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CIP4 Press Release by bqi13322


									                                                                  CIP4 Press Release
                                                                   For Immediate Release

Media Contact
Margaret Motamed
CIP4 Marketing Officer
CIP4 Organization
Phone: (+1) 650-357-3331

     CIP4 Publishes Interoperability Conformance Specifications
                   Seven new documents lay the foundation for certification testing

Darmstadt, Germany (January 31, 2005) – The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes
in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) today announced the publication and availability of technical
specifications known as Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS) documents. ICS documents guide
suppliers of the print industry in improving open connectivity and interoperability of their products using JDF.
Each ICS defines a set of requirements that a JDF-enabled product must meet in order to interoperate with
other conforming JDF-enabled products. The ICS documents define subsets of the JDF specification that
contain only those aspects of JDF that a particular class of products need to share. For instance, a folding
machine does not need to handle color management data.
     The ICS documents may be incorporated in the buying requirements of users and will serve as the
basis for JDF product certification testing that will be managed by GATF and introduced later this year.
Additional ICS documents will be released to cover other classes of JDF-enabled products. The current
releases are:

   Base ICS — Defines the requirements that are common to all other ICS's.

   MIS ICS — Defines the requirements related to the communication between Management Information
    Systems and production equipment. It describes requirements that are common to all stages of the
    production process (pre-press, press and post-press).

   MIS to Prepress ICS — Defines the processes for a prepress workflow system that produces proofs,
    plates and previews for conventional printing.

   MIS to Sheetfed Printing ICS — Defines the requirements for sheetfed offset printing.

   Prepress to Sheetfed Printing ICS — Defines the interface between a prepress workflow system and a
    press controller.

   Binding ICS — Defines the requirements for saddle stitching, soft-cover and hardcover binding devices.

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   Integrated Digital Print ICS — Defines the requirements for digital printing devices with integrated
    finishing capabilities.

“Although JDF-enabled devices on the market are fundamentally interoperable, the ICS program provides a
common understanding of how to establish communications between JDF-enabled products that is largely
based upon the wealth of implementation experience that the CIP4 member vendors now have", said Dr.
Rainer Prosi of Heidelberg and CIP4’s technical officer. “Capturing the implementation experience in these
documents represents an enormous investment by the members of CIP4. Users want some assurances that
products are interoperable as advertised. The ICS documents are a key component of the CIP4 product
certification program.”

     “ICS documents are for developers and technically savvy power users. End users will never need to
look at them.” said CIP4 executive director James Harvey. “The publication of these ICS documents marks
an important milestone in the maturation of JDF.”

     The ICS documents are cataloged in an ICS registry at
and the public can download copies of the ICS documents, free of charge, from the ICS registry page.

About CIP4
CIP4 brings together vendors, consultants, and end-users in the print communications, Graphic Arts industry, and
associated sectors, covering a variety of equipment, software, peripherals, and processes. Members participate in
focused working groups to define future versions of JDF, to study user requirements, to test product
interoperability and to develop a range of JDF tools. Information on CIP4, including membership details, is
available from the organization's web site: Or contact: Stefan Daun, Fraunhofer Institute for
Computer Graphics, +49 6151 155 575,

About JDF
JDF is the industry standard designed to simplify information exchange between different applications and
systems in and around the Graphic Arts industry. JDF builds on and extends beyond pre-existing partial solutions,
such as CIP3's Print Production Format (PPF) and Adobe Systems' Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF). It also
enables the integration of commercial and planning applications into the technical workflow. JDF joins the growing
number of standards based on XML, ensuring maximum possible portability between different platforms and
ready interaction with Internet-based systems. More information is available at


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