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									Glacier Bay
                  National Park Service
                  U.S. Department of the Interior

                  Glacier Bay National Park
                  And Preserve

       Junior Ranger
       Activity Book

Are you ready for your Junior Ranger adventure to begin? On the bottom left corner on each activity page of this
Junior Ranger book you will find a box with a sea star in it. For extra bonus points complete at least 10 of these
tasks, using this space.

                                                Once you have completed 10 Star Tasks, send a note to: Junior
                                                Ranger Stars, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, P.O. Box
               Here’s where you will
                                                140, Gustavus, AK 99826. We will send you a cool Glacier Bay
               find your Star Tasks.
                                                postcard.                                                           1
              How to Become a Junior Ranger
                                             So you want to become a Glacier Bay Junior Ranger? To
                                             earn your badge, please complete A, B, and C below. When
       e to             Glacier              you are finished, take this book to the Visitor Center on the
 Welcom Park and
                                             second floor of the Glacier Bay Lodge and a ranger will issue
 Bay Na                f over                you your official Junior Ranger badge. Good luck and have
           e , one o            -
 Preserv al places man                       fun exploring Glacier Bay.
  391 spe he National
  aged b ice. These                          A. Booklet
   Park Se          rotecte
                             d               If you are 4-6 years old, complete at least 5 activity pages in
   place  s are p n enjoy                    this book (check out activities like Our National Treasure,
              you ca
    so that          ore abo
                               ut            Bingo, Life Returns to the Land, Bergy Bits, Are You My
    and l  earn m ountry of                  Mother). If you are 7-9 years old, complete at least 8 activity
               azing c            or
     this am oming a Juni                    pages in this book. If you are 10-12 years old, complete at
               ec                 n-
     ours. B              cial ho            least 11 activity pages in this book.
                is a spe
      Ranger d has some                              Number of activities completed: __________
      or and                that go
                si bilities
       respon                                B. Ranger-led Activity
       with it                               Attend a Ranger-led activity such as a walk, talk, boat tour,
                                             movie, demonstration or evening program.
                                                    Title of program: _______________________
                                                    Ranger’s name: _________________________

                                             C. Service Project
                                             Complete one of the projects listed and then have your
                                             parents or another adult sign when it’s finished.
                                             1. Pick up 5 pieces of trash (check the dock area, the lodge,
                                                 the trails)
                                             2. Give a brief ranger program to a family member
                                             3. Collect any recyclables that your family may have used
                                                 during your stay and dispose of them properly in the
                                                 recycle bins near the dock
                                             4. Re-use something you have already used in a different
                                                 way (for example: reuse your plastic soda bottle as a
                                                 water container)
                                             5. Create an original Glacier Bay service project idea of your
                                                 Your service project ________________________
                                                 Adult’s signature: __________________________

Always remember to put safety first in whatever you do, and respect the places and people you encounter on
                                      your Glacier Bay exploration.
                           Our National Treasures
                                            Here is the National Park Service
                    f Libert                arrowhead symbol. Each item in the
The S   tatue o at                          arrowhead represents a feature protected
the Bat              the Lib
                               erty         within National Park sites. The sequoia
 Getty    sburg,           anyon,           tree represents all plants; the bison
             e Grand C
 Bell, th        ne’s Old ome
                                            represents all animals; the mountain
 Ye  llowsto          se are s res          represents all land forms; the lake
  Faith   ful. The                u
                         g treas            represents all waters; and the arrowhead
  of the     amazin ks                      outline represents culture and history.
               ional p
   our nat he arrowhead
   protect                of the
              symbol                 It
    is the                   ervice.        If you were going to design your own badge or patch just for
                 l Park S formed
     Nationa                    i
                     y all un ce            Glacier Bay National Park, what would it look like? Use the
         worn b                   i
     is                 rk Serv             blank badge below to design yours.
      Nati   onal Pa d stands
                  ees an
      employ portance of
                   im                  as
      for the                 cial are
                   ing spe
       protect              ay. Eve
        like G   lacier B the more
                     nger in
         Park Ra              s of the
         than 3    91 unit          ice
                           rk Serv
          Nat  ional Pa badge.
                      ars a
          also we                   anger
                       t a Park R d
           Seek ou ur visit an
           during              look at
            take    a close             d
                              adge an
            his   or her b tch.
                        ead pa

