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Nuno Teixeira really knows his way a round
computers, making him a natural choice to
design the iView iMac concept. The intriguing
iView is curved to complement the human eye
and features a second screen on the back –
presumably for those with eyes in back of their
heads. Twin webcams pay tribute to the
persistence of memory as this somewhat
surrealistic concept computer owes much to
Dali’s famed fluid forms.
I’d like to say HP’s minimalist LiM concept
desktop computer was designed by Les Moore
but that would be too perfect – it’s actually the
brainchild of Jeffrey S. Engelhardt, a guy who
believes desktop computers have a future in an
increasingly mobile, server-oriented world. Even
so, by offering “Less Is More” to tomorrow’s
tech-savvy savants HP hopes to retain a
lucrative slice of the retail pie. Though the LIM is
a stand-alone CPU, HP foresees offering some
cool matching peripherals like a transparent 19?
OLED touchscreen, a wireless keyboard and a
virtual trackpad to replace the mouse.
Not much info’s out there on the above ultra-
wrapped screen but supposedly it’s a concept
computer from Microsoft. Considering the
thickness of the screen we’ll assume the
computer-y bits are housed inside.There are
already curved screens out there, notably by
Alienware (above), but this one both out-curves
and out-cools it by a long shot. Let’s hope this
screen-comp-combo surfaces soon… and, has
as little relationship as possible with Microsoft