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									                                                 Professors in UW
Name                  Dayong Gao
Position              Professor
Department            Mechanical Engineering & Bioengineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         Office: MEB 254
                      Fax: 206-685-8047

Research Field        Cryopreservation and fundamental cryobiology (mechanisms of cell cryoinjury and
                      Bio-heat-mass transfer and thermal stress
                      Artificial kidney/liver
                      Nano-technology/nano-fluid/Membrane Science
                      Development of optimal technology and equipment
                      Novel-microwave-irradiation-enhanced vitrification/glassification and rapid-uniform re-
                      warming of biological systems
                      Tissue engineering
                      Cardiovascular and blood research
                      Major clinical research collaborations with physicians and surgeons (for 12 years) to treat

Recent Publications   Chen, H. H., and Gao, D. Particle Enrichment Employing Grooved Microfluidic Channels. Appl.Phys.Lett. 2008;
                      92: 173502.
                      Chen, H. H., Lin, E. H., Heimfeld, S., et al. An Application of Stream Imaging Technique in the Study of Osmotic
                      Behaviors of Multiple Cells. Cell Preservation Technology. 2008; 6: 123-129.
                      Chen, H., Shen, H., Heimfeld, S., et al. A Microfluidic Study of Mouse Dendritic Cell Membrane Transport
                      Properties of Water and Cryoprotectants. Int.J.Heat Mass Transfer. 2008; 51: 5687-5694.
                      Chen, H. H., Purtteman, J. J. P., Heimfeld, S., et al. Development of a Microfluidic Device for Determination of Cell
                      Osmotic Behavior and Membrane Transport Properties. Cryobiology. 2007; 55: 200-209.
                      Ding WP, Yu JP, Woods E, Heimfeld S, Gao DY.Simulation of removing permeable cryoprotective agents from
                      cryopreserved blood with hollow fiber modules. JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 288: 85-93, 2007.
                      Zhao G, Zhang HF, Guo XJ, Luo DW, and Gao DY. Effect of blood flow and metabolism on multidimensional heat
                      transfer during cryosurgery. MEDICAL ENGINEERING & PHYSICS 29:205-215, 2007.
                      W. Ding, Gao, D.Y. Theoretical estimation of shell-side mass transfer coefficient in randomly packed hollow fiber
                      modules with polydisperse hollow fiber outer radii, Journal of Membrane Science 284: 95-101, 2006.
                      Dawei Luo, Chun Yu, Liqun He, Caicheng Lu, Gao, D.Y. Development of a Single Mode Electromagnetic Resonant
                      Cavity for Rewarming of Cryopreserved Biomaterials. Cryobiology 53:288-293, 2006.
                      Gang Zhao, Bai, Xue-Fei; Luo, Da-Wei; Gao, D.Y. Modeling the heat transfer problem for the novel combined
                      cryosurgery and hyperthermia system: a finite element framework. Cryoletters 27: 115-126, 2006.
                      Gang Zhao, Da-Wei Luo, Gao, D.Y. Universal Model for Intracellular Ice Formation and Its Growth. AIChE Journal
                      52: 2596-2606, 2006.
                      Gang Zhao, D.W. Luo, Gao, D.Y. Effect of blood flow and metabolism on the multi-dimentional heat transfer during
                      cryosurgery. Medical Engineering & Physics 29:205-215, 2006.
Name             Xiaoming Yang
Position         Professor
Department       Radiology
Contact info.    Phone: 206 685-3536
                         443 971-0210
                 Fax: 206 543-3495
Research Field   Image-Guided Bio-Molecular Interventions
Name             Chun Yuan
Position         Professor
Department       Radiology, Electrical Engineering, and Bioengineering
Contact info.    Phone: 206 616-9346
                 FAX: 206 616-9354

Research Field   Multiple high-resolution MRI techniques for imaging vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques and
                 led numerous studies examining carotid atherosclerosis with MRI.
                 Ability and viability of MRI to visualize carotid atherosclerotic plaque and distinguish
                 various plaque components, including plaque size, fibrous cap, measurement precision, lipid
                 core and hemorrhage.
Name             Jiangyu Li
Position         Associate Professor
Department       Mechanical Engineering
College          College of Engineering
Contact info.    Phone: 206-543-6226
                 Fax: 206-685-8047
Website          Website:
Research Field   Prof. Li's general research area is physical behaviors of materials. He is particularly interested
                 in structure-property relationship of multifunctional materials. His current research is focused
                 on electro-active polymers, ferroelectrics, ferromagnetism, and multiferroic materials

Representative   Li, J.Y. and Dunn, M.L., 1998, "Anisotropic Coupled-Field Inclusion and Inhomogeneity
Publications     Problems," Philosophical Magazine A 77, 1341-1350.

                 Nemat-Nasser, S. and Li, J.Y., 2000, "Electromechanical Response of Ionic Polymer Metal
                 Composite," Journal of Applied Physics 87, 3321-3331.

                 Li, J. Y., 2003, "Exchange Coupling in P(VDF-TrFE) Copolymer Based All-Organic
                 Composites with Giant Electrostriction," Physical Review Letters 90, articles number 217601.

                 Li, J.Y. and Liu, D., 2004, "On Ferroelectric Crystals with Engineered Domain
                 Configurations," Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 52, 1719-1742.

                 Li, J. Y., Rogan, R. C., Ustundag, E., and Bhattacharya, K., 2005, "Domain Switching in
                 Polycrystalline Ferroelectric Ceramics," Nature Materials 4, 776-781.

                 Li, J.Y., Luo, Y., Bai, M.J., Ducharme, S., 2005, "Nanomesa and Nanowell Formation in
                 Langmuir-Boldgett Polyvinylidene Fluoride Trifluoroethelyne Copolymer Films," Applied
                 Physics Letters 87, article number 213116.

