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Document Sample

1: GUI stands for

A) General User Interface B) Graphical Union Interface

C) Graphical User Interface D) General User Icon

2. File names in Windows can be as long as No. of characters

A) 25 B) 80 C) 128 D) 255

3. A program icon represents

A) Worksheet created by the user B) Pictures created by the user

C) An application program D) A directory containing a set of icons

4. In the following documents

A) Word for Windows 6.0 B) Rich Text Format C) Text Document
D) Anyone of these

5. The command to delete a column in the table is

A) Table-+Delete B) Table-+Delete-+ColumnsC) Table-+Delete
ColumnsD) None of these

6. A template is a

A) Copy of an existing document B) Predefined format of a

C) Special name of a file D) None of these
7. The number of views in MS-WORD are

A) 3 B) 5 C) 6 D) 7

8. To edit a clip art picture. after choosing the picture, select the
following :

A) Draw > Ungroup B) Insert > Picture > Clip ArtC) Insert >
Picture > PictureD) None of these

9. Multiple files, from recycle bin can be selected by using the
following key combination

A) Control + Tab B) Control +Click C) Tab +Click D) Alt+Tab

10. The binary equivalent of 65 is (10)

A) 1000000(2) B) 100001 (2) C) 100000(2) D) 0100001(2)

11. In binary system, if the total number of zero's and one's is
eight, then it is called as

A) Bit B) Byte C) Nibble D) Word

12. DOS command 'TYPE' does the following

A) Allows user to type the contents of a file B) Allows user to
view the contents of a file

C) Displays the files of a directory D) None of these

13. Loading operating system into RAM is called

A) Viewing B) Opening C) Booting D) Saving
14. A copy of deleted folder and files is saved in

A) My Computer B) Windows Explorer C) Recycle Bin D) All of

15. While multitasking, following switches between applications

A) Shift + Tab B) Alt+Tab C) Control + Tab D) Control+Alt+Tab

16. Following is a quickest way to create a presentation

A) Auto content wizard B) Template C) Blank Presentation D)
Anyone of these

17. Power Point slides are saved with an extension


18. The function to go to a specific page, section or line in the
document in MS-WORD is


19. While typing text in MS-WORD, when the right margin is
encountered, the insertion point automatically
returns to the next line. This feature is called

A) Formatting B) Alignment C) Drop Cap D) Word Wrap

20. A wall paper is a

A) Special name of a file B) Printout of a picture C) Picture
displayed on the desktop

D) Text, whose copies have to be taken
21. Collapsing an outline in POWER POINT means

A) Deleting body text B) Hiding body text and slide titles

C) Hiding only slide titles D) Hiding only body text

22. Flip/Rotate option in the image menu, in MS- PAINT

A) Flips any selected portion of the picture B) Flips the picture
only vertically

C) Flips only horizontally D) The option doesn't exist at all

23. Pictures created using MS-PAINT are saved with the extension


24. In Windows, default decimal separator is

A) A space B) A comma C) A period D) None of these

25. An icon is a

A) Special file name B) Small graphical picture on the screen

C) A DOS command D) None of these

26. Total number of different bullets that can be applied to a text in

A) 5 B) 7 C) 8 D) 9

27. Which of the following is NOT a feature supported by WORD
A) Print preview B) Spell check C) Bullet marks for paragraphs

D) Right alignment

28. The options for displaying or removing tool bars, we use menu
option, in MS-WORD

A) Edit B) Format C) View D) Help

29. The resolution of SVGA is

A) 640 x 340 B) 640 x 200 C) 720 x 350 D) 1024 x 768

30. To correct a text as a user types, without having to press any
other keys, the following is used in

h Windows

A) Insert-+Auto Text-+Auto Text B) Tools-+Auto Correct

C) Spelling and Grarnmar-+Auto Correct D) Anyone of the above

31. Total number of different bullets that can be applied to a text in

A) 5 B) 7 C) 8 D) 9

32. Which of the following is NOT a system software ?

A) Operating System B) Compiler C) Interpreter D) VC+ +

33. The topology where there is a central server to which other
nodes are connected via separate cables is
IA) Ring topology r B) Star topology C) Bus topology D) None of

34. Data is collected and processed immediately in

A) Offline processing B) Booting C) On line processing D) Pears
to pear topology

35. MODEM speed is measured in

A) MIPS B) CPS C) BPS D) None of these

36. The following feature is NOT supported by NOTE PAD

A) Typing and editing of text B) Word wrapping C) Page setup D)

37. CASCADE mode arranges the open application Windows

A) Side by side B) One below the other C) One behind the other
D) None of these

38. Screen save option is available in

A) Control Panel-. Appearance B) Control Panel-. Display-.