             1. Can you think of an area
             near your home that you’d
             like to nominate to become a
             national park?                                                                           3
                                Ranger Report
                                       Would you like to be a National Park
                                       Ranger sometime? Where would you
                 nal Park
What  do Natio o? They                 like to work and what type of work
          really d
Rangers rk stories,                    would you like to do?
tell the             ,
           research , and
conduct                s               If you could ask a Glacier Bay
             building the
 m aintain          and
                                       National Park Ranger a question about
 protect             ers also
                                       the place they work in, what would it be?
 resourc  es. Rang ny
  can help you might                   In the space below, record your question and then seek out
  questio          lacier Ba
                              y        a Park Ranger (look for that gray and green uniform with
   have  about G          n            the arrowhead patch.) Ask your question and then record the
                 rk. Whe
   Nat ional Pa      park, lo
                               ok      Ranger’s answer below.
   you ar  e in the         g
                 r wearin
    for a range           n
                nd gree
    th e gray a             pecial
               w ith the s
     uniform           ch.
     arrowh   ead pat

                                          Your Question:

                                          Park Ranger’s Answer:

          2. Which national park is
          closest to your home? What
          is special about it?
                                       Hidden Stories

                                                 If you were going to design your
                     ronoun                      own totem pole that represented
         ngit (p
The Tli people have                              your life, what animals or objects
klink-it                 his are
           v ing in t years.                     would you use to tell the story?
 been li ands of                                 Do a simple sketch of your totem
 for th   ous              e they
            h out tim ing and                    pole below.
  Throug n observ
  have b             e to ma
   usin  g natur s are objects
   things.                   tell the
                a ls that
    or anim these native
    stories             lacier B
     peop    le of G         Alaska
                u theast                nd
     and So of the lives a
                 ll                      d
      They te of families an
      historie otem poles
                 s. T                    w
       village                  es, sho
                    from tre            ed
       carved                 s stack
        severa     l totem e other
                     top of
        one on tionally stood
                     di             fronts.
         and tra          village
                      he                  nd
         along t                posts a ms
                       house             ote
          Carved                ining t
                     s conta               ior
          screen                  e inter
                       a rt of th an
           were p           f the cl
            of  many o lacier Bay.
                         of G

              3. How are your family stories
              passed on? Share a family
              story with a new friend you’ve
                                The First People
                                         Hunted for centuries by the Tlingit people, the harbor seal is
                                         used in many different ways. All parts of the seal can be used.
             a glaci                     How do you think a person might use the following seal parts?
I magine u to leave                      Write your ideas in the blanks below, (See a ranger if you’re
 forcing e. This is                      not sure).
           om                   d
  your h               appene
             what h
  exactly ngit people                    Seal fur/hide:
   to the            Glacier
   who    lived in ies. The
               centur             ed
    Bay for g glacier forc
    advanc eave their                    Seal bones:
              ol                   s
     them t               e acros
                n d cano
     home a to Hoonah,
      Icy Stra ey now live.
                th                  ge
       where               le Ice A
                 t he Litt               Seal fat:
       Before            go, the ed
       3,500    years a      epend
                  p eople d
        Tlingit          eals,
            sal  mon, s          s of
        on             d plant
         berr ies, an                    Seal stomach:

                                         Seal meat:

              4. List five ways you
              might use a tree.
                       Charting Your Course
                                     One fun way to see Glacier Bay is by traveling on the
                      Captai         water. If you get this opportunity, use the map on the next
         uir  did it.      you       page to chart your course through Glacier Bay. Using the
John M er did it and
         v                ke         map, complete the anchor assignments below.
Vancou too! Just li rs
          it          om ye
 can do       rers fr
         plo                n
 the ex             ravel o
         o u can t This is
  ago, y           ys.
  th ew  aterwa y to see                         Draw your boat’s route.
           iting w
   an exc ay National
           rB          lorers
   Glacie       se exp rient
    Park. T         s to o
        ate  d map this new                     Circle the name of the glaciers you visited.
               lves to ap so
     t hemse       is a m
     lan d. Here nt yourself
              n orie
      you ca journey.                           Record at least 5 animals you have seen on
       on you                                   your boat voyage on the map at the location
                                                where you saw them.