                 Qu, H.L. and Li, J.Y., 2005, "An Effective Medium Theory on Magnetization Reversal in
                 Magnetically Interacting Particles," IEEE Transaction on Magnetics 41, 1093-1099.
Name             Wei Li
Position         Associate Professor
Department       Mechanical Engineering
College          College of Engineering
Contact info.    Phone: 206-543-5339
                 Fax: 206-685-8047

Research Field   Nanofoamed polymers and polymeric nanocomposites
                 Biomedical manufacturing, tissue engineering, micromixing, tissue-chip devices
                 Monitoring and diagnosis of manufacturing processes
                 Experiment design, sliding-level experiments, robust design
Name             Junlan Wang
Position         Associate Professor
Department       Mechanical Engineering
College          College of Engineering
Contact info.    Phone: 206-543-4601
                 Fax: 206-685-8047
                 Office: MEB 208

Research Field          Mechanical reliability of nanoporous materials as low-dielectric coatings for
                         semiconductor industry and as wear-and-corrosion-resistant coatings for aircraft
                         structures and components;
                        Thin film adhesion measurement and ultra-high-strain-rate materials behavior study
                         using laser-induced stress waves;
                        Nanomaterials synthesis and size-dependent plastic behavior of surface nano and
                        Mechanics of cells and biomaterials, and ultrasonic and laser-based chemical and
                         biological sensing;
                        MEMS-based nanotechnology for imaging and biomedical applications.

                        C. M. Lew, Y. Liu, B. Day, G. M. Kloster, H. Tiznado, M. Sun, F. Zaera, J. Wang, and Y. Yan,
Representative           “Hydrofluoric acid-resistant & hydrophobic pure-silica-zeolite MEL low-dielectric constant films”,
Publications             Langmuir (accepted, 2009)
                        J. Lian, J. Wang, J.-Y. Kim, and J.R. Greer, “Sample boundary effect in nanoindentation of nano and
                         microscale surface structures”, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (accepted, 2009)
                        L. Hu, P. Miller, and J. Wang, “High strain-rate spallation and fracture of tungsten by laser-induced stress
                         waves”, Materials Science and Engineering A, 504, 73-80 (2009)
                        C.M. Lew, Z. Li, S. Li, S. Hwang, Y. Liu, D.I. Medina, M. Sun, J. Wang, M. E. Davis, and Y. Yan, “Pure-
                         Silica-Zeolite MFI and MEL low-dielectric constant films with fluoroorganic functionalization”, Advanced
                         Functional Materials, 18(21), 3454-3460 (2008)
                        Y. Liu, M. Sun, C. M. Lew, J. Wang, and Y. Yan, “Pure-silica-zeolite MEL nanocrystals prepared with
                         evaporation-assisted two-Stage synthesis method as ultra-low-k materials”, Advanced Functional
                         Materials, 18(12), 1732-1738 (2008)
                        E. Penilla and J. Wang, “Pressure and temperature effects on stoichiometry and microstructure of nitrogen-
                         rich TiN thin films synthesized vía reactive magnetron DC-sputtering”, Journal of Nanomaterials,
                         267161,1-9 (2008)
                        M.C. Johnson, C.M. Lew, Y. Yan, and J. Wang, "Hydrophobicity-dependent friction and wear of spin-on
                         zeolite thin films”, Scripta Materialia, 58, 41-44 (2008)
                        Y. Liang, X. Bi, and J. Wang, “Numerical simulation of laser-induced thin film delamination”, Thin Solid
                         Films, 516(6), 971-981 (2008)
                        M.C. Johnson, J. Wang, Z. Li, C.M. Lew, and Y. Yan, “Effect of calcination and polycrystallinity on
                         mechanical properties of nanoporous MFI zeolites”, Materials Science and Engineering A, 456, 58-63
                        M.C. Johnson, Z. Li, J. Wang, and Y. Yan, “Mechanical characterization of zeolite low dielectric constant
                         thin films by nanoindentation”, Thin Solid Films, 515(6), 3164-3170 (2007)
                        J. Lian, J. E. Garay, and J. Wang, “Grain size and grain boundary effect on mechanical behavior of fully
                         stabilized zirconia investigated by nanoindentation”, Scripta Materialia, 56, 1095-1098 (2007)
                        J. Wang, “Recent development in thin film adhesion measurement by laser-induced stress waves”, Journal
                         of Experimental Mechanics, 22 (3-4), 249-257 (2007)
                        W.-F. Yeh and J. Wang, “An innovative design of a MEMS based auto-focusing system”, Proceedings of
                         ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Seattle, WA (2007)
Name                  Guozhong Cao
Position              Boeing-Steiner Professor
Department            Material Science and Engineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         302M Roberts,UW;


Research Field        Processing, characterization, and applications of nanostructured materials, organic-inorganic
                      hybrids, carbon cryogel supercapacitors, carbon-hydride nanocomposites for hydrogen
                      storage, nanostructured oxides for Li batteries, hierarchically structured solar cells,
                      ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, and scintillation oxides.

Recent Publications   Jun Liu, Guozhong Cao, Zhenguo Yang, Donghai Wang, Dan Dubois, Xiaodong Zhou, Gordon L. Graff, Larry R.
                      Pederson, and Ji-Guang Zhang, "Oriented Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage," ChemSusChem 1,
                      676-697 (2008).

                      Peng Xiao, Dawei Liu, Betzaida B. Garcia, Saghar Sepehri, Yunhuai Zhang, and Guozhong Cao , "Electrochemical
                      and Photoelectrical Properties of Titania Nanotuve Arrays Annealed in Different Gases," Sensors and Actuators B
                      134, 367-372 (2008).

