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									                                       In-House Training Request Form
                   For a free evaluation and quote, please complete the following form and fax it back to
                                                       309- 437-2783

                                              Organization Information
Organization Name
City                                                         State/Province                 Zip/Code
Contact Name                                                 Title
Phone                                                        E-Mail
                                                Location Information

Closest Major Airport                                         Convenient Hotels

                                                    Training Interests

          Forensic Video Analysis – Level 1 (3 days)
          Forensic Video Analysis – Level 2 (3 days)
          FVA for Avid – Level 1 (3 days)
          FVA for Avid – Level 2 (3 days)
          Digital Video and Adobe Photoshop (4 days)
          Recover y of Digital Video Evidence (3 days)
          Adobe Photoshop for Forensics (3 days)
          Adobe Photoshop for Forensic Video Analysts (4 days)
          Adobe Photoshop for Latent Fingerprint Examiners (3 days)
          Adobe Photoshop for the Forensic Photo Lab (3 days)
          Forensic Digital Photography (2 days)
          Courtroom Testimony (3 days)

Number of students to be trained

                                                Organizational Interests

       SOP Review                                                Forensic System Evaluation
       SOP Development                                           Forensic Equipment Upgrade Recommendations
       Casework Peer Review                                      Lab Design

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