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					                                       Swimwear for all sizes

Finding the right kind and size of swimwear is a tricky task. Even the most style conscious woman has
been found to make mistakes when picking the right choice. Remember to follow these simple rules
before you choose the right swimwear.

If you are one among those who’ve got a size 12 and above, go for a tankini that is well structured and
provides solid support styles. Remember to choose a swimwear that has a built in bra and thus gives
firm support. Top heavy women should always remember to choose geometric designs that compliment
a full body. Fabrics like Lycra and Nylon manage to lift the breast, thus making you look lean. Darker
colors especially black are very good choices for those, wanting to look lean. Halter necks with wide
strap would give emphasis on your shoulders.

For those of whom who’ve got a wide waist, you could choose from a swim wear that focuses on the
upper portion of the body thus taking attention off , from the lower portion of the body. You could go
for a demi cup bra that attracts attention on the cleavage. You could also go for high cut legs that make
you look long and lean. Diagonal patterns manage to divert attention from the middle portion of the
body. A deep V-necked halter with vertical bands of color is great to create an illusion of a small waist.
These are ideal when playing around with the kids, as well.

For those who have a long torso, halters with deep V- cuts in the front and back are great. You could
wear a two piece, which breaks, the hip to shoulder line and the body would thus seem more in
proportion. It’s best to avoid a bikini bottom if you have a long torso. Remember to get a square
neckline that would give you the breadth that you would need on the top. Swimsuits that have a
different color in the top and bottom are great to make the waist look small.

If you are among those who could do with a little flesh on the top, go for bikini’s that have padded tops.
The great thing about this size is that it allows you to go for a generously cut brief and removable straps.
You could also go for gel filled demi cups that enhance the cleavage. Want the upper portion of the body
to look fuller? Why don’t you go for tube tops or horizontal lines?

For those wanting to look thin, you could go for the one shoulder maillot, that’s made from spandex and
designed to hide those extra pounds, thus making you look slim and thin.

Keeping these pointers in mind when shopping for the perfect swim wear would avoid a fashion
                       The perfect swimwear for plus sized women

Some of the most fashion conscious women have come under the scrutiny of the fashion police for
wearing a not- so- complimenting swimwear. Shopping for the perfect swimwear is not rocket science.
All that you need is a little understanding of the right kind of swimwear that flatters your body type.

A few years ago, top heavy women, would shy away from wearing swimsuits, as there weren’t too many
choices for women with big busts. They had to be contended with ill-fitting and colorless beachwear.
But that’s a story of the past! The swimwear industry has now evolved to include, glamorous options for
women of all sizes and shapes.

Although there is no dearth of options for the plus sized women, it can get a little tricky as well.
Remember to keep a few things in mind before you set out to shop for the perfect swimwear. The fabric
is very important. You could either choose from spandex, that‘s designed to make you look slim and thin
or choose a swimsuit that’s draped across the waist, thus hiding the belly bulge. The pattern too, is
important. Choose a pattern that would create an illusion of a small waist, for example criss- cross
design patterns are great to make you appear thin. When choosing the neckline, opt for one that draws
attention to the upper part of the body. Deep V-cuts and halter necks are a very good choice. Two tone
suits also help to make the waist look small. Dark colors especially black manages to make the body look
thin. Plus sized women need to buy swimwear that supports the bust, tummy and the rear end of the
body. Women with large breasts should buy swimsuits that provide adequate cup support. It’s best to
steer clear of bikinis and low- rise bottoms.

Irrespective of the size, women should avoid shopping for swimsuits during their menstrual cycle or
after eating a meal.

When it comes to choice, plus sized women can choose from tankini’s, skirted swimwear, blouson tops
and the one piece swimwear. The range could be anywhere from $ 30 to $300 for a good quality plus
sized swimwear. Remember to avoid, swimwear that’s too tight. It should be comfortable enough to
allow you to have fun, yet compliment your figure. If you aren’t too comfortable, exposing yourself, you
could try and accessorize with colorful sarongs and floppy sunhats that divert attention from the body.

So what, if you are plus sized! With a little smart shopping you can still manage to make heads turn.
                     The perfect swimwear for the perfect body type

The swimwear industry has evolved considerably to include glamorous options for women of all body
types and sizes. But as the old adage goes, the more the choice, greater is the confusion. Here are a few
pointers to help you buy the perfect swimwear that compliments your body type.

Choices for women who are small on the top are aplenty. Right from the ‘dare and bare’ bikinis, to super
skimpy triangles, and strapless bikinis the choice is varied. Tube tops and horizontal stripes are great to
make the chest look fuller and better endowed. You could also choose from bikinis that have padding’s
or gel-filled demi cups that draw attention to the cleavage.

Top heavy women can buy swimwear made from fabrics like Lycra and nylon. The fabrics manage to lift
the breast, thus making you look thin. Wide straps and halters are good to highlight the shoulders.
Geometric shapes are good for women with fuller breasts.

Bottom heavy women, can opt for bra tops that even out wide hips. The fabric too is important. Choose
a fabric that makes you appear thin. Also go for swimwear with no seams and lines. You could also opt
for styles that make your legs appear long and lean.

Women with a wide waist can opt for a deep V necked halter. The deep V-cut manages to draw
attention to the upper portion of the body and makes the waist look small. You could choose from
diagonal patterns that don’t draw attention to the middle.

Plus sized women can opt for criss-crossed patterns and deep v cuts that create an illusion of a smaller
frame. Halter tops draw attention to the cleavage. People with small busts but large hips can balance
the overall effect by wearing colorful printed tops and dark colored skirts at the bottom. Fabrics like
spandex are great to make you look thin instantly. It’s important to buy swimwear with support panels
in the bust and rear end.

It’s best to avoid shopping for swimsuits after a meal or during your menstrual cycle. It’s important to
buy swimwear that’s just the right size. You do not have to buy swimsuits that are smaller in size, just to
make you look thin. Comfort is what matters. There are some, who buy swimsuits that are big in size.
This too looks unflattering.

For those who aren’t too comfortable exposing, sarongs are a great option. You could also try board
shorts that are cute and sporty and manage to cover the bottom.

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Description: Finding the right kind and size of swimwear is a tricky task. Even the most style conscious woman has been found to make mistakes when picking the right choice. Remember to follow these simple rules before you choose the right swimwear.