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					Professor Dr Shere Hite

Shere Hite has ten years' experience teaching sexuality as well as English, both at New York
University and at Nihon University in Japan. She also has ten years' background as a
professor of sociology, specializing in private life/women's rights.

She has run a successful independent company focusing on statistics re gender equality and
private life, including worldwide book publication and newspaper columns, as well as
counseling privately as to how to build successful relationships.

Born in the U.S. (Missouri), Hite, modern cultural historian by training, is today widely
recognized for her work on gender relations. Dr. Hite, visiting professor of gender and
culture at Nihon University in Japan and honorary professor at Chongqing Medical University
(China), diplomat of the American Academy of Clinical Sexology, has served as Director of
the National Organization for Women's feminist sexuality program from 1972-1987.

Hite, professor of sociology and gender studies, became famous with publication of her book
The Hite Report (on female orgasm), showing by her voluminous research that most women
don't reach orgasm via penetration but via self/clitoral stimulation, and asking what are the
implications this has for gender equality. In 9 volumes, including a major study of male
sexuality, Hite attempts to combine feminism/equal rights with sexuality. She left the U.S. in
1989 for Germany with her husband, to settle in Europe where she lives today. Her ultimate
goal is to combine feminism, equal rights and sexuality -- only half achieved but within view.

Shere Hite is an internationally recognised cultural historian and researcher. The Hite Report
on Female Sexuality and The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, the first two of her monumental
series of research books, have been translated into thirteen languages, and are used in
courses at universities around the world. Her other books including Women and Love: A
Cultural Revolution in Progress (the third Hite Report), Women as Revolutionary Agents of
Change: The Hite Reports & Beyond, The Hite Report on the Family: Growing up under
Patriarchy (the fourth Hite Report), Women with Women (relationships between women,
from friendship to work to love), and Sex and Business, combined with a prodigious array of
articles, "place her at the forefront of the psycho-sexual debates of our time".
Shere Hite and The Hite Reports

Shere Hite is famous as the researcher and writer of a 'legendary series of reports' known as
'The Hite Reports'. They include The Hite Report on Female Sexuality, The Hite Report on
Male Sexuality, [The Hite Report on] Women and Love, The Hite Report on the Family, [The
Hite Report] on Women + Women, and The Hite Report on Hite.

These unique works are based on extensive in-depth research with thousands of men and
women, independent of financing from pharmaceutical or other sources; the women and
men participating were anonymous, in triple-blinded research -- the intricate way in which
the research was conducted was often misrepresented in media simplifications; a complete
explanation exists in the appendix to the third Hite Report (Knopf, 1987). The earliest form
of this research was connected with a division of NOW, The National Organization for

The first Hite Report ('A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality') became a focus of world
attention, because it was the first research by women for women, and because of its
groundbreaking conclusion that women can orgasm easily (during self-stimulation), that it is
not women but society that has a problem and needs to change.

Hite combined feminism and equality with sex research -- something not done previously.

Unlike other works, The Hite Report concludes that there is nothing wrong with women
(though it is frequently stated that 'women have a problem having orgasm during
intercourse, it's harder for them than for men, they should liberate themselves from old
ideas', this is incorrect!); Hite concluded that it is society's definition of 'sex' that should
change, not the female body or mind. As she found, most women are able to have orgasm
with ease, it is the society that has a problem accepting the way in which women reach
orgasm. This is a human rights issue that has not as yet been recognized as such (i.e., the
view presented in pornography remains that it is 'normal' for a woman to reach orgasm
during coitus, especially with a 'large enough penis'; this needs to change.)

The Hite Report, now published in 19 languages, remains on the cutting edge of debate; like
The Kinsey Report (but quite different), The Hite Report offers a solid body of data on which
to base ideas of equality and to be used as a reference source.

The further Hite Reports -- on men, women & love (female psychology/position in society),
and the family/growing up -- are also published around the world, focusing debate on 'family
values' (and women's/girls' positions in the family), as well as asking what is 'the traditional
family' (Iran, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.) ? Is it in opposition to the 'liberal sexual revolution'
('Western ideas' of women's rights, gay rights, children's rights, etc.)?

The Hite Report on Male Sexuality presents extensive research with over 7,000 men,
investigating male psycho-sexual identity; Hite's recent writings have presented many new
theories about male sexuality and the development of boys' sexual nature, 'Oedipus
Revisited'. Compilations of all of her works can be found in the recent books (2006, 2002)) ,
'L'Orgueil d'Etre Une Femme' (interviews by a Swiss journalist in 2002); 'El Orgasmo
Femenino: Una Teoria de la Sexualidad Humana' (new essays by Dr. Hite 2000-2003); and
the 'Shere Hite Reader' (2006, U.S.)

Hite decided to leave the U.S. in 1989 as the partial result of a hostile and distorting media
climate including threats to her life (Kinsey too had found that he was under great pressure
from media, especially regarding his report on female sexuality; he suffered a heart attack
and died during the U.S. media frenzy that surrounded his work on female sexuality).
 Recent media attitudes to both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton show that sexism in most
media is far from ended.

Since spring 2006 'The Shere Hite Reader' (published by Seven Stories Books, New
York) encapsulates many of the ideas and basic findings, including basics of Professor Hite's
series of research reports, plus her last 7 years of newspaper columns about her
ideas/private life.
Title: Professor Dr.
Born: 02/11/55
American-German citizen

Her university training includes these University Degrees:

* B.A. cum laude -- University of Florida, Gainesville (USA)

* M.A. cum magnum laude/history -- University of Florida, Gainesville (USA)

* Graduate work toward Ph.D. -- Columbia University (New York, USA)

* Ph.D. (Department of International Relations) -- Nihon University, Japan

* Ph. D. Maimonides University, Department of Clinical Sexology

Her Work Experience Includes:

Professor, American Academy of Clinical Sexology (2003-2009)

Visiting Professor, Nihon University Graduate School of International Relations (Japan)

Honorary Professor, Chongqing Medical University (China) (1999-2009)

Hite Research International (1981-2009)

'Western society owes a debt to Shere Hite that it can well nigh never repay.'

'Hite's work has left an indelible mark on Western civilization.'
Frankfurter Allgemeine
'..a legendary series of reports with remarkable gravitas.'

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