C) Control Panel-. Display-. Screen saver D) Control Panel-.
Screen Saver-. Screen saver

39. The extension for a template file is e?

40. Legend in a graph in POWER POINT explains to

A) Type of the graph B) Label of the graph C) A type of slide

D) Colour scheme used in the graph

41. A translating program, which converts high level language into
machine level language is

A) Linker B) Assembler C) Interpreter D) Connector

42. CPU stands for

A) Computer Peripheral Unit B) Central Processing Unit

C) Computer Processing Unit D) Control Processing Unit

43. To print multiple copies of a circular, the best option in MS-
WORD is by

A) Print from file menu B) Word Art C) Mail merge D) None of

44. INFORMIX is a

A) High Level Language B) Machine Level Language C)
Assembly Level Language D) HGL

45. The result of(1111) 2x (1111) 2is ( ) ( )

A) 11000001(2) B) 11100001(2) C) 11000011(2) D) 11111001(2 )

46. The ROM that can be erased by exposing to UV rays is
A) PROM B) EPROM C) EEPROM D) All of these

47. Appending a record means

A) Adding new records to a file B) Deleting existing records of a

C) Editing existing records of a file D) Anyone of the above

48. Drop Cap option is available in MS-WORD's

A) Format menu B) View menu C) Window menu D) Edit menu

49. ' Regional Settings' option is available in

A) Programs B) Control panel C) Accessories D) Windows

50. To display the tool bar, the option is

A) Edit-+Tool Bar B) View-+Tool Bar C) Format-+Tool Bar D)
Format-+Tools-+Tool Bar

51. Covering a small slot in the floppy jacket makes it

A) Write protected B) Read protected C) Out of access D) None of

52. Pick the ODDMAN out

A) Hard Disk B) Compact Disk C) ROM D) Magnetic Tape

53. The result of (1111)(2) + (0100)(2) is
A) Both quotient and remainder are 11 2 B) Quotient is 11(2 and
remainder is 18)2

C) Quotient is 10(2~ and remainder is 11:2~ D) None of these

54. NETSCAPE is a

A) Web site B) Web Page C) Web Browser D) Protocol

55. To specify task bar settings, select

A) Start-+Contro1 Pane1-+Disp1ay B) Start-+Task Bar

C) Start-+Task Bar-+Settings D) Start-+Settings-+Task Bar

56. Computer is a device which performs

A) Arithmetic operations only B) Arithmetic and logic operations

C) Any well instructed task in binary only D) Both (B) and (C)

57. The facility to reduce the task bar to a thin line when the task
bar or start button is NOT in use is

A) Auto Correct B) Minimize C) Hide D) Auto hide

58. The decimal equivalent of (11001)(2) is

A) 15 B) 25 C) 32 D) 31

59. 'PAINT-CAN' in MS-PAINT fills

A) Full area with foreground color B) Any enclosed area with
background color
C) Full area with background color D) Any enclosed area with the
foreground color

60. The following is used to make telephone calls from the

A) Phone dialler B) Phone dialler along with a modem

C) Note pad with a phone dialler D) Not possible to call at all

61. The executable file for control panel is


62. In k~yboard properties, the default character repeat rate IS

A) At slow speed B) At medium speed C) At fast speed D) Anyone
of these

63. It is possible to search for a file, if

A) The date on which it is created or edited is known B) Its author
is known

C) Its dot extension is known D) Its content is known

64. The following will exit from WORD PAD

A) Pressing ALT + F4 B) Selecting exit from file menu

C) Clicking the close button D) Anyone of the above
65. The' ADD' option of 'Spelling and Grammar' option in the
standard tool bar of MS-WORD

A) Stores a specified word in the dictionary B) Adds the contents
of one file to another

C) Adds the specified word into the document from dictionary

D) None of these

66. While working with WORD PAD, the following action takes
the cursor to the right one word

A) - B) .END C) CTRL+ - D) None of these

67. Pick the ODDMAN out


68. A 'Network of Networks' is

A) Intranet B) Internet C) LAN D) WAN

69. WINDOWS 98 suppons

A) Creating web pages B) Plug and play C) Multitasking D) All

70. The following will take the insenion point to the previous page

A) CTRL t B) Pg Up C) CTRL Pg Up D) CTRL ALT Pg Up

1. F~ is a form within a form

A) Main Form B) Sub Form C) Mini Form D) None

2. A custom form can be created by the user using

A) Wizard B) Preview C) Design View D) None

3. The input mask for password field is

A) **** B) aaaa C) NULL D) 0000

4. is an interface through which user interacts with the application

A) Row B) Report C) Form D) None

5. A dynaset is --

A) Query B) A subset of data retrieved by query C) Dynamic D)

6. The default length of text field type is

A) 255 B) 64 C) 50 D) None

7. The mainframe application is responsible for

A) User interaction B) Management of data C) Both A and B D)
8. On which of the following types of computer system, we cannot
run data base?