                                               Put a star next to an interesting spot that you’d
                                               like to come back and explore more some day.

        5. Draw a map of the area
        around your home and mark
        at least 3 locations where
        you might see animals.
Glacier Bay Map

     Birds of a Feather Nest Here Together
                                      There is no better place to watch the antics of some of Gla-
                            s         cier Bay’s birds than at the Marble Islands. How can you tell
                    of bird
       ev  ariety      d Gla-
                                      one bird from another? Find a bird field guide onboard your
A wid            aroun s              boat or attend a Ranger-led Bird Talk to help you identify
feed in s rich water                  which birds you may see at South Marble Island. What were
 cier Ba he summer                    the birds doing? Were they on the water, in the air, or on the
          t                ance
 during This abund                    island?
          s.                to
  month due in part rs
          is               ou
  of life           light h           Put a check next to the birds you saw.
          ng day e cold rich
   the lo
            mer, th           l
   of sum f the glacia
           s  o                 nts
    water nd the curre e
            ,a                   th
    fjords s which mix
             d e
     and ti            ts.
     o cean n

 Glaucous-winged Gull

 Pigeon Guillemot

 Marbled Murrelet
                                              Pelagic Cormorant
 Kittlitz’s Murrelet
                                              Black Oystercatcher
 Black-legged Kittiwake
                                              Harlequin Duck

                                              Horned Puffin

                                              Bald Eagle
                                                                                Mew Gull

                                                                                Common Murre



                                                                                Tufted Puffin
           6. Can you think of any
           other place where large                                              Other____________
           groups of animals come
           together?                                                                             9
   Mark the box containing anything you’ve seen in Glacier Bay. Can you get a Bingo?

Seaweed              Black Bear        Humpback Whale   Marbled Murrelet    Spruce Tree

  Halibut             Mosquito           Tufted Puffin     Bald Eagle            Orca

     Wolf         Great Blue Heron        Park Ranger     Alder Tree          Moose

Blueberries         Steller Sea lion      Crab           Brown Bear           Kittiwake

  Iceberg         Pigeon Guillemot      Mtn. Goat         Harbor Seal      The Fairweathers

      7. Write a postcard to
      someone telling them
      about your coolest animal
      observations.                                                                           10
                                      Rivers of Ice
                , they’r
They  ’re blue ’re
         nd they
slow, a se are the
 cold! T r glaciers of
 tidewa             ational
  Glacie  r Bay N is
           his par
  Park. T
              for the
  famous hat flow into
   glacier       . Be sur
   th e ocean IDE when
    to GO O arrives
    your bo mazing
     at thes        ce”. Th
     “riv  ers of i laciers
                ular g
      spectac well be the
                ry                       Glaciers are constantly changing. They never look the same
      may ve             our day
                ht of y                  from one day to another. While your boat is in front of a
       highlig              gh
                  g throu                glacier, see if you can find some of the glacial features listed
       travelin y. The faces
                  Ba                     below. Circle the ones you find.
        Glacier         ciers ar
        of th  ese gla      nging.
                   tly cha
        constan en! Feel!                Glacial Erratic: a large boulder carried by the glacier,
         Look! L your senses             then left behind as the glacier retreats.
         Use all ence these
          to expe                        Serac: sharp, pointy, jagged tower of ice on a glacier.
                                         Moraine: a jumbled pile of rocks and soil carried along by
                                         the glacier; a ribbon of debris.

                                         Calving: the process of ice breaking from the face of a

                                         Nunatak: a rock or mountain that is surrounded by a

                                         Crevasse: an open crack in a glacier.

