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									                                Teen Leadership Skills

     What makes leaders stand out, and how can teens learn about them?
      For teens to develop into successful leaders, it is important to learn everything that goes into
effective leadership. Therefore, qualities of leadership are essential for teens to study.
     Leaders Share the Same Attributes
     Just as there are different types of personalities, there are different kinds of leaders.
However, they tend to share the same attributes in general, which have helped them become
     These leadership qualities have helped them to have a positive effect on people, accomplish
goals, inspire others, build team chemistry, gain support for ideas, make decisions, build trust,
and handle responsibilities, among other results. Some of the primary qualities leaders have in
common include character, vision, focus, and persistence.
     Character Building
      Character is important for teens to learn about, as leaders must possess this trait in order to
gain the trust and respect of others. To build a solid reputation requires a certain degree of
integrity and strength, and these are developed over time. It is embodied in standards, and one
company motto gave a good example of it saying "We Stand Behind Everything We Sell."
     The Importance of Having Vision
     Teens must also learn the leadership skill of creating a vision - the ability to see a possible
outcome from setting plans in motion. Leaders need to have vision in order to communicate to
and motivate people to attain accomplishments that they may not have thought were possible or
had not even considered working toward. An example of someone with great vision is Bill Gates,
who created and developed Microsoft.
     Keeping Your Focus
      Focus is also a leadership skill. It allows someone to set aside distractions, and concentrate
on priorities and the task at hand. It is an important trait for teens to learn, as they deal with
many distractions in their lives. With focus, a person and his or her team can reach their goals in
spite of difficulties or problems.
     This is necessary in any area, including companies and governments. An individual with
great focus is Michael Jordan, who won multiple basketball championships, and willed his team to
win by making those difficult last second shots.
     Persistence is Key
      Another essential leadership skill for effective leaders is persistence, and training in this
quality would benefit all teens. The saying goes, "Nothing great was ever accomplished without
persistence." It is the ability to continue working on a mission or goal until it is achieved,
regardless of obstacles or setbacks. This quality is needed for leaders who all experience
challenges in their work.
       Prime examples of persistence include Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb after
1,000 failures, and Abraham Lincoln, who became President after several defeats and personal
     Developing Qualities is a Process
      Learning about leadership qualities is an important aspect of leadership training that can
benefit teens. Leaders share common traits, and to find out about them allows teens to work on
those attributes themselves. Teens can research different leaders, and find and model their
positive traits. In doing so, they will be on the path of good leadership.

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