                      Saghar Sepehri, Betzaida B. Garcia, and Guozhong Cao , "Tuning Dehydrogenation Temperature of Carbon -
                      Ammonia borane Nanocomposites," Journal of Materials Chemistry 18, 4034-4037 (2008).

                      Dawei Liu, Peng Xiao, Yunhuai Zhang, Betzaida B. Garcia, Qifeng Zhang, Qing Guo, Richard Champion, and
                      Guozhong Cao , "TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Annealed in N2 for Efficient Lithium-Ion Intercalation," Journal of
                      Physical Chemistry C 112, 11175-11180 (2008).

                      Cheng-Chun Lee, Qing Guo, G. Z. Cao, and I. Y. Shen, "Effect of Electrode Size and Silicon Residue on
                      Piezoelectric Thin-fim Membrane Actuators," Sensors and Actuators A, 147, 279-285 (2008).

                      B.B. Garcia, A. Feaver, Q. Zhang, R. D. Champion, G. Z. Cao, T. T. Fister, K. P. Nagle, and G.T. Seidler, "Effect of
                      Pore Morphology on Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Cryogel Supercapacitors," Journal of Applied Physics
                      104, 014305 (9p) (2008).

                      Q.F. Zhang, T.P. Chou, B. Russo, S.A. Jenekhe, and G.Z. Cao, "Light Scattering Enhanced Energy Conversion
                      Efficiency in Hierarchically-Structure ZnO Dye Sensitized Solar Cells," Advanced Functional Materials 18, 1654-
                      1660 (2008).

                      Y. Wang and G. Z. Cao, "New Developments of Nanostructured Cathode Materials for Highly Efficient Lithium Ion
                      Batteries," (Review Article, Advanced Materials 20, 2251-2269 (2008).

                      Guozhong Cao, Dawei Liu, "Template-based synthesis of nanorod, nanowire, and nanotube arrays," Advances in
                      Colloid and Interface Science 136, 45–64 (2008).

                      Qifeng Zhang, Tammy P. Chou, Bryan Russo, Samson A. Jenekhe, Guozhong Cao, " Aggregation of ZnO
                      Nanocrystallites for High Conversion Efficiency in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,"Angewandte Chemie International
                      Edition 47, 2402 –2406 (2008).

                      B. Russo, G.Z. Cao, "Fabrication and characterization of fluorine-doped thin oxide thin films and nanorod arrays via
                      spray pyrolysis ,"Applied Physics A 90, 311–315 (2008).

                      Dawei Liu, Qifeng Zhang, Peng Xiao, Betzaida B. Garcia, Qing Guo, Richard Champion, Guozhong Cao "Hydrous
                      Manganese Dioxide Nanowall Arrays Growth and Their Li+ Ions Intercalation Electrochemical Properties,"
                      Chemistry of Materials, 20, 1376–1380 (2008).
Name                  Miqin Zhang
Position              Professor
Department            Material Science and Engineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         Office: 302L Robert Hall
                      Tel: (206) 616-9356
                      Fax: (206) 543-3100


Research Field        Protein, cell, and biomaterial interactions; biocompatibility assessment; protein and cell
                      micropatterning for biosensing and BioMEMS applications; biomaterials for tissue
                      engineering and regenerative medicine; controlled drug delivery; nanotechnology for cancer
                      diagnosis and therapy.

Recent Publications   F. Kievit, O. Veiseh, N. Bhattarai, C. Fang, J. W. Gunn, D. Lee, R. G. Ellenbogen, J. Olson,
                      and M. Zhang “PEI-PEG-Chitosan copolymer coated iron oxide nanoparticles for safe gene
                      delivery: synthesis, complexation, and transfection", Advanced Functional Materials,
                      D. Edmondson, N. Bhattarai, S. Jana, A. Kim, and M. Zhang “Design and Evaluation of a
                      Nano-scale Differential Tensile Test Device for Nanofibers", Applied Physics Letters,
                      C. Fang, N. Bhattarai, C. Sun, and M. Zhang “Functionalized Nanoparticles with Long-Term
                      Stability in Biological Media", Small, accepted.
                      N. Bhattarai, Z. Li, J. Gunn, M. Leung, A. Cooper, D. Edmondson, O. Veiseh, M. Chen, Y.
                      Zhang, R. Ellenbogen, and M. Zhang “Natural-synthetic polyblend nanofibers for biomedical
                      applications", Advanced Materials, accepted.
                      O. Veiseh, J. W. Gunn, F. Kievit, C. Sun, C. Fang, J. S. H. Lee, and M. Zhang “Inhibition of
                      tumor cell invasion with chlorotoxin-bound superparamagnetic nanoparticles", Small, 5 (2),
                      256-264 (2009).
                      O. Veiseh, F. Kievit, J. Gunn, B. Ratner, and M. Zhang “A ligand-mediated nanovector for
                      targeted gene delivery and transfection in cancer cells", Biomaterials 30 (4), 649-657 (2009).
                      C. Sun, J. S. H. Lee, and M. Zhang "Magnetic nanoparticles in MR imaging and drug
                      delivery", Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 60 (11), 1252-65 (2008).
                      J. Gunn, H. Wallen, O. Veiseh, C. Sun, C. Fang, J. Cao, C, Yee, and M. Zhang “A
                      multimodal targeting nanoparticle for selectively labeling T cells”, Small 4 (6), 712-15
                      Z. Li, J. Gunn, M. H. Chen, A. Cooper and M. Zhang “On-site alginate gelation for enhanced
                      cell proliferation and uniform distribution in porous scaffolds”, Journal of Biomedical
                      Materials Research 86A (2), 552-59 (2008).
                      F. Asphahani, M. Thein, O. Veiseh, D. Edmondson, R. Kosai, M. Veiseh, J. Xu, and M.
                      Zhang “Influence of cell patterning and spreading on impedance characteristics in cell-based
                      sensors”, Biosensors & Bioelectronics 23 (8), 1307-13 (2008).
                      J. Yang, J. Gunn, S. Dave, M. Zhang, A. Wang and X. Gao “Ultrasensitive Detection and
                      Molecular Imaging with magnetic nanoparticles”, The Analyst 133 (2), 154-60 (2008).
                      C. Sun, O. Veiseh, D. Lee, N. Bhattarai, J. Gunn, C. Fang, R. Ellenbogen, J. Olson and M.
                      Zhang “In vivo MRI detection of gliomas by chlorotoxin-conjugated superparamagnetic
                      nanoprobes”, Small 4 (3), 372-79 (2008).
                      C. Sun, C. Fang, Z. Stephen, O. Veiseh, S. Hansen, D. Lee, R. Ellenbogen, J. Olson, and M.
                      Zhang “Tumor-targeted drug delivery and MRI contrast enhancement by chlorotoxin-
                      conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles”, Nanomedicine 3 (4), 495-505 (2008).
Name                  Xiaohu Gao
Position              Assistant Professor
Department            Bioengineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         Tel: (206) 543-6562