                                         Cirque: a steep-sided cir

           8. Did glaciers ever
           cover the land near your
           home? How do you
           know this?                                                                                11
                                          Bergy Bits

            cows a
W hat do ve in
        rs ha
glacie             ey
         on? Th
comm ebergs are
 calve!            na
          d whe
 forme ice falls or
            f                r
  piece o om a glacie
            f r
  calves water. The
   into t  he             ve
                   ple ha
    Tlin git peo me for
             ial na
    a spec ng of an                         People often see different shapes in icebergs like swans,
     the ca they call it                    bears, or even tents. While you are at the glaciers, look at
     iceber           nder.”                some nearby icebergs, use your imagination, and draw what
      “Wh   ite Thu e in all                you see.
                gs com
      Iceber t shapes,
       differe d colors and
       sizes,          nstant s
        they    are co         bit
        cha   nging.     about
         are ice of a two-
                   e                 s
         the siz bin. Growler
                   ca             are
          room           s that
           are i  ceberg .
           even s

            9. Does everyone you are
            traveling with see the same
            things in icebergs that you
            do?                                                                                      12
                      Life Returns to the Land
                                        Have you seen lupines on your walks in Glacier Bay? They
                   eve tha              are beautiful flowering plants that are members of the pea
Can y   ou beli         200             family. Lupines have a special relationship with bacteria in
               e over
jus t a littl           at              their roots which allows them to convert nitrogen from the
             o, a gre
 y ears ag ed Glacier                   air and turn it into fertilizer for the next group of plants to
 glacier as 100 miles                   use.
  Bay? It iles wide
  long, 5 e high in                     Color the lupine flowers blue or purple. Sometimes their
   and a m hen that                     tips are even pinkish in color. Color their hairy leaves a
   places.              to melt         silver green.
    glacier                ed
    b ack, it u und below.
     barren                 life
     B ut even         the lan
      retu  rned to eds were
                  and se
      Spores             the win
       blow   n in on lants
                    first p
       and the grow. They
        began          de way
        in t urn ma group
         for the           come in
         of p   lants to s called
                     cess i
          This pro ession. And
          plant s       ks to p
           no w than here’s a
                     ion t
           success ety of plant
            wide v                r
                        ities fo
            c ommun call home.
                      s to

           10. Draw a picture of a
           plant near your home.
                          Things You Otter Know
                                       Read the clues below to learn about marine mammals that
                          s…           call Glacier Bay National Park home.
                 s, otter
Whal   es, seal         he
              me of t
oh  my! So          le anim
most     incredib e in the
            orld liv
 in the w Glacier Bay
  waters          rk. Mar
  Nati  onal Pa warm-
             ls are
  mamma ir-breathing
   blooded st like us,
   animals ave different               Marine Mammals are animals that call the __ __ __
    but the ns (something              their home.
    adaptat                to
                 s them
        at help               heir
     th              ey get t          Many harbor seals in Glacier Bay climb out on __ __ __
     surv  ive). Th      ocean,
               om the                  __ __ __ __ __ to have their babies.
      food fr           bies in
      have   their ba even
                an, and                A sea otter will often wrap a piece of __ __ __ __
       the oce               the
                   icate in            around its body when it wants to take a nap.
       c ommun
        ocean.                         To keep them warm in their cold ocean homes; whales,
                                       seals and sea lions have a thick layer of
                                       __ __ __ __ __ __ __ .

                                       A __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ has the densest fur of
                                       any animal in the world.
       Use these words:
                                       Researchers take a photograph of a humpback whale’s
       icebergs       tail             __ __ __ __ to identify it.
       orca           blubber
       kelp           sea              The black and white __ __ __ __ is the largest dolphin.
       breaching      fish              They often hunt for their food in groups.
       sea otter
       sea lions                       __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ are very vocal animals. You
                                       can hear their bark-like call from a long distance away.

                                       Many whales jump high above the water. This is called
                                        __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ .

                                       A favorite food of seals and sea lions is __ __ __ __.

