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                           Where in the World Is David Harvey?
Inside this issue:         When it comes to supporting adult literacy, David Harvey will travel just about anywhere.
  Where in the World Is    In the year since he joined ProLiteracy as president and CEO, he’s racked up the miles,
  David Harvey?            meeting with donors, members of Congress, and heads of literacy programs and educational
  China Programs Lift      organizations. Here’s where David has been just since June:
  Lives Through Literacy
  “Readers for Life”       Connecticut . . .
  Literacy Autographing    …for a visit with executives at Pitney Bowes’s Stamford headquarters to discuss
  Benefits ProLiteracy
                           workforce literacy. David also made a quick stop in West Redding at the Institute
  Student Institute at
  ProLiteracy Conference   of Children’s Literature to thank officials there for the Institute’s 16 years of support.
  Marks its Second Year
                           Indianapolis . . .
  Retirement Income You
  Can Depend On            … to take part in the Indianapolis Community Literacy Summit, organized by
                           ProLiteracy member program INDY Reads. David learned a great deal about adult
                           literacy in Indiana as he prepared for and attended the kick-off for this community-wide
                           literacy initiative; getting businesses, local government, human service agencies, and literacy
                              programs working together to promote 100 percent literacy in communities across the
                               U.S. is an important ProLiteracy initiative. David also made time to meet with Steven
                               West of the West Foundation, which has contributed over $1.3 million for ProLiteracy’s
                               international work over many years.

                            New York City . . .
                            No time to return home — it was right to New York City to talk with Gail Spagenberg,
                              president of the Council for the Advancement of Adult Literacy (CAAL). CAAL is a
                               national public charity dedicated to developing adult education, ESL, and workforce
                                 skills in America. Gail and David discussed Reach Higher, America – Overcoming
                                 Crisis in the U.S. Workforce, the final report from the National Commission on Adult
                                 Literacy, a blue-ribbon panel of business, literacy, and education experts.

                                 From coast to coast . . .
                                First it was Washington, DC, to meet with the staffs of Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA)
                                and Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX) on adult literacy policy issues. Both Congressmen
                                   have proposed legislation that includes more money for local literacy providers.
                                    Then it was on to Seattle, to meet with corporate donor RealNetworks, the
                                    company that created RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealPlayer, the software that
supports playing audio, video, and multi-media on computers.            to nearby Hilton Head “movers and shakers”.
David and Kathryn Shields, director of RealNetwork’s
Foundation, talked about ways ProLiteracy and the                       David returned to New York City to take part in The White
Foundation might work together.                                         House Symposium on Advancing Global Literacy, sponsored
                                                                        by First Lady Laura Bush. ProLiteracy was among a small
David travelled to New Jersey in July to tour Pitney Bowes facilities   number of nongovernmental agencies invited to participate in
and to Maine in August to talk about ProLiteracy’s work in China.       the event. He then spent a week in Little Rock for ProLiteracy’s
He made quick stops in Little Rock and Houston before spending          Annual Conference!
several days in Washington, DC. There David worked with literacy
service providers, adult learners, and board members to develop         Watch for the next issue of Voices for Literacy to find out
ProLiteracy’s public policy agenda for 2009.                            where in the world is David Harvey!

Right after Labor Day, David was in Beaufort County, SC for a
                                                                                                          First Lady Laura Bush with
series of public events. He spoke to adult learners, volunteers,                                          David Harvey and Roberto
and staff of the Literacy Volunteers of the Lowcountry (LVLC),                                            Perez of Alfalit. Alfalit
which celebrated both its 35th Anniversary and International                                              partners with ProLiteracy
                                                                                                          on international projects
Literacy Day. He spoke to local business leaders about
                                                                                                          that combine literacy
the importance of literacy for a skilled workforce, toured                                                instruction with community
the LVLC Hilton Head and Bluffton Learning Centers, and                                                   development projects.
made a presentation on the issue of adult literacy in our nation

“Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing Benefits ProLiteracy
More than 500 authors packed a San Francisco hotel ballroom             Initiatives, had the privilege of representing ProLiteracy. They
in July, signing their names to books to raise $59,000 for              met the RWA board and staff and the terrific writers who
literacy. The Readers for Life Literacy Autographing Event, a           autographed their books for sale that night so that literacy
traditional part of the Romance Writers of America’s annual             could benefit. One highlight was the presence of Nora Roberts.
conference, has raised more than half a million dollars for             Peter and Mary were able to thank her once again for her
ProLiteracy and local literacy programs over the years. There           incredible personal generosity to ProLiteracy. (Nora was the
aren’t enough words to thank Romance Writers of America and             keynote speaker at ProLiteracy’s conference in Washington,
its gifted members for what they have done for ProLiteracy.             DC last year!)