A) Centralized B) Personal Computer C) Distributed D) None of
the above

9. To share data in a LAN users store files on

A) PC B) Server C) Client D) None

10. A terminal that has no processing capabilities

A) Dumb terminal B) Server C) Client terminal D) All of the

11. When a DBMS is run on PC. the PC acts as

A) Host Computer B) The terminal C) Both A and B D) None

12. Independent personal work stations are popular because

A) The data on PC's is readily available to all users

B) Easy to share the data C) Both A and B D) None

13. Client server computing is also called as

A) Distributed application processing

B) Cooperative application processing C) Both A and B D) None

14. Data Base servers concentrate on following task

A) Controlling database access and other security requirements
B) Protecting data base information C) Both A and B D) None

15. Client/Server database system focuses on following job

A) Validating data entry B) Managing database C) Both A and B
D) None

16. The major disadvantage of client/server system is

A) Increased cost B) Slow C) Maintenance D) All of the above

17. The server portion of a client/server application is referred to as

A) Front End B) Back End C) Both A and B D) None

18. Application servers are commonly implemented using


19. The client portion is also called as

A) Back End B) Memory C) Front End D) None

20. These are the building blocks of relational data base design

A) Attributes B) Relationships C) Entities D) All of the above

21. Logical linkage between two entities are described using

A) Instance B) Relationship C) Both A and B D) None

22. The cardinality of a relationship is either

A) One to one B) One to many C) Many to many D) All the above
23. Column constrins used in a data base design are

A) Not null B) Duplicate C) Change D) All the above

24. Entities are physically represented in an M~ ACCESS by -'\

A) Column B) Tables C) Both A and B D) None

25. Foreign keys in identifying relationships cannot contain

A) Primary key B) Candidate key C) Null values D) All the above

26. In one to many relationship one primary key value corresponds

A) One foreign key value B) Multiple foreign key value C) Both A
and B D) None

27. In one to one relationship one primary key value corresponds

A) One foreign key value B) Two foreign key value C) Multiple
foreign key value

D) All the above I

28. There are number of normal forms

A) Four B) Six C) Five D) None

29. Normalization of data base ensures the following

A) Dependencies between data are identified B) Redundant data is
C) Both A and B D) None

30. The purpose of INF is to

A) Remove redundancy B) To eliminate repeating groups of
attributes in an entity

C) Both A and B D) None

31. The purpose of 2NF is to .

A) Make each attribute in an entity must depend on the whole key

B) Eliminate partial key dependencies C) Both A and B D) None

32. MS-ACCESS is

A) Distributed data base management system B) Relational data
base management system

C) Both A and B D) None

33. The data base will have following extension

A) .DBA B) .MDB C) .BASE D) None

34. Queries are used to

A) Change the data B) View the data C) Analyze the data D) All
the above

35. MS-ACCESS contains

A) Query wizard B) Form wizard C) Both A and B D) None
36. Reports are used to

A) View the data B) Print the data C) Both A and B D) None

37. executes one or more data base commands automatically when
it is executed

A) Modules B) Macro C) Query D) None

38. To create new database, select

A) Blank database B) Database wizard C) Either A or B D) None

39. dialog asks for a database name

A) File name data base B) File new data base C) Blank data base
D) None

40. are the primary building blocks of any access data base

A) Queries B) Forms C) Tables D) Macros

41. Which type of field holds an unlimited amount of text?

A) Text B) Currency C) Memo D) None

42. Which type of field is used to indicate money values along
with any number?

A) Number B) Auto Number C) Currency D) Memo

43. Which type of field cannot be updated or edited?

A) Text B) Memo C) Currency D) Auto Number
44. To switch between the properties panel and the main panel
which key from the keyboard is used?

