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What causes bad breath

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Here are a few tips to help you   understand what causes bad breath

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Bad breath, or halitosis as it is called in medical terms, is a very
common problem. Though many people affected by it may not be aware that
they suffer from bad breath, and it is important that they discover the
problem soon. That is because having bad breath could b e really
embarrasing and sooner or later, friends and acquaintances will shun your
company if you are plagued by the condition. You could be worrying about
bad breath, without having someone close to you to bring your attention
to it. It is comparatively easy to keep things under control providing
you have a basic understanding of the causes of bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath

Here are some common things that could cause bad breath:

1. Food-related causes: Foods that release strong odors such a s garlic,
onions, etc. can cause temporary bad breath. Sometimes even brushing and
flossing adequately are not enough in getting rid of the odors as they
find their way into the blood stream after being digested.

Obviously one quick fix woudl be to completely avoid them, especially at
social gatherings, or have a mouth freshener containing mint, cardamom,
cloves, etc., immediately after meals.

2. Oral bacteria: Food particles that get stuck between the teeth after
meals are a feasting ground for odor-causign bacteria to grow on.

The solution is maintaining a structured and disciplined oral hygiene
schedule that should include cleaning of the tongue, flossing and
brushing your teeth the right way.

3. Medical causes: Certain underlying medical conditions e.g., diabetes,
ketosis, could be the cause of bad breath. So it is imperative that you
consult your dentist and if required, your physician if you suspect a
medical condition to be the cause.

Eliminating What Causes Bad Breath
Because bad breath can be the result of various factors, one of the best
ways to find what causes bad breath in your case is to consult a dentist
on a regular basis. There are blood tests that can be done that could
reveal underlying medical condition to be the caus e of your bad breath.

You must understand that bad breath may be a symptom of something more
serious and, therefore, figuring out the root causes by way of medical
evaluation is always a good idea.

However, you must take adequate precautions to war d off bad breath -
running to the dentis or doctor every time that you have a problem is
probably not a good idea, you need to ensure that your body is fit and
fine and is well-immunised against various condition, and this includes
bad breath.

Under normal circumstances, good habits and structured oral hygien
regimen are considered adequate to treat bad breath. So, stay away from
tobacco and too much meat, restrict your intake of foods that create
strong odours such as onions and garlic, and regularly brush and floss
your teeth. This may sound like Mum talking, but it is good advice.

There are various over the counter medications available for combatting
bad breath. However, the majority of these have been proven to be
ineffectual. There is one class of products in the market though -
Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwashes - that are being touted as a new innovation,
which claims to completely be able to eliminate bad breath. These
mouthwashes claim to kill bad breath by attacking the sulfur compounds
that cause bad breath, rather than just masking the smell as conventional
mouthwashes do.

For all you know, these claims may be way out of line because choline
dioxide has been an ingredient in muncipal water supply systems for many
years now. Use your own judgment, but there sure is no harm in trying
these out.