          resource issues.


          Ryan Cooper, Geographer/Global Information Systems Specialist
          Human land use, mapping, landscape modeling, project and compliance GIS support

          Lewis and Clark made unparalleled contributions to geographic knowledge during the expedition of
          the Corps of Discovery. I believe using the wealth of information they collected and the maps they
          produced in conjunction with modern geospatial technologies, there are many discoveries yet to be


          Andrew Veech, PhD, Cultural Resources Specialist
          Archeology, cultural resources protection and preservation, National Historic Landmarks
          The Lewis and Clark Trail traverses the heart of Native North America. An incredible array of diverse
          Native American societies inhabited the trans-Mississippi American West at the time of the Corps of
          Discovery Expedition, and those societies remain alive and vibrant today. As the Trail’s archeologist
          and anthropologist, I am committed to collaborating with Native American tribes, assisting them in
          the rediscovery and preservation of their own unique cultural histories.

Interpretation, Education, and
Volunteer Technical Team
                                 Carol McBryant, Chief - Interpretation, Education, and Volunteer Services
                                 Management, partnerships, planning, and visitor services coordination

                                 The lessons of our nation are embedded in our history and in our ability to care for the environment. It
                                 is our job to highlight the many perspectives of the Lewis and Clark story so we may all move forward
                                 in unity with a true understanding of our nation’s history and how it impacts who we are as a people.


                                 Karla Sigala, Interpretive Specialist
                                 Interpretive media, design, writing, training

                                 The beauty of the National Park Service is that there is a little something for everyone. America’s
                                 heritage is deeply rooted in the landscapes and the people that the Expedition encountered. We can
                                 all relate to the perseverance, strength, hardships and sense of wonder that the Corps of Discovery
                                 experienced. It is up to all of us to find that something special that we can relate to and pass it on.


                                 Jill Hamilton-Anderson, Education Specialist
                                 Education programming; curricula review, alignment and assessment, teacher training/workshop coordination

                                 Learning the way we learn has always been a fascination for me and that fascination led me into the
                                 education field. I have taught in the outdoor classroom, teaching outdoor skills and team building,
                                 I have taught classroom science, social studies, and math; and I have taught in parks. I really have
                                 been spoiled.


                                 Nichole McHenry, Volunteer Program Manager
                                 Volunteer recruitment, management, and training

                                 I get energy and satisfaction from working with volunteers. I value the skills, enthusiasm, real-life
                                 experiences, and the individual contributions they bring to the NPS. I look forward to getting out
                                 along the trail to meet the volunteers who share the stories of the journey of Lewis and Clark and
                                 keep their stories alive and flowing—like the waters traveled so long ago.


American Indian Liaison
                                 Dick Basch, American Indian Liaison
                                 Tribal Relations, Tribal Resources & Contacts, Cultural Diversity
                                 Over the last six years, I have said to many friends, family, coworkers and partners of the Lewis and Clark
                                 National Historic Trail that, “I am very lucky.” There aren’t many things better than bringing neighbors
                                 together to learn about each other and appreciate each other. During the Bicentennial I worked closely with
                                 Corps II, which resulted in more than 400 individual tribal members coming to the Tent of Many Voices to
                                 share their history, culture and dreams for the future. It is rewarding for all of us to get to know each other
                                 as individuals, with very similar dreams.

The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.
Administration/Challenge Cost Share
          Lee Smith, Administrative Officer
          Challenge Cost Share, Finance, Contracting & Agreements

          We build greatness through partnerships. The Golden Gate Bridge was not built in a single day,
          nor by a single person, but rather by the cooperative efforts of many people over time that
          brought vision to fruition.


          Ronni Whitmer, Trail Secretary
          I am fascinated by the mission we work toward as we administer this legendary historic trail. My work is
          behind the scenes as I support trail management. Yet, I am always delighted and find new energy when I
          speak to trail partners...the backbone of the trail’s existence. In fact, as you look at the clock in your office,
          know that you can usually reach me late in the day. Call me with questions or a with your need to reach
          any other staff member. I’d love to hear from you.

          Dennis Burmeister, Administrative Technician
          I am excited about my new position. Having transferred from the Department of Defense, I see many
          similarities. Our staff is dedicated to the preservation of our heritage. As our military defends this country,
          the Lewis and Clark Trail personnel are also defenders of American history. I am proud to have been given
          the opportunity to serve alongside those who are working hard to ensure our country’s heritage remains
          intact, especially for those wanting to see, feel, and experience the beauty of America, a country we live in
          and fight for every day.

Headquarters Visitor Center
          Lisa Griebel, Park Ranger
          Visitor Center lead, brochures, bookstore management, interpretive programming

          I enjoy my career with the National Park Service. Being a Park Ranger allows me to share the stories
          of America. At Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, I get to share the stories of the Expedition. It is
          rewarding to help others learn about our past and to protect our future.


          Rachel Brockway, Park Guide (STEP)
          Visitor Center, interpretive programs, information requests

          Raising three kids, attending college full time, and working here has been an exhausting but fun journey!
          I truly do enjoy working with visitors who are interested in the Lewis & Clark story.


          Nicholas Murray, Park Ranger (SCEP)
          Visitor Center, interpretive programs, information requests, bookstore

          I am a Master of Business Administration student at the University of Phoenix. Upon graduation I hope
          to continue working with The National Park Service and help maintain the very places that make all our
          nation’s people proud to be a part of “America the Beautiful.”


        National Park Service
        U.S. Department of the Interior

        Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
        601 Riverfront Drive
        Omaha NE 68102


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                       Newsletter will gradually transition to electronic format and
                       be delivered by email and our webpage.

                       To continue receiving future issues of the Lewis and                 Send to:

                       Clark National Historic Trail Newsletter, please update         Lewis and Clark NHT
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