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					Relation bw pc and internet
Being one of the leading manufacturers and
sellers of computer
services , hardware and software , IBM had
made sure their main website
would look nice and sleek to its browsers .
Typing the www .ibm .com in the
address bar would then lead you to their default
website version that
uses the US English language format . Web
design was very nice as it
complies with the natural look of other business
web designs . What is
nice with their site is the big space they had
allotted for their flash
media component . Through their effective use
of graphics and animation
enhancement , I had been attracted to viewing
the articles their flash
media advertises . Through animation , the
media had been able to promote
three articles using the same space without
making the homepage look
cluttered . The first article promoted by their flash
animation gave me a
feeling that if I am a CIO of a company , their
offered service would be
very helpful for me so as I can meet perfectly my
business obligations .
The second was an article loaded with
information about the history of
microprocessors together with how did the IBM
Company contributed and
had lead to these technological advances . The
third article looks more
to me as an advertisement about their offered
computer hardware but
since I am not well aware enough with what they
had presented in that
article , I think the third one was less appealing .
Going back to their
homepage , below the flash media is a tabbed
panel where I had been given
a chance on how would I navigate to the
company 's website . The
company 's website , I think , had provided its
browsers the freedom to
choose on how it would navigate through the
whole site based on the
bulleted subtopics they had given in their bottom
tab panel .