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A Soup to Nuts Approach to Socializing on Squidoo –
 from Setting Up a Free Account to Maximizing the
Amount of Laser-Targeted Traffic Your Modules Will

                      Tiffany Dow
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                   A Quick Note from Tiffany…
Dear Reader,

When I first whipped out a short 14-page report on Squidoo, I had no idea it would turn
into the monster it’s grown to be. This is one beast that couldn’t be tamed and shows no
signs of burning out anytime soon.

I receive tips behind the scenes when the Squidoo staff is working on some great updates
to the system, but then I always churn out a new edition and you get a copy FREE if you
own the full version. No other site on the web that I know of has such friendly, devoted
staff working for their members.

When you’re using Squidoo, I hope you really get a feel for the community side of it all. I
can’t monitor every reader’s use of the system – it’s not my role. But like MySpace, if
too many people go into the system and spam it with useless content, it’ll spoil the
rewards for the rest of us. Keep this most important criterion at the forefront of your
LensMaster efforts: Provide value in each and every lens you create.

Have fun with it – Squidoo is very addictive, very easy, and very powerful in your
marketing campaign. If used correctly, you’ll be amazed at what you get out of it. Don’t
try to hoard the success of the site for yourself. Spread the word – because the more this
community grows, the more we all benefit from it.

Chapter 1 is going to give you a great overview about Squidoo. Don’t worry if something
I mention sounds foreign to you – everything is mapped out in detail in subsequent
chapters if you own the full version, but I wanted to let you know what this site has to
offer so you can see why myself and many top level marketers are so excited about this
particular marketing tool.

By the way, I am very accessible to my customers. If you have a lens you want to share
with me or a question I didn’t answer in the eBook, shoot me an email because it will
help others in a future update. Don’t be intimidated to ask a question – even if you think
it sounds “stupid.”

I also love to see what my lessons have helped create – so even if you’re just proud of
your efforts – contact me with a link to your lens! I’ll pop in and leave a rating and
comment for you.

Enjoy your journey!
         Table of Contents
Chapter 1:   Speaking the Language of Squidoo™ -
             How Squidooing Can Help You Build
             Brand Awareness on the ‘Net
Chapter 2:   Lenscrafting on Squidoo™ – How to Get
             Your Free Account and Begin
Chapter 3:   Lock and Load Your Lens with High-
             Impact Marketing Modules – Then Get
             Ready to Aim It at Your Target Audience
Chapter 4:   Nailing Down Your Niche Within
             Squidoo - Staking Claim to an Entire
             Empire Based on Keywords and Phrases
             You’ll Use to Tag and Release Your Lens
Chapter 5:   How to Get a Top 100 LensRank™ on
             Squidoo Plus a Bump Up in the Search
             Engine Results Pages on Google
Chapter 6:   Affiliate Marketing on Squidoo – Cashing
             in on the Current of Consumers Flowing
             Through the Community
Chapter 7:   Say Goodbye to Scheduling Sickness – A
             Simple 1-Month Plan for Managing Your
             Socialization on Squidoo If You’re Low
             on Time But Hungry for Web 2.0 Profits
Chapter 8:   Last Words About Squidoo
                   Chapter 1:
       Speaking the Language of Squidoo™ -
     How Squidooing Can Help You Build Brand
              Awareness on the ‘Net
       Whenever I mention Squidoo™, people look at me like I have three eyes. Of
course Google’s become a household name, but even though Squidoo’s grown leaps and
bounds this year, it’s technically still in its infancy, so not everyone is familiar with them.

         As fellow ‘net marketers, you can probably remember the initial excitement
everyone had when the marketing community discovered profit potential on MySpace® -
that is, until they started cracking down on promotions and forced everyone to use cloak
and dagger techniques.

       You’re a bona fide entrepreneur – who has time to play hide and seek with
customers? Social networks and blogs that enable marketers to showcase without secrecy
are few and far between.

       Nothing’s more frustrating than going to the trouble to set up a profile, contribute
in a community, and build a following – only to have it yanked out from under you
without warning.

        Enter Seth Godin – a mastermind marketer who created the Utopia of all web 2.0
sites… Squidoo. He created an environment where marketers are welcome (you read
that right) and where consumers love to come to get information from “in-house experts”
about a myriad of topics.

         Squidoo is kind of like a blog, a little like a wikipedia, and sort of like a social site
– but it stands apart from every other domain out there in what it enables you to create
and the power it gives you as an online enterprise.

