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					Student CTE Internship
  Program Handbook
   Student Portfolio

       Fountain Hills High School
           2007-08 School Year
                          Course Goals and Objectives

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Internship Program has been created as a supplement
to formal classroom instruction. Its intent is to add significantly to the vitality and impact of
courses that a student has taken or will take in high school and/or post secondary training. A
CTE Internship is a course in the sequence of courses of an approved CTE program. The CTE
Internship provides CTE students an opportunity to engage in learning through participation in a
structured work experience that involves the application of previously developed CTE knowledge
and skills. The CTE Internship must be directly related to the CTE program where the credits
were earned and offers both paid or unpaid work experience. Students who are classified as
seniors (12th grade) and at least 16 years of age are eligible to participate. Students must have
completed the second Carnegie unit of Career Preparation (Level III) instruction in a CTE
program or be concurrently enrolled in the second year of the program sequence. In order to
receive credit, the CTE intern must work/volunteer a minimum of 120 hours in no fewer than 20
weeks. (3.75 hours per week average)

Three goals emphasized by the CTE Internship Program are:

    · To support the Fountain Hills Unified School District system-wide goal of attaining high
      academic achievement for all students by providing opportunities for high school
      students to explore areas of academic, career, or service interests through the
      development of internship programs with local governmental and civic agencies,
      businesses, industries, and individuals.

    · To support the Fountain Hills Unified School District #98 system-wide goal of ensuring
      community collaboration by establishing positive relationships between the internship
      program, the school and the community.

    · To enable students to earn academic credit for CTE experiences outside the classroom.

Five objectives that the internship program seeks to help students accomplish are:

    · To develop good work ethics

    · To encourage personal growth

    · To strengthen communication skills

    · To become more aware of the community's vast resources and the world of work

    · To connect classroom learning with career opportunities

                                Intern Expectations

Interns will work/volunteer actively in an internship learning experience and will endeavor to
keep the same internship host site for the entire school year. Should an intern be terminated
or need to find a new internship host site, the intern will notify Internship Coordinator
immediately. Termination of employment or frequent changes in host sites may affect student
grade or course credit. Intern will be expected to all assigned tasks and duties of host site
and Internship Coordinator.

Possible Course Assessments:

Internship Focus
Via the Training Plan, interns will be required to complete a description of their learning goals
for the internship based on the competencies in their particular program area.

Weekly Journal
Interns will be required to keep a weekly journal. Interns will reflect upon experiences during
their internship. At the end of each semester there will be specific reflection questions

Internship Timesheets/Pay Stubs
Interns will keep a record/timesheet of their time at the internship host site or submit pay
stubs as proof of work hours. Documentation should be submitted to the Internship

Reaction Paper/Other Large Scale Projects
The intern will complete a written report on their internship or complete a comparable project
as assigned by the Internship Coordinator.

The host site supervisor will evaluate the intern quarterly, based in part on the Training Plan.
Evaluations, journals, and projects are given to the internship coordinator for evaluation.

                              Internship Process
  I. Student needs to get an approval signature from the Program Instructor about
     their registration form in order to register for the internship.

 II. Once registered, the student should find an appropriate work/volunteer position.
     Internship Coordinators/Program Instructors do not arrange
     employment/volunteer opportunities for students. However, they may have
     business and industry contacts upon requests.

III. Intern meets with the Internship Coordinator to complete the Training Agreement
     and the Training Plan.

IV. Intern arranges a schedule with the Internship Coordinator for weekly
    meetings/emails/phone conferences. Intern is required to meet with the
    Internship Coordinator prior to the last week of the internship.

                   Making the Most of Your Internship
Starting Out

It is always important to make a good first impression, so plan carefully how you relate
to and interact with your supervisor and co-workers.

Dress: Look for clues from your supervisor and other staff members on dress codes.
On the first day, dress neatly, simply and appropriately for your job. If you have
questions about your dress, consult with your supervisor.

Promptness: Being late creates a poor impression. Always arrive on time to your
internship site.

Attitude: Your attitude is one of your greatest assets. After your appearance, it is
the next factor noticed. A positive attitude will benefit you as well as your co-workers.
Asking appropriate questions shows you are interested.

Agency Rules: Find out about, follow, and respect the regulations of the organization.

Attendance: Once your schedule is established, you should clear your calendar of any
activities that will conflict with your internship. Arrange in advance if you need to miss
a day from your internship.

Dependability: Whether you work alone or as part of a team, other responsibilities will
come your way if your supervisor can depend on you.

Most companies provide a new hire orientation for employees/volunteers. Hopefully,
your internship host site will have prepared the organization for your arrival and have an
orientation program for you. The orientation might include:

Reading company information.
Meeting your co-workers.
Touring the company’s facilities.
Planning your internship activities.
Moving into your workspace.