A) F5 B) F6 e C) F4 D) F7

45. Which property is used as the heading of the fields column in
data sheet view?

A) Field Name B) Field size C) Format D) Caption

46. Which property applies to text and number field only?

A) Format B) Field size C) Field name D) Caption

47. field(s) cannot be used as primary key

A) Memo B) OLE object C) Auto Number D) Both A and B

48. A tabular report shows the records as listing

A) Row B) Column C) Tabular D) None

49. If a report of selected records is needed the best way to do it
would be to place the report on a

A) Query B) Wizard C) List D) None

50. Label wizard is used to

A) Change the columns B) Change rows C) Generate mailing
labels D) None

51. The chart must be created as a part of

A) Form or Report B) Wizard C) List D) None
52. Compacting database is performed to

A) Set Password B) Remove unused disk space C) Document a
data base D) None

53. Which of the following is NOT the role of database '.

A) Set data base security B) Repair data base C) Database
replication D) Application programming

54. To find the total of a particular column in a table with
aggregate function used in the query is


55. The short key to open a data base from the file menu of MS-


56. The format symbol to display contents in lower case is

A) > B) < C) < = D) None

57. The format symbol to display the contents in upper case is

A) < B) > C) >= D) None

58. The format symbol displays "NULL" if empty is

A) Null B) $"NULL" C) #"NULL" D) None

59. The format symbol 'Right Aligns Text' in column is
A) > B) $ C) # D) None

60. The format symbol display "Not Entered" if the field is empty

A) "Not Entered" B) $"Not Entered" C) #"Not Entered " D) None

61. The input mask for displaying a pincode field with a space in
the middle is

A) 999 999 B) XXX XXX C) 000 000 D) None

62. Which of the following is an invalid date value?

A) May 23, 1975 B) 23-May-1975 C) 23/05/75 D) DEC 199926

63. The field name can be up to -characters

A) 256 B) 64 C) 32 D) No limit

64. Which of the following field type cannot be indexed?

A) Memo B) Float C) Date D) Text

65. Anew table can be created using

A) Table wizard B) Data Sheet View C) Both A and B D) None

66. You can make changes to a table's design in

A) Design view B) Data sheet view C) Either A or B D) None

67. Anew table can be created using
A) Import option B) Record option C) Either A or B D) None

68. To change column width we use

A) File menu B) Format menu C) Both A and B D) Either A or B

69. Data base wizard is initiated by clicking

A) New Data base B) CTRL+O C) Shift + F2 D) All the above

70. A form is created using

A) Form wizard B) Auto Form C) Both A and B D) Either A or B


1. Can the company information be altered without selecting the
company ?

A) No B) Yes C) Can't say D) None of the above

2. Which option allows you to set a password to the company,
when creating a company ?

A) Use system control B) Use security control C) Use password
control D) None of the above

3. Select the primary group from the following
A) Loans and advances B) Sundry creditors C) Unsecured loans D)

4. Select the subgroup of loans from the following

A) Bank OD Accounts B) Sundry creditors C) Duties and taxes D)

5. Press key to close an opened company from gateway of TALLY

A) ALT+F6 B) ALT + F2 C) ALT+Fl D) ALT+F5

6. Can the financial year from and books beginning from dates be
different ?

A) No B) Yes C) Can't say D) None of the above

7. is a category where you group, stock items of different brands

A) Stock group B) Stock category C) Stock item D) None of the

8. To return the goods to supplier which note you use?

A) Sales return B) Stock return C) Purchase return D) None of the

9. How do you create a stock item ?

A) From Gateway of TALLY choose Inventory Info> Stock-Item
> Single Create

B) From Gateway of TALLY choose Accounts Info > Voucher-
Type > Create
C) From Gateway of TALLY choose Voucher Entry> Purchase

D) None of the above

10. Which section deals with additional fields you would input
during creation of a stock item ?

A) Advanced usage B) Part No C) Category D) Alternate Units

11. Name an advanced language with which you can create new
reports and screens

A) VATL B) TDL C) DLR D) None of the above

12. Name the accounts related to intangible and invisible things
which do not have a specified shape

A) Personal accounts B) Nominal accounts C) Real accounts D)
None of the above

13. Pressing the function key one can enter a payment voucher

A) F4 B) F2 C) F1 D) FS

14. What is the debit account of receipt voucher ?

A) Ledger account B) An expense account C) Cash account or any
bank account

D) None of the above

15. Which voucher is used for entering sale of fixed assets ?
A) Sales voucher B) Payment voucher C) Receipt voucher D)
Purchase voucher

