Quantum Touch_ Workshop by hcj


									             Quantum Touch® Workshop
         Learn to heal with your hands and your heart
Pat Fleury, B.S. Instructor and Practitioner: 281-469-2773 pafleury@sbcglobal,net
Quantum Touch is a powerful, yet easy to learn energy healing method. Everyone has
the natural, in-born ability to help heal ourselves and others!

Everyone, even children, can learn and successfully use Quantum Touch healing
               to enhance and improve the lives of loved ones.

        Do you have a desire to learn and use this simple yet profound energy healing
         technique to help yourself or others in your life? This workshop is for you!

        Do you have a desire to improve the quality of life for the children, adults,
         elderly, animals, and plants in your life? Quantum Touch is for you!

        Do you have little or no experience in any kind of energy healing, but you’d love
         to explore and learn more about it? This workshop is for you!

        Are you in a healing, teaching, or holistic field and would like to find a deeply
         satisfying way to enhance your career? (Continuing Education Units offered for
         Professional Practice!) Come explore the benefits of Quantum Touch!

Two options for this workshop are available:
   Certification in Quantum Touch requires 2 classes, 60 hours of practice, and a
     declaration of your intent to use the skills for professional practice. Get started
     with this workshop!
   Life Skills level If you would simply like to experience the “New medicine of the
     future” (Dr. Andrew Weil), but don’t know if being a practitioner is for you, then
     the Life Skills option is perfect for you!


Dates:   Sat. August 8th (8:30-5:00p) and Sun. Aug. 9th (1:00-4p)

Cost: National Certification $295               Life Skills $225
(Additional cost: book by Richard Gordon, BASIC QUANTUM TOUCH; The Power to
Heal. $19.00) book is available from Pat or online.

Location: PEARLAND Sleep Inn & Suites (conference room)
1908 Country Place Pkwy (take 288N, exit 2234, then turn Right onto
Country Place)
   * Classes fill up quickly, call in advance to reserve your place!
More information: www.QuantumTouch.com Pat Fleury pafleury@sbcglobal.net

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