        Its features and capability to create an empire are, to me, what sets it apart from
the rest of the fray. Marketers are seeing amazing results using Squidoo to get top
ranking on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

       Squidoo doesn’t use no-follow tags, so Googlebots are free to index each page
and help you get a boost in PageRank (PR). Your PageRank is what Google bestows on
your web page to show how relevant and how much of an authority figure it deems it to
be. Google itself is a 10. You start out as a 0. Anything 4 and above is good, I’ve been
       Note: Before you email me demanding to know why you’re not on page 1 of
Google, it’s not a guarantee. They don’t promote it like a SERP booster, but the fact is,
many lenses (pages on Squidoo) top Google SERPs above all other results.

        Right now my best lens, Information Entrepreneur, has a PR 4 - which isn’t bad
for a static site I don’t do much with. Anyone who goes to my lens and signs my
guestbook with a link of their own gets an automatic PR4 page pointing back to their own
domain – you’re piggy-backing another LensMaster’s success. That’s probably why I
have one of the biggest guestbooks on Squidoo to date.

         When you sign up for your free account at Squidoo™, you’ll instantly be given
the title of lensmaster. You haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m about to walk you through it
from a marketer’s perspective.

       Before I show you how to use the site for the benefit of building your business, let
me teach you the lingo so you know what I’m talking about. I already introduced
Squidoo™ (a social networking site) and lensmaster (someone who has an account at

What It Means to Lenscraft

        A lens is like your online blog, only it’s more than that. A lens is your space on
Squidoo™, and you can build 1 – 1,000+. You can create lenses for making money,
lenses for sharing information, or lenses to store your own information – links, products,

        I’ll walk you through the set-up in chapter 2. Right now, as a lensmaster who has
been a member since early on in 2006, I have 50+ lenses on one account, but this number
can fluctuate as I add and delete lenses on a whim.

       Five of them are connected in a course called The Art of Becoming an
Information Entrepreneur. The first lens of that course, which pops in and out of a top
100-1000 Squidoo™ spot, has been at #3 at its highest ranking, and pulls in traffic from
various places on the web.

       See the traffic stats summary below:
        People then read the first lens and follow along to part 2, part 3, and so on. Or,
they follow one of my links to my products or affiliate items. Each lens has different
features on it.

       You can make them unique or have them follow a particular layout that
streamlines your information – just as every page within your own domain looks alike
when you use a template. Squidoo just updated the look of their site. Here’s a picture of
how my top lens used to look:

        And here’s what it looks like now (NOTE: Squidoo JUST rolled out yet another
layout for Maxed verses Min lenses, so stay tuned for another update coming soon!)
        Only a slight change, but from time to time they’ll give it a facelift and you’ll log
in and it’ll look a bit different. Notice how I can include an image on the left for my
profile and another in my introduction. These are two quick branding positions you have
to make an instant impression.

        Go to my lens and notice how it includes the title of my lens, its category ranking
in the upper left-hand corner (in SEO & Affiliate Marketing), the AdSense ads at the top
and then my intro starts the lenscrafting that scrolls all the way down to the end of the

       On the upper left side of the page you see my Bio Box, which tells you something
about who made the lens. You can hyperlink this area with a link to your off-Squidoo
domain or enter your email address if you prefer.

        There’s one thing I’ve suggested to Squidoo – since they’re good about
considering feedback from the community. They used to list the lensmaster’s other
lenses right on the right-hand column. Now, there’s just a link that says, “Explore more
lenses by _________.”

         I personally probably won’t click on anyone’s “more lenses” link – but if I
automatically saw a link list and one of the titles intrigued me, I’d follow the link and go
to the lensmaster’s other creations.
        To address this issue, Squidoo compromised. They added a “featured lens”
module where you can showcase up to five of your other lenses. If you have more than
five, just add another featured lens module and put the rest in there.

       If you use Squidoo™ for both business and personal means, you may want to
open two or more accounts using different email addresses (it’s allowed – imagine that!).

       For instance, I initially created mine all together under one account, where my
‘net marketing business lenses, ghostwriting lenses, wedding site lenses, and personal
soap box lenses were all grouped together.

       I didn’t mind mixing professional and personal lenses. But now I have multiple
niches and multiple accounts – and some pen names I use to promote my expertise as
someone else!

       My main account still has some mixtures of topics. Right now, my Internet
Marketing visitors can see that I also have a lens called “Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
Could Send Us Into a Food Shortage!” You may not want your traffic seeing your
personal opinion lenses.