16. is used to enter the transaction related to purchase returns or
when a customer is short billed

A) Credit Note B) Debit Note C) Credit & debit D) None of the

17. Which voucher is used to transfer of materials ?

A) Journal voucher B) Stock journal C) Sales voucher D) None of
the above

18. Every payment voucher has 2 accounts and

A) Debit and Credit B) Receivable and Payables C) Purchase &
Sales D) None of the above

19. An invoice is a

A) Sales Bill B) Receipt C) Quotate D) None of the above

20. Which type of voucher is used to make the entry of sales return

A) Credit Note B) Debit Note C) Credit & debit D) None of the

21. Which type of voucher is used to make the entry of transaction
related to the suspense payments ?

A) Purchase voucher B) Payment voucher C) Memo voucher D)
Journal voucher
22. Which type of voucher you pass to enter the actua\ stock of
items in the godown ?

A) Journal voucher B) Purchase voucher C) Stock voucher D)
Physical stock voucher

23. How to display the vouchers entered ?

A) Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Type B) Gateway
of Tally > Voucher Entry > Sales

C) Gateway of Tally > Display > Daybook D) None of the above

24. voucher you pass for entering the purchase of fixed assets by
making a cheque payment

A) Purchase voucher B) Journal voucher C) Payment voucher D)
Receipt voucher

25. Which report will show the financial position of the company ?

A) Ledger accounts B) Balance sheet C) Sales account D) None of
the above

26. Name one accounting report that can be displayed or printed in

A) Stock Item Report B) Cash Book C) Physical stock register , D)
None of the above 1

27. Which report will display a list of all vouchers ,..- ;1 entered ?

A) Day Book B) Cash Book C) Bank Book D) None of the above
28. Personal accounts is related to

A) Persons B) Intangible and visible things such as cash, all types
.of assets

C) Intangible and invisible things, which do not have specified
shape D) None of the above

29. How to delete a voucher ?

A) Display the voucher and press ALT + D B) Display the voucher
and press DEL

C) Display the voucher and press ALT + F 1 D) None of the above

30. The report displays the working capital analysis of the

A) Cash Flow B) Funds Flow C) Cash and Funds D) None of the

31. Which of the following is NOT a spreadsheet package ?


32. What is the function of namebox ?

A) Displays different options for selection B) Displays the cell

C) Displays the sheet names D) Displays the address of current cell

33. The worksheet contains rows
A) 65534 B) 65536 C) 64434 D) 65436

34. What is CELL ?

A) Collection of rows B) Intersection of a column and a row C)
Collection of columns

D) None of the above

35. A cell can contain characters

A) 32000 B) 3200 C) 33000 D) 3300

36. ALT+PGDN will take you to

A) Previous sheet B) Down one screen C) Right one screen D)
First cell in the column

37. ____ in the cell can include any combination of letters,
numbers and keyboard symbols

A) Numbers B) Formulas C) Logical values D) Text

38. Which function key we have to press for making the correction
in cell content ?

A) Fl B) FS C) F3 D) F2

39. When the formula = B3*C3 in cell D3 is copied to E3, the
formula in E3 will be

A) =C3*D3 B) C3*D3 C) =D3*C3 D) D3*C3

40. When the formula = B$3*C$3 in cell D3 is copied to D4, it
will be
A) B$3*C$3 B) B3*C3 C) B$3*C3 D) B3*C$3

41. Name the function used for counting the number of cells that
are not empty in the specified range


42. The shortcut method for inserting current time is


43. DATE(91,1,3S) returns the Serial No. representing

A) February 1 1991 B) January 3 1991 C) February 4 1991 D)
None of the above

44. Name the function that converts first letter of each word in a
text string to uppercase and remaining letters to


45. The syntax of IF() condition is

A) IF (condition, false action) B) IF (condition, true action, false

C) IF (condition) D) None of the above

46. Select the operator which is NOT a cell reference type

A) Colon B) Comma C) Single space D) Semi colon
47. If the cell contains INSTITUTE, what is the result of =


48. Which cell format is used to specify the no. of decimals, the
currency symbol and how the negative numbers
to be displayed ?

