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									                     Psychology 290: Psychology as a Profession
                                        Syllabus for Fall 2008
                                      Current as of Sept 14, 2008
                                    On-line: Section 260 (81116)
                             In-person: Sections 1 (80050) & 2 (80057)
                              Monday, BDC 153B, 11:20 AM-12:10 PM
                        Section 1, Wednesday WSL 014, 11:20 AM-12:10 PM
                         or Section 2, Friday WSL 014, 11:20 AM-12:10 PM

                         Office Hours:                                Office: DDH D113
                         Monday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM                     Phone: 661-654-2380
       Jess F. Deegan II                                              e-mail:
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      Psyc 290 Home Page: Access the home page via Dr. Deegan’s web page (see above) or
COURSE DESCRIPTION. Introduction to the profession of psychology, including careers related to
psychology. Exposure to pre-requisite computer, Internet, library, and report writing skills important for
successful completion of the degree in psychology. This course is intended for majors, is only 2 units, and
requires completion with a "C" or better. Those students with a "C-" or lower will be required to repeat the
course. This course provides an overview of the Psychology Department and the faculty within the department,
the curriculum to be completed to earn a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology, and completion of the course
as noted above is a pre-requisite for enrollment in Psyc 300A (Understanding Psychological Research I). This
course also serves to certify that you have some basic informational competency skills. The latter means that
you will demonstrate basic mastery of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, SPSS, on-line library search
engines (CSUB Library and Professionally related sites), and on-line activities (CSUB Runner E-mail, WebCT,
and an Internet Browser).
Course Credit:To receive course credit for this class you must complete all the assignments in the course,
receive at least 70% of the possible points, and give the required presentation. The presentation will be an
Oral Presentation using PowerPoint, or if you are in the on-line course the Presentation will be a PowerPoint
Presentation converted to HTML language and properly uploaded to the WebCT server. Please note that
assignments that are not submitted for grading will automatically result in a 30% deduction from your
total grade. You should also note that the 70% cutoff for a "C" is lower than normally required for a "C" in a
course and you must earn a "C" in Psyc 290 to be eligible to complete Psyc 300A. Thus, a 30% deduction in
your total points would automatically place your grade below that required for a passing grade in this course.
Noel, R. C. (edited by J. F. Deegan II, Sept., 2005). Psychology handbook.(Available on-line after log-in to

      An Incomplete is not possible for this class under any circumstances.
      Withdrawals from this class will not be authorized after Wed. Jan. 23. There is no exception to this
       policy, without documentation of a serious illness, death, etc.
      If you require special services due to a disability, those services are provided by Services for Students
       with Disabilities which can be contacted at (661) 654-3360 or by Fax at (661) 654-2171. For those
       needing TDD connections please call (661) 654-628-9001. The Services for Students with Disabilities is
       located in SA 140.
      Although the instructor will make every effort to make the class accessible to students with disabilities,
       he cannot be held responsible for the malfunctioning of WebCT.
      Violations of Academic Integrity (see CSUB Catalogue Description) will result in an "F" for this course
       and a letter to the Student Judicial Officer.
      Messages to the Instructor WITHOUT a Subject Heading will not be read and are automatically deleted!
      Assignments are due the week indicated, Monday at 5:05 PM. Late assignments will be assessed a 10%
       late fee for each day late, counting weekend days and holidays.
      Holidays this Quarter are:
           o Sep 29 - 30, Rosh Hashanah – Jewish Holy Day
           o October 02, Eid El-Fitr (end of Ramadan) – Islamic Holy Day
           o Oct 08 - 09, Yom Kippur – Jewish Holy Day
           o October 09, Dasera – Hindu Holy Day
           o October 28, Diwali – Hindu Holy Day
           o November 11, HOLIDAY – Veterans Day – Campus Closed
           o Although every effort is made to note Religious Holiday, please forgive me if I missed one.
               Please note Holidays do not change due dates. Other important dates can be found on the
               Academic Calendar
      Dates provided are Mondays unless otherwise noted!

                                             CLASS SCHEDULE
                                                 (Subject to Change)

                                      Weekly Activities and Assignments
Week           Assignment                                              Description
                                    Introduction: Syllabus & Overview of the course, "Psychology as a
       LECTURE (PowerPoint):
      LAB (computer task):          Introduction to the Class Web-page on the Internet
Sept. Assignment:(1) Complete Preliminary Quiz: Questions accessed through the class web-site at
15 Due Week 3 (Fri Oct. 3 at 5 PM) or you lose access to the class and will be awarded a
      "UI" or an "F" for the class.
      (2) Complete Quiz on Overview of course (in WebCT).