           11. What is your favorite
           marine mammal? Why?
                                        Field Notes
                                           Use this space below to record some of the special things
                           l               you’ve seen during your visit to Glacier Bay. Record all
Glac ier Bay            end                plants, animals, glaciers, points of interest. What did you
               tists sp
Pa rk scien ving                           see? What did you hear? What was the area like? What
hours o recording                          was the weather like? Were there any animals? What
 and the            e. Thes
                              e            were they doing? What plants were around you?
 what     they se
             hers of
  researc            oks wit
  carry    notebo          ings
                  cord th
   the  m to re       e in the
   while     they ar            m
                     elps the
    field   . This h          act
                  r the ex
    re membe hat they
                of w
    details        so that
     ob  served                is
     v ital info n learn much                       Date
                e ca
      lost. W                  by
                    r world
       a bout ou nature. So
       observi            kout...y
                                                    Weather Conditions:
        be on    the loo          ou
                         what y
        neve   r know
         might s



                                                    Points of Interest:

          12. Is there a place near your
          home where you could sit and
          observe nature? Describe the
          place and what you might see
          there.                                                                                    15
                                 Research Search

                                              Use the word search below to identify what type of
                it was
It w as cold,                                 things are being studied at Glacier Bay National Park.
             d it was
   hite, an                ed
w                . Ice fill
 eve  rywhere d covered
            eys an
 the vall          mounta
                             ins                  K      C    A    B     P     M     U     H
  mos   t of the
             today in al
  you see              ion
             Bay Nat
   Glacier                  gine                  H      S    T    R     E     A     M     N
                you ima
   Pa rk. Can             es
                100 mil
      glacier                 om
   a                ching fr
    lon  g – stret          ait?
                o Icy Str as                      A      L    R    A     A     O     O     B
    C anada t              rw
                e glacie s
     This hug                r
                   250 yea
     he  re only           cier
                 this gla
      ago! As             this lan
                                   d              L      L    R    S     T     M     A     E
      melted   , it left             t
                           osed. Bu
       naked   and exp d this
       people              place to               I      U    A    E     L     R     A     A
       was a    perfect          rns.
                        ife retu
        stud  y how l           e
                      y, peopl
         Ev en toda        the wor
         from   all over                          B      G    L    A     C     I     E     R
                    lacier B
          study G            and its
          Natio  nal Park
                     ment.                        U      E    S    R     A     E     B     I

                                                  T      S    E    A     L     I     O     N

                                                                 Use these words:
                                                      Crab Salmon Glacier Bear Humpback
                                                       Sea Stream Gulls Halibut Sea lion

           13. If you could do any kind of
           research in Glacier Bay National
           Park, what would you study and
           why? Tell someone about your
           idea.                                                                                 16
                        Treasure Hunting
                                          It’s time for some exercise. Head out on a
                         e                trail to see what treasures you can find.
                ers cam
 Early   explor      d in
                                          But instead of bringing your treasures
             eat lan
 to  this gr easures,                     back, draw a picture or write a
           of tr                          few descriptive words about your
  search              worth
           o f great                      finds in the space below. Happy
  things           y came
   or val ue. The urs                     Hunting!!
            g gold
   seekin       orthwe
    an d the n me even
             e. So
    passag earch of
     came i        Treasu
     adve   nture.    re
              in natu s
      a re like should                                    Something younger than you
       gifts th ted and
       be resp .
                                                                                    Something soft

              Evidence that an animal was here.

                                                   Something that does not belong

Something sharp

                                                                        Something older than you

                   Something that smells good

          14. Describe 2 other
          treasures you have found       In your explorations, please remember to follow park rules, stay on
          so far during your visit to    the trails and leave behind the treasures you found for other people
          Alaska.                        to enjoy.                                                       17
                           The Sounds of Nature

                                           Find a quiet, comfortable place
                             ith           outside to sit and listen. This
                   filled w t
Our w    orld is        ds,mos             spot should be off by yourself,
           o f all kin ated
noises               ener                  where you are not tempted to
  f the   m are g            n             talk to anyone else. Sit back,
o                  t is ofte
 by p   eople. I         find               relax, and just listen to the
                cult to
 ve  ry diffi        : a spot
                                           sounds around you for 5-10
  a qu   iet spot             r            minutes. What do you hear?
                    can hea
  wh    ere you tling the
               d rus
   the win the trees; a
   leaves                  can
                ere you
    s pot wh                s going        Use the space below to draw a sound map. Pretend you
               o  the bug ss of
    listen t              sine
                                           are the X in the middle of this page. Without using letters
     ab  out   their bu ers; a             or words, record a picture of all the sounds you hear
                ting flo            ear
      pollina              u can h
                                           around you. Did your spot have more natural or man-made
      spot w     here yo back              sounds?
                  s callin           r.
       t he bird            ch othe
                  th to ea k out
       and for ple see
        Many p         arks to
         nat ional p        natural
         a spot    where