A) Number format B) Accounting format C) Currency format D)
Percentage format

49. By default the cell content alignment is

A) Left Aligned , B) Right Aligned C) Text is right aligned and
numbers are left aligned

D) Text is left aligned and numbers are right aligned

50. Which format can be used to specify the number of decimals
and a currency symbol ?

A) Accounting format B) Data format C) Number format D) None
of the above

51. To quickly fill in the active cell with the contents of the cell
above it, press

A) CTRL+R B) CTRL+D C) CTRL+E D) None of the above

52. If the worksheet is renamed to JAN98, then it is named as

A) JAN98!Al B) JAN 98!Al C) 'JAN 98' ! Al D) None of the
53. is used to bring colorful effects to the text

A) Clip art B) Word art C) Bitmap picture D) None of the above

54. Suppose the cells A 1 to D 1 has to be summed from Sheet
name JAN96, FEB96 and MAR96 in Sheet 4,
1he formula is

 A.=SUM(SHEET1!Al:Dl ,SHEET2!Al :Dl,SHEET3!Al :1
 B.=SUM(' SHEET1' !Al :D 1, 'SHEET2 ' !Al :D 1, 'SHEET3 ,
 C.=SUM(JAN96!Al:Dl ;FEB96!Al :Dl,MAR96!Al:Dl)

D) =SUM(' JAN96' !Al :D 1, 'FEB96' !Al :Dl ,'MAR96'!Al : ,

55. Chartisa

A) Graphical presentation of data B) Textual representation of data

C) Symbolic representation of data D) None of the above

56. If a chart is included in the worksheet, what kind of chart is it ?

A) Embedded chart B) Chart sheet C) Worksheet D) None of the

57. is used to bring colorful effects to the text

A) Clipart B) Wordart C) Bitmap picture D) None of the above

58. An index of chart showing the color and type of symbol used to
represent the data series is a

A) Data Labels B) Data table C) Legend D) Grid Lines

59. is used to display the data below the chart
A) Data table B) Data labels C) Legend D) None of the above

60. The chart that contains the data series plotted using more than
one type of chart is a

A) Embedded chart B) Combination chart C) Chart sheet D) None
of the above

61. What is a database ?

 A.It is a collection of data arranged in rows
 B.It is a collection of data arranged in rows and columns

C) It is a collection of data arranged in columns D) None of the

62. helps you to display the records which meets a particular

A) Auto Fill B) Auto Filter C) Auto Shapes D) None of the above

63. External data base is

A) Databases created in EXCEL B) Databases created using
DBMS package

C) Databases created in MS-WORD D) None of the above

64. If one or more filters are set, what is the command for
removing the filter ?

A) Data > Filter > Advanced Filter B) Data > Filter > Auto Fill

C) Data > Filter > Auto Shapes D) Data > Filter > Auto Filter
65. is process of summarizing data from more than one source

A) Data consolidation B) Data validation C) Data Form D) None
of the above

66. What is the syntax of DFUNCTION ?

A) DFUNCTION(field, criteria) B) DFUNCTION(database,

C) DFUNCTION(database, field, criteria) D)
DFUNCTION(database, criteria, field)

67. A will display only the selected option in the list

A) Combobox B) Checkbox C) Option Button D) List box

68. What can be used when more than 2 sets of value have to be
changed ?

A) One input table B) Goal Seek C) Scenario Manager D) None of
the above

69. Generally where the legend is placed in a chart ?

A) On the right side B) On the left side C) On the top D) On the

70. Once the range name is specified how can it be deleted ?

A) Select Insert > Name > Define B) Select Insert > Name > Label

C) Select Insert > Name > Paste D) None of the above

1. VSNL stands for

A) Videsh Sanchar National Ltd B) Videsh Sanchar Network Ltd

C) Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd D) None of the above

2. Which of the following is false in defining internet?

A) It is a network of networks B) It is a place you can talk to
friends and family around the world

C) It is an ocean of resources waiting to be mined D) None of the

3. WWW stands for

A) World Wild Web B) Wide World Web C) World Wide Web D)
World Wide Wait

4. Search Engines are

A) A type of machine B) Web sites specialized to query the key
words you have provided
C) An engine used to search computer viruses D) None of the

5. Using the web browser, you can open the documents in

A) C + + B) Java C) Hyper Text Mark Up Language D) None of
the above

6. program makes the computer act as a terminal

A) Terminal Emulation Program B) Terminal Emulsion Program
C) Terminal Stimulation Program D) None of
the above

7. Modem speeds are measured in


8. Which of the following is NOT true ?

A) WWW and Internet are not the same B) WWW and Internet are
related and interdependent

C) The WWW resides on top of the Internet D) Internet is a
synonym for WWW

9. is widely known as the father of the WWW

A) Bjarne Strutoups B) Tim Thompson C) Tim Berness-Lee D)
None of the above

10. Which of the following is true ?
A) Web pages in WWW need to be related B) Each site has a
home page

C) The 'page' in web refers to a page in a notebook D) Web pages
must contain images

-II. The first piece of information in a URL describes

A) The name of the page B) The server's name C) The protocol

D) The directory where the file is existing server

.12. Which of the following things is false ?

