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									International Business
Economist Intelligence Unit and
U.S. Department of Commerce
 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
• Part of the Economist Group
• World wide coverage
• Well researched, professionally presented
     Information provided by EIU
•   Economic information
•   Political issues
•   Maps of countries
•   Risk of doing business in countries
• Archive of country information going back
  several years
• Industry analysis
• Information on top MBA programs,
Searching EIU is
Keyword search or
  point and click
             To locate EIU
• At Queens Library homepage, click on
  “Access Research Databases by Name”
• Scroll down almost to the bottom of the
• On the right side, note category “In-Library
  Use Only”
• Click on any link with “EIU”
• Covers 201 countries
• Daily updates
              Risk Briefing
• Analysis of risk in 60 markets
• Daily updates
          Industry Briefing
• Five-year forecasts and news analysis for
  eight key industries
• Covers the 60 major economies that
  account for more than 95% of world output
  and trade.
• Daily updates
• On ViewsWire page, left side
           Country Report
• Covers 200 countries
• Covers politics, economic policy, domestic
  economy, sectoral trends, and foreign
  trade and payments for each country.
• 2-year forecasts
• Each country’s information updated
           Country Profile
• Covers 200 countries
• Covers each country's economic and
  political status and background
• Updated annually
         Country Commerce
• Covers 55 countries
• Covers the specific operating conditions,
  commercial laws and business regulations
  in each country.
• Updated annually for most countries; at
  least one (Ireland) with dated information.
         Which MBA online
• Covers information and advice on the
  world's best MBAs
• Rankings and descriptions of the world’s
  100 top MBA programs.
U.S. Department of Commerce
• USATradeOnline
• EuroTradeOnline

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