Research Field        Engineered nanostructures for detection; analysis and treatment of human diseases;
                      cardiovascular diseases; infectious diseases; neurological diseases

Recent Publications   Xiaohu Gao, Yuanyuan Cui, Richard Levenson, Leland Chung, and Shuming Nie, In vivo cancer targeting and
                      imaging with semiconductor quantum dots, Nature Biotechnology 2004, 22, 969-976.
                      Andrew Smith, Xiaohu Gao, and Shuming Nie, Quantum-dot nanocrystals for in-vivo molecular and cellular
                      imaging, Photochemistry and Photobiology 2004, 80, 377-385.
                      Xiaohu Gao, Lily Yang, John A. Petros, Fray F. Marshall, Jonathan W. Simons, Leland Chung, and Shuming Nie, In
                      vivo molecular and cellular imaging with quantum dots, Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2005, 16, 63-72.
                      Andrew M Smith, Shivang Dave, Shuming Nie, Lawrence True and Xiaohu Gao, Multicolor quantum dots for
                      molecular diagnostics of cancer, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 2006, 6, 231-244.
                      Dardo E. Ferrara, Daiana Weiss, Peter H. Carnell, Ray P.Vito, David Vega, Xiaohu Gao, Shuming Nie and W.
                      Robert Taylor, Quantitative 3D fluorescence technique for the analysis of en face preparations of arterial walls using
                      quantum dot nanocrystals and two-photon
                      excitation laser scanning microscopy,American Journal of Physiology 2006, 290, R114-R123.
                      Matthew N. Rhyner, Andrew M. Smith, Xiaohu Gao, Hui Mao, Lily Yang and Shuming Nie, Quantum dots and
                      multifunctional nanoparticles: new contrast agents for tumor Imaging, Nanomedicine 2006, 1, 209-217.
                      Maksym V Yezhelyev, Xiaohu Gao, Yun Xing, Ahmad Al-Hajj, Shuming Nie and Ruth M O'Regan, Emerging use
                      of nanoparticles in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer,The Lancet Oncology 2006, 7, 657-667.
                      Lawrence D. True and Xiaohu Gao, Quantum dots for molecular pathology-their time has arrived,Journal of
                      Molecular Diagnostics 2007, 9, 7-11.
                      Maksym V. Yezhelyev, Ahmad Al-Hajj, Caroline Morris, Adam I. Marcus, Tonqrui Liu, Melinda Lewis, Cynthia
                      Cohen, Pasha Zrazhevskiy, JonathanW. Simons, Andre Rogatko, Shuming Nie, Xiaohu Gao and Ruth M. O’Regan,
                      In situ molecular profiling of breast cancer biomarkers with multicolor quantum dots,Advanced Materials, 2007, 19,
                      Jian Yang, Jonathan Gunn, Shivang R. Dave, Miqin Zhang, Y. Andrew Wang and Xiaohu Gao, Ultrasensitive
                      detection and molecular imaging with magnetic nanoparticles, Analyst 2008, 133, 154-160.
                      Lifeng Qi, and Xiaohu Gao, Emerging application of quantum dots for drug delivery and therapy," Expert Opinion
                      on Drug Delivery, 2008, 5,263-267.
                      Jian Yang, Shivang R. Dave, and Xiaohu Gao, Quantum dot nanobarcodes: epitaxial assembly of nanoparticle-
                      polymer complexes in homogeneous solution,Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008, 130, 5286-5292.
                      Lifeng Qi, and Xiaohu Gao, Quantum Dot-Amphipol Nanocomplex for Intracellular Delivery and Real-Time
                      Imaging of siRNA,ACS Nano, 2008, 2, 1403-1010.
                      Maksym Yezhelyev, Lifeng Qi, Ruth M. O’Regan, Shuming Nie, and Xiaohu Gao, Proton-sponge coated quantum
                      dots for siRNA delivery and intracellular imaging,Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008, 130, 9006-9012.
                      Lily Yang, Hui Mao, Y. Andrew Wang, Zehong Cao, Xianghong Peng, Xiaoxia Wang, Hongwei Duan, Chunchun
                      Ni, Qingan Yuan, Gregory Adams, Mark Q. Smith, William C. Wood, Xiaohu Gao, Shuming Nie, Single chain
                      epidermal growth factor receptor antibody conjugated nanoparticles for in vivo tumor targeting and imaging, Small,
                      2009, 5, 235-243. Xiaoge Hu, Pavel Zrazhevskiy, Xiaohu Gao, Encapsulation of single quantum dots with
                      mesoporous silica, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2009.
Name                  Hong Shen
Position              Assistant Professor
Department            Chemical Engineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         Tel: 206-543-5961
                      FAX: 206-685-3451


