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									        EBSCO databases

      Business Source Premier – INSPEC –
PsychINFO/Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
  Collection – British Nursing Index – CINAHL –
SportDISCUS – Medline – Social Science Abstracts
• Business Source Premier – 7,400 fulltext business journals
• INSPEC – Abstracts and indexes scientific and technical
  journals, conference proceedings, books, dissertations, reports
• PsychINFO – Abstracts and indexes over 2,000 psychology
  journals, and conferences and books
• Psychology and Behavioural Sciences – over 550 fulltext
  psychology journals
• British Nursing Index – Indexes over 220 nursing and midwifery
• CINAHL – Indexes over 1,700 nursing and allied health journals
• SportDISCUS – Indexes sport journals, books and conference
• Medline – Indexes and abstracts over 4,600 biomedical journals
• Social Science Abstracts – Indexes and abstracts over 520
  publications in the social sciences
         From Home, enter University Home page
     In University, log on and select Internet Explorer

Home page
From Library and Online Learning page select
           Electronic Databases
      Select Electronic Database A-Z to display list.

 covered by
  help files
Chose Database(s) from the
      Drop-down lists.
 From the University, select
  either Intranet or Athens.
  Externally select Athens

                               Through Athens: Log in
                                using Athens username
                                    and password…

  …then from list of
  databases select
EBSCOhost databases
                       From list, click on database

 If menu appears,
select database(s)
 by ticking boxes,
    then click on
N.B. If service is
 fulltext,Title list
displays journals
Advanced search screen will appear. If Basic search is
     required, select from tab at top of screen

             Help screens are available
           Type in Key words, then select Search

 In Advanced Search,
use drop-down menus
to link word or phrases
 with Boolean Search
Operators, and, or , not.

                                   In Basic Search,
                                 operators and, or, not,
                                 must be typed in to link
                                   words or phrases
        Boolean Search Operators

• And links terms, e.g.
                    football and violence
  will find records which contain both terms.
• Or will find records which contain one term or the
  other, e.g
                   Child or adolescent
   will find records containing either term.
• Not excludes records which contain the term, e.g.
                      CAD not CAM
   will find records containing the first term, but not if
  the second term is also present.
     Proximity searching:
 Banks & banking n5 profits
 will display records where
the first term appears within
  5 words of the second, in
           any order

                                  Geriatric assessment w8
                                 will display records where
                                the first term appears within
                                  8 words of the second, in
                                the order in which terms are
In Advanced search, fields to be searched can be
        specified from drop-down lists
  Searches can be
limited according to
the options given…

                       …or expanded as indicated
Truncation character * can be used at end of word to
            locate different word endings,
    e.g. drug abuse counsel* will find drug abuse
       counselling and drug abuse counsellors.
Wildcard character ? can be used to replace one letter
          e.g. w?ll locates wall, well and will.
  Search results
display in batches
      of 20

                      In fulltext databases ,
                     Linked full text, or PDF
                       full text will display.
                      N.B. Adobe Acrobat
                     program is needed to
                        read PDF files
 Clicking on the title will
     display further
information including an

                                Fulltext databases
                              display HTML articles
                               under the record…

…click on PDF fulltext
 link to display PDF
  Select Print icon or Save icon to print or save full text
    of article. Email (if present) allows you to email it,
       Add to folder will save it until end of session

 N.B. If printing, check number of pages. If in the University,
Print Balance may need topping up. Print 5 or 6 pages, then
the next 5 or 6 until end of article as lengthy articles jam the
                        printer memory
Full text is only available from fulltext databases. If full
text not available, click on Results to return to Results
  screen. Click on Folder to save useful references.
Click on next page
number to display
   more results

                       When results have
                     been viewed, click on
                      View folder to show
                         saved results
Results may be printed, emailed or saved to disk
 Up to 50 records can be
printed. It is inadvisable to
   clear marked records
 before printout checked.
 Number of pages can be

                                    Enter email address and
                                      subject, then send

   Up to 50 records can be
        saved to disk

              Default fields can be changed. Check
             Online help to print/email/save pdf files
Click Index or Thesaurus (if available) to check terms
    used. Business Premier Service also contains
                  Company profiles
   Accessing My
EBSCOhost is only
necessary if search
 results are to be
  saved for reuse
   another time

                       To set up My EBSCOhost
                      account, select New User .
                         Then select Personal
                      account and give details as
                       requested. Username and
                       Password can be any that
                          you will remember.
Click on University of Greenwich logo to exit databases

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