Flowchart Diagrams by davebusters


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                             Please see the Help File.pdf for information on editing these flowcharts.
                      Please note that the two charts above are already included in the proposal templates.

                                       See the next page below for two more flowcharts.
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The above Flowchart uses “Fill Effects” to get the bluish/white effect in the boxes. To change these colors, just double click on the side of
one of the text boxes and on the “Fill Color” drop down box, you will see “Fill Effects”. From there you can have fun with the colors and
different backgrounds.

                                                                    Home Page

                Community Information                        Lodging, Restaurants, and                           Things to Do & See
                        (2)                                            Shops                                             (4)

                          History                                       Lodging                                  Festivals and Events
                           (2a)                                           (3a)                                           (4a)

                                                                      Restaurants                                 Outdoor Activities
                     Demographic Info
                           (2b)                                           (3b)                                           (4b)

                     Business Directory                                Shopping                                       Day Trips
                           (2c)                                           (3c)                                           (4c)

                  Community Organizations
                           (2d)                                                                                          (4d)

                  The above flowchart was made in a proposal for a website that I designed for a City Tourism Organization. This
                  flowchart is the perfect example for those that do not have color printers, or do not want any fancy special effects or

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