           15. How does what you heard
           here compare to where you
           live? List 5 things you would
           hear near your home.                                                                    18
                          Are You My Mother?
                                        Have you seen any baby animals
                                        during your visit to Glacier Bay?
           rtime in                     Did you know that not all babies
Summe               f great
Bay is    a time o ong                  look like their mamas when
            nce. The ovide              they are born? In fact some
 abunda               pr
             t hours                    young animals don’t even re-
 day-ligh ood supply                    semble their parents until they
  for a ric      creature
                                        become adults. Often baby
  fo  r all the d or in the
              n lan                     animals even have different names than their
   living o       mertim
                          e is
                                        parents. But that doesn’t make them any less special.
   wa   ter. Sum      babies.
    also a   time of        res
                   y creatu
         ny, man
                                        Draw a line to connect each of the Glacier Bay baby animals
    Ma                 stances
     travel   great di ships            to it’s parent.
                ure hard ave
     and end        y may h
      so  that the n this
                 ung i
      their yo
                                        1. Calf
       area.                                                            a. Harbor Seal

                                        2. Eaglet                       b. Canada Goose

                                        3. Kid                          c. Short-tailed Weasel

                                        4. Chick                        d. Mountain Goat

                                        5. Larva                        f. Tufted Puffin

                                        6. Cub                          g. Coho Salmon

                                        7. Tadpole                      h. Bald Eagle

                                        8. Pup                          i. King Crab

                                        9. Gosling                      j. Boreal Toad

                                        10. Fry                         k. Killer Whale or Orca

                                        11. Kit                         l. Brown Bear

           16. Can you think of other
           baby animals that have a
           different name than their
           parent?                                                                                19
                            Riddler Roundup
                                  I am an endangered marine mammal.
                     riddles      Although large in size, my favorite food is small.
         i s full of
Nature            are all         I have no teeth, but filter the creatures I eat.
   d th e clues           s       People like to see me spout, dive, and breach.
an               the clue e
arou  nd. Put      lve thes
         er to so es.             Who am I?    ________                   _____
 togeth              dl
            Bay rid
 Glacier                          I am a Native Alaskan.
                                  My ancestors have lived in Southeast Alaska for thousands
                                  of years.
                                  At special potlatch gatherings, we exchange gifts and stories.
                                  My people left Glacier Bay when the ice advanced.
                                  Who am I? _   ______
                                  I am a national park of 3.3 million acres.
                                  Over 7 tidewater glaciers are within my boundaries.
                                  Research tells the story of how life returns to my land.
                                  I am treasured for my wild areas.
                                  Who am I? _   ______ ___
                                  I can have black, cinnamon, or blue-gray fur.
                                  I love to eat blueberries.
                                  I have curved claws, which are great for tree climbing.
                                  I have a flat back. I do not have a hump near my shoulder
                                  Who am I?    _____ ____
                                  I calve off from the face of tidewater glaciers.
                                  I float on the surface of the water,
                                  but you will only see about 10-30% of me on the surface.
                                  Harbor seals escape predators by hauling out of the water
                                  and resting on top of me.
                                  Who am I? _   ______
                                  I begin and end my life in a river,
                                  but I spend the majority of my time in the ocean.
                                  I eat small fish and bugs.
                                  Some of my nicknames include: humpy, red, silver, king, and
         17. Make up your own
         Alaskan animal riddle.
                                  Who am I?   ______
                          Once Upon a Time
                                      Have you ever heard the story
                                      of Stickeen? One hundred
                        a             years ago, a spunky little dog
              e been
Stor ies hav       forma-
                                      named Stickeen, joined the
          pass in
way to            one gen
                             -        famous naturalist John Muir
 tion  on from ther                   as he explored Glacier Bay’s
           to ano
 eration beginning of                 Brady Glacier. Ask a ranger at
  since th thousands                  the Visitor Center desk or on
  time. F            it adult
                               s      the boat to the glacier to borrow a copy of
   of yea rs, Tling ries              this book to read.
            ared st
   have sh               en.
               r childr
    w ith thei s however
    Their st        e from
                                       If you were going to write an amazing story about an animal
    did  not com re told               in Glacier Bay, what animal would you choose and what
              ut we
     books b Some stories              would happen to it? Either draw a picture or write a few sen-
     out lou m real experi-            tences or the first paragraph to your story.
      come f                n come
                o me eve
      ences, s ms. Stories
       from d rea                nd
       can h elp us u ve in.
                rld we
        the wo