If, for some reason, there is no formal orientation prepared for you, try to orient
yourself to the business. Remember, you are now an active learner, responsible for
yourself. Just because no one else thinks to orient you does not mean you don't need
orientation. Talk to your supervisor about any information you need or any resources
you feel are necessary. In many work environments, staffs are overworked and
extremely busy. You, as an intern, may fall through the cracks if you don't assert
yourself. Generally, supervisors not only appreciate your asking, but they expect it.

                  Preparing for your Internship

Take an interest in your company (Ask for materials relating to their history,
products, business activities, etc.)

Understand the importance of your job in its relationship to:
  o the responsibility of other employees in your area,
  o other departments, and
  o the company as a whole.

Ask questions.

Accuracy in your job tasks is important.

If the workload is less than you are capable of handling, ask for more to do.

Understand and be aware of your job tasks.

Arrive on time to work each day.

Be alert and energetic throughout your working day.

Be polite and courteous to all.

Be a dedicated, enthusiastic employee/volunteer.

Remember that you will be evaluated by your supervisor throughout the

Have ready access to a telephone number or e-mail address of your supervisor,
and a contact person where you work.

Know whom to turn to if you have problems.

Remember, should you need to quit, it is expected that you will give two weeks
notice both in person and in writing to your host site.


Internship Time Sheet
Intern ___________________________ School ________________________

Company ____________________ Supervisor Signature ___________________

    DATE          ARRIVAL         DEPARTURE          TOTAL
                   TIME             TIME             HOURS

                               TOTAL HOURS

                                   Home of the Falcons
                                      16100 E. Palisades Blvd.
                                      Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

                               Career and Technical Education
                                 Intern Training Agreement
Intern’s Information

Name__________________________ Address________________________________

Home phone________________________Cell___________________________________


Emergency Information
Who to contact in case of an
Permission to call: If my child needs emergency medical attention and I cannot be reached, I give the
work site supervisor authority to call:
Our family doctor________________________ Phone________________________ ( )yes ( ) no
Or local emergency room. ( )yes ( ) no
Please list any special medical conditions (allergies, etc)______________________________

Internship Host Site Information

_____________________ at ________________________________________
Host Site                                Address

________________________________ will permit the above student to be employed or volunteer as a
City, State, Zip

____________________________________ for at least a total of 120 hours (3.75 hours per week

average) in no fewer than 20 weeks.

Telephone Number_________________Supervisor’s Name_____________________________

This agreement is part of the work-based learning guidelines to provide students the opportunity to make
the transition from school to work. This is not intended as an employment contract that is enforceable in
any court of law. It is intended as an understanding between the student, the school, and the employer
for educational purposes only.

In order to operate an effective intern program, it is necessary that all parties understand and adhere to
the terms outlined below.

The intern agrees:
1. To abide by the rules and regulations of the host site and to perform host site and other intern activities
   to the best of his/her ability.
2. To abide by any regulations, practices, and procedures of the CTE internship program and those outlined
   by the FHUSD Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.
3. To notify the host site no later than the morning of an absence should accident, illness, or school activity
   cause him/her to be absent from my internship.
4. To furnish the Internship Coordinator with necessary information about the host site and to inform the
   Internship Coordinator about any difficulties or changes related to the training progress.
5. To provide his/her own transportation to the training site.
6. To conform to the regulations of the organization in which he/she is working (dress, conduct, etc.)
7. To attend all required meetings and have to Internship Coordinator by the stated due dates the following:
                Internship Time Sheets/Pay Stubs
                Internship Evaluation Forms (completed by internship site sponsor)
                Completed Internship Projects and Journal

The Host Site will:
1. Provide the intern with a variety of work and learning experiences that will give the student the
   opportunity to progress in competency achievement and adhere to the training plan written with
   cooperation of all parties.
2. Schedule the intern for at least an average of 3.75 hours per week, not fewer than 120 hours total in no
   fewer than 20 weeks.
3. Abide by all Federal and State regulations regarding employment, including not discriminating in
   employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or handicapping conditions.
4. Assist in the periodic evaluation of the intern, at least once per quarter.
5. Reinforce safety instructions and practices related to the job for the intern.
The Parent/Guardian agrees:
1. To encourage the intern to carry out effectively his/her duties and responsibilities on the job.
2. To be responsible for the actions of the intern while on the job.
3. To provide transportation for the intern, if needed.
The Internship Coordinator agrees:
1. To consult with the host site supervisor in the evaluation of the intern.
2. To work with the intern to create a training plan for the intern and host site.
3. To evaluate intern progress and work.