Research Field        Nanomedicine
                      System Biology of Pathogen Recognition

Recent Publications   S. Liu, K. K. Tran, S. Pan, H. Shen (2009). Detecting and differentiating microbes by dendritic cells for the
                      development of cell-based biosensors, Biosensors and Bioelectronics

                      K. K. Tran, H. Shen (2008). The role of phagosomal pH on the size-dependent efficiency of cross-presentation by
                      dendritic cells. Biomaterials (In press)

                      H. Shen, H. Shen, B. Sun, K. K. Tran, and D. Gao (2008). A microfluidic manipulation for alignment, enrichment
                      and potential separation of moving cells and particles. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering (In press)

                      H. Shen, K. K. Tran, H. Shen, A. Folch and D. Gao (2008). Determination of osmotic behavior and membrane
                      transport properties for mouse dendritic cells using microfluidic systems. International Journal of Heat and Mass
                      Transfer (In press).

                      H. Shen, A. Iwasaki, A crucial role for plasmacytoid dendritic cells in antiviral protection at the genital mucosa by
                      CpG ODN-based microbicide. Journal of Clinical Investigation 116: 2237-2243 (PMCID: 1518794)

                      H. Shen, Y. Hu, and W. M. Saltzman (2006). DNA Diffusion in Mucus: effect of size, topology of DNA and
                      transfection reagents. Biophysical Journal 91(2):639-44

                      H. Shen, A. L. Ackerman, V. Cody, P. Cresswell, R. L. Edelson, W. M. Saltzman, and D. J. Hanlon (2006).
                      Enhanced and prolonged cross-presentation following endosomal escape of exogenous antigens encapsulated in
                      biodegradable nanoparticles. Immunology 117 (1): 78-88

                      G. Sanclimens, H. Shen, E. Giralt, F. Albericio, W. M. Saltzman, and M. Royo (2005). Synthesis and screening of a
                      small library of proline based biodendrimers for use as delivery agents. Biopolymers 80: 800-814

                      J. N. Sachs, H. Shen, W. M. Saltzman (2005). Polymers for Cancer Gene Therapy: browsing the library. Gene
                      Therapy 12(12): 954-955

                      V. Cody, H. Shen, M. Shlyankevich, R. E. Tigelaar, J. L. Brandsma, and D. J. Hanlon (2005). Generation of dendritic
                      cells from rabbit bone marrow mononuclear cell cultures supplemented with hGM-CSF and hIL-4. Veterinary
                      Immunology and Immunopathology 103(3-4): 163-72

                      H. Shen, J. Tan, and W. M. Saltzman (2004). Surface-mediated gene transfer from DNA/carbonate apatite
                      nancomposite materials of controlled composition and texture. Nature Materials 3 (8): 569-574

                      H. Shen, E. Goldberg, and W. M. Saltzman (2003). Gene expression and mucosal immune responses after vaginal
                      DNA immunization in mice using a controlled delivery matrix. Journal of Controlled Release 86: 339-348

                      J. Tan, H. Shen, and W. M. Saltzman (2001). Micro-scale positioning of features influences the rate of
                      polymorphonuclear leukocytes migration. Biophysical Journal 81: 2569-2579

                      J. Tan, H. Shen, K. L. Carter, and W. M. Saltzman (2000). Controlling human polymorphonuclear leukocytes
                      motility using microfabrication technology. Journal of Biomedical Material Research 51: 694-702
Name                  Yinhai Wang
Position              Associate Professor
Department            Civil and Environment Engineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         133B More Hall, Box 352700
                      University of Washington
                      Seattle, WA 98195-2700
                      phone: 206-616-2696
                      fax: 206-543-5965

Research Field        Advanced Traffic Detection Systems, Traffic Sensor Data Management and Analysis, Traffic
                      Operations, Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII), Traffic Safety, Traffic Simulation,
                      Vehicle Emission Analysis, Future Transportation Technologies

Recent Publications    Kim*, Joon-Ki, Yinhai Wang, and Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson. “A Numerical Examination of Freeway Rear-End
                      Accidents Considering the Mechanism of Accident Occurrence.” ASCE Journal of the Transportation Engineering.
                      In Press. Mar. 2006. [pdf draft]

                      Zheng*, Jianyang, Yinhai Wang, Nancy L. Nihan, and Mark Hallenbeck. “Extracting Roadway Background Image: a
                      Mode-Based Approach.” Transportation Research Record. In Press. Mar. 2006. [pdf draft]

                      Cheevarunothai*, Patikhom, Yinhai Wang, and Nancy L. Nihan. “Identification and Correction of Dual-Loop
                      Sensitivity Problems.” Transportation Research Record. In Press. Mar. 2006. [pdf draft]

                      Zhang*, Guohui, Yinhai Wang, and Heng Wei. “An Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Length-Based Vehicle
                      Classification Using Single-Loop Data.” Transportation Research Record. In Press. Mar. 2006. [pdf draft]

                      Zheng*, Jianyang, Yinhai Wang, Nancy L. Nihan, and Mark Hallenbeck. “Detecting Cycle Failures at Signalized
                      Intersections Using Video Image Processing.” Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. Vol. 21(6),
                      425-435. 2006. [pdf draft]