Peter Waite, vice president of Programs and Professional                Thank you Romance Writers of America — ProLiteracy loves
Services, and Mary McGonigel, vice president of Strategic               you!

Retirement Income You Can Depend On
There’s little financial stability investing in today’s                 Development and Membership Department. Once we know
up-and-down markets; a better, more stable option                       your age, the amount of the gift annuity you want, and whether
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There are other benefits. You enjoy a good rate, for example,               • How much of your quarterly income will be tax-free
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you are helping a good cause like adult literacy!
                                                                        You don’t have to be married to obtain a gift annuity. In fact,
Easy to Do                                                              single-life annuities pay a higher rate. Also, the older a person
To learn more, fill out the “Want to Make a Difference?” coupon         or couple is, the higher the payment rate. You are under no
on the back page of this newsletter and send it to ProLiteracy’s        obligation to proceed with a gift.
Student Institute at ProLiteracy Conference Marks Its Second Year
Involving adult learners in training and supporting their               The four-day experience began with a preconference
leadership goals is an important part of ProLiteracy’s Annual           workshop on public policy advocacy, project planning, and
Conference. ProLiteracy’s Student Advisory Council works                establishing learning goals for the week. Adult learners
hard to make sure that students have a slate of quality                 attended six workshops over three days covering leadership
workshops and presentations to attend; the council also assists         development, action planning, assessment, public speaking,
in planning other conference events for students and general            and more. They debriefed daily, discussing what they
conferees. Involving the individuals we serve in program                learned, asking questions, and talking about how to apply
planning and instruction makes the adult literacy field unique          what they’ve learned. Several students developed a video
in the social service network.                                          about their experience that debuted at the conference’s
                                                                        closing session.
As we did at last year’s conference and with the support of
our generous donors, ProLiteracy developed a concentrated               Student participation doesn’t end after conference.
learning institute for students. Adult learners were chosen             Institute members report back to ProLiteracy during the
for this institute in a competitive process that required them          following year about how they have applied their exper-
to submit applications detailing how they assist their local            iences; ProLiteracy Student Advisory Council members
literacy programs, other community activities they take part            continue to mentor and support participants throughout
in, and the goals they’ve set for local program improvements.           the year.

China Programs Lift Lives Through Literacy
Reading and writing instruction, training in computer and small
business skills, nursing training, and now earthquake recovery
— all are being made available to thousands of men, women, and
children in rural China as they improve their lives through literacy,
thanks to the generous support of individual donors, corporations
like Towers Perrin, and the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Strengthened by ProLiteracy training, curriculum, and direct
support, four outstanding in-country partner organizations
                                                                            Womens Literacy Class in rural China.
touch the lives of learners in unique ways:

Association for Rural Development of YiLong (ARDY)                      and domestic services along with literacy. These programs
ARDY’s combined literacy, micro loan, and small business                in the poorer communities of Gansu, Gweijhou, and Hebei
development programs help individuals to overcome poverty.              provinces demonstrate best practices that literacy advocates
When the recent earthquake caused massive destruction,                  offer as models when they advocate for provincial and national
ARDY staff visited its seven branches and 17 mutual assistance          legislation for rural women’s education.
cooperatives in Sichuan Province.
                                                                        Luodian County Education Project
“We checked the conditions of the disaster house by house, held         This community learning project combines women’s literacy
casualty meetings, propagated the knowledge about epidemic and          instruction with children’s education in poorer rural villages
disease prevention, and provided psycho-social support,” ARDY           in the mountainous region of Gweijhou Province.
leaders wrote us. “We express our heartfelt thanks and apprecia-
tion for ProLiteracy’s generous donations and good will.”               Tingri Education Program
                                                                        Headquartered at the base of Mount Everest, this program
Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women                     provides community-based education in areas of Tibet where
(BCDCRW)                                                                access to formal schooling has never existed. Along with
Through BCDCRW’s Practical Skills Training Center,                      instruction for school-aged children and their parents, Tingri
young women prepare for jobs by learning computer skills,               makes it possible for parents to become more involved in their
hairdressing, beauty treatment services, tailoring, nursing,            children’s education.
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