Week LECTURE (PowerPoint):          Curriculum in Psychology.
2:                                  E-mail.
Sept. LAB (computer task):          EBSCOhost--Library searches from the comfort of your computer.
22,       Assignment: (1) Send email message, by Week 4, to instructor.
2008      (2) complete advising form (uploaded to WebCT Assignment Drop-off) by Week 7.
          (3) Complete Curriculum Quiz.
          (4) Complete a search on the subject of your choice (must use two terms, which are combined, and
          retrieve two citations). Email your search results (including Abstracts) to yourself via email. Then,
          forward your search results to the instructor by Week 4 (note appropriate Psyc 290 class--in-person or

Week      LECTURE (PowerPoint):        Ethical Standards in Psychology.
3:                                     MS Word.
Sept.     LAB (computer task):         Writing papers in APA style (Part 1)– the basics. Title page, Abstract page,
29,                                    Introduction, Method, Margins and Headers.
LAST      Assignment:(1) Prepare first part of the APA style template using MS Word. The template, when
DAY       completed, will include a title page, abstract page, introduction, method, results, and discussion section
TO        headings, and a reference page. Due Week 5.
DROP      (2) Quiz on Ethics.
class     DUE TODAY: (1) Preliminary Quiz Completed! Students who have not completed this first
is        assignment must now drop the course. Failure to complete this results in the loss of access to the course
Friday    and a "UI" (equivalent to an "F") for the quarter.
Oct. 3.   (2) Curriculum Quiz.

          LECTURE (PowerPoint):        The scientific approach and structure of scientific articles.
                                       MS Word.
          LAB (computer task):         Conclusion of APA template (Part 2) with addition of Results, Discussion,
                                       and Reference page.
          Assignment: (1) Complete the APA template and write a summary paragraph with the proper reference
Week      citation for the assigned empirical article. These are separate assignments!
4:        APA Template due Week 5 to instructor and summary due Week 6 to instructor (E-mail both with
Oct. 6,   appropriate Subject line).
2008      (2) Complete Empirical Quiz.

          DUE TODAY: (1) RunnerMail message to instructor.Please use the appropriate Subject line and
          Section Identification.
          (2) Forwarded EBSCOhost search (two articles listed with abstracts and history) to the instructor. In the
          subject line type Psyc 290 EBSCOhost, with the appropriate Section Identification.
          (3) Quiz on Ethics

          LECTURE (PowerPoint):        How to read an empirical article.
                                  SPSS (Part 1).
Week LAB (computer task):
                                  Data entry and simple calculations
Oct. Assignment: First part of the SPSS assignment.
2008 DUE TODAY: (1) APA Template (Part 1 & 2 combined). Send as an email attachment to instructor ,
     using the appropriate Subject line and Section Identification.
     (2) Empirical Quiz.
       LECTURE (PowerPoint):       Discussion of Personal Goals to complete the major and finding your niche.
                                   SPSS (Part 2): t-tests and Correlations. Send SPSS output file (Parts 1 & 2
                                   combined) as an attachment to instructor with the appropriate subject line:
Week LAB (computer task):
                                   Psyc 290 SPSS,Please use the appropriate Subject line and Section
20,  Assignment: (1) Complete the "Goals Assignment," and upload by Week 7.
2008 (2) Second part of the SPSS assignment due by Week 7.

       DUE TODAY: (1) Email summary of the article to instructor, using the appropriate Subject line and
       Section Identification.

                                   Graduate programs in psychology (options and procedures).
       LECTURE (PowerPoint):
                                   Scheduling of Career Presentations, if in-class or hybrid
     LAB (computer task):         MS PowerPoint. Presentations for lecturers and on-line presentations!
7:   Assignment:Complete Graduate School Quiz.
2008 (1)SPSS output File (the "*.spo" file, Part 1 & 2 combined) as an attachment to instructor, using the
     appropriate Subject line and Section Identification.
     (2) Personal Goals assignment uploaded to WebCT.
     (3) Advising form uploaded to WebCT.

       LECTURE (PowerPoint):       Places to get help on campus?
       LAB (computer task):        MS Word. A resume to help me find that GREAT JOB.
Nov.   Assignment:(1) Prepare a Resume or submit one that you have prepared in the past. E-mailed to
3,     instructor by Week 9.
2008   (2) Prepare the on-line (Section 260 only) presentation and upload to WebCT; or Prepare the
       Powerpoint Presentation (Sections 1 & 2) for the Career Profile .

     LECTURE (none):
Week                            Career Presentations
     LAB (computer task):
Nov. Assignment: Career Presentations
     Resume as an attachment to instructor, using the appropriate Subject line and Section Identification.

Week LECTURE (none):
10:                             Career Presentations
     LAB (none):
17,  Assignment: Career Presentations
21,    PowerPoint presentations posted as an HTML file in WebCT.
      5:00 PM (today), FOR CREDIT TO BE AWARDED. This date is Nov 21, 2008
      Please use the appropriate Subject line and Section Identification for all assignments.

Finals LECTURE (none):
Week: LAB (none):           No meetings or assignment
22     GOOD LUCK in Psyc 300A.
(Sa) -
      Enjoy the Winter Break!
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