   ______________________________             ___________________ ___________________
   Intern signature                           date               phone

   _______________________________ ___________________ ___________________
   Parent/guardian signature       date               phone

   _______________________________ ___________________ ___________________
   Host Site Supervisor signature  date               phone

   _______________________________ ___________________ ___________________
   Internship Coordinator signature date              phone

FHHS CTE Intern - Host Site Evaluation
Intern’s Name_____________________________________________
Host Site_________________________________________________
Supervisor’s Name_________________________________________

Please complete this Evaluation Form AND the Training Plan Evaluation and return both in the enclosed self-addressed
envelope. Your evaluation will help determine the grade given to the intern for this experience.
                                                                                Always      Always     Usually   Seldom         Never

Arrives on time.
Completes work by deadlines.
Arranges lateness and time off in advance.
Cooperates with supervisors.
Cooperates with colleagues.
Is friendly and courteous.
Works well with others.
Accepts suggestions.
Appearance appropriate for job.
Looks for new ways to improve/has initiative.
Is enthusiastic about work.
Practices business like habits.
Performs quality level work.
Is accurate, thorough and careful in work.
Performs effectively under pressure.
Demonstrates legal and ethical behavior within the scope of the job.
Uses correct language, speaks clearly, listens.
Follows directions.

Overall performance.......................................................   Outstanding   Very Good   Average   Marginal   Unsatisfactory

                                                                                                                 Yes            No
Would this intern be competitive for future employment in a job using these skills in
your own or another company? ...................................




                              Fountain Hills High School
                    CTE Intern Training Plan -Ed Professions Sample

Intern: Jane Smith
Host Site: Mountain Park Country Day School
Host Site Supervisor/Evaluator: Ruby Kelly

Degree of Progress
0 = unattained
1 = attained
2 = exceeded
3 = mastered
Host Site Goals                                                           Degree of Progress

Intern will use effective teaching techniques by arranging the
physical environment to facilitate planned and spontaneous
activities both in doors and outdoors.                                               2

Intern will develop lesson plans by planning, conducting and evaluating
developmentally appropriate activities for preschoolers focusing on                  1
areas such as large and fine motor skills, language, pre-math, science,
social studies, and art.

Intern will facilitate communication with parents.                                   2

Intern will demonstrate personal care of children.                                   3

Intern will demonstrate safety procedures.                                           3

Intern will promote social competence by demonstrating problem solving
and conflict resolution with children, and by practicing positive guidance       1
____________________________                                     ___________________
Internship Coordinator                                                  Date

____________________________                                     ___________________
Host Site Supervisor                                                  Date

____________________________                                     ___________________
Intern                                                                Date

                          Development of Your Resume
                               Key Points to Remember
1. Your resume is a word picture of you. It speaks for you prior to an interview.

2. Your resume should be brief, concise and to the point. Avoid trivial details.

3. Your resume should be neat, complete and preferably one page in length.

4. Your resume should always be typed or typeset.

5. Your resume should emphasize your skills and abilities as well as your services to an
6. Your resume should be current and accurate.

7. Your resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter.

8. Your resume should be mistake free. Spelling errors are the worst mistakes!

                       Suggestions for a Professional Resume
1. DO pay attention to language; use active verbs and appropriate language common to the
2. DO your resume perfectly.

3. DO keep your resume brief.

4. DO convey a feeling of accomplishment and ambition.

5. DO emphasize your skills and abilities.

6. DO reproduce your resume on fine quality bond paper.

7. DO write a cover letter to accompany each resume.

8. DO update your resume periodically. You never know when an opportunity will arise. Be
9. DO be honest.

10. DON'T volunteer negative information.

11. DON'T include dates if they work against you.

12. DON'T include personal information.

13. DON'T include hobbies or interests, unless they contribute to your ability to do the job.

14. DON'T include salary history.

15. DON'T be too modest.

16. DON'T wait to use the resume. You may attach your resume to any job application.

                                                ROB HANSON
                                          15104 N. Lazy Drive
                                        Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
                                         Home (480) 837-5555
I plan to use the knowledge and skills that I have obtained through my Hospitality Management course to assist
me in obtaining a job within the hospitality industry. I plan to work toward a management position where I am
able to move up quickly in the company and eventually become a successful general manager. I feel that my
critical thinking and analytical skills combined with my friendly and flexible personality will make me a valuable

Education:           Fountain Hills High School                                     Fountain Hills, AZ
                     Planned Graduation: May 2002
Specialized Courses:
FHHS Hospitality Management Program (3 college credits)
Oral Communications
4 years of Spanish (4 college credits for Spanish 101)
2 years of Honors English

Experience:          Nov. 04 - Feb. 06       The Finishing Touch Autobody           Fountain Hills, AZ
                     Lot Porter
                               Detailed vehicles
                               Vehicle pick-up/delivery
                               Assisted body technicians
                               Assisted painters
                               Kept shop clean

FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America):
In addition to attending regular meetings and assisting with fundraising, assisted with the planning and
implementation of a large-scale service project called “Fight4Life” where we will raise awareness and money for
cancer prevention through events such as our “PINK OUT” Day, Tribute Wall, Expressions Contest, and various
Varsity Tennis (3 years): - Participate in team practices 5 days a week, competed in team matches and
participated in various tournaments
Church Youth Group: - Participate in weekly meetings and a Mexico mission trip to build homes
Honors - Currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA while working five days and approximately 20 hours per week. I have
earned the Falcon Character Award from Mr. Nelson (October 2006), and Outstanding Tennis Player (2005).
Skills - Trained in customer service skills, basic terminology of the hospitality industry, capable of using MS
Word and Publisher.