                      Tao, Ruihua, Heng Wei, Yinhai Wang, and Virginia P. Sisiopiku. “Modeling Speed Disturbance Absorption
                      Following State-Control Action-Expected Chains: Integrated Car-Following and Lane-Changing Scenarios.”
                      Transportation Research Record, No. 1934, 83-93, 2005. [pdf draft]

                      Zhang, Xiaoping, Nancy L. Nihan, and Yinhai Wang. “Improved Dual-Loop Detection System for Collecting Real-
                      Time Truck Data.” Transportation Research Record, No. 1917, 108-115, 2005. [pdf draft]

                      Zhang, Xiaoping, Yinhai Wang, Nancy L. Nihan, and Hu Dong. “Monitoring a Freeway Network in Real-Time
                      Using Single-Loop Detectors: System Design and Implementation.” the International Journal of Vehicle Information
                      and Communication Systems. Vol. 1, No.1/2, 119-130, 2005. [pdf online version]

                      Wang, Yinhai and Nancy L. Nihan. “Dynamic Estimation of Freeway Large Truck Volume Based on Single Loop
                      Measurements.” Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations, Vol. 8 (3),
                      133-141, 2004. [pdf draft]

                      Wang, Yinhai and Nancy L. Nihan. “Estimating the Risk of Collisions between Bicycles and Automobiles at
                      Signalized Intersections.” Accident Analysis and Prevention 36(3), 313-321, 2004. [pdf draft]

                      Zhang, Xiaoping, Yinhai Wang, Nancy L. Nihan, and Mark Hallenbeck. “Development of a System for Collecting
                      Loop Detector Event Data for Individual Vehicles.” Transportation Research Record, No. 1855, 168-175, 2003. [pdf

                      Wang, Yinhai, Hitoshi Ieda, and Fred L. Mannering. “Estimating Rear-End Accident Probabilities at Signalized
                      Intersections: An Occurrence-Mechanism Approach.” ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 129(4), 1-
                      8, 2003. [pdf draft]
Name                  Hui Liu
Position              Professor
Department            Electrical Engineering
College               College of Engineering
Contact info.         307P EEB
                      Box 352500
                      University of Washington
                      Seattle, WA 98195
                      Phone: (206) 543-2054
Research Field        OFDMA-based broadband mobile networks, Structured dirty paper precoder, Multi-rate,
                      multi-length LDPC codes, WiMAX system-on-a-chip
Recent Publications   Hongxiang Li and Hui Liu, "Schemes for Multicarrier Broadcast and Unicast Hybrid Systems," IEEE Trans on
                      Wireless Communications, accepted, 2007

                      Younsun Kim and Hui Liu, "Infrastructure Relay Transmission with Cooperative MIMO," IEEE Transactions on
                      Vehicular Technology, accepted, Oct. 2007

                      Bin Liu, Hui Liu, and Sumit Roy, "DPC-based Hierarchical Broadcasting: Design and Implementation," IEEE
                      Transactions on Vehicular Technology, accepted, Oct. 2007

                      Hongxiang Li and Hui Liu, "An Analysis on Uplink OFDMA Optimality," IEEE Trans on Wireless
                      Communications, vol 6, no. 8 pp 2972-2983, August 2007

                      Lei Yang, Hui Liu, and Richard Shi, "Construction and VLSI implementation of capacity-approaching low-error-
                      floor multi-rate LDPC codes," IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems, vol. 53, no. 4, pp 892-904, April 2006

                      Didem Kivanc, Guoqing Li, and Hui Liu, "Computationally efficient bandwidth allocation and power control for an
                      OFDMA system," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, pp 1150-1158, November 2003

                      G. Xing, M. Shen, and H. Liu, "Frequency offset and I/Q imbalance compensation for direct-conversion receivers,"
                      IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 673-680, March 2005

                      Manyuan Shen, Guoqing Li, and H. Liu, "Effect of Traffic Channel Configuration on OFDMA Uplink Performance,"
                      IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications, vol. 4, no. 4, pp 1901-1913, July 2005

                      B. Suard, G. Xu, H. Liu and T. Kailath, "Channel capacity of space-division-multiple-access schemes," IEEE Trans.
                      on Information Theory, IT-44 (4), 1998

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                      Letters, CL-2 (4), 1998

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                      Trans. on Communications, COM-44(10), pages 1346-1354, November 1996

                      G. Xu, H. Liu, L. Tong, and T. Kailath, ``A Least-Squares Approach to Blind Channel Identification," IEEE Trans.
                      on Signal Processing, SP-43(12), pages 2982-2993, December 1995.
Name                  Wenqing Xu
Position              Associate Professor
Department            Biological Structure
Contact info.         (206) 221-5609


Research Field        Wnt signaling pathway, PP2A and PP2A complexes
Recent Publications   Xing, Y., Takemaru, K.I., Liu, J., Jason D. Berndt, J.D., Zheng, J., Moon, R.T. and Xu, W. Crystal structure of a full-
                      length -catenin. Structure, in press.

                      Cho, U., Morrone, S., Sablina, A.A., Arroyo, J.D., Hahn, W.C. and Xu, W. (2007). Structural basis of PP2A
                      inhibition by small t antigen. PLoS Biology 5, 1810-1819.

                      Cho, U., and Xu, W. (2007). Crystal structure of a protein phosphatase 2A heterotrimeric holoenzyme. Nature
                      (Article), 445, 53-57.

                      Sampietro, S., Dahlberg, C.L., Cho, U.S., Hinds, T.R., Kimelman, D., and Xu, W. (2006). Crystal Structure of a -
                      catenin/BCL9/Tcf4 Complex. Molecular Cell, 24, 293-300.

