Informational Notice 01-05_ Business Opportunities

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					                       TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION
                           Informational Notice 01-05
To:            Local Workforce Development Board Executive Directors
               Commission Executive Staff
               Integrated Service Area Managers
               Commission Local Offices
From:          Mimi Purnell, Acting Director, Workforce Development Division
Date:          January 21, 2005
Subject:       Business Opportunities

    To inform Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards) of business
    opportunities with Mac Tools for job seekers, including veterans, interested in
    starting their own businesses.
    Mac Tools approached the President’s National Hire Veterans Committee and
    expressed interest in targeting veterans to become Mac Tools professional sales
    distributors. Mac Tools, an international hand tools industry serving the United
    States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, has business opportunities available for
    veterans and other job seekers interested in starting their own businesses as
    professional sales distributors (distributors).
        Mac Tools offers its distributors:
        • a potential for high sales and, consequently, a higher earning potential in
          offering a high-quality, high-demand product;
        • a customer base that may increase as frequently as the distributor’s ability to
          find new customers;
        • assignment of a unique territory, thereby eliminating competition from other
        • a simple start-up process;
        • access to Mac Tool’s distributor financing program;
        • no franchise fees; and
        • no royalties.
        Additionally, distributors are linked to Team Mac, a training and support system,
        which includes the use of Mac Tool’s business system. For further information,
                                        Doug Strahm
                                        Recruiting Manager
                                        Mac Tools
                                        (614) 755-7140

     Direct inquiries to the assigned contract manager for your local workforce
     development area.
IN 01-05

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