         18. What was the most ex-
         citing adventure you have
         ever had? Share that story
         with someone.                                                                         21
                               Searching for Clues
                                              Use the secret code below to learn more about an early
              en you g -                      Glacier Bay explorer who came searching for geologic
  O ften wh        r an an                    knowledge.
  sear  ching fo tion or
             a ques
  swer to            a prob-
   a sol  ution to                            The world knew very little about Glacier Bay until
                   d some-
   lem   , you fin        ’t
                                              1879 when naturalist _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10-15-8-14-
              u weren
      hing yo                d                13-21-9-18), with four _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (20-12-9-14-
    t              ting. An
    eve   n expec           ew
                 s, this n                    7-9-20) guides and a Presbyterian missionary came to
     so metime         ven bet
      disco very is e ou                      Glacier Bay in a dug-out _ _ _ _ _ (3-1-14-15-5).
                what y
      ter than               ok-              John Muir was hoping to learn more about the
                  inally lo
      w  ere orig                              _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7-12-1- 3 -9- 5- 18 -19) of this
       ing for!                               area. Navigating with Captain Vancouver’s _ _ _
                                              (13-1-16), Muir discovered the _ _ _ (9-3-5) front
                                              had moved _ _ _ _ (2-1-3-11) forty miles from
                                              where Vancouver’s survey party saw it just 85 years
                                              before. Muir fell in _ _ _ _ (12-15-22-5) with
                                              Glacier Bay and came back several time to study this
                                              fascinating icy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (23-9-12-4-5-
                                              18-14-5-19-19). By sharing his stories of Alaska, soon
                                              the whole _ _ _ _ _ (23-15-18-12-4)knew about
                                              this amazing place. His biggest contribution however
                                              was that he wrote stories so that the whole world would
                                              learn about this amazing place called Glacier Bay,
                                              where life was returning to the land.

Secret Code

  A     B        C      D      E       F      G    H      I     J     K      L     M
  1     2        3      4      5       6      7    8      9     10    11     12    13

  N     O        P      Q      R       S      T    U      V     W     X      Y     Z
  14    15       16     17     18      19     20   21     22    23    24     25    26

              19. What sorts of treasures
              have you discovered near your
              home that were really cool?
                  There’s No Place Like Home

                  ou shar
Who e   lse do y ?
          me with
your ho y is home to
Glacier         y of pla
 a wi de arra            live
               ls who
 an  d anima       f differe
  in a v ariety o itat is an
           s. A hab
  habitat           e—a pla
   anima  l’s hom          l can
                t anima
   wh  ere tha        lter and
    find fo  od, she            o
                    e able t            Below is a list of Glacier Bay habitats and some animals
    wat  er and b rom its               that live in these habitats. See if you can match the animal
              itself f
    defend                              with its habitat. Some animals may be seen in more than
     enemie                             one habitat.