                      Kimelman, D., and Xu, W. (2006). The -catenin destruction complex: insights and questions from a structural
                      perspective (review). Oncogene, 25, 7482-7491.

                      Liu, J., Xing, Y., Hinds, T.R., Zheng. J., Xu, W. (2006). The third 20 amino acid repeat is the tightest binding site of
                      APC for -catenin. Journal of Molecular Biology. 360, 133-144.

                      Cho, U., Bader, M., Amaya, M. F., Delay, M. E., Klevit, K., Miller, S., and Xu, W. (2006). Metal Bridges between
                      the PhoQ Sensor Domain and the Membrane Regulate Transmembrane Signaling. Journal of Molecular Biology.
                      356, 1193-1206.

                      Zhu, Y., Huang, W., Lee, S.K. and Xu, W. (2005). Crystal structure of a polyphosphate kinase and its implications
                      for polyphosphate synthesis. EMBO Reports, 6, 681-687.

                      Bader, M. W., Sanowar, S., Daley, M. E., Schneider, A. R., Cho, U., Xu, W., Klevit, R. E., Le Moual, H., Miller, S.
                      I. (2005). Recognition of Antimicrobial Peptides by a Bacterial Sensor Kinase. Cell, 122, 461-472.

                      Xing, Y., Clements, W.K., Le Trong, I., Hinds, T.R., Stenkamp, R., Kimelman, D. and Xu, W. (2004). Crystal
                      structure of a -catenin/APC complex reveals a critical role for APC phosphorylation in APC function. Molecular
                      Cell. 15, 523-533. (cover story)

                      Xing, Y., Liu, D., Zhang, R., Joachimiak, A., Songyang, Z. and Xu, W. (2004). Structural basis of membrane
                      targeting by the phox homology domain of cytokine-independent survival kinase (CISK-PX). Journal of Biological
                      Chemistry. 279, 30662-30669.

                      Xing, Y., Clements, W., Kimelman, D. and Xu, W. (2003). Crystal structure of a beta-catenin/Axin complex suggests
                      a mechanism for the beta-catenin destruction complex. Genes & Development, 17, 2753-2764. (cover story)

                      Graham, T., Clements, W., Kimelman, D., Xu, W. (2002). Crystal structure of the beta-catenin/ICAT complex
                      reveals a inhibitory mechanism of Wnt signaling pathway. Molecular Cell, 10, 563-571.
Name                  Yongpin Zhou
Position              Associate Professor
Department            Information Systems and Operations Management
College               Business
Contact info.         Box 353200
                      University of Washington Business School
                      Seattle, WA 98195-3200
                      Office: MacKenzie Hall 344
                      Phone: 206.221.5324
                      Fax:      206.543.3968


Research Field               Service Operations Management (call centers, quality-related issues, etc.)
                             Supply Chain Management (supply chain design, cross-docking, etc.)
                             Operations/Marketing interface issues (inventory, pricing, etc.)
                             Operations/IT interface issues (capacity, incentive, etc.)
                             Stochastic Models, Queueing Applications, Markov Decision Processes
                             Human Resource Issues in Operations (turnover, learning)

Recent Publications   "Managing Learning and Turnover in Employee Staffing," with N. Gans, Operations
                      Research, 50(6) Nov-Dec, 2002.
                      "A Call-Routing Problem with Service-Level Constraints," with N. Gans, Operations
                      Research, 51(2) Mar-Apr, 2003.
                      "A Routing Problem for Call Centers with Customer Callbacks after Service Failure," with F.
                      de Véricourt, Operations Research, 53(6), Nov-Dec 2005..
                      "On the Incomplete Results for the Heterogeneous Server Problem," with F. de Véricourt,
                      Queueing Systems, 52(3), March 2006.
                      "Incorporating Satisfaction into Customer Value Analysis: Optimal Investment in Life-Time
                      Value", with T. Ho and Y.-H. Park, Marketing Science, 25(3), May-June 2006.
                      Coordinated Replenishment and Shipping Strategies in Inventory/Distribution Systems," with
                      M. Gurbuz and K. Moinzadeh. Management Science, 53(2), February 2007.
                      "Call Routing Schemes for Call-Center Outsourcing," with N. Gans. Manufacturing &
                      Service Operations Management, 9(1), Winter 2007.
                      "Call Center Outsourcing: Coordinating Staffing Level and Service Quality", with J. Ren.
                      Management Science, 54(2), February 2008.
                      "Incorporating Delay Mechanism in Ordering Policies in Multi-Echelon Distribution
                      Systems," with K. Moinzadeh. IIE Transactions, 40(4), 2008.
                      "On the Sizing and Grouping of Peer-to-Peer Networks," with Y.-M. Li and Y.
                      Tan. Forthcoming, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
Name                  Yong Tan
Position              Associate Professor
Department            Information Systems and Operations Management
College               Foster School of Business
Contact info.         Box 353200
                      Seattle, WA 98195-3200
                      Office: MacKenzie 368
                      TEL: (206) 616-6785
                      FAX: (206) 543-3968

Research Field          Peer-to-peer network evolution
                        Social networks
                        Open source software development
                        Information security
                        Digital content distribution channels
                        Economics of Internet interconnectivity
                        Online trust management
                        Pricing of Internet services

