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Thin is in, to the point where you can barely see
the screen from the side. This SONY VAIO
Zoom notebook concept by Eno Setiawan takes
things one step further: you can barely see the
screen from the front – at least, when the
power’s off. The secret lies in holographic
technology that even extends to the mouse
buttons. So, is a transparent laptop screen a
good idea? Oh yeah… just keep it away from
Lord Vader, your server is ready. This Deathstar-
like desktop media server crystallizes Toshiba’s
vision of how TV and cellphones will interact in a
seamless multimedia future.Everything’s
automatic: once the cellphone is in range, the
server prompts it to download its media files to
the server which in turn “beams” the files to a
wireless HD 1080p TV – and then destroys
Owners demand a lot from their computers, but
do they want sustainability? Dell thinks so, and
they’ve rolled out the well-rounded O Project PC
to prove it. Luis Luna’s organic design features
an integrated living plant pod that absorbs CO2
during the course of its daily life. When the PC’s
life has ended, the cornstarch & bamboo
polymer-based case can either be recycled or
used as a non-computing plant pot to add a dash
of tech savvy to your home decor scheme.Slim,
lightweight, compact, modular… all of the above
apply to Artem Sazonov’s KOOB+” concept
computer. Sazonov has taken the idea of
modularity to the max – one or more KOOB+
component can be taken elsewhere and plugged
into a different machine as needed. If you like
plug & play functionality, you’ll love the KOOB+