        Or, you can separate your lenses according to your niches. If you target the dog
care crowd and the scrapbook builders, then have two Squidoo™ accounts for each target
audience so they don’t think your expertise is stretched thin.

         You should also know that Squidoo™ allows Adult lenses (both R and X rated),
so if that’s your niche, you can create lenses for the Adult audience. On Squidoo™,
lenses are categorized by topics.

       The topic categories are (hyperlinked for your easy exploration):
Animals & Nature
       dog, animals, dogs, pets
Arts & Literature
       art, arts, music, books
Cars & Trucks
       cars, car, autos, auto
       marketing, business, money, internet marketing
Computers, Gadgets & Tech
       internet, software, computers, technology
DIY & Hobbies
       home, gardening, crafts, real estate
How-To & Education
       education, science, reference, money
       entertainment, music, movies, books
Food & Cooking
       food, cooking, recipes, wine
Health & Medicine
       health, weight loss, diet, Fitness
Parenting & Kids
       kids, children, parenting, baby
Movies & TV
       movies, movie, tv, television
       music, rock, download, guitar
News & Politics
       politics, world, news, democrat
       society, dating, love, people
Nonprofits & Volunteering
       charity, dog, nonprofit, animals
SEO & Affiliate Marketing
       affiliate marketing, internet marketing, marketing, seo
       shopping, gifts, cafepress, fashion
Sports & Recreation
       baseball pitching, put in the lens title, baseball hitting, football
       travel, regional, northamerica, vacation
Video Games
       games, video games, world of warcraft, wow
XXX: Adult Content
       adult, imagegalleries, free, regional
         You want to choose the right category for your lens. Squidoo users are very picky
when it comes to encountering what they deem “spam” and you don’t want your account
locked down and possibly deleted. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell on Squidoo – but
sell in the right category!

Making Your Lens With Modules

       A module is a feature or tool on a Squidoo lens. There are always new modules
being developed. For instance, a Text/Write module is a square in your lens where you
can write about something – simple as that.

      Plus, as you saw in the intro on my lens, you can upload a picture to your Write
module. Here’s what a Write module looks like (without an image):

        You get to add your main title, sub-title, and then start writing whatever you want
to – with hyperlinks in the content if you want to drive traffic to a specific domain of

        I’m going to get in-depth with each module in chapter 3, but I’ll just touch on it
here to explain what a module is. They’re the building blocks that make up your lens as a

       They have RSS feed modules, guestbook modules (hyperlinked so that when you
sign someone else’s lens, you automatically get a link back to your profile page), link list
modules, online store modules, poll modules, YouTube, etc., etc., etc. All of these can be
used to boost your business.

         Not only am I going to break down every available module for you later on, but
I’ll also give you a specific formula for what I feel are the must-have modules for every
lens you create for marketing purposes.
Monitoring Your Dashboard for Effectiveness
       I’m happy to report that Squidoo™ just implemented a way for you track exactly
where your traffic is coming from! Instead of just knowing the total number of visitors
you had, you can now see where it came from.

       Look at the traffic dashboard below for one of my soapbox lenses about missing

       I can see exactly what keywords and phrases people are using to find my lens,
ranked #1 on Google for where is Madeleine. Also on my Traffic dashboard, I can see
what outside sources are linking to my lens:
        I can see which links in various modules that they’re clicking out on, too – which
is especially useful on lenses where I’m working to make money, like my top toddler toys
        I can see that the text link to the top toddler toys of 2007 is getting the most
clickouts. I discover when checking my Amazon stats that I have sold many items
through this lens from people initially choosing a toy to buy through my lens, but adding
on all sorts of other products they find on Amazon, too.

        I ran a report on my Amazon Associates account so that you could see what that
lens has earned since I created it on October 15th-December 3rd. As you can see, I’ve
funneled over $2,378 worth of sales through to Amazon and received $151.70 in referral
fees. Do this with many lenses and you can earn quite a bit of money!
        The more you sell, the higher your Amazon commission goes – and I’m currently
in the 6.16% bracket.

       When I go to my Squidoo dashboard, and analyze each lens, I can see exactly
which links were clicked on and track their conversion rate on my lens, replacing them
with better performing links if necessary.

            My main lens stats give me a good snapshot of the performance of my lens over
its life:

         Here I can see what my current LensRank is (1,129), its rank within its category
(32), its highest rank (3), how long it was on the Top 100 overall LensRank list (154),
how many clickouts I’ve had on it (1,591 – this is where I’m funneling my traffic to links
where I sell or promote affiliate items), how many times people have emailed it (7), ad
how many times it’s been marked as a favorite by someone else (104).