Recent Publications    1.    “Analysis of a Least Recently Used Cache Management Policy for Web Browsers,”
                             with V.S. Mookerjee, Operations Research, 50(2), 345-357, 2002.
                       2.    “Optimal Processing Policies for an E-Commerce Web Server,” with V.S. Mookerjee
                             and K. Moinzadeh, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 17(1), 99-110, 2005.
                       3.    “Evaluation and Design of Online Cooperative Feedback Mechanism for Reputation
                             Management,” with M. Fan and A.B. Whinston, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and
                             Data Engineering, 17(2), 244-254, 2005.
                       4.    “Comparing Uniform and Flexible Policies for Software Maintenance and
                             Replacement,” with V.S. Mookerjee, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering,
                             31(3), 238-255, 2005.
                       5.    “Economic Control and Inspection Policies for High-Speed Production Systems,” with
                             K. Moinzadeh, IIE Transactions, 37(8), 711-724, 2005.
                       6.    “Allocating Spending between Advertising and Information Technology in Electronic
                             Retailing,” with V.S. Mookerjee, Management Science, 51(8), 1236-1249, 2005.
                       7.    “An Economic Analysis of Interconnection Arrangements Between Internet Backbone
                             Providers,” with I.R. Chiang and V.S. Mookerjee, Operations Research, 54(4) 776-788,
                       8.    “Analyzing Document-Duplication Effects on Policies for Browser and Proxy
                             Caching,” with Y. Ji and V.S. Mookerjee, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 18(4)
                             506-522, 2006.
                       9.    “Pricing Communication Services with Delay Guarantee,” with Z. Zhang and D. Dey,
                             INFORMS Journal on Computing, 19(2) 248-260, 2007.
                       10.   “Price and QoS Competition in Communication Services,” with Z. Zhang and D. Dey,
                             European Journal of Operational Research, 187(3) 871-886, 2008.
                       11.   “Analysis of Scale Effects in Peer-to-Peer Networks,” with Y.-M. Li and Y.-P. Zhou,
                             IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 16(3) 590-602, 2008.
                       12.   “Diffusion Models for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Media Distribution: On the Impact of
                             Decentralized, Constrained Supply,” with K. Hosanagar and P. Han, Information
                             Systems Research, forthcoming.
                       13.   “An Admission-Control Technique for Delay Reduction in Proxy Caching,” with C.
                             Kaya, G. Zhang and V.S. Mookerjee, Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.
                       14.   “Service Differentiation and Price Competition in Web Services,” with Z. Zhang and
                             D. Dey, Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.
Name                  Xiaosong Li
Position              Assistant Professor
Department            Chemistry
College               Arts and Science
Contact info.         Office: Bagley 307, Theory Suite
                      (206) 685-1804


Research Field        developing and applying electronic structure theories and ab initio molecular dynamics for
                      studying properties and reactions, in particular non-adiabatic reactions that take place in large
                      systems, such as polymers, biomolecules, and clusters

Recent Publications           C. M. Isborn and X. Li, “Modeling the Doubly-Excited State with Time-Dependent
                               Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theories”, J. Chem. Phys., submitted
                               (estimated publication date: Oct. 2008).
                              C. M. Isborn, S. Kilina, X. Li, and O. Prezhdo, “Calculation of Two Electron
                               Excitations in PbSe and CdSe Quantum Dots”, J. Phys. Chem. A, submitted
                               (estimated publication date: Nov. 2008).
                              E. Badaeva, Y. Feng, and X. Li, “Density Functional Direct Dynamics of
                               Intramolecular Proton Transfer: Exploring a Purely Classical Mechanism”, J. Phys.
                               Chem. A, submitted (estimated publication date: Nov. 2008).
                              C. L. Moss and X. Li, “First Order Simultaneous Optimization of Molecular
                               Geometry and Electronic Wave Function”, J. Chem. Phys., in press (estimated
                               publication date: Aug. 2008). (download the input coordinates of test molecules)
                              Davies, J. A.; Elangovan, A.; Sullivan, P. A.; Olbricht, B. C.; Bale, D. H.; Ewy, E.
                               R.; Isborn, C. M.; Eichinger, B. E.; Robinson, B. H.; Reid, P. J.; Li, X.; Dalton, L.
                               R., “Rational Enhancement of Second-order Nonlinearity: Bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-
                               heteroaryl-amino Donor–Based Chromophores – Design, Synthesis and Electro-
                               optic Activity”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., in press (estimated publication date: Aug. 2008).
                              Badaeva, E., Feng, Y., Gamelin, D. R., Li, X., "Theoretical Investigations of ZnO
                               Quantum Dots: Comparison of Different Density Functionals", New J. Phys, 2008 ,
                               10, 055013.
                              Wustholz, K. L., Bott, E. D., Isborn, C. M., Li, X., Kahr, B., Reid, P. J., “Dispersive
                               Kinetics from Single-Molecules Oriented in Single Crystals of Potassium Acid”, J.
                               Phys. Chem. C, 2007, 111:9146.
                              Isborn, C. M., Li, X., and Tully, J. C., "TDDFT Ehrenfest Dynamics: Collisions
                               between Atomic Oxygen and Graphite Clusters". J. Chem. Phys., 2007.126:134307
                              Li, X. and Tully, J. C., "Ab Initio Time Resolved Density Functional Theory for
                               Lifetimes of Excited Adsorbate States at Metal Surfaces". Chem. Phys. Lett., 2007.
                              Smith, S. M., Li, X., Markevitch, A. N., Romanov, D. A., Levis, R. J., and Schlegel,
                               H. B., “A Numerical Simulation of Non-adiabatic Electron Excitation in the Strong-
                               Field Regime: 3. Polyacene Neutrals and Cations”. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2007.
                              Schlegel, H. B., Smith, S. M., and Li, X., “Electronic Optical Response of Molecules
                               in Intense Fields: Comparison of TD-HF, TD-CIS and TD-CIS(D) Approaches”. J.
                               Chem. Phys., 2007. 126: 244110.

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