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					PINEAPPLE PLANTATION PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION (POA) Purpose: Scheduled Meeting May 15, 2007 -10:50 A.M. 500 NW Fetterbush Way In attendance: Milt Blankenship, Howard DaCosta, Craig Mancuso, and Frank Giacobbe Absent: Stu Klearman Approval of Minutes The May 1, 2007 meeting minutes were approved. Motion by Howard…Second by Craig…Motion Passed Comcast Cable Jean Teator, from Comcast, out on disability. Howard received an email from Sandra Wilson. (Copy attached. Comcast offer is a reduction of rate to $26.95 per month plus 12% tax. Howard wants to meet with her and her director to discuss possible perks. Suggested perks: • Community access channel (would still cost POA for set-up) • Rebate for those homes turned off due to non-payment of maintenance. This option scares Craig the most. • A reduction in Comcast bill for those homeowners with more then 1 box in house. This would be a direct saving to some homeowners but none to POA. • Three year contract…not five year. Craig…Comcast wiring in community has been paid off…they want to reap the benefits now…would not want to loose POA as a customer. Frank…Comcast should recognize that the competition is coming onboard and that is reason for us not to sign for 5 years but possibly less. Howard…Comcast owns the lines and could dig them up if we pull out. This would create havoc on community streets. Craig…Many homeowners probably want to make their own decision, especially with so much technology on the near horizon. We’ll be out of the cable business sooner or later. Frank…Feels very strongly that POA will not be responsible if Comcast shuts off individual homeowners cable because of non-payment of maintenance. Audit Howard received letters regarding audit…signature needed to authorize Jay Levine to turn over records to Gurstell and Rosen. Financial statement and results of audit requires 2 signatures (Howard and Advantage). 2006 Audit questions accuracy of Prime Management. Frank owes $4658. Past debt of $8,000 is cleared which benefits the POA. Question of actual turnover date…10/2006? 12/31/2006? 2/2007? Frank wants to review Draft before agreeing to sign off on audit and signs form to allow bank to release statements for audit. Turnover Agreement Frank will reply electronically to issues.

Irrigation Milt…gate valves that will not cause a surge can be installed. Lucky spoke with attorneys and going on homeowners property to change timers is trespassing. Frank…placement of gate valves will be costly. Homeowners should follow the rules. Craig…who set-up the rules? Howard…rough labor cost estimate $10,000-$12,000 per valve. Milt will get estimate for actual gate valve. Price will depend on whether it is for a 4”, 6” or larger line. Howard…The irrigation issue needs to be resolved prior to any sign off. Frank…community was built according to specs and approved by all appropriate agencies. Craig…we don’t have those specs and plans don’t show calculations according to number of homes. Howard…Individual clocks don’t all work. Frank…Any clock will fail over time but meet the warranties and is adequate to meet the demands of the community. Craig…Bottom Line – Whoever assumes all or part of IQ pressure problem…a fix is still needed and we need to address that. Howard…questioned whether you can cut a new valve in instead of retrofitting existing valve – won’t that cost less? Frank…stated that he will participate proportionately and that he has stated that consistently. Improvements/Concerns Pedestrian sidewalk lights being installed today. Area around Sunflower Lake is still brown. Area by lift station is brown. Who is doing weed and feed? Sacred Ground? Frank has day laborers we could use just to weed and feed front of Windemere to control cost. Need to check with Sacred Ground about seeding areas Treasurer Report Careful with flow of money. Lake Masters and True Green bills paid. Comcast, Aquagenix, Sacred Ground and Jay Levine still need to be paid. Foreclosures Association gets notification of foreclosures because we’re a lien holder. Howard suggested that foreclosures have cable turned off. We’ll hold off on that suggestion. Newsletter Going to printer…will be sent out with upcoming assessment notice. Additional Items Mary-Margaret Edick suggested we sell advertising for the newsletter. A real money making possibility. Adjournment With no other items to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 12:42. PM

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, May 12, 2007.