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									                    RELATIONAL DATABASES (BCS214)
                                   COURSE OUTLINE
                                      Fall 2006

Sylvain Favreau                                              TU : 18 :00 TO 21:00
E-Mail :                             ROOM : H-305
PHONE : (514) 917-9119
OFFICE : Hamilton 218 or DL 205                              Office Hours :
                                                             TU: 16 to 18

This course is about database models and design. Business and computer science students
are required to have a deep knowledge of how databases are designed and implemented.
Logical and physical designs are both covered. Two labs of three hours each are also

Every organization needs to store and keep track of data concerning its clients, its
products, its partners and its decisions. Databases are necessary for any type of
organization. We will cover two data models in this class: entity-relation model and
semantic object models. The relational database design model will be covered in detail.
We will discuss the transformation process of the entity-relation model and the semantic
object model into the relational database design model.

This course requires students to prepare team projects. Details about the project will be
provided four weeks before the end of class.

Grading and evaluation:

Progress test          25%
Team project           35%
Final                  40%
                      COURSE SCHEDULE
                         FALL 2006

DATE                                  CONTENT

Sept 12   Introduction
          Overview and history of Database Processing
Sept 19   Database development
          Components of a Database System
Sept 26   Entity-relationship Model

Oct 3     Entity-relationship Model
Oct 17    Semantic Object Model
Oct 24    Midterm

Oct 31    Normalization
Nov 7     Database Design with E-R
Nov 14    Database Design with SOM1
Nov 21    Access Relational Databases practice in the Lab
Nov 28    Relational Implementation
          SQL in the Lab
Dec 5     Project presentations

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