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									2010 Professor of the Year
Nomination Form
As a full-time faculty member or administrator, you are invited to nominate a full-time tenured
faculty member, counselor, advisor and librarian as a candidate for the Professor of the Year 2010

The Process
The members of the Faculty Development Committee screen the eligible candidates and select
three finalists who are placed on a ballot. The candidate who receives the most votes cast by full-
time faculty members and applicable administrators is selected as the award recipient.

Recipient Awards, Recognition, and Responsibilities

1.     The full-time faculty member selected as Professor of the Year will receive the Illinois
       Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Annual Outstanding Faculty Member
       Award, the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence
       Award, and the Moraine Valley Community College Professor of the Year Award and stipend

2.     In addition, the college will nominate the Professor of the Year for the Consortium for
       Community College Development Faculty Recognition Award competition and serve as the
       Grand Marshal at the college’s graduation ceremony in May 2010.

3.     During the tenure as Professor of the Year, and in consultation with the senior vice president
       of Academic Affairs, the recipient also will have the opportunity of performing college
       services. For example, chair or co-chair a college task force, organize and deliver a
       presentation at a regional or national conference, assist faculty with professional
       presentations or academic projects, etc. For such college services, the recipient shall receive
       compensation in the form of appropriate release time to be determined by the senior vice
       president of Academic Affairs.

     Please use the next page as a nomination form and return to Sue McNulty–
     Center for Teaching & Learning, L244 - by 5pm, Friday, December 18, 2009.
Professor of the Year 2010
Nomination Form
1. Name of Nominee: ___________________________________________________

2. Subdivision: ___________________________ 3. Department _________________

4. Nominated by: _______________________________________________________

5. Nomination Criteria:

    Please review the following ten criterion statements, and provide specific examples for each
     criterion – i.e., wherever possible or applicable. Attach additional response sheets as

   a. Effectiveness in the classroom.

   b. Knowledge of subject matter.

   c. Impact and involvement with students: in or outside the classroom.

   d. Contribution to the college.
e. Contribution to curricula development.

f. Contributions to his or her discipline and profession.

g. Contributions to the community.

h. Personal characteristics contributing to excellence.

i. Effort toward self-development.

j. Evidence of distinction and achievement earned by former students.

Please submit this form to Sue McNulty (– Center
for Teaching & Learning, L244 - by Friday, December 18, 2009, at 5pm.

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