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					Circuit diagrams - notes

I have put up the sketches of the circuit diagrams. This is a PDF file of Colin's lecture notes
from a session in Professional Studies' predecessor, IEM. Apologies for the presentation and
ignore the first page.

Note in particular these circuits use op-amps, which the EEE and TECNE students won't do
until the start of Semester 2. So you won't find it easy to understand the circuits. Relax, you
will by the time you come to build them.

What you need most right now is the list of circuit types, so you can start thinking about
products that will use one of those circuits. They are:

delay timer
Resistance or Capacitance tester
Resistance monitor
Resistance meter
over/under temperature alarm
sound switch
sound level monitor
light to frequency (audio) converter

Remember, the circuit is not the product. I made the mistake of referring to a movement
detector - this is a product that can be made using one of the circuits. Apologies. But if I
can confuse circuit and product, then so might you. Beware!

In Semester 1 we're concentrating on strategic issues in devising, exploring the market for,
and thinking how to sell a product. Sorry you don't get the hands-on bit until Semester 2, but
by then you'll be able to use the workshop time really efficiently.

Kate Viscardi