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					Akamai Placement Papers
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Akamai Placement Papers

The day 20th September 2010, i can,t forget because it is the day i and my friends gone
through the first placement process ,that too Akamai placement process,.

The tests they in the following way.
1. Aptitude(General(35Que.)+Technical(15Que.)=50Que.) Max time:60min.
2. Technical Round(two rounds)
3. HR

Note: there was no GD

I would like to share MY Experience as well as information about the test paper.

1. Aptitude

Actually, i feel that i,m quite comfortable in technical things. so i decided to attend the
technical questions first.

Among the 15 questions, There were 2-3 small Java program, to each we wanted to find
the output. one of the java code was based on the exceptional handling.

* Also there were 3-4 small C/C++ code to identify the Exact output or errors.
* From OS, (3-4 questions) one of those, to find out the average waiting time in SJS
scheduling. I suggest that go through with all scheduling algorithms. I say, based on this
1 question is guarantee.
* From Data Structures(3-4 questions):postorder, about binary search tree,linear probing
method used in hash table etc.,
* we got one question from DBMS. (concentrate more on queries,different clauses used
while writing queries).

You know i took more than half an hour to complete this 15 Question.
I think, it is the wrong thing i did. so i could solve hardly around 5 questions from other
section. Ultimate mine result is i didn,t select for the next round.

It is really hard to say, first round was easy....

2.Technical round(shared by friends to me)
They asked most of the questions based on the subject of interest.
we have to be more strong in that subject.
we have to be more confidence while answering. i think we can be more confidence if
and only if we strong in the subject.
we can,t bluff. they ,ll catch us very easily if we tried to do that.

3.HR(shared by friends to me)
They,ll check our communication skills, marketing skills, personal qualities etc.,
some of questions like, why do you like about Akmai? why Akamai should hire you?
if u want to give an article(not more than 100 words) about u to Times of India,
what you will give???
what is your friends opinions about you??? etc.,

one thing we can consider that if anyone done very well in technical round then this is
very easy. This easiness will be done by themselves (by shooting the different kind of
but we also must be confident.

total no of participants:170
selected for the second round:30
finally: only 5-6

Really it is a very good company for the technical person in every aspect but they are not
mass recruiters. Don,t miss it... prepare well... All the best:)