A) Helper applications are always running B) Helper applications
are small programs

C) Helper applications require little memory D) Helper
applications typically run very quickly

13. IRC stands for

A) Indian Research Center B) Internet Research Center C) Internet
Relay Chat D) International Research Center

14. FTP applications are

A) Used to send e-mails B) A type of browser C) Used to
download and upload the files across the internet

D) None of the above

15. Full form of TCP/IP is
A) Transfer Control Process/Interrupt Proces B) Transmission
Control Protocol/Internet P

C) Transfer Central Protocol/Internet Protoc D) Transit Control
Protocol/Internet Protoco

16. PPP stands for

A) Point to Point Protocol B) Processor to Processor Protocol

C) Procedure to Procedure Protocol D) Process to Process Protocol

17. Which one among the following is the earliest and most
popular search engine ?

A) B) C)

18. DNS stands for

A) Domain Name System B) Distributed Name Service C) Domain
Name Service D) None of the above

19. Which of the following is false ?

A) Class A network can have maximum number of networks B)
Class A can have maximum number of nodes
per network

C) Class C can have maximum number of networks D) Number of
nodes per network in C is minimal

20. Which of the following is NOT a part of the Internet Advisory
Board ?
A) Internet Engineering Research Task Force B) Internet
Engineering Task Force

C) Internet Engineering Steering Group D) All are a part of IAB

21. The domain name for India is

A) ind B) indi C) in D) None of the above

22. The network address of all ones represents

A) This network B) This node C) All networks D) None of the

23. What is false regarding E-mail or Electronic mail ? \\

 A.E-mail can work only in a LAN
 B.E-mail is the exchange of messages and computer fields
between computers over a computer network

C) E-mail is much older than the web and more people use it

D) E-mail is instantaneous when compared to other messaging

24. In an E-mail ID, the 2 parts are the following in order from left

A) Personal name and your institution name B) Domain name and
personal name

C) Personal name and domain name D) None of the above

25. SMTP is
A) An outgoing Server B) An incoming server C) Both outgoing
and incoming server D) A nor B

26. E-mail through Internet Service Provider is available in India

A) 15th August 1993 B) 26th January 1995 C) 26th January 1993
D) 15th August 1995

27. ESP stands for

A) Entertainment Service Provider B) E-mail Service Provider

C) E-mail Service Protocol D) Ecomrnerce Service Provider

28. While sending a mail in Outlook Express

A) Cc address is necessary B) Bcc address is compulsory

C) To address and CC address are compulsory D) To address is

29. Which of the following is NOT a web based free e- mail
provider ?

A) B) C) D)

30.'"' ~iCh one of the following functions is NOT perfonned by
mail server ?

A) It stores the message when network traffic is low and transfers
it when the network traffic is high
B) It acts as a gateway or translator between the different types of
e-mail systems

C) It temporarily stores the e-mail messages D) It forwards the e-
mail messages to the next server

31. Which of the following will NOT be a part of valid URI ?

A) The naming scheme of the mechanism used to access the

B) The name of the machine hosting the resource

C) The name of the resource itself, given as a path D) The name of
the owner of the resource

32. HTML standards are controlled by

A) Microsoft B) Sun Micro Systems C) CERN D) WWW

33. The file extension of any HTML file is

A) .htm B) .html C) Either .htm or .html D) Neither .htm nor .html

34. A container tag is the one which consists of

A) A start tag B) An end tag C) Either a start tag or an end tag D)
Both a start tag & end tag

35. There are levels of heading in HTML

A) 4 B) 5 C) 6 D) There is no limit

36. A text can be made bold by
A) Only literal tags B) Only logical tags C) Neither literal nor
logical tags D) Either literal tags/logical tags

37. Which of the following values of ALIGN attribute is supported
by current graphical browsers for an IMG tag ?

A) "top" B) "top", "Middle", "bottom" C) "top", "center", "bottom"
D) "top","left","bottom","right","middle";

38. Which of the following tags is unique to Internet Explorer ?

A) <MARQUEE> </MARQUEE> B) <!-- -->


39. The symbol that identifies the HREF attribute as the name of a
NAME anchor rather than an address or
filename is

A) "&" B) "#" C) "$" D) "@"

40. The tag to give visual division between sections of the page,
and which causes the browser to draw an
embossed line is

A) <HL> B) <UR> C) < R > D) <HR>

41. is used to define a" cell" as a cell heading


C) <CH>...</CH> D) <CELLH > ...</CELLH >
42. tag in HTML contains the information about the current
document, such as title, author. key features etc.

