; The Miracles of Antichrist
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The Miracles of Antichrist


The Orthodox patristic teaching concerning the coming antichrist.

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									                       The Miracles of Antichrist

    There is clear evidence of the miracles of Antichrist in Scripture, the works of
the Holy Fathers, and early catechetical books. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself
says that the servants of Antichrist shall show great signs and wonders; inasmuch
that, if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect (Matthew 24:24). St. John
the Theologian says that one of these servants of Antichrist, his forerunner, shall
do especially great wonders (Revelation 13:13-15). And the Apostle Paul says
that the coming of Antichrist shall be with all power and signs and lying wonders
(II Thessalonians 2:9).
    According to the testimony of the Fathers of the Church the Antichrist will
actually perform miracles. We read in the Great Catechism that Antichrist shall
come and shall perform miracles by illusions, falsehoods and sorcery. St. Cyril of
Jerusalem warns: “Antichrist shall seduce by means of many false signs and mira-
    The miracles performed by Antichrist will be innumerable and diverse as St.
Paul describes them, full of all power and signs and lying wonders. The Fathers
foresee that people will think that even Christ could not have been able to create
as many miracles as will be performed by His adversary, and they depict his
miraculous actions in the most clear and detailed terms. St. Hippolytus teaches
that Antichrist will cleanse lepers, drive out devils, raise the enfeebled, will
communicate with those far away as well as close by, raise the dead, produce
mountains before the eyes of beholders, will walk on the sea with feet unwet,
bring down fire from heaven, will make day dark, and night day, transfigure the
sun as he desires, as well as the moon, and will show that all the elements, the
earth and the seas, will seem to all those watching to be obedient (to him) through
the power of his illusions (p. 129-130).
    In order to understand these unusual powers of Antichrist it is necessary to
remember that his coming will be the doing of Satan (II Thessalonians 2:9), who
at that time will be permitted by God to act with the greatest freedom, for Satan
shall be loosed near the end of the world, even though for only a short time
(Revelation 20:3). Blessed Augustine says that the loosed Satan, who is to act
through Antichrist, shall assume such power, which he never had before (The
City of God, Bk. 20, Ch. 3, p. 97-98). We do know from Scripture that Satan,
when permitted by God, was able not only to smite Job with pus “from head to
foot,” but he also brought down fire from heaven and burn up the sheep of Job
and shepherds and consumed them, and sent a great wind from the wilderness
which destroyed the whole house, in which were the children of Job (Job 2:7;
    Therefore it is not surprising that near the end of the world the enemy of the
race of man will produce through Antichrist even greater deeds, in order to
captivate people into worshipping him; for the honor which people will lavish
on Antichrist, will really belong to him whom Antichrist shall bear within him.
The coming of Antichrist shall occur with all power and signs and false
    According to commentaries of the holy fathers, Antichrist will be a great
magician and sorcerer. Satan, who will reside in him from birth, will, through
him, arrange false miracles; some imaginary, others naturally, as the Egyptian
sages did at one time. St. Andrew of Caesarea says: “It is written that demons
often spoke by means of statues and pictures, waters and trees, through the
statue of Apollo, and others. Also, by means of dead bodies, as, for instance,
Simon the Magician, in Apostle Peter’s presence, showed to the Romans
movement a dead body which moved. The Apostle exposed him, showing how
the dead arise whom he himself resurrected” (13th word on Revelation).
Antichrist shall also pretend to die, and will then arise - by such indicated
miracles he will astonish the whole world!

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