; Robin Sharma in Belgrade
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Robin Sharma in Belgrade


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									Once a distinguished litigation lawyer        Robin Sharma
with double law degree, including a
Master of Law, Robin Sharma is now            in Belgrade!
the author of ten major international
bestsellers including "The Monk Who
Sold His Ferrari" and The Greatness
                                              September 27th 2010
Guide Series.
He is also the CEO of Sharma
Leadership International Inc., a global
                                              The Leader Who Had No Title
training firm that focuses on helping
people lead without title. As a globally      „Victims recite problems, Leaders find solutions. “
recognized leadership expert, Robin
was recently ranked #2 in a line-up of
Top 30 Leadership Gurus by                    Today, in the middle of the economic crisis, we are witnessing
leadershipguru.net alongside gurus            increasingly difficult market conditions to operate the business. In
such as John Maxwell, Tom Peters              these times, when employees are asked to give their best, to work
and Stephen Covey.
                                              harder than ever and achieve the best possible results in the most
Robin Sharma presents highly
empowering workshops and is the               difficult circumstances, there is a greater than ever need to
influencing factor to elite performers        motivate them for a positive approach to work. Because of the
in        many         world-successful       difficult circumstances and limited spending capabilities, an option
organizations, helping them achieve           to award employees with bonuses or additional income is typically
results. His impressive following of
                                              not in place. On top of that, it is proven that this type of motivation
clients include multinationals such as
Microsoft, IGM, The Ritz-Carlton,             is always short-term. It is very important to offer to staff the
Nike, KPMG, Kraft Foods, BP, Oracle,          essential tools for a change, for a new and fresh approach to work
Unilever, FedEx, Panasonic, Unilever,         and life in general.
General Electric, Yale University,
NASA, etc.
                                              Robin Sharma, with his lecture "Leader who had no title", presents
                                              a brand new management method through unique motivational
                                              and inspirational approach to work. The lecture gives immediate
                                              results and provides the most tangible effects in the middle and
                                              upper levels of management...

                                              "Your high-energy, multimedia presentation made us laugh, and made
 "Robin Sharma's books are helping                   us think. Your messages were insightful and on target."
people all around the world live great                       Bill Norman, Vice President, Microsoft

            Paulo Coelho                     "Robin Sharma was inspirational and exceeded the highest expectations
                                                of the audience. His words were moving and inspiring to everyone
                                                                          including myself."
                                                        B. G. Lyer, Vice President, GE Commercial Finance

                                           Promoting his new book "The leader who had no title", Robin Sharma will visit Belgrade on 27th
                                              September, as one of the first 5 cities in his world tour which began in London and ends in
                                                          Singapore. All further information about this event is avaliable at

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