A) <TITLE> ...</TITLE> B) <HEAD>...</HEAD> C) </BODY>

43. -is the only sound file that the PC speaker can play

A) "rnp3" B) "rmf" C) "mid" D) "wav"

44. To play MIDI files

A) A speaker is necessary B) A sound card is necessary C) A
network card is necessary D) None of the above

45. One of the voice recognition software is

A) Cubeln B) InCube C) VoiceRec D) RecVoice

46. Which of the following file format is NOT available for the
scanned images ?


47. GIF stands for

A) Graphical Internal Format B) Graphics Interchange Format

C) Graphics Interchange File D) None of the above

48. JPEG stands for

A) Joint Photographic Exchange Group B) Joint Photographic
Expert Group
C) Join Photogenic Expertise Group D) None of the above

49. Which of the following is NOT a very common domain name ?

A) .corn B) .arg C) .mil D) .org

50. Which of the following is NOT a Val~d "class 0:\ network
classes ?

A) Class A B) Class B C) Class C D) Class D

51. Internet account is provided by

A) System administrator B) Internet Service Provider C) Head of
the Institution D) Network administrator

52. The first internet page loaded on any machine is

A) Front Page B) Home Page C) My Page D) Personal Page

53. Length of class A network address is

A) 2 byte B) 1 byte C) 2 bits D) 16 bits

54. In an HTML document helps to identify your HTML file to
outside world

A) Title B) Body C) Anchor D) Head

55. SMTP stands for

A) Single Mail Transfer Protocol B) Simple Mail Transfer
C) Sequential Mail Transfer Protocol D) Simple Mail
Transmission Protocol

56. HTML is a method by which an ordinary text may be
converted into

A) Binary format B) ASCII text format C) EBCDIC text D)

57. The components of the multimedia are

A) Text, Pictures, Animation B) Text, Pictures, Video, Animation,

C) Text, Pictures, Video, Sound D) None of the above

58~ :::~ing is related to

A) Displaying a text B) Animation C) Data Transfer D) None of
the above

59. IP stands for

A) Internal Protocol B) Internet Packet C) Internet Procedure D)
Internet Protocol

60. The maximum speed of data flow in a telephone system that
uses copper wires is

A) 128Kbps B) 64Kbps C) 56Kbps D) 14.4Kbps

61. Which among the following is false with respect to router ?

A) Routers are specialized computers that read the addresses of
packets and direct the packets to their

B) Routers connect computers of different vendors and having
different operating systems over the internet

C) They are devices that forward traffic between networks, using
information from the network layer and from
routing tables

D) Some routers are dedicated

62. Connection from one web page to another may be achieved

A) Attachments B) Joins C) Pointers D) Links

63. The following is best suitable for remote administration of a

A) WAIS B) Browsers C) Telnet D) None of the above

64. --is a FTP program found in all Windows systems

A) wsftp.exe B) ftp.exe C) tftp.exe D) fwftp.exe

65. Which among the following are the two types of e- mail
possible with GIAS ?

A) Shell based and data based e-mails B) Data based e-mail and
Internet Protocol based e- mail

C) Web-based e-mail and post office protocol based e- mail D)
Unix shell account and TCP/IP based account
66. In Microsoft Outlook Express, if the same e-mail has to be sent
to many addresses what can be done?

A) E-mail are sent one by one by typing the addresses separately

B) The addresses are typed in the To box separated by comma or a

C) Same message cannot be sent to different users D) None of the

67. The request for telnet service is

A) Telnet user name B) Telnet hostname C) Telnet user address D)
Telnet user IP

68. Which of the following is false ?

A) Every HTML document should have a body tag B) Links or
jumps may be provided within the same page or

C) < BR > tag is used to have a blank line D) The tag < TR > is
used to create a data cell

69. Which of the following is false ?

A) TYPE and NAME are the attributes of INPUT tag B) GET
allows to accept one element at a time

C) SRC is must if INPUT TYPE is IMAGE D) POST allows the
Form's content to be passed one element at a
70. The decimal range of network address for class B network is

A) 128-191 B) 127-190 C) 128-190 D) None of the above