                  Ice Worm, Puffin, Sea Star, Moose, Minke Whale, Clam,
                  Porcupine, Sandpiper, Salmon, Black Bear

  Spruce-Hemlock Forest :_____________________________________________________

  Rocky Shoreline: ____________________________________________________________

  Wet Meadow: ______________________________________________________________

  Open Ocean: _______________________________________________________________

  Glaciers: ___________________________________________________________________

  Mud Flats: _________________________________________________________________

          20. Name a habitat near
          your home and 2 animals
          that live in it.
                              Wilderness Stroll and Poll

                             the da
              por    ter for eople
      Be a re out why p
               d                   rld
      and fin over the wo to
               ll                   s
       from a eat distance nal
               gr                  io
       travel cier Bay Nat lar
                l a                 cu
        visit G t the specta e
                si                   nc
        Park. I the abunda
                  y ,                 ce to
         scener fe, the chan
                    li                ier?
         of wild ewater glac
          see a t ey possibly o
                     th                  t
          Or are               ier Bay s?            Wild places are disappearing from this planet. Introduce
                      t o Glac           es
           drawn ce it’s wildn                       yourself to two park visitors and find out what they
           experi                                    think about this wild and special place. Be sure to fill out
                                                     the following information:

Visitor #1

             Home Town:
             Why they came here:
             Favorite thing about Glacier Bay:
             One thing they hope never changes:

Visitor #2

             Home Town:
             Why they came here:
             Favorite thing about Glacier Bay:
             One thing they hope never changes:

                  21. Why do you think we
                  should continue to protect
                  places like Glacier Bay National          “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”
                  Park?                                                 Henry David Thoreau                   24
  You’ve Got the Whole World In Your Hands

                                                                            How long does it take your everyday
                       at over
           k now th t                                                       trash to rot away and turn back into
Did you eople visi
            p                                                               soil? Can you guess? Look at the
400,000 y each year?
           Ba                                                               chart below to see the length of time
Glacier                eople.
            lot of p le can
 That’s a of peop
                                                                            for those things you use most every
 And a l
                        pact on
            h uge im
  have a              erness
  a spec   ial wild r
              e Glaci
   park lik unately,                     Paper ...............................   2-6 months
   Bay. Fo ple who                       Orange Peel ....................        6 months
    most p           s park
                                         Milk Carton ....................        3 years
          e to thi                       Plastic Bag ......................      10-20 years
    com                onsible
    are ve   ry resp           r         Plastic Juice Container...              30-40 Years
                       of thei
     and   dispose erly. But             Aluminum Can ..............             90-100 Years
                e prop
     garbag              s peopl
                                 e       Styrofoam cup................           Over 100 years
      a few               ong the
                rash al or toss          As part of the requirements for this Jr. Ranger program you are
      leave t               ,
                  e trails               asked to do a service project for the park. What can you do to
       road, th r boats. It can          help protect Glacier Bay National Park by following the 3 Rs-
       it off th trash years             Reduce, Recycle and Reuse? Record your answer below.
                  is                se
        take th               compo
                    rs to de
        and yea ay.
         or rot a

             22. List 3 things that
             you can do at home to
             help the earth.
                          Until We Meet Again
                                    Congratulations. You’re almost done. Now’s the time to
            ou kno                  double check to make sure you’ve completed all the steps to be-
 B efore y cier Bay
           Gla                      come a Glacier Bay Junior Ranger (see page 2). Then take this
 it your be over and                book to the Visitor Center so a Park Ranger can award you with
  visit w be heading                your very own official Junior Ranger badge.
  you w               ome.
              your h ights
   back to all the s                There are over 385 other National Park units that have Junior
   Think o en, the                  Ranger programs. There’s even a national Jr. Ranger program.
              se             ed
    you’ve           e learn
    thing  s you’v people           See how many different badges you can collect.
              and th ld
     about        et. Ho
     yo u’ve m se memo-
               o the            k
      tight t do come bac
      ries an Glacier Bay
       and vi metime.

                The Junior Ranger Pledge

                           I am proud to be a Glacier Bay
                            National Park Junior Ranger.

     I promise to appreciate, respect, and protect, all national parks.

       I will continue learning about the landscape, plants, animals,
                          and history of Glacier Bay.

             I will share what I learn with my friends and family.

Junior Ranger Signature                                                        Date
      Experience Your America
  The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the
    American people so that all may experience our heritage.

        For more information about Glacier Bay National Park:

                    Glacier Bay National Park,
                            PO Box 140
                       Gustavus, AK 99826

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