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					To [Drath1]: Lord: Loner 656, 251

<16:19>[Drath1]: oh him ok well hes a big wig in the alliance vice host i believe and hes ok but talks a
big pile crap

To [Drath1]: Is he logged on all the time... or is there some time he is offline

<16:20>[Drath1]: 3 of that alliance want out so we start pounding them they will bail im willing to

To [Drath1]: who will be the persons to bail , any idea...

<16:22>From [Drath1] : offline some times as far as i know but 1 of them is botting

<16:23>[Drath1]: dont remember who

To [Drath1]: have you seen him, after maintenance server times , or before that time or he ios
around any time really

wants in over here he has followed me for 3 alliances and is from britain or aussieholyname just
went to holymistand beasty isnt really doing a

<16:25>[Drath1]: paart time player

To [Drath1]: who would have the account for Loner... who is the other vice-host...

<16:25>[Drath1]: and theat 1 u just asked about is mainly a night player

<16:25>[Drath1]: for me any way and im east coast guy

<16:30>[Drath1]: ok but if u guys want send corispondence to this guy and ask him if u like 783 283
he wants to follow me any way he has no trans and he seen what i di

<16:31>[Drath1]: o*no i want phantoms bad now they pinked me its doom for theem

<16:32>[Drath1]: yea he will he doesnt like them either but he is a strange time zone

<16:41>[Roxboxfox]: u know XFang (the host of Phantom)

To [Drath1]: is he dangerous

<16:42>[Drath1]: hes a chump in my book

<16:42>[Roxboxfox]: whays that

<16:42>[Drath1]: bottom feeder and a scumbum

<16:43>[Drath1]: hes second vh for them and or was any way he took my lvl 10 forrest that i was
faarming and its rite out front of my castle

<16:43>[Roxboxfox]: whats his co-ord then ...
16:44>[Drath1]: 776 292

(The host has 435K pres, and is a baronet with 2 cities)

Doent know Xfangs 2nd city.....

<16:49>[Drath1]: SuZQ cords are 7, 335 in lower Loraine

<16:51>[Drath1]: big time sort of they get there intel from her

(She was with Heavenly before)

<16:52>[Drath1]: she buys coins alot

TreX12 , another phantom 400K pres ( 1 city only)

16:54>[Drath1]: co-ords are: 798 271

Eclair, another phantom (163K pres) 1 city only

<16:56>[Drath1]:co-ords, 684 275

<16:57>From [Drath1] : im based in moraivia at the line almost for lower lor

Close to him is Maxdrifter (686, 275) 80K pres, small fella

<16:57>[Drath1]: most of them are inbetween ll and mor

<16:58>[Drath1]: real small here 675 274 |Bigwood (36K pres)

<17:2>[Roxboxfox]: ha ha

To [Drath1]: drath, Loner is one of the vice-host , who is the other one ...and names of any other
officers , you know

<17:4>From [Drath1] : wow not really sure on that was only with them for days will try to remember
i should have gotten u guys all that intell before i left them

<17:5>From [Drath1] : i will look at my old mail and see what i come up with.

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