           ROB HANSON


                  Name of Teacher
            Fountain Hills High School
             16100 East Palisades Blvd.
              Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
                  (480) 664-5500

Name of Adult Family Friend/Coach/Advisor/Mentor
                 Company Name
                 City, State Zip
                 Phone Number
                Email (if available)

Name of Adult Family Friend/Coach/Advisor/Mentor
                 Company Name
                 City, State Zip
                 Phone Number
                Email (if available)

                                           Claire McWilliams
                                        3232 East Friday Drive
                                          Phoenix, AZ 85266

                                              April 4, 2005

Mikey Boone
General Manager
Hotdogs Are Us
1212 East Bun Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85222

Dear Mr. Boone:

After reading the Arizona Republic this morning, I saw your ad for hot dog maker. My friend Gretchen
works for you and told me that Hotdogs Are Us is a great place to work.

For the past two years, I have worked at a meat market in Fountain Hills. There I had the opportunity to
learn all about how to sell meat. I feel that this experience will make me a perfect match for selling

As a junior at Fountain Hills High School, I have recently enrolled in a class called “Introduction to
Hospitality Management.” In this class we learned all about the food and beverage sector of the
hospitality industry. In the course we also learned:
        Customer service skills
        Food service skills
        Food handling skills

Since childhood I have always loved carnivals and any occasion where I can eat hotdogs. I love hotdogs so
much that I even own a dachshund dog named Ketchup. I think that my love for hotdogs and desire to be a
manager in the restaurant industry makes me the ideal candidate.

I hope that after reading my attached resume, you will call me to schedule an interview. Please contact
me at the phone number or email address above. I look forward to meeting you and becoming a productive
member of your team!


                                               Claire McWilliams

                           WEEKLY JOURNAL INSTRUCTIONS:

For each week that you work/volunteer (according to the schedule on your syllabus), write in
your journal to reflect on work related issues and situations that you experience on the job.
The purpose of this journal is to help you view and experience your job as more than just a way
to earn some’s a training ground for your future as an industry professional! Learn to
see the bigger picture, be observant, synthesize what you are learning and seeing around you.
This journal will serve as the springboard for one-on-one discussions with the instructor and
allow him or her to see how you are doing on the job. Topics might include:

Rank of the Work Week/Short Summary
Communications with Manager, Fellow Employees or Customers
Policy Changes
Disciplinary Action/Termination
Employee Relations Issues
Customer Problems/Complaints
Challenges or Obstacles Faced at Work
Training Issues
Mini Interviews of Managers or Co-Workers
Evaluation of Products or Services Company Offers
Scheduling Issues
Accolades/Compliments from Customers or Managers
Challenges Balancing Work or School
Motivation Issues/Reward Programs/Incentives (or lack of?)
Pay/Wage Issues
New Skill or Responsibility Learned
Receiving a Raise and/or Performance Review

You might start your entries with phrases like:
      I especially liked...
      It was interesting that...
      I was surprised by...
      I don’t understand...
      I never realized that...
      I am curious about...
      I discovered that...just to name a few.

There are many others topics, you are not limited to this list. Each entry is worth ten points
and must be submitted at our pre-arranged time and date for full credit. I am looking for

Journal Entry

WEEK OF __August 20, 2007________________ thru ___August 26, 2007_______
# of Hours Worked this week: __20____

This week was my first week of work for my intern position. The host manager showed

me some basic things about their computers network and we discussed some job

expectations. It was interesting that this company has representatives all over the

world. I learned how to send and receive faxes to these other factilites. I am adding

responsibilites each day. Each time I ask questions, everyone is eager to help. On

Friday, everyone came to work in jeans. I am wondering if I am allowed to wear jeans

too. Should I ask or just show up next Friday in jeans?


   1. Do you feel that you met your learning objectives (as created in the training plan
      and agreement document)?
   2. Have your career and academic goals changed over the course of the internship?
   3. Did the internship meet your personal expectations? Why or why not? If
      applicable, what could have been improved?
   4. What strengths and weaknesses have you discovered about yourself as a result of
      working at your internship host site?


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