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XML, also known as Extensible Markup Language has become a linchpin for many
other Internet-based formatting languages. It is organized set of rules to describe any
kind of information to partake on Web. It’s extensible since it is a Meta language that
allows you to write a Document Type Definition (DTD) and describe the rules of the
language so that document receiver can get perception of the document. It lets you define
your own personalized markup languages for different types of documents.

XML is conventionalized subset of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language).
The goal behind XML designing is to provide ease, clarity, universality on the WWW.
Its design concentrates on documents & is widely used for representing arbitrary data
structures like web services. It provides a language markup like HTML & applies user
made tags. Microsoft has developed its entire chain of products, from OS to server
components keeping the perception of XML & XML popularity in mind.

Features of XML include:

      It uses tags, to differentiate document structures, and attributes.
      It defines, authenticates & partake document formats.
      It is a set of principles for encoding documents by electronic means.
      It is the cornerstone for several data formats, including HTML, WML, XHTML,
       and more.
      It allows the transfer of data between divergent programs, OS, and firms.
      A designer can design his own data format according to his own terms and needs.
      It is an easy method to converge news and updates.
XML documents are composed of:

      Content
      Markup is divided into:
          o Entity references
          o Comments
          o Processing instructions
          o Marked sections
          o Document type declaration
          o Elements

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