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									15 concepts of computer
Ever think computer company product planning
sessions consist of throwing one wacky concept
after another against the wall to see what sticks?
Not much does and sure enough, the ash heap
of tech history is littered with flubs, flops and
FUBAR fiascos designed to fly high but destined
to fail. Every so often, though, a diamond
emerges from the dung heap and everything
changes – the cliched “paradigm shift”. Here are
15 of the coolest, craziest computer concepts
you’ll see today; diamonds in the rough perhaps
but easy on the eye fer shure!
The tiny SheevaPlug is a marvel to behold – and
it’s only natural that it’s made by Marvell. Looking
more like an oversized electrical plug than a
computer, the so-called Wall Wart is designed to
deliver “high-performance, always on, always
connected, and environmentally friendly
computing.” You
won’t find an optical drive or the usual
accoutrements of home computers on the
SheevaPlug, however – peripherals including
storage connect to an embedded 1.2GHz ARM
CPU through an integrated USB 2.0 port. Good
things DO come in small packages, it seemsThe
MacBook Touch is awesome enough as it is but
that isn’t stopping Jobs’ jobbers from making a
good thing better. Witness this concept
MacBook that employs one of Apple’s more
interesting patents: a transparent, multitouch
display that acts as a control surface on both
sides! Today we have to open our
laptops/notebooks/netbooks if we want to get
down to business. Tomorrow, maybe not – and
that would be very good business indeed.

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