        I suggest that you conduct some keyword research and base all of your content
and titles (even your sub-titles) around your prime keywords and phrases so that you get
even higher ranking.

      When you go back in to add tags to your lens after it’s created, just go to your
Dashboard and click on Edit Lens. On the right side, you can click on Edit Tags and then
Add More Tags. (Don’t forget to Save and Publish after you do this).

       Your tags can be single words, two or more separate words, or words running
together: likethis. Unlike Google AdWords, you don’t need to put your separated words
in quotation marks.
       Squidoo™ will also show you related tags others are using, so you can just click
on those to add them to your lens. More about tags in Chapter 4…If you’re reading the
Sneak Peek version, you’ll need to Click Here for the Full Step-By-Step Tutorial!

How Squidoo™ Can Boost Your Online Profits
       For me, my primary business was service-oriented before I switched to Internet
Marketing full-time. I was a ghostwriter, so I needed exposure so that people would hire
me to write their products.

        Since my client list is impressive, I occasionally shamelessly name-dropped, and
they referred their friends and associates to me. But Squidoo™ offered me a way to
brand my own business.

        Plus, as a writer, I was showcasing my talents right in my lens. When you read
my lens, if you want to launch an Internet Marketing eBook, right away I’ve shown you I
know the subject matter and you can see my writing skills – conversational, easy to
digest, and informative.

        I’m branding myself. But I’m also working Squidoo™ in another way that’s
profitable for me. I usually have a review blurb for a product that I’m an affiliate for –
like DL Guard.

      I also have a lens called Building an eBook Empire where I promote my latest
eBook. It adds up – and the more lenses I have and the more marketing I do, the more
my commission and sales increase.

        I always have to remind people that as an online marketer, Squidoo isn’t there for
the purpose of earning money within the modules – it’s a fantastic traffic tool to drive
visitors to your other promotions, although you may pick up some change using a money
module like eBay or Amazon, which you share in a co-op arrangement with Squidoo.

       I also started promoting my PLR Mini Mart, where customers can buy batches of
PLR articles in packs of 5 for $5. In fact, those who don’t feel confident writing their
own lens material can request a batch of articles on their niche and then tweak them to
put up on their lens for traffic.

        I was promoting my eBook before it was even finished, and I was constantly
getting requests from people wondering when it would be complete. Now I’m about to
launch a new eBook on another web 2.0 idea, and part of my pre-launch buzz will be to
create a lens and start getting it ranked high on Squidoo and in the SERPs.

       There are dozens of ways to promote your business. You can link to your
websites, affiliate products, blog, and even make commission on AdSense clicks and
eBay or Amazon sales.
        My profits are being created by driving traffic to various sites, but some people
are making money straight through Squidoo™. When you make a shopping lens, visitors
can browse items on your lens from sites like eBay, Amazon, and many others and when
they click through to buy that item, you get a percentage of the commission.

       Of course, you’re sharing it with Squidoo™ – just as you share the click-through
revenue your site earns through AdSense with Google. My actual lens revenue is a
measly $15.82, but that’s because I don’t sell a lot on my lenses.

       I make more promoting from them and using them for traffic purposes – or, as
you saw on my top toddler toys lens, from driving traffic through to promotions using my
own affiliate links.

        However, I know my ClickBank income is steadily growing and the writing gigs
I’ve gotten from my Squidoo™ lens have generated tens of thousands of dollars for me
already – plus there’s the added bonus of developing long-term client relationships.

       Here are the topics of the top 10 most profitable lenses on Squidoo™ back in
October (I want to keep this list because it shows you the vast diversity in the profitability
of niches):

       1.)     V for Vendetta Masks and Costumes

       2.)     BuildBiggerDownlines.com

       3.)     Small Is the New Big – Business Book

       4.)     Dog Sweaters

       5.)     Roleplay Gaming Characters

       6.)     PEZ dispensers

       7.)     Higher Education Faculty Development

       8.)     ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

       9.)     Laptop Bags

       10.)    Handbags

       Here’s the current most profitable lens list:
        Handbags held the top spot for so long that everyone created a knock-off lens
about it. The list changes all of the time – so one day your lens is #3, and the next it’s

        Note: Squidoo got rid of the Most Profitable List – probably because of the
problem with copycats, but I wanted to keep this information in here so that you could
see the data before they did away with it

       There are other top 100 lists:

       •   Most Emailed

       •   LensRank (their own algorithm similar to how Google uses PageRank)

       •   Topic

        I personally don’t worry about my rating. It’s a 4.5 right now. It was a 5. One
day it was a 3. I think as with all online pages and sites, some people are just rude and
rank you low because they’re miserable people.

