; License to YSL Beauté for a Zegna perfume
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License to YSL Beauté for a Zegna perfume


Perfume is a blend of essential oils, and alcohol fixative liquid used to make objects (usually a human body) has a lasting and pleasant smell. Essential oils from the flowers and plants, fat absorption by distillation or extraction method can also be used with fragrance chemicals. Fixed dose is used to combine a variety of spices, including balsam, ambergris and musk deer, civet cats and the gas gland secretions of the body. Depends on the concentration of alcohol is a perfume, perfume or cologne light. Perfume retention period is usually five years.

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                  Gucci Group-Ermenegildo Zegna Group accord
          License to YSL Beauté for a Zegna perfume
        Gucci Group N.V. (NYSE: GUC; Euronext Amsterdam: GCCI.AS) and
Ermenegildo Zegna Group announce that YSL Beauté, the Gucci Group’s fragrances and
cosmetics division, has obtained the license agreement to develop, manufacture and
distribute worldwide a new perfume for the Ermenegildo Zegna brand. The launch of the
new men’s fragrance is planned for 2003.
        Commenting on the license agreement, Domenico De Sole, President and Chief
Executive Officer of Gucci Group, said, “This agreement further strengthens our eleven year
relationship with Ermenenegildo Zegna, which continues to produce our men’s ready-to-wear
range to the highest of standards. The new fragrance will complement YSL Beauté’s broad array of
quality, luxury brands and further establish it as a leading global presence in the perfume industry
        “It is a further step in our growth – said Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO of the Ermenegildo
Zegna Group – led by a selected diversification of both markets and products, including
accessories. This agreement confirms the longstanding relationship with Gucci Group, which is
based on a significant mutual exchange of know how first in the men’s wear and, from now on,
perfume ”.
        The Ermenegildo Zegna Group closed the year 2000 with net profits of € 50 million
and a turnover amounted to € 633 million, an increase of more than 25%. Net assets,
valued at € 290 million, nearly tripled in the five-year period from 1996-2000. In the year
2000 the Group had 337 monobrand points of sale in the world (Ermenegildo Zegna and
Zegna Sport) of which 64 are fully owned. At the end of 2001 they will be near 400 and
directly owned stores will increase from 64 to 78.
        The acquisition of this license, together with the recently announced Alexander
McQueen license, further enhances YSL Beauté’s portfolio of leading luxury perfume
brands, which includes the Yves Saint Laurent and Roger & Gallet brands, as well as
licenses for Oscar de la Renta, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Fendi. In fiscal year 2000, YSL
Beauté achieved revenues of $536 million and an operating margin before trademark and
goodwill amortization of 8% (+ 33% compared to 1999), amounting to US$43.1 million.
        The shares of Gucci Group N.V. are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the
Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
                                                                         Milan, June 21st, 2001

For further information:
Press Office Ermenegildo Zegna Group
Magda De Santis -Tel. +39 02 58175315. desantis@zegnaermenegildo.it
Sergio Vicario – Metafora
Tel. +39 02 710 40091/+39 348 9895170. svicario@metafora.fastwebnet.it

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