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					        Professional/Para-Professional Employees

                               Workers’ Compensation

For situations in which there is time away from work as it relates to an
on-the-job injury, the following needs to take place:

When attending doctor appointments during a work schedule or if any days are taken off
from work as it relates to Workers’ Compensation - doctor’s orders or on one’s own, the
individual needs to (a) inform their immediate supervisor, and (b) let the RISK
MANAGEMENT department know via email at: When possible,
the claimant will need to inform both parties a minimum of 24 hours before the
appointment or time off is scheduled to take place.

When an individual is away from work in relation to an on-the-job injury, in where a
time-keeping system is NOT available with a Workers Compensation code and does not
allow for a person to clock in & out, the time needs to be:

       (1)          listed on a Workers’ Compensation Timesheet, and
       (2)          communicated to the Risk Management department, via email at:
          , for each occurrence.

The email sent to our department will need to contain the following:

       (1) Name of individual
       (2) Reason for being out (e.g. doctor’s follow-up appt. or on their own, the individual is
             away from work)
       (3) Date & time of when the individual left
       (4) Date & time of when the individual returned

Preference would be that the time is “tracked” by either the Campus time-keeper, the
Campus designee as appointed by the Campus Administrator, or the claimant’s
immediate supervisor. But if it’s not feasible for your campus to do so, the injured
claimant can track the time on their own. However, the designated Campus time-Keeper
and/or the claimant’s Immediate supervisor will need to verify and sign-off on the
Workers’ Compensation timesheet.

Since professional/para-professionals are paid monthly, in order for time away from work
not to be counted against an individual (e.g. use of your “leave” time, etc…), the
TIMESHEET(S) as well as supporting documentation as it relates to Medical
appointments, covering the entire timeframe in which the individual was away, will need
to be turned in to Risk Management on a monthly basis. The documentation needs to (a)

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be on the Medical facility’s company letterhead with their address & phone number, **
(b) have sign-in and sign-out times, (c) have the injured party’s name, and (d) at least one
printed name with accompanying signature from Medical personnel.
(In most cases, the Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report – DWC-73 will work)

The Risk Management and Payroll departments are in constant communication when
occurrences, as mentioned above, take place. In order for “the process” NOT to be
delayed & due to the time constraints involved with processing payroll, it is important
that the needed documents be turned in to the Risk Management department promptly.
The documentation received will then be compared to the time entered in the system, if
applicable, via the Payroll department.

Please keep in mind that if the documentation is not received in a timely manner, the
adjustment will be made within 90 days beyond the time in which the paperwork reaches
the Risk Management office.

It is important that the injured claimant, on a monthly basis, take a look at how their leave
time is being allocated/used versus how they were paid during pay periods when they had
time away from work due to a work-related injury, etc.

Any discrepancy in relation to usage of leave time and/or not getting paid for time away
from work due to a Workers’ Compensation injury needs to be brought to the attention of
the Risk Management department within 45 days of the date(s) in question. Otherwise,
unless the Payroll and/or the Risk Management departments are at fault, the error will be
corrected within 90 days beyond the time that the discrepancy is brought to our attention.

Since the EM-S ISD Workers’ Compensation packet contains some documents that
relate to taking LEAVE TIME or not, please note the following:

In most cases the claimant will meet with the Risk Manager to fill-out the
paperwork, but for situations in which it is not possible to meet with our
department, papers will be mailed out to the claimant within a week or so after an
injury takes place. To ensure proper compensation to the claimant, it is
IMPORTANT that the paperwork be filled out and returned to our department as
soon as possible.


Evette Bluitt
Coordinator of Risk Management

*On their own, if one chooses to take time off from work and wants to get paid for that time away, s/he
will need to use their personal leave time because Workers’ Compensation will NOT pay the individual
for the time taken.
**Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD will only pay up to 2 ½ hours for each follow-up/medical visit unless
otherwise noted on the Medical documentation

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