       However, if you notice you have 50 people rating you and your rating is a 2, then
you may need to clean up your lens and figure out why people aren’t happy with it. I
personally don’t like lenses that do nothing but sell – they need to give me some sort of
information and value.
        I think, just as with MySpace® marketing and other social networks, you have to
realize the importance of participation and building relationships – even it’s a one way
you give and they take scenario.

        With my Private Label Rights lens, I give away a free Autoresponder Tutorial
report. I know that not everyone will buy a product or buy the autoresponder tool
through the affiliate link I set up.

       But it’s a side effect that occurs with having an informative lens. You can’t
expect anything – you have to over-deliver and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Pimping Your Lens (and Yes, I Hate That Phrase)

       But yet you know what I mean when I say it, right? Okay, there are a few things
you can do to make the most of your lens. Luckily, it doesn’t require glitter or spam like
MySpace pimping does.

      I’m sad to say I have to redo this section. Thanks to spammers who abuse
iFrames, automatically redirecting people to porn sites, Squidoo had to disable iFrames

       It’s all a part of that infamous “Google Slap” you may have heard tale about. Yes,
awhile back, Google slapped Squidoo – spanked it quite hard for how it was keeping
LensMasters in line.

        Suddenly, those of us who had worked hard to create genuine authority lenses
were punished because of a few bad apples. Squidoo made amends with the Google gods
and fixed the problem – banning spammers (not marketers, mind you) and removing the
tool they used to tarnish the site’s reputation.

        Everything’s back to normal now, I’m happy to report. Traffic and earnings are
right back where they were – if not better! You used to be able to create podcasts and put
an opt in form right on your lens!

        Now, you have to have a workaround. Instead of putting the audio or opt in form
right on your lens, you have to just make it look like you did. See the following image
where you can create the buttons and add the image and title in a regular text module:
        Now they used to push play and listen right on my lens. Now, they push play and
get redirected to my own domain to listen to the audio. It’s a hassle and an extra step –
but if you want to do it, you can!

        You have to do the same thing with your opt in form. Create a screen shot of the
opt in form and hyperlink the image to your squeeze page where the real opt in form is.
On my Information Entrepreneur lens, you see this module:

        Instead of entering their name, when they click on the name box, it transports
them to www.TiffanyDow.com, where the real opt in for is located. Luckily, it opens in a
new window, so I don’t lose them completely from my lens – but even I did, they’re
opting into my list, so there’s no problem there!

        To create audio files and place them on your site, invest in Web Audio Plus if you
don’t already have it. It’s cheap and will come in really handy when you do a lot of ‘net
marketing and socialization online – it’s a one time investment with no monthly fees.
Plus, you get master resell rights.
        This lets you make a flash file with your recording so that when your Squidoo
lens visitors click the play button and go to your site, they hear your recording! When
you get the software, it walks you through a wizard on how to create your file.

        I created a video tutorial for you on how to add an image on Squidoo here:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=e96y2OSN7cY. Here are some other YouTube tutorials I
created about some other helpful tips for your Squidoo efforts:

       •   How to Get Traffic to Your Lens Through Social Bookmarking

       •   How to Add Your EzineArticle Author Feed to Your RSS Module

       •   How to Add Affiliate Links on Squidoo

       •   How to Make Money on Squidoo

       •   How to Use SquidU to Get Traffic to Your Lens

       Here’s the code to add an image to your Squidoo lens after you upload it to your
hosting server.

       <img src=“http://www.yourdomain.com/picturename.JPG” />

        Keith, one of my eBook customers, taught me something technical, too: “If you
want to insert a picture and have it link externally (say an affiliate page or your website),
insert the below code into a Write module. You can get more creative with alignment as
well if you want:”

<a href="http://www.thesiteyouwanttolinkto.com">
<img border="0" src="http://www.yourpicturehostingsite.com/folder/imagename.gif"

        So instead of just an image, the picture is hyperlinked – like I now do with my
opt-in form and audio files! It’s amazing what you can learn from other lensmasters
willing to share their techniques with you.

      Sometimes, someone will ask me a question about how to do something on
Squidoo. So I make a video tutorial about it (Gotta love Camtasia!) - just search for my
name on YouTube – TiffanyDow is my username.

       Now let’s build a lens together...

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