Display Work Schedules Every employee must be assigned a by doubleheader


									PT03 – Display Work Schedules

Every employee must be assigned a work schedule. This schedule is used in time evaluation and payroll
for determining employee compensation and leave entitlements. Often there are circumstances where
agencies require an employee's work schedule to be changed. These changes must never be made for a
payroll period that has already been processed, hence retroactively.
To assist you in selecting correct work schedules, access to transaction PT03 – Display Work
Schedules has been given to all users. PT03 will allow the user more audit control by offering an
individual preview of all work schedules applicable to an employee group, holiday calendar, and
personnel subarea for a specific calendar month. This display option will be especially useful for
complicated rotating schedules. Once retrieved, work schedules can be displayed monthly or daily.

HR system users should note that this transaction is intended to be an analysis tool for evaluating work
schedules before creating or maintaining an employees Planned Working Time (IT0007). This
transaction is for display purposes only, and has no update options.

Here’s the selection screen for PT03.

Entry values are as follows: :

            Field Name         R/O/C                          Description

       Employee subgroup          R     Enter 4.

       Holiday calendar           R     Enter S1 (Louisiana Public Holiday Calendar).

       Personnel subarea          R     Enter your agency’s Personnel subarea group.

              Click PS Grouping to view a list of Pers onnel Subarea Groups
              by agency.
              Field Name         R/O/C                          Description

         Work schedule rule        R     Using the drop down list, select the appropriate work
                                         schedule you want to display.

                                         Note: Work schedules displayed are a result of the
                                         employee subgroup, holiday calendar, and personnel
                                         subarea entered in the previous fields.

         Calendar month from       R     Enter date to display in the MMYYYY format.

         to (MMYYYY)               O     Optional. Enter date to display in the MMYYYY format.

Click             to view work schedule selected. The default view for this transaction is monthly. Once
        displayed, the user can view the schedule in a monthly or daily format.

Display Work Schedule – Monthly view
Display Work Schedule – Daily view

For additional information, see the report/transaction descriptor for PT03 – Display Work Schedules.

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